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Day Golden Chance Lotto sent five super agents to Dubai + Why Nigerians go for Golden Chance

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The Golden Chance Lotto Five for Dubai with Mr. Idowu Obasa, Chairman, Golden Chance Lotto

In one of his famous quotes, American author and leadership expert, John Maxwell enjoined leaders to “Always make others feel needed, important, and appreciated and they will return same (gesture) to them”. The leadership of Golden Chance Lotto, one of Nigeria’s leading lotto firms took the words of John Maxwell to heart as they rewarded five of their principal agents who drew good sales and fortunes to the company in year 2016. The lucky five got a week holiday trip to Dubai, the Capital City of the United Arab Emirate.

The Man who makes every one happy, Idowu Obasa, Chairman, Golden Chance Lotto

The reward ceremony took place on Monday, October 24th, 2016 at the company’s No 6, Afariogun Street, Ikeja-Lagos (South West Nigerian) office witnessed the arrival of a conglomerate of agents from all parts of the country to receive several incentives and packages for their extra-ordinary achievements in the year; the rewards ranging from cheques (of various sums of money) to travelling tickets excited the lucky winners. While some only got cheques, others were lucky to get both cheques and travelling tickets. All the mouth watering incentives are part of Golden Chance’s reward strategy for customers.    
To show how transparent  Golden Chance’s reward system is, the winners took their seat among many other agents in the early hour of the day and by 11 am, they were all driven to the Murthala Mohammed International AirportIkeja where they boarded a Qatar Air flight to Dubai for a week holiday with their spouses. The lucky agents are Mr. Oluwafemi James Adejuwon of Scooba Agency, (Lagos) with Mr. Raji Murthala (Oshogbo Agency) Mr. Adeniran Ismaeel (Ibadan Agency), Baba Nana (Ibadan Agency) and Mr. Abiodun Ogun (Golden Chance Lotto)  
Mrs. Peju Akinbiyi, Marketing Manager, Golden Chance Lotto  declaring the Event Open
The event which started at 9 am prompt had Mrs. Peju Akinbiyi, (Golden Chance’s Marketing Manager) open the floor with a welcome speech after a Christian Prayer by celebrity blogger, Gbenga Dan Asabe.
The GDA offers Christian Prayers at the opening of the event
Mrs. Akinbiyi’s welcome address ended with the arrival of Chairman of Golden Chance Lotto, Mr. Idowu Obasa who arrived with his entourage which included Mr. Charles Arthur (MD, Golden Chance Lotto), Victor Okikiola (GM) and other top management staff like Mr. Kayode Obasa (Director of Administration) and Mr. Sulaiman Olabanji (Finance Director)
In his opening remarks, Mr. Idowu Obasa who regretted the fact that the crowd of agents was less of women and more of men said the event was strictly to enable him have a prep talk with the Best 5 Agents who won themselves a trip to Dubai and equally donate gifts to others. Obasa said his company’s General Reward System (GRS) is targeted at Principal agents who have earned between N120 Million Naira and N80 Million for the company in the first and second quarter of the year. He said this was not the first time the company will reward staff/customers/agents with such a value-added-trip.  “This event is part of our general reward system for agents who have proved their mettles in Golden Chance. You all are here because you are the best agents. Some have gone on this trip in the past, some are going today and if you decide to work hard and sell more in your area, you could be among the next best 5 in year 2017”. Obasa assured his guests.
The Golden Chance Lotto Logo
The Golden Chance Rule…
Obasa an administration expert of four decades who has managed several enterprises including media establishments says his company’s policy is geared towards rewarding excellence through a sound General Reward Mechanism (GRM) which measures sales success among agents from cities to cities in the 6 geo-political zones of Nigeria. The Lotto business guru recalled how some agents won trips to Dubai in the past but couldn’t make the trip due to their inability to get their passports approved in time. He charged them to always be prepared as reward could come to anyone at any time “Please, always obtain your passport in advance. Tell all the agents to obtain their passports because our General Reward Mechanism can reach you any time and you could make our Best 5 for the next year”. For those who couldn’t travel during the previous batch, Obasa converted their traveling expenses into cash and paid them in cheque.
R-L; Mr. Idowu Obasa (Chairma, Golden Chance Lotto)Mr. Kayode Obasa (Admin Director) & Mr.Sulaiman Olabanji (Director of Finance, Golden Chance Lotto)
A cross section of agents at the event
'We Pay instant winnings at Golden Chance' says Idowu Obasa
The Golden Chance boss further showed his sense of transparency and goodwill when he equally gave a Mr. Adeniran Ismaeel who couldn’t travel with his wife during an earlier opportunity his travelling expenses during the cheque presentation segment. Obasa noted that Ismail who was to go for a lesser Hajj in Saudi Arabia asked his wife to take the trip even though it was meant for two of them.
