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Mama Emife’s funeral 2: Day Gen. David Jemibewon shed tears!

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'Oh, Mummy, i cant hold it again. Forget the fact that i am General. I will cry. I am crying. I love you mum' The General seems to be saying as his Mum goes back to Mother's Earth

In this Part 2 of our exclusive report on the behind-the-scene happestances inside the Iyah-Gbedde, Kogi State (North Central Nigeria)  country home of General David Medayese Jemibewon (CFR, Mni) during the funeral of his mum, Mama Rachael Emife Jemibewon between August 3rd and August 5th,  2016, your Africa’s number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika brings you more tips, gists and stories from the grand occassion. Find the best of time to read and enjoy. First on Asabeafrika

The General carrying out the final dust-to-dust act to his mum, Emife
Meet General Jemibewon’s Ph-D in-laws
General Jemibewon is not just a trained Army General but a very gifted lawyer as well. He enrolled and studied law at the University of Lagos couple of years ago and he was later called to the Nigerian Bar. The Iyah- Gbedde born Army top brass is also a book warm. This fact can be glanced from his three in-laws who came all the way from Ekiti, Ibadan and Lagos to honor him at Iyah-Gbedde in Kogi State. They are all doctorate degree holder. One of them is the first medical Doctor cum surgeon from Orin Ekiti in the person of Dr. Dayo Ajayi who was at the event with his beautiful wife. The others are Dr. Tunde Ajayi a Ph-D holder in Political Science and lecturer at one of the foremost universities in Ekiti State while the least among them is Barrister (Dr.) Abimbola Ajayi, a Lagos based banker. They all came to Iyah Gbedde with their spouses to support the Jemibewons. Dr. Dayo, Dr Tunde and Dr. Abimbola are the children of the late Chief John Bosede Ajayi, the former Principal of St. Patrick Grammar School, Ibadan who passed away on June 22, 2015 at the age of 85.  Their elder sister, Chief (Mrs.) Modupe Jemibewon is the wife of General Jemibewon.
Chief (Mrs.) Modupe Jemibewon gives her last salutation to a devoted mother-in-law
How Nollywood Stormed Iyah-Gbedde for the Jemibewons
The Nollywood segment of Nigeria’s entertainment sector was represented at the star studded funeral as veteran actress Funmi Tijani and famous dancer and entertainment consultant, Tessy Alero Yembra made the day extra-ordinary during the Wake Keeping Night for Mama Rachael Emife Jemibewon. The two acts that are very close to Madam Dupe Jemibewon later brought other young stars along with them who lighted up the event and made the night worth observing. A live band was also around to honor guests with various tunes and musical rendition. It was such a lovely night as Madam Funmi Tijani and Princess Tessy Alero Yembra brought life to the event alongside local artistes.
The General being  consoled by Barrister Olatunde Ayeni after breaking down for Mum in tears
Ex-Kogi Deputy Governor storm Jemibewon’s House
This tall and handsome man arrived at exactly 7:20Pm. Architect Sunday Awoniyi the immediate past Deputy Governor of Kogi State under the PDP era of Captain Idris Wada is more or less like a son to General David Jemibewon. His late father, Chief Sunday Boluduro Awoniyi (CON) the Aro of Mopa Land was the Political Godfather to General David Jemibewon. In fact, it was rumored that it was the support  the General gave the late Chief Awoniyi to emerge as PDP Chairman couple of years ago that cost him his relationship with a former Nigerian Head of State as Awoniyi was denied the position based on his perceived northern orientation. However, the son of the late Okun patriot and Chairman of the National Executive Council of the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) is a son to the General and this he demonstrated with his arrival to the General’s country home in the evening of Thursday August 4. The London trained Architect turned politician was led to where Mama’s casket was laid to take a look at her face. He later returned to the garden where himself, General Jemibewon, Barrister Tunde Ayeni, Segun Awolowo Jnr and other elite friends of the General enjoyed the rest of the night with music  rendition amidst several other activities to mark the night. It will be recalled that Architect Sunday Awoniyi was at the funeral of the General’s father-in-law, Chief JB Ajayi last year August in Orin Ekiti with his pretty wife, Tokunbo. He came at the time as the reigning Deputy Governor of Kogi state. This time around he is no more in power but his humility stays still. He was the cynosure of many eyes at the event, especially ladies who couldn’t just take their inner eyes off him.
