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Prophet insists; “Hilary Clinton is the next Landlady of the White House” +How he Predicted her victory since 2013

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The Nostradamus, Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan, The Man who predicted President Hilary Clinton's rise to Power since 2013

Prophet MKO Tibetan the man who first predicted the success of Senator Hilary Diane Rodham Clinton as first American female president in 2013 has re-assured democrats in the United States of America, that despites the odds against her, Mrs. Clinton remains the anointed candidate of the United States of America. Tibetan who spoke with Asabeafrika yesterday Sunday, November 6, after a worship service at his Nigerian cathedral (Celestial Church of Christ, Elisha Parish) urged Democrats in the United States not to be perturbed as the Lord will never go back on his words.
When asked how Mrs. Clinton will be able to handle her FBI crisis cum secret email scandal amidst other controversies bedeviling her image, Prophet Marcus who is globally known as “The Nostradamus” retorted “If those who killed Jesus on Thursday knew he was going to have a very beautiful Sunday morning, they wouldn’t have wasted their time killing him”. “Mrs. Clinton is going to have a beautiful Sunday morning this coming week”.
Incoming President Hilary Clinton of the United States of America
How he predicted Hilary Clinton’s Victory since 2013…
The highly gifted Prophet Marcus Korede Oluwatosin Tibetan of Celestial Church of Christ, Elisha Parish (Nigeria & Republic of Ireland) have ever been consistent with his prophecies on the candidacy of Senator Hilary Clinton since year 2013 and were well documented and published in his annual prophetic book of year 2013, 2015 and 2016 editions respectively.
The 2013 Prediction book where Prophet MKO Tibetan first predicted President Hilary Clinton's rise to power
The 2015 Prediction book where The Nostradamus again said 'Hilary Clinton is the next Landlady of White House
The 2016 Prediction book where Prophet Marcus again confirmed Hilary Clinton as the next leader of World's Most Powerful Country, USA
The prophecies are precise, concise and direct to the point. In his usual manner of giving the fact behind the fact, the Ode-Aiye, Ondo State (South West Nigeria) Man of God Predicted that Mrs. Clinton a former US’s Secretary of state during President Barrack Obama’s first term in office  will become America’s first female president and will rule for a good number of years.
Starting from his 2013 edition of the annual prophetic revelation book which he dedicated to the living memory of late Afro beat music legend and human right activist, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the prophet started on Page 159 of the book by giving kudos to the United States of America declaring that God has graced the country with His support “The Lord said He is the Godfather and founder of the United States. He said there is no how a leaf can fall from a tree without Him knowing about it…”
Tibetan continued “What God Almighty revealed to Martin Luther King Jnr has come to pass and it is permanent. This is to let the unbelievers in the United State know that God is awesome”
Pages where the Prophecies manifested
The Hilary Prophecy…

