Monday, 14 November 2016

Rule 65: Address corporate issues and problems

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Billionaire Banker & Business Man, Tunde Ayeni

We talked about looking at things from the company’s point of view and not from your own.  You have to take this further and talk only about corporate issues and problems even when you are talking to yourself or close colleagues. You have to convince them you are already a boss – see Rule 68.
I remember doing my first book and naturally being terribly concerned with the look of it – did the cover look right, feel right, smell right? The marketing manager, obviously getting fed up with the interminable dreary phone calls from me to check up on every little detail, finally said, ‘Tins of beans, dear boy, tins of beans’.  I didn’t know what he meant and he had to explain it all in words of one syllable.  Each book is a product – a tin of beans – it sits on a shelf and gets bought or not bought depending on factors over which I, the mere little cog writer, have no control such as the position of the book on the shelves, the competition stationed nearby, the weather, any discounts the bookstore happens to be offering, and on and on and on. 

All of these things including fascinating things such as how the color of the cover can affect sales; It was my job to supply the text and then to start thinking about the corporate issues such as how many tins of beans get sold in any accounting period, what my percentage share of any tin of beans is, what the next tin of beans will be, and can we sell them spaghetti next time?

When problems crop up it is easy to see things from your own point of view – how it directly affects you.  Once you make the leap to corporate speak it gets easier to stop doing this and to start seeing problems from the company’s point of view. This doesn’t mean you have to become a company person hook, line and sinker.  In fact you are allowed to be honest and express your opinion. If it stinks it stinks – and you should say so.  But say so from the company’s point of view and not your own.

If the company suggests a new procedure, immediately think how it affects your customers and not you.
(Excerpts from THE RULES OF WORK by Richard Templer Read “How to dissolve your individuality into the Corporation” from The Rules tomorrow on Asabeafrika)

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