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Moneywise 5: How to let your imagination work for you

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Celebrity Blogger, Gbenga Dan Asabe having a Limo Treat

It is becoming clear that there are many sides to my Financial Mentor that I possibly don’t know. I walked into his study at exactly 8.00a.m. That Saturday morning as agreed, but I was welcomed with a curious coincidence. From all the directions inside the study, there was the spirit- lifting jazz music of Yanni, blasting forth in a low pitch. This is particularly surprising to me.
It has almost become my trademark practice at home that any time I want to go into serious meditation or prolonged intellectual work, Yanni’s most popular title: If I could tell you is the only one that takes me to the correct state of mind. My children know this. Once Yanni is on, nothing else matters except the assignment at hand. Nobody comes near my study. Not for any reason whatsoever.
Since my friend had warned me that we were going to do a prolonged mental exercise, I had thought that the only way I could flow into the programme without stress is having Yanni playing in the background. So, I had brought my Yanni CD along hoping to convince my friend to allow me to play it while the lesson was on. But here is Yanni blasting away.

Nothing happens by coincidence; everything is ordained. My Mentor walked in while I was still in that state of surprise and excitement. I pulled out my Yanni CD and asked how he knew about my fascination with Yanni. His reply: “My friend, I know far more about you than you think I do”. We both laughed over that. He asked me to share with him what I was able to make out of the two books (The  Wonders of Imagination by Sam Adeyemi and Releasing the Supernatural by David Oyedepo) and the four audio-cassettes he gave to me at the end of the lesson last month. We both reviewed the themes of the books and the audio-cassettes.
“That is very interesting. I am impressed with your sense of recall, but I will help you to push it to an astounding level at the end of today’s exercise”. He briskly walked to the notice board and replaced the earlier quote with another one from Genesis 11: 6: And the Lord said, Behold the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do.

God wants us to think in pictures. “Next month, I am going to start giving you the practical capsules that you must take as you begin the journey to the life of abundance where you can fulfill your God-given assignment on earth without any need to worry about money. But this month’s lesson is important. It will show you how ignorance of God’s key principle has pushed many people into a life of frustration and sub-optimal realisation of the God-ordained purpose of their lives. It will teach you how to avoid this trap and chart your way into a life of abundance and prosperity”.

“Today, I am going to talk to you on the power of imagination and how you can re-programme your mind to think the way God wants you to think, in pictures. Your mind thinks in pictures and God wants us to use our imagination creatively and positively to claim the promises He has put aside for us”.
“Successful people replay the picture of their past achievement and also constantly paint the correct picture of their desired future. Your picture is your future. Your imagination can take you where your physical body cannot be in space and time. You have to change the picture in your mind to reflect what you want to happen in your life”
Your Picture is your future
“Psychologists have come up with the astounding discovery that over a long time, the line between what your mind imagines and what actually happens in reality thins out.  Stated differently, what you picture vividly in your mind is what you ultimately get in real life. There is nothing that happens to you now that you had not imagined. Some people picture themselves having marital crisis, and turbulence is what they get in their matrimonial home. Some have a vivid picture of financial crisis and mounting debts. They will get what they have pictured in their mind in real life. This is a spiritual law that cannot be broken. If the vivid picture you have in your mind is that of yourself and your family living a life of abundance, travelling to countries of your choice on vacation, riding the car of your choice- that is precisely what you will get. Successful people replay the picture of their past achievement and also constantly paint the correct picture of their desired future. Your picture is your future. Your imagination can take you where your physical body cannot be in space and time. You have to change the picture in your mind to reflect what you want to happen in your life.
Consider the widow of Zarephat. Until Elijah surfaced in her house, the lady had a dominant picture of want, of famine, and of death. For a miracle to happen in her life, Elijah had to change the picture in her mind to that of abundance, prosperity and life. You cannot change your circumstances until you change the dominant picture in your mind”.
Sam Adeyemi