The GDA with President Olusegun Obasanjo's representative, Chief Tunde Olusunle at the Post funeral church service
How Senator Tunde Ogbeha led dignitaries to Mama’s Friday Event.
The final funeral activities of Mama Rachael Emife Jemibewon on Friday August 5 witnessed the arrival of more celebrities and top Nigerians to Iyah-Gbedde for General David Jemibewon. One of the big boys and ex-Military top brass who first arrived Iya-Gbedde that morning was General (Now Senator) Jonathan Tunde Ogbeha. Truth is that Senator Ogbeha’s arrival to General Jemibewon’s house is very symbolic. Why? In 2003, he and General David Jemibewon slugged it out for the Kogi West senatorial ticket and Jemibewon lost it to Ogbeha. That was the first and last time General Jemibewon played politics. Ogbeha who was Governor of old Bendel State between December 1987 and August 1990 also served as first Governor of Akwa Ibom state between September 1987 and July 1989. He later contested as Senator of Kogi West senatorial district between 1999 and 2007. When a journalist asked him to described General David Jemibewon at the event he simply smiled and said ‘How do you expect me to give report on my boss?’ The Senator who now runs a Private radio station (First Private Radio Station in Kogi State) stole glances at his arrival. He didn’t leave until the end of the event.  
The Family & The Military is one because Uncle Dave is a member of the Nigeria Army (A retired General)
Hear what ECWA Pastor told guests at Mama’s funeral
Do you know that Reverend (Dr.) John Sunday Owoeye is a powerful man of God across North Central Nigeria? Please, don’t tell anyone I told you first. Apart from being a powerful member of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), this fire brand preacher is equally a top leader of what is known as 2nd ECWA, Ilorin, Kwara State. He preached at the pre-burial sermon at Mama’s final rites on Friday August 5. The man of God reminded all the elites and ordinary people at the event which started 10am prompt that they should remember their final day on earth; that they will be leaving everything including their comfort and riches behind and should therefore impact people’s lives positively while on this earth. Trying to drive his sermon deeper into the hearts of the strong and ordinary men sitting at the event, Rev. Owoeye gave the story of the end of once upon a time richest man in the world Rockefeller, the ECWA Reverend noted that “When Rockefeller died,  journalists in America went investigating the worth of his estate. They asked ‘how much has this man left behind?” they wanted to know how rich he was but the famous German-American Evangelist, Billy Graham answered the journalists, he said “He left all”. He said Rockefeller indeed left everything behind by giving to charity before his demise”. The preacher who preached both in vernacular and English Language went further by declaring that even when he dies, he will leave behind his favorite sermons “When I die I will leave behind the preaching I love the most”. The Preacher accused his listeners of not remembering death until such occasions like Mama Emife’s funeral “You remember death only when you attend funerals. But you are going to die one day and when you die, you can’t sue God. There is no court where you can sue God for what he does”. The man of God urged his listeners to think of where they are going after death. He rounded up by advising them to receive Jesus Christ into their lives as He is the only one who can give them the next place they are going to live after death.
The General taking a last look at his great mum, the late MAMA RACHAEL EMIFE JEMIBEWON
How Eminent Nigerians visited Mama’s mausoleum
Because General David Medayese Jemibewon appreciates his mum, Mama Rachael Emife Jemibewon so much; he built her a burial chamber. The burial chamber built on a quarter of land behind his massive Iyah-Gbedde country home is made solely of red bricks. The event of the day which started at 10 am came to a climax when Mama’s body was being lifted and taken to her final resting place—the burial chamber.  The whole activity of moving Mama to her final resting place started at exactly 11: am and ended 12noon. Eminent Nigerians like Oil baron,  Jide Omokore, Barrister Olatunde Ayeni, Senator Tunde Ogbeha, Architect Sunday Awoniyi, Barrister Segun Awolowo Jnr, Ambassador Usman, eminent clergy men, family, friends, well-wishers, and ordinary Nigerians including beggars followed the procession which was well coordinated by the BMC pall bearers and a music band. That singular historic event drew lot of emotion out of people. It was the biggest aspect of the event as you will find out. About a thousand people were at Mama’s grave side to bid her farewell.
The General in a blaze of emotion as he closes his mum's casket
…And the General Wept.