Mr. Idowu Obasa displays Golden Chance's new terminal from China
SCOOBA (Mr. Oluwafemi James Adejuwon) gets a Golden Handshake from Mr. Idowo Obasa, Chairman, Golden Chance Lotto
Some agents at the event
Beyond Dubai  & the new terminals
Mr. Obasa charged other Agents to work harder in order to get rewarded next year. He said the next reward opportunity might go beyond a value-added trip to Dubai “Gentlemen, today you are going to Dubai to spend 7 days with your spouses. But next time, it could be London, America or even Switzerland but you must work hard to earn it”.
The lotto guru shocked his listeners when he added “Next year, we will be giving away houses as prizes”. A rousing applause greeted the statement. Obasa who said his company’s passion at rewarding excellence is second to none told the agents that such rewards could only be achieved if they could double their efforts on earnings. “Look at it this way, as business people; we will look at what you get. You have to achieve a level of sales that will enable you to own a house. Today, the cost of a 2 bedroom apartment in Osborne Estate is N25 Million. We believe that if we challenge you, you can achieve it”.
Mr. Idowu Obasa blesses an agent with a smile and a cheque
An agent gets Obasa's handshake and became blessed
Obasa's handshake of blessing
Obasa equally enjoined both the Principal and Sub agents to get more terminals—the new odyssey mobile lotto machine used by agents to enable customers play the game. “We have just brought a new branded technology from China, you can see it (raised it up). The issue of no terminal is past. It is a thing of the past. The issue is, ask for more terminals and make more sales in your area. If I tell you bring N20 million sales per month, don’t tell me you can’t. Tell me you want more terminals because the target has changed; the structure and texture of the target has equally changed. We are going to give you target based on sales. This new terminals comes with 2 batteries which enables you to use one while charging the other. Please, use them with a sense of responsibility”
Mr. Idowu Obasa hands over all Best Agent, Mr. Oluwafemi James Adejuwon aka SCOOBA his traveling document to Dubai
Mr. Idowu Obasa and his team
Mr. Idowu Obasa hands traveling document to another agent
The Lucky People with the Lucky Lotto Company
Don’t disappear into Dubai…
Mr. Idowu Obasa turned to the lucky five who won a week holiday to Dubai and gave them what looked like a homily “Today, you are travelling to Dubai because you made honors in Nigeria, you achieved success here. You have already passed the level of going to Dubai and disappear. If you do, it won’t make a sense because you have already made success here. Among Arabs, there is discrimination between black Arabs and the white ones; your best bet is to stay here. Here, we treat you as human beings but over there, you are treated as animals. Anything you are going to do there, you are starting all over again but here, you are already established”. He didn’t stop “I want you to go to Dubai and enjoy yourself thoroughly. It is a holiday, enjoy it. Please, don’t bring any gift for anybody. Not even me. Don’t buy anything for anybody in Golden Chance, you go there and enjoy yourself totally. Go to the Safari, go on boat ride and enjoy yourself thoroughly; so that when you come back, you come back with a new resolve to improve and be part of those who will win 2 bed room flats next year”.
Head of Marketing, Golden Chance Lotto, Mrs. Akinbiyi in last minute strategy with her MD, Mr Charles. Arthur
Idowu Obasa honors an elderly agent
'You are blessed' Obasa says to this agent
Mr. Idowu Obasa blesses more agents
A winning Agent with Mr. Idowu Obasa
Accolade galore for winners…
Those who know Mr. Idowu Obasa describes him as a leader who understand leadership better by giving kudos to his team for efforts done by them no matter how little. The lotto business guru appears to enjoy giving kudos to his men whenever the opportunity arrives. He did it simultaneously with his assignment of dolling out cheques.  He began with Mr. Oluwafemi James Adejuwon aka SCOOBA, the overall best Agent in Lagos State. Obasa described SCOOBA as ‘a very unique and dynamic entrepreneur’. Obasa recalled how the SCOOBA Agent boss started with the company as a ‘starter’ couple of years back and how he eventually grew to a big brand. “SCOOBA is a leader because through him we have others who sprang and made success. That is how to know a leader. He is going to Dubai this time around but I can tell you that he has incentives for several feats he won in the past. He is a very, very, hardworking man. He has kept his mettle burning for long and I know he has more to deliver”.