“Let me illustrate this with this story I read sometimes ago. There was a man who was always developing inexplicable cramping pains, boils and violent fever once he saw a rose flower. Many medical doctors had attempted without success to cure the man for years. Then one day, by providence, he met Dr. Macdonald Baynes, a mind doctor who after all examinations came to the conclusion that the patient’s problem was a product of wrong imagination. He did not disclose that to the man. He simply told him to come back the following week after he would have ordered a powerful drug that would cure his illness permanently. What Baynes did a few hours to the time the patient would come, was to paint a paper into a beautiful rose colour and fold it to look like a real rose flower. The “rose flower” was on the doctor’s table when the patient walked in at the appointed time. Once he saw the rose, pains, fever and boils started to manifest instantly. The doctor later dismantled the paper, demonstrating to the patient that his sickness was imagined. It was discovered after questioning that when the man was young, he used to present beautiful rose flowers to a girl he was dating. The girl later jilted him and that made him very sick. Ever since then, he had unconsciously associated roses with sickness. But a few days after his mind was de- programmed, he regained his health without using any drug! You can see that imagination is powerful”.

“Now, let me take you through a memory exercise that will enhance your memory beyond what you ever thought possible. After the exercise, you will be able to think in pictures and imagine the life you want to live. Besides, you will be able to remember hundreds of names, and recall effortlessly facts from what you read or hear. The exercise will teach you how the mind thinks and how you can apply this knowledge to bring into existence just anything you want”.  

Suddenly, Yanni’s music stopped, and in its place came a classical music preceding a set of instructions on tape.
“Now let’s go”, my Mentor said as he cleared all the writing materials away from the table. “Don’t be nervous, just do exactly what I ask you to do and watch what happens”
“Let me test how good your memory is”, he said as he asked me to listen to what he would dictate. Very slowly he dictated these words: tree, light switch, stool, car, glove, gun, dice, skate, cat, bowling ball, goal post, eggs, witch, ring, pay check, candy, magazine, voting booth, golf club and cigarettes. At the end of the dictation, he asked me to take my pen and a paper and write down whatever I could recollect from what he dictated and in the order in which he dictated them.
I was able to recollect only six of the twenty names and only four in the order in which he dictated them. “Don’t worry, you will be able to get the twenty names correct in less-than five minutes”, he said as he took me through a short memory exercise focusing on association that links picture with number.
What happened after the initial five-minute exercise was astounding to me. I was able to write down all the twenty names in the correct order which he dictated. I didn’t memorise them, they just stayed glued to my memory. What he did was to associate each of the numbers from 1-20 with a particular picture. For instance, he associated 1 (one) with a trunk of a tree, 2 (two) represents two positions, up/ down/ on/off, he assigned the picture of a stool to 3 (three) because it has three legs ... , 7 (seven )was associated with dice and so on. It was incredible. The names were glued  to my memory in a systematic, easily explicable way that I couldn’t forget them again. I was excited and couldn’t wait for the exercise to continue.

“That is what I am saying. Your mind thinks in pictures and can learn in this mode with the speed of light. Your mind is more powerful than the largest computer that has ever been made and that will ever be made. Just like you can file information in a computer folder, once your memory is trained, it can file an astounding volume of information in a systematic manner that you can recall easily later”.

 I was left alone in the study to complete the rest of the exercise which lasted for approximately six hours broken down into sections of twenty minutes with my Mentor walking in at intervals to monitor my progress. What happened to my memory at the end of the six hours was mind-boggling. I could see my memory expanding as if I was exercising a muscle. I was able to create more than two hundred and fifty folders in my memory to which I can systematically glue incredible amount of information I want to recall later.

“Let us stop here today. The lessons you have gone through form the foundation on which to build your mega memory”.
“T ake this work book and practice the twenty lessons there for the next twenty days, one per day. Let me know your experience next month, but don’t forget to think in pictures from now on”,  he said as he handed over to me a memory book pack consisting of a 71-page work book and nine audio-cassettes. (write to uk if you would like to have the book on memory recommended by my Mentor). He led me to the dining room upstairs where we had a heavy meal of pounded yam and some freshly squeezed orange juice. As usual, he accompanied me to the car after the meal. I bade him goodbye.
 (Excerpts from the book: “THE MILLIONAIRES CAPSULES” by AYO AROWOLO. Read “How to get a business coach” tomorrow on this blog)
Ayo Arowolo, Publisher The Millionaires' Capsules

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