Psalm 35 verse 14 says ‘I paced about as though as he was my friend or brother: I bowed down heavily, as one who mourns for his mother’. This aspect of the Bible came heavily on General David Jemibewon when his mother was about to be lowered into the grave inside her burial chamber built of red brick. The General supported by his surviving sister Mrs. Janet Owadokun and other eminent members of the Jemibewon family of Iyah-Gbedde suddenly lost his composure and wept passionately. He wept for the love his mother who passed away at a younger age of 106 had for him. The book of John Chapter 35 verse 11 said ‘Jesus Wept’. But at Iyah-Gbedde, ‘The General Wept’. His emotional outburst drew stronger emotions from other family members present at the occasion. It was such a moving moment that can only happen for the sake of a kind loving mother. Analysts at the event believed that even though the General is a trained military officer who is expected to always show bravery, his decision to shed deep emotional tears for his mum must have come out of a profound and undiluted love and respect he shares with a woman who did everything for him to live a happy life.
The General with his beloved Mother, Mama Rachael Emife Jemibewon in her life time
 Kogi Governor, Yayah Bello pays condolence visit
It was just immediately, the General and his conglomerate of friends and well-wishers were leaving his mother’s grave after burying her that a message came from the Governor of Kogi State, His Excellency Yayah Bello. The Governor who was said to be out of the country at the time of the funeral sent in his Deputy who visited the General with a condolence letter. General Jemibewon received Dr. Simon Achuba inside his living room at his Iyah-Gbedde country home. It was such a rare gesture as Mr. Achuba signed the family’s condolence register and delivered the Governor’s message to the General. Dr. Achuba spent 25 minutes with General David Medayese Jemibewon whom he described as ‘a rare statesman’ during the visit. 
Two of the General's son-in-laws with his first daughter, Mrs. Dele Anjorin
Ex-Ekiti Governor, Segun Oni storm Iyah Gbedde with wife
Another big dignitary who stormed Iyah-Gbedde for General David Jemibewon’s mother’s funeral is Ex-Ekiti State Governor, Engineer Segun Oni. Engineer Segun Oni who is presently the Vice Chairman of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) party for South West Nigeria stormed the venue with his pretty wife and former first lady of Ekiti State Madam Olukemi Adetola Oni (Nee Ogunsiji). It will be recalled that Engineer Oni in company with his Predecessors, Otunba Niyi Adebayo and Dr. Kayode Fayemi and present Governor Ayo Fayose stormed Orin Ekiti last August for the funeral of General Jemibewon’s father-in-law, Chief JB Ajayi. Engineer Oni was escorted to the event by his Chief of Staff, Barrister Segun Ilori. They attended the Post burial service by The Apostolic Church and the reception at Jemibewon International Academy Compound, Iyah-Gbedde.
Mama's Last appearance before her children
Ex- President Obasanjo sent aide
The friendship between General Olusegun Obasanjo and General David Jemibewon dates back to the mid 1970s when Jemibewon served under Olusegun Obasanjo’s regime as Governor of the Old Western Region. Obasanjo had fired Navy Commodore Akin Aduwo whom he inherited from the aborted regime of late General Murthala Mohammed after serving just for 30 days. He installed Jemibewon and when Oyo state was created out of Western region in 1977, Obasanjo made Jemibewon to retain his capital, Ibadan as Governor of the newly created Oyo State. When late General Abacha locked up Obasanjo over a phantom coup in 1995, General Jemibewon was one of the prominent voices who called for the release of General Obasanjo. Hence in 1999, when Obasanjo became civilian President, he made Jemibewon his Police Affairs Minister. It was rumored that General Obasanjo wanted to come to Iyah-Gbedde but for an international assignment that stole his presence off Nigeria. He sent Chief Tunde Olusunle to represent him. Chief Olusunle  an aide to the ex-President was at the event with another eminent Nigerian, Chief Femi Ajisafe, the General Manager, Research, Planning and Environment, National Inland Waterways Authority

'And The General Wept'
Ijumu traditional rulers storm Iyah-Gbede
Some traditional rulers who stormed Iyah-Gbedde for the final Church ceremonies for Mama Rachael Emife Jemibewon are His Royal Highness, Dr. Jacob Oloruntoba Obileye, the Olupeka of Adde land in Ijumu LGA, Kogi. Others are Chief Aiyeku, the Onikoko of Adde land and Chief Franco Olurotimi the Olukoro of Adde land in same Ijumu LGA. There was also Chief Raphael Ibitomi, the Ala of Okoro-Gbedde land in Ijumu LGA and many other title chiefs.
