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25 Boastful statements of Jimoh Ibrahim + Says “God hates illiterates & loves graduates

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Barrister Jimoh Ibrahim, OFR, CFR. The Nigerian billionaire who talks like Donald Trump

The last 2 weeks have been quite interesting for followers of Nigeria’s political drama as issues in the recently concluded Ondo State (South West Nigeria) gubernatorial election caused room for many political pundits to laugh their jaws weak. The platform of laughter came from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) when two of her political elements in the persons of Turn-Around Expert and Harvard University trained Barrister Jimoh Ibrahim of the Senator Ali Modu Sherif faction of the party and former Ondo State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Barrister Eyitayo Jegede of the Senator Ahmed Makarfi faction of the party engaged in a legal imbroglio that saw Jimoh Ibrahim being declared the authentic candidate of the party in a October 15 judgment delivered by one Justice Okon Abang of Abuja Federal High Court before an Appeal Court and Supreme Court judgments nullified Abang’s declaration four days to the election thereby leaving Jegede as the real authentic candidate of PDP. Since the drama broke out, Jimoh Ibrahim who is largely seen as a man full of majestic pride has suffered several scanty remarks from political friends and foes both at the highest and lowest echelon of the society. One of such ridicule came from a former Minister of Aviation, Barrister Femi Fani Kayode who described the self acclaimed oil baron and CFR as a cultist who sleeps inside coffins to oil his riches. However, Jimoh Ibrahim who is equally synonymous with pride gave it back to Fani Kayode in the twitter war which lasted twenty four hours during the Ondo election.
Asabeafrika in a detailed research, conducted this afternoon, brings you 25 boastful statements that has been made in various magazines and newspaper interviews by the Igbotako, Ondo state born business-politician. Enjoy the excerpts.

Jimoh Ibrahim....Loves to revive Dead Companies to his own self serving benefits
 On his passion to revive dead companies…

