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21 Characteristics of the Spirit of Jezebel in the Church—Dr. D.K. Olukoya

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Dr. D. K. Olukoya, Founder, Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries

The kind of witchcraft which we are talking about in this paragraph can be so hidden that it often becomes difficult to detect the manifestations. The spirit of Jezebel, we all know is rampart in these last days.
It is that kind of spirit that makes ladies to reject authority. It is also the same spirit that makes men to abdicate their roles and abandon their responsibilities. This spirit operates in many people’s lives.
Incidentally, spirit of Jezebel is a highly religious spirit. Its best field operation is within the four walls of the church.
The spirit of Jezebel loves to operate within the family. Here, I will not fail to mention the fact that Jezebel is the mother of all those who paint their faces like masquerades. Again, to refuse to accept correction is to be possessed by the spirit of Jezebel.

The Jezebel spirit is not only feminine. It operates among men. When somebody is busy telling blatant lies, such a person is possessed by the spirit of Jezebel.
Showmanship is also an index of being possessed by the Jezebel spirit. Turning ones live into a showcase is also an evidence of being affected by the Jezebel factor.
To feel threatened by anyone who tries to compete with you smacks of the Jezebel spirit.
If you are found of dominating every conversation whether you are really making any point or not you are Jezebel’s pal.
Every form of dominee attitude and bossy character  are evidences of being a witch after the order of Jezebel.
Show me a man or a woman who always want to be the centre of attraction, I will show you a modern day of Jezebel.
All those who want to receive every accolade and hate to see any other person commended are brothers or sisters to Jezebel.
Whenever someone is always bent on retaliating, such person is possessed by the spirit of Jezebel.
The activities & manifestations of the spirit of Jezebel…
1.     It is the spirit of Jezebel that makes women reject authority
2.     It makes many men abandon their responsibilities. This happens in many churches today.
3.     Jezebel is the grandmother of all those who paint their faces and apply all forms of heavy make-ups.
4.     Those who refuse to be corrected are portraying the spirit of Jezebel.
5.     It is the spirit behind those who tell lies convincingly
6.     It makes people become critical of everybody and everything.
7.     It is responsible for all forms of hypocrisy and religious entertainment
8.     It makes people talkative
9.     When somebody wants to be center of attraction all the time, and does not like to see others being praised, or receive commendation, that is the  spirit of Jezebel.
10.            Being vindictive in nature
11.            Immorality
12.            Manifesting un-teachable characteristics
13.            Intimidation and domination
14.            It does not accept responsibility for wrong doings
15.            It sow seeds of discord
16.            It harasses and maltreat the prophets of God
17.            It believes in using gifts to control
18.            It is pushy and domineering
19.            It never gives credit
20.            It hates repentance and opposes righteousness
21.            It enthrones witchcraft
Dr. D.K Olukoya 'Jezebel tendency reigns in today's church among Christians
How to know a Jezebel driven Personality in the church…
The spirit of Jezebel is manifested in diverse ways. Sometimes, it comes up in a very pronounced manner. While at some others time, it operates unnoticed, under cover. Churches are filled with various manifestations of the attributes of Jezebel.
If as a pastor, you discover that immorality has become so rampart and you decide to rebuke those who are involved sharply, do you know what they will say?, they will retort with statements like: “Pastor, you don’t have to blame me. In all honesty do you think I have done what no one has ever done? What’s the big deal in what I’ve done? You have to minimize what you are saying to me. I’m sure you know that nobody is really above the flesh. There are people who are higher than me spiritually and yet they have made the same mistake. Don’t scold me as if I’m a baby. Nobody is above mistake”. That is the spirit of Jezebel at work.
To be very frank with you, things have become so bad that things which were never heard about in the past have now become common place these days. Nowadays, those who are given to the loose life style do not have to go outside looking for prostitute.
Many modern day churches are filled with that category of people; they come to the church as if they are on fashion parade. Such ladies dress so seductively that one wonders whether they have come to the church in search of salvation or on a hunting expedition. Such people have turned the church into hotels. Some men come to the church with very bogus chains or pendants, leaving their chest in an attempt to display their chain. Some people are so fearfully dressed that you wonder if they have come to the church for a fight. Without doubt, things have become so embarrassing that one often wonders whether people who come to the church are aware of the fact that they have actually come to the house of God.
It is also part of witchcraft manifestation when people resort to the use of manipulation, intimidation, domination and undue use of influence to make people do what they would ordinarily not have done. It is nothing but a clear manifestation of witchcraft. I am sure you know that the Holy Spirit does not manipulate people. Neither does He dominate or intimidate people. Although it is very easy to manipulate people and get away with it, but you must remember that success is not the yardstick to measure what is right or wrong.