Femi Jemibewon, The General's first son gives Dad emotional support as Dad loses emotion over Mama's lowering into the grave
The Jemibewon Family observing the last Christian service for their mum, Mama Emife Jemibewon
Meet 4 Senior Citizens who shocked General David Jemibewon
Some four old Senior Citizens really shocked General David Jemibewon with their presence at his mother’s funeral at Iyah-Gbedde. They are Chief Diti Oyekanmi, an Oshogbo Prince and junior brother of the present Ataoja of Oshogbo Kongdom who is in his 80s. Chief Diti Oyekanmi was one of General David Jemibewon’s Commissioners when he served as Governor of the Old Western States. The elder statesman who stormed Iyah-Gbedde on Friday August 5 nearly made the General shed tears as the man said he only heard of General Jemibewon’s mother’s death in the papers and came to console him. The second senior citizen who stormed Iyah-Gbedde without being invited is Chief SPA Ajibade who was General David Jemibewon’s Attorney General when he was Governor of Old Western Region. The Ekiti State born Ajibade who is also in his 80s also came to honor Jemibewon based on long time friendship. Alhaji M.A. Adetunji is the first man General Jemibewon spoke to the day he resumed work as Governor of Western Region. Their friendship is more than four decades. The Ibadan born Adetunji in his late 70s also stormed Iyah Gbedde for Jemibewon without an invitation card. And who again? Chief Emiola Adesina from Agodi GRA, Ibadan. He is a famous School proprietor in Oyo State. He was General David Jemibewon’s Director of Sports during his days as Governor of Western Region. He is in his late 80s. All these four Citizens made the General to nearly shed tears as he couldn’t imagine why such elderly men could honor him despite the condition of the roads in Nigeria. They came from Ekiti, Oshogbo and Ibadan and they have all worked or befriend him during his early career.
The GDA and The General's daughter, Omolola watch from afar as Mama is being lowered into her final resting place
How Gen. Jemibewon stopped his Law teacher from attending
Not many people know that immediate past Deputy Governor of Delta State (South-South Nigeria), Professor Amos Utuama is a former law lecturer to General David Jemibewon while he was studying law at University of Lagos (UNILAG) couple of years back. However, we feel free to tell you for free that the ex-Deputy Governor taught the General Law at UNILAG before providence made him go into politics and became a Deputy Governor of his state. Very close sources to the General said the Prof had wanted to come and called the General, informing him of his challenges of attending the funeral of a late statesman and Delta’s first civilian Governor, Senator Felix Ibru which took place between Tuesday August 2 and Wednesday August 3 in Asaba the capital of the state. But seeing that the elderly Utuama might over work himself and lose his necessary energy, the General was said to have told Utuama not to bother coming around but send in a condolence letter that will be published in the event brochure which Utuama gladly did.
A crowd of symphatizers came to bade Mama farewell at her final resting place
Why Chief Edwin Clarke couldn’t make the event
One other top Nigerian who is very close to General David Jemibewon from the other divide is Chief Edwin Kiagbode Clarke.  Apart from the fact that both Edwin Clarke and General David Jemibewon are board members of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), the General is also a prominent member of Chief Edwin Clarke’s foundation. The Delta State elder statesman was said to have equally planned to storm Iyah-Gbedde but for a little health challenge that warranted his exit out of town. However, Chief Clarke sent in a team of his Edwin Clarke Foundation led by one Chief Mac Emokpare. The elderly Chief Mac Emokpare who was dressed in Niger-Delta native attire gave the General Chief Clarke’s condolence letter.
A sea of congrgant at the Post Funeral Church Service for late Mama Rachael Emife Jemibewon by The Apostolic Church in conjunction with over 10 other churches
Meet General Jemibewon’s best aide
His name is Peter Ilesanmi Garba. This gentle and dynamic man who is rumored to be related to General David Jemibewon is one of the General’s Private Secretaries. He made sure that visitors who had one problem or the other at the event were given prompt attention without rousing any curiosity. His action really brought lots of comfort to majority of his Oga’s guests; a cool headed gentle man by all standards. Peter Ilesanmi Garba won award for best aide that comported himself well. 

