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The KSA Memoir: How Primate Olabayo’s Prayers for me failed twice + How Raymond Dokpesi intervened

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KSA...Saved by the Prayer of a London based prophet of God

 “Still, I went again to Ado-Ekiti.  When I returned to Lagos, I could not even stand up.  It was then he said they had to check me very well.  That this time I have to do what he says.  So I said, let them cancel one week show.  And in spite of the series of medications, I could not sleep for a whole week.  The Indian doctors there said if they give me injection, I would sleep.  It never worked.  When they are doing the ward round in the middle of the night I would wave at them as I was wide awake.  During this time, Bhola left her house to stay with me in the hospital. 

The arrival of the praying primate…

And one of those days, Primate Olabayo of Evangelical Church of Yahweh came to the hospital in company of my brother, Olu Akinrele.  I told them I have not been able to sleep for days.  Olabayo said I should get a bottle of water.  He blessed it saying, “By this time tomorrow tell me what happened”.  When he came back the next day, I did not sleep.  The man said, “What?  Get another bottle”.  He prayed hard, saying, “I am not saying this water will perform the magic.  This man needs to sleep”.  For you to know the damage that the tea had done to me, I did not even sleep.  When he came the third day, I told Bhola and another nurse to stay at the door and tell him that they had moved me to the theatre. I did not want him to feel he has failed.
Raymond Dokpesi
KSA...got favours from High Chief Raymond Aleogho Dokpesi
When he left, I looked up and said to one of the nurses, “give me paper and pen.  I want to write”.  The first person I wrote to was Oba Sijuade.  I wrote: “Kabiyesi, I appreciate all you have done.  I have nothing to say but to thank you for all you have done.  Goodbye”.  And I signed.  I told Bhola to go to Dr. Dokpesi.  I wrote another one to General Adebayo.  As I was writing, my hand was shaking.  When I finished, I became dizzy.  It was then Bhola came in according to them.  As the dizziness became too much to bear, I dived on the bed and pressed the bell.  That was all I could remember.  Faintly, I heard the words of the matron: “please, don’t do this to me.  Please, don’t do this to me.  You are going nowhere.  We all love you”. 
Primate Olabayo, prayed first time but failed...
The World at my bed side & the warnings of my American wife…
By the time I came around, it was like the whole world had gathered.  Oba Sijuade sent people to me to pray for me.  Dokpesi came, Adebayo came, many people.  The press made it so big to the extent that they said there was a Ghanaian girl staying with me.  That may be that was where I got the illness from. Before the illness got this bad, my wife who lives in America had come to Nigeria.  Her name is Dr. Olubayo.  She came straight to Ado-Ekiti and in Chief Jimoh Aliu’s house, said she saw that I was sick back in America.  She told me that I need to rest.  “You need to be drinking two bottles of water every day.  Make sure you do that because I saw you walking with a stick”.  I did not take her serious.  There were so many spiritual things that took place.  You know when something like that happen so many people are concerned – Christians, Muslims, traditional people, the Obas… Up till now, different things still happen to make me realize that God is in existence.  That time, I was a little bit confused.  Was anything wrong with me?  I wondered.  Was I a sicklier?  The doctor said I was weighing myself down.  Chief Dokpesi then insisted that I should move to London to continue treatment.
“That the person is going through pains and if she could bring the person to him, she should do so.  I did not want to go but when she persisted we went.  The man prayed and then said God told him to give me a jug of water.  I then remembered what my wife from America told me in Ado-Ekiti to drink two bottles of water every day and I had ignored her”
KSA...Survived a terrible illness and still leading
On getting to London, I went to Harley Street to see his family doctor.  They checked me and asked me to stay back.  I was in the hospital and was surprised that, that very night when they gave me mashed potatoes; I ate everything and asked for more.  They then wheeled me on a trolley for more examination.  I was saying to myself, “Sunny, you are the one they are wheeling now.  They didn’t tell you what is wrong.  What is happening?”  I was lying down but was a little bit conscious.  They put a pipe through my nose.  Sometimes, the doctor would say, “make him to cough a little”, automatically, I would cough.  They asked me to look at this or that.  I did not want to see the people around so my eyes were closed.  But mentally, I was observing things.  In the name of God, at the end of the day, they said there was nothing wrong with me.  They took me back to my ward and said in another two hours they would discharge me.  “You can then go to your doctor and the report would be there”.
When I got back to the doctor in the evening, the man said, “When you go out now, you look at your right, look at your left.  Either you start from the end of that street or you begin from the end of the other street.  We have about seven restaurants.  Go to any of them and eat.  You know what?  You are thinking too much.  I would buy you a small ball.  Did you come with your guitar?”  I said, no. “I would tell them to buy you one; why are you dropping yourself?” he asked.  “Go and enjoy yourself!”
Primate Olabayo prayed second time but it didn't still fly until KSA barred him from coming close
The last battle inside Raymond Dokpesi’s house…
When I got back to Dokpesi’s house, I slept for about one hour.  It was like seven years. By that time, if you look at me, you would see my veins.  I looked at the mirror, I couldn’t find myself.  Then I phoned my doctor in Nigeria and said, “I slept today”.    Then I asked, “All these drugs you gave me should I take them?” he said, “You can take them, by tomorrow we would see”.  By midnight I wasn’t myself again.  I then went to knock on the door of Dokpesi’s brother – asking him to check for any available airline to take me back to Nigeria because I believe I was going to die and I didn’t want to die in their house.  He said I should sit down. My body was shaking badly.  I said; okay check me into any hotel.  He said, no.  “If I do that, what would my brother say?  What would I say was wrong?”  I said he should bring me a tape recorder so that I can record the whole thing.  He refused, saying that by the grace of God nothing would happen.
Aworo (Jimoh Aliyu) Suspected to have been the harbinger of KSA's illness
My London wife to the rescue…
Later in the morning of the second day my wife who lived in London came to see me.  She wanted me to go with her to our house. I said no, she then went to the market and came back to tell me she saw a pastor with a long beard who told her that she was nursing something on her mind, either her husband or relation.  That the person is going through pains and if she could bring the person to him, she should do so.  I did not want to go but when she persisted we went.  The man prayed and then said God told him to give me a jug of water.  I then remembered what my wife from America told me in Ado-Ekiti to drink two bottles of water every day and I had ignored her.  You can see the combination of the medical, spiritual and so on.  He later said he has his own church in Ilesha and only came to do some work and anytime I want to go back to Lagos.  I should let him know. I said, “It is not just to let you know, I am going back to Lagos and I will let you know”. I now started drinking water more than anything else. Since that time up till now there was no report on what kind of disease I had. And I have nothing hidden under the sun. Oyinbo cannot tell lies.  There was nothing.  It was ignorance.  Today I cannot do without drinking water. Even though I want to drink tea, it has to be very light because I can’t do without it.  I will like to seize this opportunity to thank both the Nigerian and white doctors and my fans worldwide for their prayers, concern and assistance during this trying period.
KSA....Died in Nigeria and woke in London
I travelled with Pastor Gabriel to Ilesha to stay at his house church mission for a week and I returned to Lagos thereafter.  I have to thank my former wife Seye for what she did during that time for me in London and in Nigeria. May the Lord bless her and her kids; I thank everybody who kept my hope alive during and after the sickness. 
I thank the Obas, Obis, prophets, Alfas, traditional healers; the press and all my fans across the world.

(Excerpts from the book; KSA: My Life, My Music by King Sunny Ade. Read ‘How I return to limelight after my near death experience’ tomorrow on this blog)

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