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Abacha, a third world criminal — Jamiu Abiola

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MKO's Scion, Lekan Abiola joined his brother and Author of the book, Jamiu Abiola to serch for Dad inside Abacha's gulag
That was it. It was over. I had finally given up. There was no way I would ever see my father again unless through a miracle, which was impossible because the age of miracles was over. I was being cynical, the last thing that I wanted to be. But in the meantime I was silently hoping for a miracle even though I had concluded that it would likely never happen.

We did not go to the officer’s office till late in the afternoon of the following day. He still had a gloomy look on his face but he seemed much better than the last time we saw him. He had news for us. “1 saw your father yesterday. I told him that the both of you are here and gave him your letters but he refused to accept them. I even pleaded with him but he did, not yield. He said that I must bring the both of you so that you can give it to him by yourselves”
The Author, Jamiu Abiola with brother, Lekan (r) in a presidential encounter with President Yoweri Musoveni of Uganda
General Sani Abacha...Played 419 on MKO Abiola
After that he handed the letters back to us. I was surprised by my father’s stance. He probably still believed that he was dealing with human beings who still had a bit of conscience, which was probably why he must have thought that his approach would have forced them to bring us. I wanted to tear up the letters out of anger but I ended up putting them in my pocket reluctantly. After thanking the officer for his efforts, my brother and I turned around and walked away. I was not as depressed as the previous day because I had already prepared myself in advance for something like this.
“I saw your father yesterday. I told him that the both of you are here and gave him your letters but he refused to accept them. I even pleaded with him but he did, not yield. He said that I must bring the both of you so that you can give it to him by yourselves”
Kudirat Abiola; The Woman who died for her husband in a Political Struggle
But the inspector came to us before we got to the door. He pulled out a tiny piece of paper from his upper pocket and handed it over to me. “I almost forgot to give this to you. It is the number of one of General Abacha’s closest aides. He is always with the general”.  He paused then continued. “I told him what your father said and he thinks that he can be of help. He will consult with the general from time to time and at the appropriate time, the general will give the green light and you will see your father. The general will grant your wish because he is kind”.
MKO & Kudirat Abiola; First Nigerian Couple to die for Democracy on a joint fate
He smiled broadly after he had finished but what drew my attention the most was the way he uttered the word general. He made it sound as if he was talking about a war hero. It was pronounced in the same way that a patriotic Frenchman in the fifties would have said General De Gaulle. Just yesterday, this same officer was ashamed of his general but today he sounded like he worshipped him. I felt disgusted. I put the paper in my pocket then gave him a piece of my mind. “Tell the general that only God gives anybody, including himself, the green light to do and undo things”. Looking straight in his eyes I added, “The same way that God gives us a conscience so that we always do the right thing and follow the right people”.
MKO Abiola...The Star Boy from Egba Land
He did not respond. I knew he would have gotten the message because he looked at the ground to avoid my eyes. I left his office immediately and never returned there again. By the time we reached the hotel, the old man looked worried. I was certain that he was bitter about us not being able to see my father nor present his clock to General Abacha, but he still had one more trick up his sleeve. He called me aside once again and said, “The problem between your father and Abacha seems unsolvable but yesterday someone suggested a solution that might work”. I gave him a blank look that he ignored before he continued. “I know someone who knows some of Abacha’s children. He does not mind introducing you to them and by the time you guys become friends then they can help you soften their father’s ...”
MKO Abiola the Enigma
Jamiu Abiola wants the World to read about the true story of his dad
I stood up and walked away from him. He did not bother bringing up the matter again. The following day we left Abuja but did not return to Lagos for several days because we visited someone in another state. By the time we got back to Lagos, I was glad to be far away from the general. I looked forward to returning to the United States. I made up my mind never to return to Nigeria again unless my father was released. But on a boring day, almost a month after I had returned from Abuja, I opened my travel bag, pulled out the number that the officer had given me and dialed it. A man answered immediately as if he had been expecting my call. After I had revealed my identity and the reason behind my call to him, he said sternly, “As I am talking to you now, a foreign leader is about to arrive in Nigeria and he has insisted that the general receive him personally at the airport. Such things happen all the time, which makes it impossible for me to bring up matters such as yours to the general’s attention”.
The Author; 'The President Who Never Ruled' Jamiu Abiola says 'The Best legacy i owe my father is to write this book'
The Book of MKO according to Jamiu Abiola
He went on to give me a lecture on the state engagements that the general had to cope with. Then he promised to call me when he has processed my request. After that he hung up. I was not disappointed at all because I knew that he would say something like that. But I was surprised that he and the inspector pronounced the word general with the same tone. It was obvious that the general had brainwashed a lot of his lieutenants.
General Abacha's 2nd in command, Genere Oladipupo Diya (His Hands were tight on MKO Abiola's Case)
I threw away the number after that conversation and made arrangements to leave for the United States in a few days. But I decided to leave earlier when I got a strange phone call from a caller who refused to tell me his name. All he said was, “You will know who we are when we get to you”.
Dignatories @ the Launching of 'The President who Never Ruled'
That was how my trip ended. I learned a lot from that experience. Perhaps, more than from any other trip that I had ever taken. But the most painful lesson I learned was that criminals in third world countries can get away with their crimes even if they commit them in broad daylight. General Abacha had claimed that he was not the one who annulled my father’s elections and should therefore not be held responsible for what had happened. But what if the general’s only car was stolen from him by someone and given to another person? Would the general allow the beneficiary of his car to enjoy driving it while he moved around on his feet, even if the beneficiary was not the one who stole the car?
The Author Jamiu Abiodun Abiola & Sister, Hafsat during Launching of 'The President Who Never Ruled'
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