“For me to invest (in any business) the business must be dead or critically dying. If it is just showing some signs, I will not buy it, but if it is dead, then it requires surgical operations. That is where I have my own gift”
On his ability to turn around business ventures
“If you look at some of the companies we have bought, you would observe that I can turn around a dead company to life. If you look at Newswatch (Magazine) it is now a 129-page document…Now, embassies, United Nations and International firms in Nigeria subscribe for the magazine”
On how he bought NICON LUXURY Hotel, Abuja
“Speaking of NICON luxury Hotel in Abuja, people have forgotten that there used to be snakes and big Pythons inside that hotel...The Snake situation was so bad that there was a Presidential directive that no official presidency function should take place in NICON Luxury Hotel. I paid $60 million Dollars and some people wanted the Hotel from us claiming it is their fore-fathers’ possession”
Jimoh Ibrahim....Shares Neighborhood with Bill Gate but hardly pays his staff?
On his status as a landlord on London’s richest street
“That is my personal house on the Bishop’s Avenue. If you go to the internet, check Jimoh Ibrahim’s house in London. Bishop Avenue is a significant street in London and I have neighbors like Bill Gate, a Russian jeans maker and a sheikh”
On his Energy Oil advert on CNN
“I have a global vision that is why we are on Cable News Network (CNN) at the moment. Anytime I see my company on CNN, I see Rolex, Nokia at the same time. When did we start? Was it not ten years ago? What is so bad about it?”
On his offshore businesses
“People that have not established businesses outside Nigerian soil are not entrepreneurs, they are local entrepreneurs. If you know that your business can be successful, take it to London, Sao Tome and Dubai where you have to comply with all the rules and regulations”
Jimoh Ibrahim's Private jet with the white men now serving him
On why he bought a Private jet
“People talk about having private jets and see it as a crime. That is madness! Now, you take off from here to Sao Tome, fly one and a half hours you move from Sao Tome to Ghana and you know there is no direct flight. From Ghana to Dubai, from Dubai you cross to London from London you are back to Nigeria”
On why his Energy Petrol Stations are empty
“Of course, we have 200 petrol stations and we have depots all over. We sell petrol”
On why he invested in the media
“We have changed Newswatch, we are doing a good job with Mirror (Newspaper) and I know we are going to have other media investments”
Jimoh Ibrahim....Claims all his monies belongs to him, not Obasanjo or Abacha
On allegations that he fronts for influential politicians
“If you ask me to front for you, I will chop the money because I cannot front for you and give you the money. If I am fronting for you, I have my private jet; I have my own house in the Bishop’s Avenue. You that is the owner of the money, where is your own (London House & Private jet)?”
On his Leadership Philosophy
“I am a level 5 leader, a servant leader who has seen it all. One who has graduated from a boss to a leader; at that leadership level, you become a servant”
Jimoh Ibrahim....Believes God hates illiterates and loves Graduates 
On why God hates illiterate People…
“If you go to school and you are a University graduate, you will be my friend forever. I will always like you and have respected for you because I know that even if you are poor now, you will definitely make it. God has respect for the graduates than the illiterates. God loves graduates and hate illiterates”
Jimoh Ibrahim stepping down from his private jet
On a new Federal Government policy on Private jet parking…
“There is no opinion, it does not concern me. My jet is America registered. If you do not want me to park it in Nigeria, I will go and park it in London or Ghana”
On why Nigeria needs more private jet owners
“Do you know that the number of private jets in Ghana now is almost getting to the number of private jets in Nigeria? When they are supposed to be praying that their children buy (more) private jets, they are criticizing jets owners, it is strange to me”
On his status as an alumnus of Obafemi Awolowo University
“I cannot be coming from OAU and you are coming from one OSU or LASU. You keep quite when I am talking. In fact, I had to run away from LASU and move to Ife (OAU) because some people did not allow me to rest in the village”
Jimoh Ibrahim... the Politician who used  his Newspaper to pay tributes to Jesus Christ Our Lord
On slave trade & Jimoh Ibrahim trade…
“You know we used to be slaves to the British, and our fore fathers were serving them, now they serve me. When I sit down in the plane and an American man is flying me, I take it with all humility and I see it as the handwork of God”
On ambition to lead youths and become Ondo governor
“My own story will be nothing when we see the story of these youths in ten years time. The country belongs to these youths. Of course, I would have been Governor of Ondo”
Jimoh Ibrahim...The only man whom Governor Mimiko of Ondo can rush into his house and ask for food
On his friendship with Governor Mimiko
“I don’t know why Mimiko is afraid of me. He is my friend. Mimiko is very close to me and my wife. As we speak, he can walk into my house and ask for food”
On his relationship with Gov. Mimiko’s wife
“I was on an International Flight when I saw his (Governor Segun Mimiko’s) wife and daughter five months ago. We flew on the same flight. I bought gifts for her and her daughter. I flew first class, they were in business class. I went to check them twice, in the plane, to ensure that they were comfortable. After the flight, Mimiko’s wife and the daughter called to thank me”
On his guber war with Governor Mimiko
“I am not desperate to be governor. It’s not a do-or-die affair for me. I am not like Mimiko who does not have anything to fall back on. I have my job. If he knows he is a good medical doctor, why can’t he go and develop a hospital?”
Jimoh Ibrahim....The most popular politician in Igbotako. Loved and admired by his people?
On his popularity rating in his village
“How can you say that I am not popular in Igbotako? Anybody can allege but it is not true. When they don’t have anything against you, they will start bringing baseless allegation”
On his business investment in Ondo State
“I am thinking of industrializing Ondo. Let (Governor Olusegun) Mimiko tell us how many industries he has built in Ondo. He had only a three bed room flat where he ran a hospital before he became the Governor. Can you compare that to the investments that I have in Ondo state?”
On the chances of PDP in winning Ondo election
“Jegede (PDP candidate in the November 26 Ondo election) is my manager. He can keep amassing votes; he is only working for me. As far as I am concerned I am the authentic candidate. By the time the election is over, I will gladly take my mandate from him”
On his willingness to make his rival Jegede his deputy in the Nov 26th election
“If Mimiko had come to me and said I should accept Jegede to be my deputy, I would have accepted. Deputy Governor is not too small for him. Jegede was a commissioner. Jegede too would have accepted to be deputy”
On why he suspected that Gov. Mimiko kidnapped his mother
“Mimiko called me 3 days after my mother was kidnapped. I asked him why he was calling me after 3 days. I told him that my mother used to cook for him when he was campaigning. My father was Mimiko’s campaign manager”
On how he aims to fund his election
“I am not doing any fundraiser. I don’t want that. I have my own innovative ways of doing it, I don’t need cash”
On how his CFR makes him bigger than Mimiko’s CON
Jimoh Ibrahim...Chased reptiles out of Nicon Luxury Hotel before turning the hotel into something else...
“I was honored as Commander of the Order of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (CFR). Mimiko is a Commander of the Niger (CON). I am his senior in terms of this honor. So, he cannot be rude to me and should respect me”

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