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How my late husband used his private jet, Limousine & Wristwatch to win souls for Christ— Bethel’s Roseline Oduyemi + How she nearly abandoned Christ

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Reverend Mrs. Roseline Oduyemi with Gbenga Dan Asabe of Asabeafrika

In this concluding part of the exclusive encounter with widow of one of Nigeria’s and Africa’s richest men of God, the late Pastor Gabriel Oduyemi of Bethel Wonder City Church, Lagos, Reverend (Mrs.) Roselyn Oduyemi told us the story of how she had feared in the last decade without her flamboyant husband who is the first Pentecostal Pastor to buy a private jet in Nigeria.  This amiable woman of God who has since been piloting  the affairs of the Ajah, Lekki—Lagos (South West Nigeria) based Bethel Wonder City in this encounter with your Africa’s number 1 Celebrity encounter blog, Asabeafrika told us real reason why it is good for a man of God to have a private jet. She used her own husband as a case study, drawing several happenstances that took place in his life time to back her point.  She didn’t forget to tell us how her husband’s death nearly derailed her from ministry work at a time.  
 Asabeafrika was privileged to meet  Reverend Mrs. Oduyemi sometimes ago courtesy  her Associate Pastor and ICT guru,  Dr. Ope Banwo, in company of two of her church administrators, Pastor Peter Onasi and Pastor Ayomikun Olaoluwa while the minister of God was on a media awareness program across Lagos (South West Nigeria).
L-R; Pastor Onasi, Pastor Ayomikun, Dr. Seye Khinde of City People Magazine, Rev. Mrs. Roseline Oduyemi & Pastor . Ope Banwo
Kindly tell us how you have been managing your husband, Pastor Gabriel Oduyemi’s Bethel Wonder City Church after his demise?

