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Moneywise 9: Stretch Your talents to Wealth zones

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Gospell Music At Jeremiah Gyang with Celebrity Blogger, Gbenga Dan Asabe

I am beginning to suspect that, beyond a mentor-protégé relationship, there may be a spiritual connection between me and my Mentor. There have been too many strange coincidences to ignore and each time I raise the issue, his answer has always been the same: “I know about you far more than you think I do”

The last time I was in Johannesburg, South Africa, I had gone to a Compact Disc (CD) shop located in the Shopping Mall of the Sandton Square for some recommendation on good soul-lifting music I could be playing while engaging in serious intellectual work. After sampling about ten selections, with the help of the shop attendant, I was able to settle for an audio CD titled: Music for the Spirit, from Domo Records. It is a collection of the finest music in the world and new instrumental music from different artistes. As the label on the CD suggests, all the selections on the sampler have been chosen for their excellence and individuality, from the lush and exotic sounds of the Far East to the driving and challenging   music of East Los Angeles contemporary cityscape.

I listened to the CD in my hotel room while putting an article together. It was soothing. It was uplifting. I almost preferred it to my favourite spiritual music - Yanni’s if I Could Tell You.

There is no impossible goal, but only unrealistic deadline. I got to my Mentor’s place that Sunday at about 1 o’clock after the church service. He had left a message with his executive maid that I should join him in his Wisdom Room. Guess what? I found him behind his electric piano rendering different tracks from the same title: Music for the Spirit. I was dumbfounded. He was too absorbed in it to notice my presence.
Myles Munroe
When he noticed that I was around, he simply nodded his head and continued the rendition. He repeated the track by Lius Villegas, titled: New Moon. Coincidentally, I also liked this particular track. From that title, he moved to one of Mike Murdock’s, which I am also passionate about. It is the one that contains this track: Anything you want. Anything you ask. Lord just name it, don‘t ask. That‘s what I will do. That is what I will do. I did not know for how long he had been there before I arrived, but I calculated that he spent about an hour while I was there, switching from one title to another.

“Money can only come when you work where your talents would blossom. Look around you; don’t you see many people who are making money, not by practicing the courses they studied in the universities, but by developing their activities around their talents and applying themselves with passion to them? When your work becomes fun, you have reached the wealth zone of your talent”.

Suddenly, he stopped playing the piano and rotated his chair to allow him to face me directly. I could see a feeling of satisfaction all over his face. “My friend, how have you been and how was your trip to South Africa? I hope you met our friend?” he said, obviously waiting for an answer from me. I didn’t say much except to explain what I did during my trip. But I was still fascinated by his dexterity on the piano. This is one skill I had always longed to acquire. I commended this feat and I asked him how he learnt how to play the instrument so well. His answer kicked off the lesson for the day.
The mind of a man
“This is an interesting question. I wanted to talk to you on a different subject before, but I feel impressed now to share with you this secret, which I discovered many years ago. I will call today’s lesson: Strive to Stretch Your Talents to Wealth Zones”.
“Let me start by saying that the greatest discovery you can ever make in your life is that of uncovering who you really are and what you have been purposed by Infinite Intelligence (God) to accomplish while you are on the planet earth. Once you are able to search this out and apply yourself  to your calling, God will begin to unfold layers of other talents that you never Imagme you possess. I never dreamt I could play a piano or sing or do many things  I now skillfully do. I decided not to just wish I could play a piano, I went beyond that to pay a lesson teacher to teach me  how to play the piano professionally. It was tough initially, but lesson after lesson and It became easier. Today, the story is different.           
As I discovered many years ago, God has many surprises for all of us, If only we would allow Him to use us”.

“You are fearfully and wonderfully made. I like the way Myles Munroe puts it in his classic, Discovering Your Purpose, our God is a God of potential. He is not interested in what you have accomplished, He is interested in what is left inside of you that He desperately wants you to manifest. He is not interested in the numerous awards you have garnered; He is not interested in the various forms of recognition that have come your way. God is interested in the award-winning skills that are still stuck inside your belly”.
“He is interested in the bestselling books that you have yet
to bring out, the hit album you have yet to release, the award- wining designs you have yet to bring forth, the life-changing product you have yet to bring to the market.
He is interested in the myriad of talents we are still carrying about. A good Christian, as Munroe would say, should be confusing. In other words, a good Christian who has realized his redemptive worth is so loaded that he can become a living miracle, capable of excelling simultaneously in different areas of endeavour.
I always feel very sad when I see people choose jobs because of the attached monetary rewards. A fellow who came to me the other day for some advice on a career move told me he chose his present job because. It was very near where he was staying and because of the size of the salary package.
What a tragedy! Money is important quite all right, but it would never be the principal factor influencing your choice of a career.


When you choose a place to work, focus on the experience you can gain and the knowledge you can acquire. Work where God will allow the talents you have in you to burst forth. If your employer is stingy with wages, ignore him as long as the work environment allows your talents to blossom. That is the major consideration really”.
“I urge you to always glorify God with your work. When your colleagues are going on tea break, stay at your desk and sweat it out on the assignment at hand, take on the tasks your colleagues are running away from. Once God is convinced that you are diligent’ in your work, He will begin to unfold other talents inside you. That is why somebody who started out as a driver can turn out later to be an outstanding marketing specialist”.

Let your work become a passion. “Don’t ever choose a vocation that you don’t have a passion for. It doesn’t matter if you are a driver; strive to be the best driver around. If you are a mechanic, try to be the best mechanic. If you are diligent, your present task will actually become a stepping-stone to greater layer of talents”.

“Now, let me ask you. What did you study at the university?” I answered, “I studied Political Science, first and second degrees”. “Good! Have you ever been in politics or put differently, have you ever made money from what you studied at the university?” “Not at all”. I replied. “I have been in financial journalism for more than a decade.” “That’s right”, he said. “Why did you choose journalism over being in politics?”  “I have a passion for writing and reporting”, I responded.

Your money is where your passion is. “That is what I am saying. Money can only come when you work where your talents would blossom. Look around you; don’t you see many people who are making money, not by practicing the courses they studied in the universities, but by developing their activities around their talents and applying themselves with passion to them? When your work becomes fun, you have reached the wealth zone of your talent. Stick to it, work more at it, and strive for more excellence. Stretch your talents to the wealth zones. And surely your profit will be evident to all in a short while. That, my brother, is one of the greatest secrets of the informed millionaires. Keep it very close to your chest”.

“Enough for today” He stopped and held my hands as we both walked towards the dining area on the floor to have lunch together.

(Excerpts from the book: “THE MILLIONAIRES CAPSULES” by AYO AROWOLO. Read “Your Problem is Purpose driven” tomorrow on this blog)
Ayo Arowolo, Publisher The Millionaires' Capsules

Gbenga Dan Asabe

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