Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Rule 16: Pay attention to personal grooming

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Famous Nigerian traditional musician, BUGA with Ovation  Photo Journalist, Abraham Falodun

Each and every morning you need to check that your personal grooming is in tip top condition.  Details really matter.  You let one thing go and it will be noticed – and it could be the one thing that makes the vital difference between a promotion and a rejection. Make each day as conscientious as an interview day.  Before you leave for work check:

·                    Shoes shined and in good repair.
·                    Clothes pressed, clean, new, in good condition – no buttons off, no rips, tears or splits.
·                    You are freshly showered, deodorant in place.
·                    Hair clean every day and well cut and styled on a regular and consistent basis.
·                    Men shaved – if you have to have facial hair check for straggly hairs, crumbs, insects, fluff, and mould.
·                    Women made up – this can be as simple as you want but it must be good, consistent and perfect.
·                    Teeth clean and in good repair, breath fresh, tongue clean (no yellow fur.
·                    Nails clean and freshly manicured.


·                    Hands clean and no ingrained grime from working on old cars or DIY or gardening – wear thin surgical gloves for all those dirty jobs.
·                    If you smoke/drink a lot of coffee, make sure your teeth aren’t stained (or hands for smokers) and use mints/chewing gum to avoid dog breath.
·                    Nose (and ear) hair tidied up/removed.
·                    If you wear glasses make sure they suit you, are renewed on a yearly basis so that you can see, that they are a perfect fit and that they are in good condition – no cracked lenses or elastoplast repairs.

You don’t have to become vain or to keep checking yourself in the mirror.  Once you have got it right, relax and enjoy it.  I worked with a woman who would go and clean her teeth after every coffee or sticky bun.  Nothing wrong with that except it drew attention to her and her colleagues thought her strange and obsessive.  Her fault was not in cleaning her teeth so often but in making such a song and dance out of it.  A little discretion would have been much better.

(Excerpts from THE RULES OF WORK by Richard Templer Read “How to be attractive” from The Rules tomorrow on Asabeafrika)
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