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How MKO was sold out by foes at midnight to Abacha’s goons

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MKOAbiola, the Man who wanted to Rule Nigeria

Moshood was smiling as he waved to the crowd. Some people had followed him to his car. He was about to leave Epetedo. Things had gone better than he had planned. He had said all he had wanted to say and was sad that the event had come to an end. As his car drove away, he kept looking back at the people, wondering whether he would ever see them again.

His next destination was his hiding place. Some close friends had arranged a place for him to give him the security and the time to think through his strategy. He had several options and had left his mind open to anyone of them as long as they did not involve violence. He had made it clear to his followers from the onset that violence was not an option, regardless of the fact that a number of his aides had warned him that not using violence was similar to a warrior who was about to enter a battle with a fake gun.
General Sani Abacha...Played 419 on MKO Abiola
Before he reached his destination, he switched on his phone to make a call but his phone rang immediately. The alarming tone of his caller shocked him. “Where are you? Is this Moshood on the line?”
MKO Abiola...The Star Boy from Egba Land
Moshood instantly wondered whether there had been journalists in Epetedo because his caller, even though he had not been among those who had been informed of his presidential declaration, sounded as if he knew that it had just taken place. “I am in Lagos. Where do you think I am?”
His caller sighed. “Are you okay? I am just watching on TV that you are wanted by the police. They have even offered a financial reward to anyone who can provide information about your whereabouts”.
Moshood was stunned. “How odd it is when criminals declare innocent people wanted! I never thought I would live to witness such shame. I have to go now. I will call you soon”
The Book of MKO according to Jamiu Abiola
“Moshood did not put up any resistance. Only Kudirat did. She abused them and asked them to leave, but Moshood calmed her down and went along with them. As he followed them, a BBC reporter called him to find out what was happening. Moshood told him that he was being arrested. The reporter was surprised because Moshood was laughing as he spoke”

He immediately disconnected. He was very upset. Kudirat was the next to call. She inquired about how things had gone and was relieved to learn that all had gone according to plan.
But she had some bad news. She told him that the police was aware that he had left the house and they had become more aggressive with the staff. She reluctantly added that he had been declared wanted and was surprised when he said that he was already aware of that. After their brief conversation he switched off his phone.
General Sani Abacha...Played 419 on MKO Abiola

He almost changed his mind about going into hiding. He felt a strong urge to go to the nearest police station and dare the police to arrest him, but he calmed down and stuck to his original plan. But he decided to shorten his hiding period. He arrived at his destination late and went to sleep directly. Resting and reflecting was all he did throughout that period, which was in sharp contrast to the experience of General Abacha, who was reported to have panicked, believing that Moshood was planning a coup.
MKO & Kudi Abiola
The general had become very paranoid. He expected the worst from Moshood. News of his declaration and the contents of his speech had gotten to him. The general, who had been in the army for decades, carrying out dirty assignments and looting the public treasury, had never thought that it was possible for Moshood to say such things without armed backing. He was wrong.
Moshood had angered many a friend by his reluctance to embrace arms. One man from Sri Lanka had even offered to arrange mercenaries for him from the Tamil Tigers but Moshood dismissed the idea, even though he could have easily afforded the cost. Bloodshed must be avoided at all costs; he used to say, even if his opponents planned to adopt a contrary approach. He was one of those idealists who literally believed that the pen was mightier than the sword-or the gun.
Kudirat Abiola, the Beauty MKO never let escape his eyes
After eleven days, Moshood reappeared, and contrary to the expectations of many analysts, he did not make his appearance in a foreign embassy or a foreign country. He was not afraid of arrest so he came out in full public view. Through his aides, he notified his followers that he was coming out and they organized a big rally for him. Thousands of people were present at the rally, which took place in Lagos, and Moshood showed up and moved around freely. The police were there but they did not dare arrest him.
MKO & Kudirat Abiola; First Nigerian Couple to die for Democracy
The crowd at the rally, which had been steadily growing in number, proceeded on to Moshood’s house. Moshood led them in an intimidating convoy of more than fifty cars. Officers of the police command were in a fix because they did not know how to execute instructions given to them by their superiors to arrest him. It was around five in the evening when Moshood reached his house.

Once again Moshood was advised by some friends to organize arms for the crowd and make sure that they did not disperse but he pushed the suggestion aside. The fact that he could be arrested did not bother him at all. Gradually the crowd began to dwindle, as his friends had feared it would. Observing this, the policemen became bolder and started harassing the remaining people in the compound. Police backup arrived later that evening and a few high-ranking officers entered Moshood’s house to arrest him.
General Abacha's 2nd in command, Genere Oladipupo Diya (His Hands were tight on MKO Abiola's Case)
Moshood did not put up any resistance. Only Kudirat did. She abused them and asked them to leave, but Moshood calmed her down and went along with them. As he followed them, a BBC reporter called him to find out what was happening. Moshood told him that he was being arrested. The reporter was surprised because Moshood was laughing as he spoke.
Kudirat refused to watch helplessly. She followed him and as he entered the police car, she wanted to enter as well but was not allowed. She immediately told her driver to drive her car behind the car that was taking her husband away.
Sani & Maryam Abacha in their younger years before power came calling
Kudirat’s driver was able to trail the car even though its driver was driving very fast. It was late at night but after a while, another police vehicle blocked her car and prevented her from following Moshood. That was how he disappeared and that was when Kudirat’s life turned into a nightmare.
Dignatories @ the Launching of 'The President who Never Ruled'
(Excerpts from the book, The President Who Never Ruled by Jamiu Abiola; get copies in any book shop across the world or write Jamiu Abiola through jamiulinguist@yahoo.com. Read How The Heroine, Kudirat Abiola took over Hubby’s Struggle after Abacha Arrested him in our next post on this blog)

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