General Manager, Golden Chance Lotto, Mr. Victor Okikiola with Finance Director Mr. Sulaiman Olabanji
Mr. Kayode Obasa, Director of Administration, Golden Chance Lotto
The next man that got kudos from the chairman was Mr. Raji Murthala who won the number 2 over all best for the privileged holiday. Obasa noted that Mr. Raji who is from Oshogbo is going to Dubai for the 2nd time in two years and encouraged other agents to emulate him in terms of vision and strategy.  
When it came to the turn of Mr. Ismaeel the 3rd over all best, Obasa gave a brief history of Golden Chance’s entry into Africa’s largest city, Ibadan. “Golden Chance did not bring Lotto to Ibadan but we established lotto business in Ibadan. A Lebanese man was the first to open a Lotto shop in Ibadan but the Lebanese man later sold his property to us. We entered Ibadan with 200 motor cycles and changed the way the business was practiced, today we have success stories to tell”. Ismaeel’s Ibadan center recently produced two civil servants who jointly won N15 Million jackpot.
Mr. Idowu Obasa happily hand the Lotto Ph-D expert, Baba Nana his cheque
Mr. Yomi, Manger in charge of Golden Chance Lotto, Okokomaiko (L) with an elder agent from outside Lagos
Mrs. Lola, Golden Chance Lotto, Surulere Manager (L) with a female guest 
Meet the Lotto Ph-D holder…
When it was time for him to recognize another agent of the company, a Ghanaian called Baba Nana Debras who is the 4th winner of the trip, Obasa eulogized the ebony colored Principal agent for his administrative prowess “Iwe ko l’ogbon” (Education is not sense) Obasa noted before speaking further on Debras’ winning strides “Baba Nana does not have a Ph-D. With all my qualifications, I still respect his organizational ability in this business. I have secured several degrees and up to this age I am still reading. By this December, I will be graduating from my 4th university and I am going to keep graduating till I die”.
The Golden Chance Lotto boss says Baba Nana is gifted with organizational dexterity “He has offices all over his area (Ibadan) and he coordinates them all. He is a Master of Business Administration, if he is not one, he will not be standing here. If he was in America, he would be teaching what we call ‘Practical Business’ in a business school and people like us will be sitting down and asking him questions”.
Another star Agents that drew the attention of the Golden Chance Chairman was Adedeji Abdulrasheed aka Pele from Oyo zone. Obasa described Pele as an excellent agent who has brought lots of fortunes and glory to Golden Chance Lotto. Obasa noted that the Oyo center has always complemented Ibadan as Ibadan can never close shop until Oyo remits sales”. Obasa shared the story of how two civil servants recently won N7 million and N8 million respectively in Ibadan/Oyo centers and were paid promptly.
A winner being honored with his cheque
Mr. Idowu Obasa congratulates a lucky winner
An agent giving a testimony on Ibadan success
Why Golden Chance pays promptly…
Speaking on the victory of Oyo and Ibadan center, Obasa noted that the greatest strength of Golden Chance Lotto is her ability to pay winnings promptly within 24 hours. “We are committed to our instant payment program. We pay promptly because we don’t believe in delaying people’s winnings, no matter the amount you pay, we pay within one hour. If it is a heavy winning, we do 24 hours time frame and that enable winners to stake again”.
He buttressed his point with the story of the 2 Civil Servants who won N15million Naira in Ibadan/Oyo center. The Golden Chance boss said even though they were willing to come and share their story at the event but he declined “If they come here and share their story, their establishment may sack them. I mean, in this economically perilous times, someone won N8million and the other won N7 million and you now announced them to the world. It could arouse jealousy and that was why I decided to protect their identity”
The Golden People with Mr. Idowu Obasa
Golden Chance Management with some agents
Mr. Idowu Obasa with the winners and others
Mr. Idowu Obasa with a group of Agents And Staff of Golden Chance
How Golden Chance paid Civil Servants who won N15 Million!