A sea of heads at the Post burial service for Mama Rachael Emife Jemibewon by a conglomerate of churches by Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)
Lanre Ijaola’s wife storm Iyah-Gbedde
Although this broadcaster and staff of the London based Ben TV, Lanrewaju Ijaola (Aka Mr. Ijakoko) has been scarce in the Nigerian social circle for a long while. However, his pretty wife, Princess Nneka Ijaola showed up at Iyah-Gbedde, Kogi State for the celebration of General David Jemibewon’s mother. She is said to be a very close friend of Chief (Mrs.) Dupe Jemibewon. Their friendship is almost two decades. The very pretty Princess Nneka who now shuttles between Abuja and Lagos was the cynosure of all eyes at the event as her beauty radiates and glows. She was equally at Orin-Ekiti last year for Chief (Mrs.) Dupe Jemibewon’s father, Chief JB Ajayi’s burial. 
All the Big boys including Billionaire Jide Omokore stood still by Mama's grave until she was lowered down
Abuja big Girl, Princess Amani storm Iyah…
Princess Amani is the founder of the Adorable Social Club of Nigeria and this pretty Igbo business woman came with her members to honor Chief (Mrs.) Dupe Jemibewon who is a matron of the organization. They came to console the General’s wife who is mourning her mother-in-law.
APC, National Vice Chairman (South West) and former Governor of Kogi State, Dr. Segun Oni and his wife at the Post Funeral Church Service for Mama Rachael Emife Jemibewon
Princess Bukola Adeniran storms Iyah-Gbedde
This charmingly beautiful and gorgeous lady is the wife of former Nigerian Ambassador to the Republic of Germany and Former Minister of Education under Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Professor Tunde Adeniran. Last year, Princess Bukola Adeniran and her husband were with the Jemibewons at Orin-Ekiti for the funeral of late Chief JB Ajayi, father-in-law of General Jemibewon. However, this year, her husband couldn’t make it to Iyah Gbedde over internal crisis hitting his party, the PDP. Learnt Professor Adeniran is one of the inner surgeons treating the sickness of visibility presently threatning the party. The beautiful Ondo born Princess Bukola Adeniran is presently the Director of Procurement at the National Assembly, Abuja.
Barrister Olatunde Ayeni escorted out of Mama's Grave side after joining the General to burry his mum
First Osun State female Deputy Speaker, Nike Omoworare came
Honorable Nike Omoworare is a senior sister to Senator Jide Omoworare. She is the first female Deputy Speaker of Osun State under Governor Isiaka Adeleke (Serubawon) regime. She later worked as Special Adviser to Governor Bisi Akande  on Women Empowerment before she moved to the National Assembly as a Special Adviser to a prominent member of the lower House.  Her father, Chief JL Omoworare was a two-time counselor in Ile-Ife Divisional Council. She is also a granddaughter to late Sir Adesoji Aderemi, Ooni of Ife (1930 and 1980) and first black Governor in West Africa. She was at Mama Rachael Emife Jemibewon’s funeral and stayed so long. Honorable Nike Omoworare was also at Orin-Ekiti last year for Chief JB Ajayi’s funeral.
Both the Family & the Clergy gave Mama her last Prayer by the Grave side
Meet the Compeer of the Event
The reception for Mama was compeered by two brilliant media practitioners in the person of MC Dan Kotiko, a famous broadcaster with NTA Kabba (Odi-Olowo). He was assisted by Mr. Sunday Ayenube, DG, Protocol at Kogi State Government House and Princess Tessy Yembra from Lagos. MC Dan Kotiko really stole the show as he was the lead Master of Ceremony.
Chief (Mrs.) Modupe Jemibewon with famous Catholic Priest, Reverend Father Peter Asumpta
Those who did what
Apart from the security aspect which was highly cordinated by a contigent of military boys, the police and the Civil Defence Corps, the Reception event for Mama witnessed lots of activities coutesy of several professionals from all walks of life. For instance, Akure, Ondo state leading mobile event solution company, Hillcrest, supplied all the termocooled designed Marquees which housed guests in adjacent the Jemibewon International Academy. The Canopies  were divided into 3 stages, one for the VVIPs, the second for the VIPs and the third for Kogi Guests (Strictly people from Kogi State). Food was supplied by over 5 food vendors among which is PTL Caterers from Ilorin, Kwara State (PTL means Praise The Lord) while Yimbel from same Ilorin was in charge of drinks. Another leading caterer who handled the VVIP tent was Goshen Foods from Ibadan, Oyo state. There was more than enough to eat and drink at the event.  