Clever manipulators end up becoming seasoned witchcraft practitioners. Those who are fond of dominating other people may enjoy the game and they may have their way all the time but they are not better than witches who hypnotize people and make them do what is not in their mind.
If we are to judge the actions of many ladies and men who boast that they know how to have their way any time, we will be left with no other conclusion than the one which the Bible has tendered; that they are witches, as a result of the works of the flesh.
To decide to use your money, influence, position or social advantage in order to have your way would amount to using witchcraft power.
Dr. D.K Olukoya, an extra-ordinary deliverance minister
Evil Kids Incorporated…
There are families in which young children succeed in manipulating and ruling their parents. Such young children even go as far as knocking the heads of their parents together. Sometimes, such children pretend to be sick with an eye on getting what they desire from their parents. When such children grow up, they become master manipulators.
Some husbands control their wives by beating them up until they have no power to resist. I remember a particular case of a lady who came to me to complain that she was no longer seeing with her right eye because her husband gave her a deafening slap on the face. What was the intention of her husband? He wanted to be free to do what he likes, drink, go home late at night and draw no response or query from the wife.
If you decide to beat up your wife in order to silence her, you are a wizard, no matter what you think about it. You are controlling your wife through intimidation and the use of thought. If as a man, you are completely sold out to drinking beer, wine and smoking cigarettes and other dangerous substances, you are a wizard.
There are people who have mastered the art of controlling people through sickness, by keeping everybody restless when they know that they are actually using their conditions to control other people.
There are members of the family who make everyone to spend money, keep vigil and live in constant fear just because they constantly fall sick. I’m sure you know that there are children who delight in draining the finances of their parents for the fun of it; such wicked children would not mind reducing their parents to paupers. Such children are using the weapon of witchcraft; manipulation and domination.
Some wives are prepared to do anything in order to manipulate their husbands to dance to their tune. Some of these wives cook bad foods in order to teach their husband a lesson and manipulate them. There are many couples who live together as cats and rats. There is no iota of unity among them. The husband tries to manipulate the wife while the wife also tries to manipulate the husband. They use intimidation and manipulation to control each other. At the end, the home is turned upside down.
If you don’t get rid of all these traits you might find yourself inside the cobweb of witchcraft. You cannot afford to face the consequences of involvement in witchcraft through the work of the flesh.
I want you to close your eyes at this point and take this prayer point.
“O Lord, change the changeable in my life today”
Dr. D.K. Olukoya, Author 'Overcoming Witchcraft'
The dying man & his run away Angel…
The lives of so many people have been destroyed through blind involvement in witchcraft. Many of the people in this category have been led into destructive actions as a result of allowing witchcraft manifestations in their lives.
Recently, I went to pray for a particular man. The moment I closed my eyes in prayer, the Lord told me to stop praying for the man. My heart was touched by the condition of the man; he was so sick that it was clear that he could die any moment. “Why don’t you want me to pray for him?” I quietly asked the Lord. “He is going to die”, the Lord told me. “Lord, why must he die?” I asked the Lord. The Lord gave me a surprising answer. “He will surely die because he has driven his Angel away”. I had to interview the man to find what was really wrong with him. I asked to know who the woman standing by his side was. He told me that, she was his second wife.
“Where is your first wife?” I asked him. “Don’t mind that foolish woman; I had to drive her away because she was pestering me with her prayers. She never allowed me a moment’s rest. She was always praying night and day against enemies, I couldn’t cope with her excessive prayers. That was why I drove her away”. He answered.
Then it dawned on me that the man had actually driven his angel away. Then the Holy Spirit made me to know that his enemies wanted to destroy him but could not as long as his praying wife remained with him. In fact, his wife was acting as a shield for him against arrows from the enemy. They therefore, instigated him to drive his first wife away. They did not stop there. It was arranged in the spiritual realm that he should get a second wife who would be a witch.
The second wife was the witch drinking his blood. And she was standing right there when I was trying to pray for the man. There are lots of people who are in the same condition with that man today. They have driven away their angels. They are now surrounded by witches and wizards.
(Excerpts from the book ‘Overpowering Witchcraft’ by Dr. D. K. Olukoya, Founder/General Overseer, Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries International)

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