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Real Reason why MKO Abiola loves Women

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MKO Abiola; The Enigma
Things had changed. Nothing seemed right any more. Moshood had eagerly come to the United States for help but was disappointed that the American government had not been able to offer him any. That had caught him off guard. It was gradually becoming clear to him that he should never have expected so much from the Americans because his election results had not been officially declared nor had he been sworn in as president of Nigeria.

Inside his son’s apartment in Washington, DC, not having much to do, Moshood read books and newspapers. And when he was not doing that, he received phone calls from different people, wondering how they had gotten his number. But one thing that he was not pleased about was that people, despite his current travails, were still pressuring him for financial assistance. Not because he did not want to help them, but because he felt that they were being inconsiderate after what had just happened to him.

The Book of MKO Abiola by Jamiu Abiola
Out of anger, he complained to his son one day. “Before I ran for office, they disturbed me. While I was running for office, they were disturbing me, and even now that my enemies want to run me out of an office that I have not even entered, they are still disturbing me. When will I be able to rest?”

His phone rang again. The caller greeted him, prayed for him then told him that he was ill and needed financial aid for an operation. Moshood, who had been lying down on his bed, sat up immediately and promised him his financial support, And once he hung up, he placed another call to one of his staff in Nigeria and arranged funds for the man. Moshood had never learned how to turn people down. He always wanted to please them. Even when he knew that he was being exploited, he still made up excuses to justify what he was doing. He would claim, for example, that it was for a larger cause even though he knew that he was only yielding to a powerful urge within him to be generous.
“Before I ran for office, they disturbed me. While I was running for office, they were disturbing me, and even now that my enemies want to run me out of an office that I have not even entered, they are still disturbing me. When will I be able to rest?”
MKO Abiola; The Star Boy from Abeokuta
Why MKO womanizes…
Many people accused him of being a womanizer and from all indications they were right. But most of them never realized that the fact that he was very charitable played an important role in this aspect of his character. Women in need of his help threw themselves at him to the extent that many of them, in order to meet him, were reported to have borrowed money to buy first-class tickets on overseas flights that they knew he would be on.

The Author Abdul Jamiu Abiodun Abiola tells the GDA the Story of Dad's rise from nothing to something
From the United States Moshood went to the United Kingdom. His experience there was no different from the United States. The British government could not help him. He spent a longer period of time in London. He was away from Nigeria for two months, during which time an interim government had been formed after General Babangida had been forced out of power, although he referred to his exit as “stepping aside”.
MKO & his loving Kudi
Despite the general’s interpretation of his exit from power, many people could read between the lines and deduce that he had been “pushed aside” leading to the end of his eight-year rule. There has never been any doubt that he was truly a master in the game of understanding people, but it was his understanding of events and their impact that was clearly lacking. This was what hindered him from accurately gauging the effect that the annulment of the presidential election would have on his life. It had never crossed his mind that an action like that would wipe away all his achievements in office, which unfortunately for him was exactly what happened.

Late Sanni Abacha
General Babangida underestimated Moshood Abiola. Why not? After all, Moshood never had access to the weapons of the Nigerian army nor to the wealth of the Nigerian treasury. But by doing that, the General was ignoring the fact that Moshood had enormous goodwill, which was a force of its own. Once Moshood was cheated openly, General Babangida did not only see his own reservoir of goodwill vanish among ordinary Nigerians, he also saw it diminish in the army itself which made it easy for top-ranking military personnel to reach a consensus that it was time for him to leave power.
The general wisely offered no resistance. He issued Decree 61 to pave the way for an interim government to take over on the 26th of August 1993. He then appointed Ernest Shonekan, a successful and relatively unknown business executive from the same state as Moshood Abiola, as the head of the interim government. The general also appointed all the new government’s ministers, known then as secretaries, before quitting office. But the appointment that raised eyebrows was that of General Abacha who, despite being General Babangida’s chief of defense, was allowed to remain in the interim government as its secretary of defense.

Jamiu Abiola tells the Story of MKO Abiola
Moshood followed these developments from abroad. Expressing his view one day, he said, “They claim that I did not win any election but yet they had to look for a man from my state to run their illegal interim government” When asked about his impression of Shonekan, the new Nigerian leader, Moshood laughed and said, “I am sure you know the answer to that already. What impression would you have of someone who wears clothes that the whole world knows were stolen from you and given to him?”

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