Dr. Simon Achuba, Deputy Governor of Kogi State signing the Condolence register as General David Jemibewon looks on
How Students of Jemibewon International stormed reception
This was another moment which raised interests and yielded applauses from crowd of guests at the banquet as students of the elite school, Jemibewon International Academy founded by Mama’s first son, General David Medayese Jemibewon stormed the stage and gave guests a soul lifting entertainment session comprising of songs, acrobatics and song-drama. It was a fantastic presentation that made some well to do guests at the event make silent commitments to enroll their wads in the school by next term. Somme of the students who rendered the presentation at Mama Emife’s reception are; Obafemi Favour, Ojo Florence, Yakub Khadijat, Abdulsalam Falilat, Ojo Emmanuel, Habib Mustapha, Saliu Fadila, Yakub Iyanu, Fabiyi Precious, Yakub Kalid and Olayinka Victor.  They were directed by Mr. Olayemi Abimbola Andrew of the Administration department of the school and Mrs. Alice Garba, a matron of the school.  
Ex-Kogi State Deputy Governor, Architect Abayomi Awoniyi with other eminent Kogi indigines at Mama's Post burial church service
Meet the two Music Stars who performed at the Reception
Entertainment was produced by Sir Taiwo Omotunde of Eternal Beats based in Ibadan, Oyo State. Eternal Beats equally performed at General Jemibewon’s in-law, Chief JB Ajayi’s funeral in Orin Ekiti last year. While Eternal Beats appealed to the aged crowd at the party, Femi Sax, a very gifted Nigerian Music band from Lagos brought the roof down for the young ones at the reception. The canopies and the musical stages were designed apart from one end of the hall to the other to enablle all guests easy patronage of the artistes depending on which Musician appeals to them.
The General, his sister, his wife and his 'son', Barrister Olatunde Ayeni set to go and burry his mum
Chief (Mrs.) Dupe Jemibewon’s age group storm Iyah-Gbedde
They are famously known as Egbe Omowunmi. They are the Age Group of Chief (Mrs.) Dupe Jemibewon, General Jemibewon’s wife from Orin-Ekiti. They came in large number to honor the good memory of late Mama Rachael Emife Jemibewon. The Olori of late Olorin of Orin Ekiti, Olori Folake Olubumo is one the members of Egbe Omowunmi. The Chairman of Practicing Surveyors Society in Ekiti, Surveyor Martins Sunday was also there. Other friends of Mrs. Jemibewon who stormed the event are Princess Peggy Sotanmi, wife of late General Folusho Sotanmi the first Commandant of Nigerian Army School, Jaji—Kaduna, Mrs. Adeboye (who represented Mrs. Titi Atiku Abubakar)  and many other friends too numerous to mention.
Mama Racheal Emife Jemibewon in her last posture set to rest finally
Mama's body set for her final chamber
Mama's final resting place
Mama's last phrase!
Senator (Formerly General) Tunde Ogbeha and a guest at the Church Service
Some beautiful Grand Children with Omolola Jemibewon going through the final service for Mama Emife
The Clergy Men led the Possession  of Mama's final journey to her resting abode
The Deputy Governor of Kogi brought a Goodwill Message from Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi
The General & his family on the Way to Mama's last resting place
The General & his surviving sister, Madam Janet Owadokun (Nee Jemibewon)
The General & his surviving sister, Mrs. Janet Owadokun praying on Mama's basket before the final ceremonies
The General and some of his in-laws on the way to Mama's final resting place
The General and The Clergy Men blessed Mama Rachael Emife Jemibewon's body
The General giving his Mum, Mama Rachael Emife Jemibewon her very last regard as he mourns her departure
The General loses his composure as he couldnt imagine that his mum would just be covered like that
The General to one of the clergy men 'Please, make sure you give my mum a fine brief funeral sermon o. I love that woman die'
The General's elderly in-laws from Orin-Ekiti with Chief (Mrs.) Modupe Jemibewon
The General's In-laws and children were there live!
The Military boys are here....
The very emotionally laden General David Medayese Jemibewon leaving his mum's musoleum with family after lowering her down
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