Thursday, 3 November 2016

Moneywise 24: Why giving of Tithe is Spiritual (Q&A for Millionaire Doctor)

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Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan, Leader, Celestial Church of Christ, Elisha Parish (Europe & Nigeria)

I don’t share your view on giving
I am an ardent reader of your newspaper. Let me first take this opportunity to commend the good work you guys are doing. I stumbled on your Moneywise column in January this year when a colleague gave me a copy of your paper.
Since then, I have stayed glued to the paper and especially to your ‘millionaire capsules’. The capsules have been such a blessing to my finances since I started applying the principles you teach in the column. But I have a few concerns. I do not share your view that we should give 10 % of our income to some pastors. How can this be? I wonder if you know the living standards of some of these pastors. Some of them live in mansions, ride in state-of the-art cars and savour the good things of life. So, how do you expect me to give them money again? I also learnt that you gave your car away! That didn’t make sense to me. Well, I hope you know some of your readers are nowhere near some of these pastors in terms of financial abundance. I hope you can convince me otherwise. In any case, I still like your column.
Thank you.
Bayo Adetayo,
Dear Mr. Adetayo,
“I can’t recollect suggesting in the column that people should pay money to their pastors. I couldn’t have said that. I have only touched broadly on the principle of giving which includes setting aside 10% of our income to pay tithes if you are a Christian, or to donate to charity and generally bless others as God blesses us. The 10% you give is not to the pastors, but to God who is the Source of all gold. And this has nothing to do with whether you are a Christian or a Muslim by religion.
Let me restate the principle for the sake of clarity. I have found out from experience that God built the world on powerful spiritual principles. Some call it the cosmic laws. And these principles generate results (positive or negative) anytime they are applied, Irrespective of who applies them. That is why you don’t have to pray for the Sun to rise and set, for the stars to appear, for the oxygen to flow into your system and for the day to break and for the night to fall. That means in effect that success, as well as failure, is predictable. The problem is that most of us crave for miracles. God certainly doles out miracles, but we need principles to sustain the miracles.     .
One of the greatest spiritual principles for acquiring wealth that is beyond measure is to cultivate the habit of donating the first 10% of all our incomes to church and/or charity preferably anonymously.

Doing this religiously is a measure both of our faith and of the fact that we have forsaken greed. By donating a portion of your income to a worthy cause, you are committing God to sanctify the rest of the money. Research has shown that almost all the really wealthy people, dead or alive, believed in and applied this principle of giving. And that is why some people say America can never be poor as a country because the principle of giving is ingrained in the system. There are about 24,000 charitable foundations in the U.S.
Ayo Arowolo, Publisher The Millionaires' Capsules

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