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Untold story of my terrible childhood experience—9ice + How he found love the 2nd time…

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The GDA meets Adigun Alapo Meji

In this concluding part of the memoir like encounter with Hip-Pop Music icon, Alexander Abolore Ajifolajifaola Akande aka 9ICE ( We ran first Part couple of weeks back)we went deep to unearth his background, his rumored Iya Agba Loke Aro, his father’s pedigree, his street life, his broken marriage, his new marriage, his philosophy and many other things you will find interesting about the artiste. All for you by your soar away African number 1 Celebrity encounter blog asabeafrika. Enjoy the excerpts.

9ice explaining a point to the GDA
9ice to Asabeafrika...'I couldn't buy Cortina Sandal in School even though i cherished the brand so much'
Story of my Poor family…
9ice opened this chapter of his encounter with  Asabeafrika with the story of his troubled childhood “Life was challenging and it got to a stage, when I talk about my life people will say “Ah, ah, Se bobo yi nikan lo jeya ni. Ko jeya to emi naa” (Is he the only one that suffered as a kid, I equally suffered).  “But it is a story we have to keep telling so that young people can learn and equally have the hope to succeed” When asabeafrika asked him to give a picture of his childhood experience, he went thus “It was like this, you see your mother, you see your father, they are there, they are not dead but you know they can not help your situation and yet you are not angry with them. You will go out and fend for yourself. In fact it is from the earnings you bring home that they will have their own share and you will never be  angry with them because you know that is what life has chosen for you at that time. That was how bad it was when I was growing; they (Parents) can not even afford to pay for your school fees, you can’t even come back home and say ‘Ah, won ni ka’a ra text book lola o’ (We are asked to buy text book tomorrow) ‘o ti mo pe won o ni fun e, o kan waste ito enu e ni’ (You know they can not afford the text book, you are just wasting your saliva). “So, I had to work to survive in school. I often leave school before 2’oclock in order to go and work as a laborer on building sites”
The GDA and the Alapo Meji King sharing a joke
The Alapo Meji Kings listens attentively to the GDA as he prepares to react to our questions
How the Army broke my will…  
 Speaking further on his troubled childhood, the Afro Hi-Hop music genius recollect with nostalgia how he once loved after a particular  sandal shoe but couldn’t get it due to poverty “There was a time when I was at CMS Grammar School, we had  this strike that went for a long time and the military government ordered military men to man the  gates of each secondary schools in Lagos State and we (Students) were forced to close at 4 O’clock as against our normal 2 O’clock. I cried those days. Why? Because I used to leave school at 1pm or 1:30pm before the official closing hour of 2 O’clock. Why? I have to visit building sites to enable me work and carry clay soil to fill German floors. Those were my survival strategy and I had projects that I have collected money for and to execute them became a big headache because that is where I make my money from. Those projects were lacking. I can remember that terrible period in Nigerian history; students of secondary schools were even encouraged to join the army and become army cadets and we were being forced to close at 4pm. It was really, really terrible”
9ice to Asabeafrika...'I sold a large portion of my pepper to King Sunny Ade's Mom'
9ice to Asabeafrika...'The story of my childhood is an interesting episode of my life'
How I sold pepper for King Sunny Ade’s mum
9ice gave Asabeafrika his routine after school hours during his CMS Grammar School days  “I usually leave school by 1:30 pm, go and carry fillings at building sites between 1:30pm and I must finish by 4pm because by 4pm I have to go and hawk pepper. So, I have to do my own runs first; It was an agreement between me and my mum that I had to do my own before I do her own. So I will leave school by 1:30pm, I already have an extra clothe with me alongside my school uniform. I will change into my working uniform and start carrying the clay soil. If it is one room I can feel for the entire day, I will feel that room so that the owner of the house will come and see that I have done something and pay me. And by 4 O’clock I will go back home to hawk pepper and I will do that from 4pm till 7pm in the evening. King Sunny Ade’s mother was my customer. KSA’s mum ( late Mama Adesida) was my biggest customer; if I fail to sell for her that mean I won’t make good sales that day because at times she buys half of my pepper. Anytime she buys from me I am happy for the day because she will buy in large quantity. So, that was the way life treated us and you dare not  get angry with either your father or your mother because you are not the only one, we are like ten or eleven in the same house. We had cousins living with us and you discover that despite your poverty profile, you are still better than some of them. They will say “Lo duro pelu awon people yi; so that to ba wa pelu awon people yi, o possible ki iwo naa soriire” (Go and stay with these people it is possible that you will be successful with them). So, we had some of our cousins living with us and we are even better compared to some of those family members. Some are  Omo Egbon, Omo Aburo Baba, Omo Aburo Mama living with us and hoping for survival”
9ice to the GDA....'Relations depended on us for survival while we depended on God for survival'
9ice to the GDA...'Our situation got to a level that it is from what i bring home that the entire family will survive'
9ice to the GDA....'People think i exaggerated the story of my childhood experience'
9ice tells the GDA 'Yes, i relocated my family from Ago-Owu, Bariga when fortune smiled on me'
Why I relocated my family from Bariga
 In one of his tracks “Anytime” in the album Tradition, 9ice narrated the story of how he decided to take his “Iya Agba” (Old woman) from his Bariga neighourhood (Ago Owu) and how folks accused him of being ungrateful to his root, Bariga. Asabeafrika asked 9ice to narrate the story of that decision and why it generated so much uproar “We left Bariga when success came, I had to move everyone of my family away from the old place and people were complaining “Aaah, O ti gbe Mama e kuro nibi, talo fe ma wa ki nibi bayi nisiyi? Aah! koni wa moo, ko sawon eyan e nibiyi mo. Mumsy e ti kuro nibiyi, step mum e, oti gbe won kuro nibiyi’ ah, Ile won lago Owu yen gan, am sure ko te ni debe mo tori awon to le mu wa sadugbo yi niyi (Oh, he has relocated his mom from here, he wont ever come here again. He has equally taken his step mother away, we wonder what will make him ever come to this area again because these are the people that make him come around). “People complained that I relocated my family from our Ago Owu quarters in Bariga. But truth is when success come you must let it affect your family. Let them enjoy the liberty of good life and that was exactly what I did when I had my breakthrough. I built a new home for my family and moved them away from the old place”
The Alapo Meji King shares a joke with the GDA
9ice to Asabeafrika....'When fortunes smiles on you, you need to move your family to a new level'
The Alapo Meji King shares another joke with the GDA
Untold story of Iya Agba L’oke Aro
Asabeafrika asked the very gifted composer to tell us the story of the mysterious “Iya Agba loke Aro”, who is this Iya Agba 9ice keeps referring to in his album and he told us the story for the first time “Yes, you heard me sing Omo Iya Agba loke Aro, when poverty was biting hard we had to move from Bariga, that is Ago Owu in Bariga which is my father’s personal property. I am the only son of my father that didn’t live in that house for one day. I have never slept there for one single day. So, we had a big house and I could have gotten one room for myself and if possible sub-let it, as a Yoruba boy. But I never did and I even followed my step mum, not my mother to another abode. I left my mother there and followed my step mother because she is the one that always takes care of me anyway. So, I followed her and we moved away, we moved away from Bariga and we moved to Agbado-Oke Aro, and that is why I was mentioning Agbado-Oke Aro in my album.  My step mother is the mysterious Iya Agba I often refer to in my album. I love her; it was from Agbado Oke Aro again that I moved her away to Ibadan because she is aged. I said ‘E pada sile, e lo si Ibadan ke’e lo joko, Ke’e kan ma jeun Omo loku’. (Go to Ibadan and rest so that I can be taking care of you). So, the Mama Agba I am talking about is my step mother because my mum was the last wife and I didn’t know she was my real mother for a long while. You will be surprised that against the backdrop that step mothers always maltreat their step children, my own case was different as my step mother never maltreated me for once. In fact she cared for me like her own child and like her last born. In fact she is the one I call “mother”, I call my real mother ‘aunty’ because I never knew my mother was my real mother; I taught she was my aunty; thinking my step mum was my mother. Because that is the way my father structured our family. There was peace, O o too be, who born monkey? Everybody eat in the same room, nobody dare say this is my mother or that is your mother. We were all regarded as brothers and sisters with no preference for one mother above the other. In fact, in the house, we generally call my mother “Aunty” because my mother was the last wife, and she was so young. Even me, I call my mother ‘Aunty’. It is not quite long ago that I started calling her “Mother”. I call my mother “Aunty” because I didn’t know, I didn’t know who is who?.  I call my step mother “Maami” because anytime ti mo bade, eni ti mo ma lo kii niyen, eni to ma gbonje fun mi niyen. Eni to ma so fun mi pe o ya lose bayi niyen (She is the one I first go greet when I return from an outing; she is the one that gives me food and order me to carry out chores in the house). “My step mother’s name is Aishat, she is just enjoying now. I am not the only son in the family but between my mum and my dad, I am the only child. Every other person is my half brother or sister but if you see us you will think we are of same mother, same father”
9ice to GDA....'My Dad enforced a very strong discipline in our household that no one could differentiate whose mother is who
9ice to the GDA....'I used to call my mum 'Aunty' while my step mum acted the role of my mother'
9ice to the GDA....'My father's level of challenge as a kid was very small to ours because he lost his mother after birth'
9ice speaks to the GDA
My Mystery Dad…
9ice shared the story of his unknown Dad with us “My father passed through a lot in life. In fact, his own level of poverty is worse than ours. Our own was enjoyment compared to his but I still see it as poverty because you cannot compare my life with other students of that era because I saw people who came to school with school bags but I didn’t have one. I had poly bag. I had a black poly bag that I normally take to school; I never had the privilege of having a school bag. So, if I compare my level with other people that have school bags, I will say I was not privileged. There was this shoe called Cortina from Bata in those days, most of my friends had that shoe but I was unable to buy one; that is still one of my greatest regrets till date because I was never able to buy one; I never own a pair of that shoe; I longed for it all through my day in school that ‘Kemi naa t era bata yii’ because the shoe is so bad!. When you wear white socks along with that shoe yee!, you are a hot cake in school. But I never had the privilege to own a pair till I left school. So, if I compare my own level of poverty with my colleagues I will be joking but dad’s own level of poverty was even worse. When his mother gave birth to him the woman died immediately and he was the only child. So, his father just threw him to one of his elder brothers ‘O ya tele Egbon mi yi lo seko’. His family is Christian but on getting to Lagos, his father’s brother converted him to a Muslim. So, he ended up being the only big man in the family because my father was the only one that had a house. He was born as David but when he was converted to Muslim, he was given a new name, Azeez. So, today, he is known as Alhaji Azeez. He is still alive and he will be 70 very soon
9ice meets the GDA at a public event
9ice shares a dance with the GDA and journalist Kunle Rasheed at a show in Lagos
9ice & the GDA
My worst fear in life
Talking about what drives 9ice, the gifted artist noted “My motive has always been to succeed; I don’t want to be a failure because if I look back, I see poverty and failure. I know it was part of my background and I had to fight it hard and defeat it because I don’t want to go back to it. So, for me not to go back, I have to be a success in whatever I do.  And because when you have little success in life, there will be so many obstacles. In fact my song “Pete-Pete” when I released it, somebody said I stole his song.  And I was quite shocked and I asked “Where were you when I was writing this song?, how can you say it is your song? And I later learnt that it was a style people were using at the time for popularity; to say that you stole their song so that attention can be drawn to them and I discovered people could be so desperate especially as regards to success”.  
9ice and Image Manager Don-T Anifite sharing a joke with the GDA during the encounter
Don-T, GDA & 9ice sang a song together

9ice spoke further “If you listen to the song “I don’t care”  (Another track on the Tradition album) I was talking to them, that it is not even you, because I have so many things at home that I am facing; your own is just by the way. “Eyi to  wanile ga’an a shi nfa, o tun wa fi tie kun” (We have not finish fighting the battles at home and you are bringing an external one to it) “So, it is normal in life that when you come out and become successful you just started a new set of warfare. When you are nobody you wont see anybody that will curse you or anyone to struggle with you over something.  But the moment you become something, people will start attacking you”
L-R; GDA, a guest, Don-T Anifite and 9ice
9ice speaks with the GDA as Don-T, his Image Maker & Brand Consultant looks on
Why I married a new wife
 When the topic of his new wife surfaced 9ice felt very restrained to talk about the issue. but  after few persuation from this blogger, he decided to talk let the cat out of the bag “Let me just tell you this and I pray it will be reported the way I said it to you. It is true that I have a child; it is true that I am with someone named Olasunkanmi Ajala and she is the mother of my child. That is the truth of the story; and if you check my instagram page, you will see my daughter Michelle there. She is there, her name is Michelle Abolanle Akande and she is there. So, it is not something you can hide for long. How can you hide a good news like having a child? it is a joyful thing, so, you can’t hide such”.
The GDA sets to give 9ice a book gift
The GDA gives 9ice a book authored by ex-Nigerian Minister of Science & Technology, General Sam Momah titled 'Nigeria: Beyond Divorce
Why my first marriage didn’t work
 So, what is different between 9ice’s old and new relationship?, 9ice had an answer for asabefrika  “If anybody is saying that there is anything that I have done to them, it is because I disolved my first marriage and why did I disolved the union? It is between peace of mind and marriage. The only way I can have my peace of mind is to stay alive; that was why I was able to do the “Tradition” album, that was why I was able to do “Bashorun Gaa” and “Versus”. “If I am dead, nobody will be privileged to hear those works. Won a kan sukun osu mefa ni o de pari sibe niyen (They will only mourn for six months and it ends there): So, I had to go back and say “Ok, kini mo fe fun life mi? (What do I want for my life?) ‘Idunnu, Ifokanbale’ (Peace and joy) ‘kii se gbogbo nkan lowo’ (Not everything is all about money). Everything is not money but once I have my peace of mind and I can take care of my children and say ‘Eyin omo mi, Michelle iwo gba, Maya iwo gba, Liya, iwo gba; awon naa de le dagba won de le woo pe Baba awon ree, not that pe won dagba, won wa ni wo picture baba e; Olorun ma je a rii’ (I want to be able to say to my children Michelle, Maya, Liya, take and let them equally grow up and see me and play with me, not that someone will be showing them my picture. God forbid evil). ‘Oh, see your daddy when he was alive, no I don’t want that. Emi naa fe dagba, komo gbeyin mi. so, (I want to age gracefully and see my children inherit my legacy) it is all about my life”.
9ice to the GDA...'I have finally found peace in my marriage'
No regret from my first marriage
 On what 9ice regretted about his first marriage, the artiste reacted promptly by saying “I dint regret anything in my first marriage. I didn’t regret anything; I think it wasn’t meant to be. Because Obirin ti iwo ko sile pe ko da, elomi a fe. O ma so fun pe aaaa!, Almighty ohun leleyi. (The woman you reject that is not good for you, another person might see her and he will say ‘oh, she is my almighty) “So, I think she brought out the bad side of me and I brought out the bad  side of her. