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Moneywise 1: How I missed the book that would have made me a millionaire

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Nnamdi Ezeigbo, Founder, SLOT Phones Ltd, Nigeria 

How can I possibly forget the 15th of December, 1997? I still remember the day very vividly. It was a sweltering Monday afternoon on Yinusa Adeniji Street, Ikeja, Lagos, a street made popular by the newspaper I worked for then as the Group Business Editor. I had taken some time out for refreshment and was just about mounting the flight of steps back to my desk to do some serious editing work when one of our security personnel handed over to me a beautifully-wrapped, medium-size parcel, brought in a short while ago by a dispatch rider.

It was easy to guess what could be inside the parcel because of the season. It was Christmas. Most journalists looked forward to this period with great excitement and lots of expectation. It was even better if you were a financial journalist. “This must be a portable radio or a wall clock” I thought as I raced up the staircase. I was wrong. When I opened the parcel, I found a set of four medium-size books and four audio-cassettes. There was also a small plain card with these words written in it: My dear Ayo, study and digest these materials, they will change your life. I deliberately sent the materials to you and our mutual friend (he mentioned his name) to show how much I value the two of you. I read one of the books six years ago and my life has changed beyond my own expectations.

“His home, an architectural masterpiece, was situated not far away from Sandton, Johannesburg. It was a complex set of duplexes built on approximately eight plots of land. There were a beautiful lawn, two big swimming pools, a well-laid garden, a beautiful water fountain, and a fishpond. I won’t bore you with the details of the interior, but suffice it to say that it was breath-taking”.

I must confess that I was not excited at all. I only managed to flip through few pages of the first book and I did not even listen to any of the audio-cassettes. All the materials were on how to become a millionaire. As a matter of fact, I refused to contact the sender of the gift until April of the following year. The books and the cassettes, of course, quickly made their way to a corner of my study where I usually kept materials I considered sub-optimal. Don’t misunderstand me. I do not intend to suggest that I don’t read. Reading is one of my passions, I can remember a time I travelled to London. I invaded The Economist Shop on Regent Street where I bought so many books that I did not have any room in my luggage for other Items. (Of course, I was chided by my wife, who had expected me to bring back some shoes and clothes for her and our daughter).
So. I read; however, I concentrated mostly on professional books. The idea of studying to become wealthy was very funny to me and I felt embarrassed by the sender of  the “funny” gift. To be comfortable, yes, but I didn’t see how writing news stories and becoming a millionaire were related. 
But something dramatic happened a few years later. It was in March 2002 to be precise. I was in Johannesburg, South Africa, to attend an investment seminar organised by a Lagos-based consulting firm. I had just retired into my hotel room after the opening cocktail when I noticed the blinking on my intercom indicating that I had a voice message. The thrust of the message was that a friend of mine, the other fellow who also received the contents of the parcel I had received, wanted me to be his guest before I travelled back to Nigeria. I consented and we fixed an appointment for the following day. He picked me up at the hotel and we drove to his house.

His home, an architectural masterpiece, was situated not far away from Sandton, Johannesburg. It was a complex set of duplexes built on approximately eight plots of land. There were a beautiful lawn, two big swimming pools, a well-laid garden, a beautiful water fountain, and a fishpond. I won’t bore you with the details of the interior, but suffice it to say that it was breath-taking.

After a few direct questions, I got these unbelievable facts: My friend owned the building; he had two other well-developed pieces of property in Cape Town, and another one in the United Kingdom. He had two thriving businesses with headquarters in Johannesburg, and some sizeable investments in stocks both on the London Stock Exchange and Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Afterwards I pulled my friend by his shirt and dragged him to the garden where I asked him to tell me the secret of his wealth. He only dashed back to his study and returned a few minutes later with a small box, which he dropped on my lap. “This is the secret, the whole secret” he said with some measure of seriousness.

Guess what, I saw ... the same set of four books and the audio-cassettes I received about five years back! The only thing I noticed was that his set of books was well worn from being over-read. There were different kinds of markings inside the books. I also noticed that he made some copious notes in a small diary he put inside the small box.

He explained to me that it was our mutual friend that told him I would be in South Africa and insisted he must have a heart-to-heart talk with me. He disclosed that our friend had visited him in South Africa a couple of times, and on every occasion, they had discussed the principles in the books and how well they had applied them to build wealth for themselves. He told me of a couple of friends who have also applied the principles in the books with dramatic results.

Was I excited? I must confess, it was a morale-deflating experience. I thanked my host and asked him to take me back to my hotel. I spent the whole of that evening and, as a matter of fact, the rest of my days in South Africa, meditating on that experience.
Back in Nigeria, I quickly reached for the books, still as clean as they were four years ago when they were presented to me as a “mere Christmas gift.” I devoured the books within a period of two weeks, while I made it a duty to listen to the four cassettes every day. I called my friend who gave me the books and told him of my experience. He is, by the way, a multi-millionaire in Dollars.
Surprisingly, he was not offended. He said I could still achieve success beyond my imagination if only I could apply whatever I have learnt in the books plus a few lessons he would be giving me on a monthly basis. Immediately, I started on what I called the ‘millionaire tablets’; and after few months, I started noticing a dramatic turnaround in my personal finances.
I also decided to get acquainted with more books on investment while I also stretched my dragnets to include mentors and advisers. However, for a variety of reasons, I could not immediately apply all the tips I learnt from those great people and from the books I had read, even though thousands of people have sent testimonies to me as a result of applying the principles taught in this book.

But I have now made a renewed commitment to live out for the rest of my life, every nugget I have picked from my friends as well as the ups I have picked from the dozens of books I have read on money and digested and which I have documented in this book. I am asking that you be my partner in this assignment by signing the commitment form on the next page and mailing it to me at I will then, send to you a certificate and an encouragement note that signify this dedication. I encourage
you to print out this important document, put it in a good frame, and display it in a place where you can read it every morning. Get another person to sign on it with you as an accountability partner. I want to challenge you never to stop until you read, digest and implement every tip you pick from each of the capsules. Don’t give up until something positive happens. God is in this with us as we get started together. Congratulations.  

(Excerpts from the book “THE MILLIONAIRES CAPSULES” by AYO AROWOLO. Read “How to set your specific money goals” tomorrow on this blog)

Ayo Arowolo, Publisher The Millionaires' Capsules

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