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20 weapons witches use to destroy people’s lives — Dr. D.K. Olukoya

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Dr. D.K. Olukoya of Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries

Today,  let us examine various weapons used by witchcraft forces in order to destroy men and women these days.

This is perhaps the most powerful weapon used by witchcraft powers. They use their power to manipulate men and women, leading them by the nose to total destruction.
·        CONTROL
A lot of people are remotely controlled by witches and wizards. Such people fail to do what they plan to do. Rather, they are under a strong demonic control.
This is another weapon used by witches and wizards. The use of the word intimidation in English language cannotes detaching someone from his purpose by instilling fear into his heart.
·        ISOLATION
These powers isolate their victims. They successfully use this weapon to drive everyone away from you and turn you into a loner. If you come across anyone who does not talk to anybody and lives alone, in his own world, he is a victim of satanic operations. Those who are afraid of mixing with others, those who are scared by crowds and those who are fond of hibernating are all victims of attacks by witches and wizards.
·        SOUL TIES

This weapon is used to tie the soul of a particular person to the soul of another, giving him no option to live without under influence. It becomes very difficult to do what you want to do. For example a man who has been involved with several women before he got married has automatically pushed himself into several soul ties. A man who tried to marry forty different women without succeeding, but only managed to get married to the forty first woman, would have formed so many soul ties. If he has told thirty of them, ‘I will marry you’, he has formed thirty soul ties. These multiple soul ties, will affect him one way or the other later on.
·        FEAR
Fear is a very effective weapon used by witchcraft agents. Fear leads into bondage. The moment the weapon of fear succeeds in your life, witchcraft powers will be able to do what they want.
·        CONFUSION
Whenever these powers want to destroy anyone they lead him or her into confusion. The state of the heart is so important that none can afford to harbor confusion in his or her heart. That is why Jesus said, “Let not your heart be troubled”. It is your responsibility to keep your heart from confusion.
When witches and wizards wants to destroy a man or a woman they make him or her loose the sense of personal identity.

Dr. D.K. Olokoya wants the world to be liberated from the influences of witchcraft
The man, his mother & the village witches…
A man once shared an experience with me. He narrated how he want to visit his mother at home, after he got his first salary. He drove to his village in his personal car and was very smart to travel back immediately.

A few moments later, some of his relatives came to ask after his welfare. They said, “Woman we heard that your son came from Lagos today. Has he gone back? How exactly is he doing over there? We are interested in knowing the details”. This brother told me, that the mother said, “Oh you came to check my son. He had to run back to Lagos because he was ashamed of himself. He is just suffering in Lagos. Everything is upside down.” Then the people turned back. However what the mother said got to the knowledge of the brother.

When he later saw his mother, he asked her, “Mummy why did you say all those bad things about me?” The mother replied, “Oh you are a small boy. You don’t understand this village. If I had told them that you have a car, and a plum job, they will kill you with witchcraft within one month. That was why I lied to them”. What was the purpose of those people. They wanted to know if the brother had discovered himself.
'Witches inflict sicknesses on people'-Dr. D.K. Olukoya
Witches and wizard send demons of sickness and diseases to attack their victims. Most of these sicknesses are incurable.
This weapon is also called charismatic witchcraft. Witches and wizards have infiltrated the churches. They give false prophecy through their agents. Thus they are able to confuse and destroy innocent souls. It is unfortunate that those who will never go to consult witch doctors often consult witchcraft agents who disguise themselves as prophets. A lot of prophecies which people receive today are from witchcraft origins. How can a prophet ask someone to submit himself or herself for incision? How can a prophet sell anointing oil for N20,000.00 (Twenty thousand naira)?

Witches and wizards specialize in cursing people. The African society is filled with witches and wizards. Men and women who are witchcraft agents often rain curses upon their children with impunity.
The other day, I overheard a mother raining terrible curses on her little son, thinking that she was merely playing. This is what she said, “Come here now, if you delay in coming your life will become restless like the gate. It will shuffle back and forth”. While I was trying to ask her to stop cursing her son. She issued a second one, “If you delay in answering me, your life will become like the sole of the foot where hair do not grow. Nothing good will grow in your life”. When I challenged her, the woman simply laughed and said, “Don’t mind me, I was only joking”.
Those who go to consult powerful mediums or fetish priests are consulting witchcraft agents.
Those who consult herbalists are dealing with agents of witchcraft.
This weapon is used by human beings to appease evil powers. In the real sense, these sacrifices are given as bribes to witchcraft powers to enable them fight against those to whom they are sent.
When some people attend evil gatherings where there is a lot of drumming and dancing they become frenzied, jumping up and down. After warming themselves up in the way they begin to give some strange prophecy.
·        CURSES
To curse someone means to utter words which are capable of bringing misfortune to the person.
'Witchcraft has founded a ministry in God's Church'--Dr. D.K. Olukoya
Unfortunately, witchcraft agents pass counterfeit powers which they use in removing sicknesses from those who are afflicted.
Students who join cults in higher institutions are juniors in the school of witchcraft. Members of occults societies are also in the school of witchcraft. Such people may say that they are only trying to discover their inner powers. They constitute an extension of witchcraft. Members of lodges, international secret societies like free-mason. Rosicrucianism, the African lodge and scores of other occult movement, practice different levels of witchcraft operations.
Witchcrafts powers generally covert their victims to animal before dealing with them.
They use deception and lie as a weapon for destroying peoples lives.

Having looked at their weapons we need to also examine the characteristics of witchcraft manifestation and operation. What then are the characteristics of witchcraft? (Next Edition)

(Excerpts from the Book “Overpowering Witchcraft” by Dr. D.K. Olukoya, Founder/General Overseer of Mountain of Fire & Miracles)

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