Mr. Adedeji Abdulrasheed aka Pele whose terminal with Ismaeel’s Ibadan center produced the civil servant millionaires shared his story with the gathering “I was enjoying myself at a recreational center in Ibadan when my sub-agent called to inform me that we had two winnings of N15 million. I first taught it was a fraud. But when I found out it turned out to be true and in line with my company’s policy, our overall boss said we should pay them instantly. He said we should not take any gratification from them but pay quickly. I asked for their account numbers and they gave us and we paid” Mr. Obasa used the Oyo/Ibadan example to encourage other across the country to key into the Instant Payment Policy of Golden Chance “You must be honorable in this business. Don’t sabotage our efforts. Make sure you pay instantly. Don’t use people’s money to do business, pay them and save your business. That is why we are Golden Chance. We have the power to pay instant winnings”
Other Agents who were rewarded with several monetary package included Olu-Omo (Ikeja)Salaudeen Nurudeen and Bello Muyiwa (Kogi State) K-Master (Meiran), Foluso Adu and Daniel Williams (Epe), Raji Taoheed Sijuade (Oshogbo), Samuel Kwaku, . There were also Umana Aniekan from Okokomaiko and Anthwill Bernard from Seme, Ojukwu Opong and Sope Sijuade from Makurdi.
Obasa praised Sope Sijuade’s effontery at breaking into the Makurdi—Benue State market by printing leaflets and opening new offices in Ankpa. He noted that Sope took the decision on a solo ground without informing management and when he was asked why he took the risk he simply responded by saying “I wanted to try and see if it will work”. He encouraged old and new officers to break into new regions.  
Other agents who got rewarded for their successes are Victor Adoyi of Ile-Epo-Abule-Egba and Agbado area of Lagos. Soyinka Olubunmi, Usman Johnson and Alabi Oluwole from Surulere area of Lagos.  Robertson Anenih aka ‘Teacher is lotto, lotto is teacher’ who came all the way from Ekiti State got his reward with his counterpart, Segun Anjorin.
Others are Obrutu Daniel (Mushin) Alabi Olubunmi (Sango-Ota), Bintin Laiye Aremu, Olatunji Koffi and Oladele Olayiwola (Ilorin & Oshogbo) Adejare Oluwasoji and Raji Taoheed.
 One of those who equally got the Chairman’s kudos is Bayo Oladele whom he described as a former football mate “He is one of the people I love to criticize because we used to play football at the police college in those days. That is where we picked him from. In those days, Bayo will remove his shirt and fight anybody but today he has abandoned his football attitude. He is now running his business and able to employ people and pay them. And he is quite intelligent, he has some managerial skills you will find very useful. He was the one who drew our attention to a particular brand of generator which helps to conserve fuel usage”.
Obasa finally enjoined Golden Chance Lotto’s Principal agents to work hard at making more earnings and as well encourage their Sub-Agents to work harder as well “Sub-Agents are your employers and you are their bosses. Sub-Agents are outside the company and you are inside the company. This company is ready to support you and you must be ready to professionalize your job”.  
Mr. Oluwafemi James Adejuwon aka  SCOOBA (L) with one of his sub agents at the event
Chairman, Golden Chance Lotto, Mr. Idowu Obasa speaks with the GDA
MD, Golden Chance Lotto, Mr. Charles Arthur speaks with  the GDA
Final Remarks…
Speaking on behalf of the 5 Best of Golden Chance Lotto, Oluwafemi James Adejuwon aka SCOOBA gave kudos to the company for noticing their efforts and rewarding same “I feel so good because the journey is not easy. It is a journey of many years. Golden Chance has always been like this, as a company and a family; Golden Chance has a human face. They have promised to do this for us for a very long time, to reward our creativity at work and today the company fulfilled that promise. In fact, they wanted to do more than this but the economy is ill at the moment, however, it was finally fulfilled and we are all happy for it. We must appreciate the company’s sense of fulfillment. So, I am very happy that I and my colleagues are travelling right now. I mean, with the situation of things in the country, we are in a recession and yet a company can reward us this way, we must give kudos. I advise my colleagues to work harder to enable us to keep the phase of ‘Best 5’ all the time”
One of the agents giving a close time prayer in Islamic Way
Mr. Idowu Obasa and his ebullient team give kudos to the Winners
Speaking on behalf of Golden Chance Lotto, Mr. Charles Arthur the Managing Director of the top rated lotto company expressed his feelings to Asabeafrika “Yeah, I feel very great because what Golden Chance is doing is a novel idea. No any other company is doing it. So, as we are doing this (for our agents) I feel very proud. Something nobody is doing, and we are doing it, I feel very great that we can reward excellence in our own way”. “My advice for them is simple; my boss used to tell me something; that the reward for hard work is more work. So, as they are going to Dubai, I expect that when they come back, they should work harder so that next time they will get something more valuable than going to Dubai. As my Chairman said, we are going to give out houses, lands and other things. So, when they come back from Dubai, I expect them to work harder so that they can achieve something more valuable than this” 

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