On the second paragraph of Page 161 of the 2013 prediction, the Prophet gave his revelations “Joseph Bidden played vital roles during the election (Of Obama) and if care is not taken, the cap will fall on his head again. Joe Bidden and Hillary Clinton will be the next people to take over from Obama. Joe Biden will be the President and Hilary Clinton will be the Vice President but if Joseph Biden says he is not interested, Hilary Clinton should go for the President and she will be the first female President”
How Tibetan’s Prophecy manifested…
Meanwhile in an unusual leadership candor, President Barrack Obama privately advised a group of Democratic donors’ early in the year during a ball room meeting at the White House to support Mrs. Clinton his former Secretay of State. The President who launched a platform of goodwill endorsements for Mrs. Clinton advised the group and the Democratic Party to back her come November 8.
Another Page of 2013 Prediction where Hilary Clinton's Prophecy manifested
Tibetan’s second prophecy on Hilary Clinton…
In his 2015 Prediction book, Prophet MKO Tibetan warned America to move closer to God in order to have political and economic stability. He warned on Page 200 of the book which he dedicated to God Almighty this time around that “America should encourage her citizen to read and practice what is in the Bible” “American Youths need to value education and study more science courses because lately, foreigners have taken the shine away from America”
The 2013 Page of Prediction where The Lord revealed Hilary Clinton as Winner of America's election
Prophet MKO Tibetan had a message for President Barrack Obama on exit strategy
On the November 8, 2016 Presidential election, the Prophet famously called “The Nostradamus” routed for Hilary Clinton the second time as he prophesized verbatim on her chances to win her main rival, Donald Trump; “After the regime of Obama, Democrats will win the next Presidential election. The Primary race will be between John Kerry and Hilary Clinton. It is time for female Presidency in America. Her Vice President may be a retired Army/Navy General or someone who has a good working knowledge of the military. Otherwise, the enemies may exploit her vulnerability in military matters”
However, the Man of God added a Prophetic caveat this time around “Should the female President get to the white House, we need to pray hard for her not to die in office” “The Lord said America should abrogate/stop gay marriage and all associated laws (Gen. 17:18)”.
Another Page of Prophet MKO Tibetan's prediction where he revealed it the way God said it
Tibetan’s 3rd prophecy on Hilary Clinton…
In his current prediction book titled Revelation 2016, the Republic of Ireland based Prophet of The Most High again, delivered his message verbatim after warning the major opposition candidate and real estate billionaire Donald Trump of the Republican Party, Prophet Tibetan urged Americans to tow God’s plan by voting Hilary Rodham Clinton as their next President. He gave the message on Page 297 of the book which was officially launched on Sunday January 10, 2016 in Nigeria. The prophet said “Hilary Clinton should be appointed as the Presidential candidate of Democrat Party and she will win the election to be the first Female President of America. If she is elected, many foreign investors will come to invest in America and the country will be great”
More Revelations on the Pages of Prophet Marcus' prediction book
This time around, Prophet Tibetan added a message for the outgoing President Barrack Obama “Pray that God should protect Obama because towards his last days in office, it will be disastrous”.
Prophet Tibetan warned Donald Trump of imminent danger after election
A prophecy for the other candidate…
For Republican Party’s candidate and real estate mogul, Donald Trump, Prophet Tibetan warned on page 294 “Donald Trump needs to be careful. You cannot have money and power. Americans do not worship money but brains and abilities. He should also mind his utterances”
Prophet MKO Tibetan was the only Nigerian Prophet who predicted the exit and imminent jail of ex-Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan in 2014 Prediction
His Prophecies that has come to Pass
Prophet MKO Tibetan is renowned and respected for his accurate prophecies majority of which has come to pass with desiring accuracy and benefit to mankind.  For instance on Page 176 of his Prediction 2013, Tibetan predicted that the then Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez would pass away that year; the Prophet had warned by saying “The President should pray against death. His time is up” “A lot of people would die in Venezuela in 2013, they would die of hypertension, heart attack and frustration” and the prophecy came to pass as President Hugo Chavez later passed away in the middle of the year.
Prophet MKO Tibetan predicted that President Muhammadu Buhari will be elected President of Nigeria in 2015
Tibetan’s other Predictions that has come to pass is the disgraced of ex-Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan at the poll on March 28, 2015 and the success of President Muhammad Buhari as the new President.
On page 46 of his Prediction 2015, Prophet Tibetan revealed with prophetic vigor “APC is pushing Buhari for presidency despite his doubtful depth in the dynamics of national economics as well as his limited global exposure. Is this a recoupment for the damage you did to him in the past? There is nothing to show for APC because the states they are governing are steered by gang bangers”
However on page 84 of same book the Prophet gave his words to President Muhammadu Buhari who was still contesting at the time;
 “The Lord gives kudos to you, Buhari for still thinking about the welfare of the masses in Nigeria. Contesting for Presidency is not dreadful but time is typically against you.  At this point in time, Nigeria does not need an old man like Buhari to be the President of the nation but a young and vibrant person who can act fast to phenomena. The time to have an old man of Buhari’s caliber has passed”
But the Prophet in the same book on page 86 predicted President Buhari’s success by saying “Buhari will win the presidential election, though he is the people’s choice not God’s choice (1 Samuel 9 & 10) The running mate of Buhari must not be picked from Ogun state if Yorubas want to get it right”
The Prophet told ex-President Goodluck Jonathan on page 79 of the book that he will surely lose. Hear him Do not allow some people to send you to your early grave because the teeming population does not want you as President in the Year 2015. You can only win the election if birds and stones vote for you” “I predicted last year (2014) that you will be the last President of  a United PDP and after leaving the office, you will be jailed for 7 years or be killed”
In 2005, Prophet MKO Tibetan predicted the death of ex-Nigerian first lady, Stella Obasanjo and it came to pass
In 2007, Prophet MKO Tibetan predicted the crisis of Nigeria's ruling party, PDP and it came to pass
In 2010, Prophet MKO Tibetan predicted the sudden change of power in Aso Rock and it came to pass
In 2014, Prophet MKO Tibetan predicted the merger of ACN and CPC to make APC and it came to pass
Prophet Tibetan equally predicted the disgraceful exit of former Police IG, Hafiz Abubakar Ringim, and the war in Egypt; the disgraceful sack of Jose Mourinho from Chelsea FC, the release of General Obasanjo and his ascension to power in 1999.
The death of ex-first lady Stella Obasanjo in 2005, the illness and death of ex-NAFDAC DG, Dora Akunyili, the merger of CPC and A.C.N to form APC, the Auto crash of Senator Godswill Akpabio in Abuja, the death of ex-Bayelsa State Governor, Chief DSP Alamieyeseigha among many other prophecies that has been validated by God.
Prophet MKO Tibetan with members of his Nigerian Cathedral after a Sunday worship service
His Prediction of Hilary Diane Rodham Clinton’s success at the poll in November is what many of his fans around the world eagerly wait for its manifestation which is to be fulfilled tomorrow November 8, 2016.
The Prophet & a Pentecostal Pastor during the launching of one of his prediction books
(For Copies of any of his Prediction books,  the Prophet could be reached for further enquiries on his Dublin Contacts on 0093538996-09994, 009353-8766-96370, 009353-8610-33987; His London Office on +44740-5426-336, +44796-1714-893 or Nigerian office on 080-37171-730 or 08057070-783)

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