It has been eleven years that he passed away; the important thing for me is that I am not in ministry because I was married to my husband who has gone home to be with the Lord. Actually, the day he died the marriage ended scripturally. I was not in ministry because I was married to Gabriel Oduyemi, I am in ministry because God called me into ministry and God didn’t die, I have a purpose for my life. When we stand before God on that Day of Judgment, my husband is not going to speak for me, I will speak for myself. So, I made up my mind to hold unto God, to look unto Jesus and continue with the work. God has blessed me with wonderful Pastors. From the senior pastor to all the pastors, God has blessed me with loyal people, hardworking pastors, pastors who love me, pastors who love the work to continue. Has it been a journey? Yes! Have I gone through stuffs? Yes because everybody goes through trials in life; we stand by the grace of God.
Mummy G.O. Rev. Mrs. Roseline Oduyemi of Bethel City, Lagos
Can you describe the experience of a female General Overseer?
When it comes to church; in the realm of the spirit male and female are one, the Holy Spirit in the man is the Holy Spirit in the woman. Number two, the church belongs to Jesus Christ it is not your personal property. And so, you follow Him, you listen to Him it has to do with motive, what is your motive? What is your agenda? What do you think God is asking you to do? Are you there because you want to be known; are you there because you want to be popular? Are you there because of financial gains? I am so sorry for people who think that they are starting church to make money. If truly God has called you then you depend on Him for everything. And I am talking for those of us who depend on Christ and no other source; He is the author and finisher and perfecta of our faith. It begins and ends with Him. So, when you know that you are going to lean on Him, you are going to trust Him. You are going to depend on Him, you are going to follow His words; you are just going to make your life all about Him. You look up to Him.
Pastor Ope Banwo takes a rare shot with Mummy G.O's Hummer Jeep
You just said the church belongs to Christ alone but today, men of God are seen to run churches like their private concern, buying jets and living an extravagant life all around. Do you see a crisis here?
My husband was the first Pastor to own a private jet in this country for the sake of evangelism. It was strictly for evangelism; now, what is wrong for a pastor owing a private jet? Take somebody like Baba Adeboye, do you know how many parishes he has all over the world? If he is to go by commercial airlines he won’t be able to accomplish anything. I was in Israel (sometimes ago) and we had a service for the (former) president, now Bishop Oyedepo preached and Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor was there and we had several men of God at the event. Do you know what it means for them to leave their various churches? Now Bishop Oyedepo I spoke to him because I went to greet him and he said to me ‘I am going back to Nigeria tonight’ because he went there to do a job and he did it very well and he left after the assignment. These are busy people; Pastor Ayo, these are all busy people; so this jet, jet, jet is not for fun. And when you talk about chatter, it is just easy for them to maintain the jet because maintaining a plane is very expensive. Now, why will people buy jets? People buy jets for flying into parties but we are talking about something for the kingdom, building the kingdom, expanding the kingdom. It is just because people have this mindset that church people must be poor. It is wickedness; our God is not a poor God. He owns everything and as long as what He blesses us with is used for the kingdom, it is okay. I will tell you a story; a president of a nation invited us when my husband was alive. I won’t call his name. So, we flew into his country; we initially had a crusade in one nation and we flew into another nation. Now, you will discover that flying within Africa is not a joke, it is very difficult. Now if you go on a crusade, there is your team with you, you go with equipments, lights and you have your technicians and all the people with you, you are paying hotel bills. Now after the crusade you want to leave and they are telling you that the next flight is next week, you are there paying bills. Anyway, we flew into this nation and the president invited us. So we met with the president and my husband began to minister to him and he was a very arrogant person, he is still alive. He is a very arrogant man and I understand. Did you know what happened?
The GDA with Mummy G.O. Rev. Mrs. Roseline Oduyemi
No ma. Tell me, please…  
Rev. Mrs. Roseline Oduyemi with her one of her Pastor talk to the media executives
That man just saw the watch my husband was wearing; it was the same wrist watch he was equally wearing. That changed everything, you can’t believe it. I was there. Just something as simple as a wrist watch because he now knew he was talking to somebody that was on equal pedestal with him and that was how that man got saved. When he got saved, we started fasting and praying with him, we had a crusade in his nation and he will call for us to pray with him and fast with him. The first time he met my husband my husband was just wearing up and down and all that but he will see my husband and say to my husband, ‘Pastor, I like your tie, I like your suit, I like your shoe’ this is a president of a nation. Yes, because people need to know this things; to reach certain people you have to appear in a certain way. There are places I have gone to minster and women look at me, people look at me and say ‘well, we look at you and we are thinking if you are like this, we can follow Jesus’.

City People Magazine Publisher, Dr. Seye Kehinde, Rev. Mrs. Roseline Oduyemi and Pastor Ope Banwo
Do you see it? So, it is not about the flamboyance of it, people have got it wrong; it is about the kingdom; expanding the kingdom of God that is what it is all about. It is not for our personal aggrandizement. Let me tell you another story, we had a crusade in another nation. In that nation, they said they don’t want any Christian adverts bla-bla-bla. Now when the coordinating pastors from that nation came to us to talk about the strategy for the crusade, the pastors said they wanted to take the picture of the Limousine and I said ‘darling, this people will keep talking about you’ my husband said ‘who cares, whatever they want to do, let them do’. Do you not know, these Pastors told us themselves that when they went back to their nation, the minister of information said “Is it that pastor with that Limousine? Put his advert on radio, put it on television”. I am telling you. So, you can use anything to win soul for Christ. Another thing is let us leave men of God alone. Do you know what it is that one day they will all stand before God to give account? It is not a joke. I don’t criticize people, whatever you are doing weather you are a man of God or not, a woman of God or not, one day, you will stand before the God of heaven and earth to give an account. He will judge all of us, it is a serious thing, and it is a fearful thing. The Bible says you teachers, those of us who teach His word would even be judged from a higher standard. So, it is scary.
Reverend Mrs. Roseline Oduyemi talks with Media Executives
How was the experience like working with your husband on those jet-set crusades?
For me it was humbling because God choose us from nothing. You see when you go through this things it is a humbling experience. You know you realize that it is all about God; it is not because you are so intelligent or because you are so beautiful or you are so anointed, no, you are dealing with the souls of men. The Bible says what does it profits a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? So, one soul is precious.  The evangelism still continues, you can’t stop, that is what it is all about. We have to reach people, people are hurting, people are dying, and people are suffering. I mean there is too much happening so we are on, reaching people, making life easier for people
City People Magazine Publisher, Dr. Seye Kehinde, Reverend Mrs. Roseline Oduyemi and Pastor Ope Banwo
Would you say the death of your husband humbled you enough to start catering for widows?
Yes, ROGO (Roseline Oduyemi Global Outreach) Ministries is about reaching out to people, making a difference. I will tell you something, you know about four years ago I went for a television interview. One of my brother and friend who is a big man of God was also being interviewed and it was Christmas time and they were asking him about Christmas and his family; and he said ‘I will do this for my family, I will do that for my family bla-bla-bla’, and where I sat my heart was just sinking because I thought ‘oh, God! ‘My God; and I began to remember how my Christmas as a family (When hubby was alive) used to be and I was just getting sad and sad as this man was talking. And I said to myself ‘get out of it’. Ok, life has not ended. When I got back home I was a bit sad, a bit oppressed, a bit depressed but I used the word of God and got myself out of it.  Do you not know the next day another man of God sent me a cheque and I said ‘God, did you hear me?’ Then I thought ‘Okay, this is me, I should be thankful. I should be grateful because God has blessed me, what about that widow who has nobody? What will she be going through?’ I went to church and I spoke to the pastor in charge of the women and I said ‘this Christmas we want to give gifts to widows’ and she said ‘ok’. So the Lord helped us to put together some gifts and I said we want widows from our environment because we didn’t have a lot of widows in church. That year we had about a hundred widows and I said I don’t care, let them just be widows weather they are Muslims, Christians or anything, let them just be widows.
Dr. Seye Kehinde,Reverend Mrs. Roseline Oduyemi & the GDA
Do you not know, widows came, from widows in their eighties to widows in their twenties, we had a little party for them and bought a piece of clothe; six yards of Ankara for each one. When we started giving them and I saw this old women dancing, I just began to weep. I was crying. Because you saw women who you knew have gone through stuffs they didn’t have to tell you their stories. That was how we started the widow’s ministry. Initially I wasn’t going to do it. Today, we are reaching out to widows, we are reaching out to children we are reaching out to young people. It is all about reaching out, reaching out and making life easier and better for people because there is too much pain and too much hurt in our land. That is what I am teaching and training, being there for people.
Dr. Ope Banwo giving an instruction to the GDA before Mama Oduyemi
Has there been time you nearly pulled out of the ministry work maybe based on challenges beyond your imagination? 
The GDA wishing Reverend Mrs. Odeyemi a safe trip back to Bethel
I remember one of those days during the initial months after his demise, I thank God for the leadership in Bethel (Wonderland) we had vigils every Friday and they (Pastors) will pray for me. And one of those days, we were praying and I just opened my eyes and I said to God ‘God I don’t really think I want to do this thing’. I said because we suffered so much in ministry. You know we went through a lot, a lot of wickedness, envy, a lot. And I said ‘do I really want to do this thing, I don’t think so’. Why should I be the one? my children suffered in school, we went through a lot as a family, as a ministry and I thought ‘I need to pull out here’ but you know Jeremiah said ‘the word of God is like fire in my bones’ if I don’t do this thing it is going to be pretty worse for me. So, I knew that, that is my life that is my calling, that is my purpose and that is the reason why I leave. And there was nowhere else to go, nothing else to do, so I am doing it.
Reverend Mrs. Roseline Oduyemi's Hummer Jeep glides leisurely

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