Monday, 25 July 2016

Rule 15: How to develop the style that gets you noticed

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Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ojaja II
The word is ‘style’.  That means tasteful, formal, civilized, sophisticated, elegant, cultured, refined and discerning.  You are going to develop a style that gets you noticed in all these things.  Dyeing your hair red and only ever wearing charity shop cast offs may indeed be a style and one that does get you noticed, but it’s not for the Rules Player.  Think Cary Grant rather than Boy George.  Think Lauren Bacall rather than Madonna.  All have style, all attracted attention.  But trust me, Cary or Lauren is what you want.  Classic, timeless, quality.  You have various options if you want to adopt a style.

·                    Choose one thing and get known for it – always wear black, or double breasted, or Armani, or have a classy handbag/briefcase collection.  Develop a trademark dress style – and stick to it.
·                    Only ever buy the very best you can afford.
·                    Never wear anything tight – loose clothes talk of quality and elegance, tight clothes of poverty and cheapness.
·                    Less is more – cut down on jewellery and buy/wear only the very best, the finest.  If it’s not expensive then don’t wear it.  You’ll find that if you only limit yourself to very expensive items it helps you eliminate anything that might be considered dubious or of questionable taste – spending a lot makes you much more discriminating.


·                    If you wear makeup then stick to what suits you, what makes you look good. Don’t change your makeup with the seasons or with what’s in vogue – be known for your look, be instantly recognizable, be stylish.
·                    Always dress up rather than down – formal is best, informal is worst.
·                    Make sure all accessories follow the same rules as your dress sense – stylish, expensive, loose, recognizable, and tasteful.  There’s not a lot of point in looking good and then dragging round a battered old briefcase that’s seen better days – not unless, or course, that’s your trademark in which case make sure the briefcase is very old and very battered and very expensive.

(Excerpts from THE RULES OF WORK by Richard Templer Read “How to pay attention to personal grooming” from The Rules tomorrow on Asabeafrika)

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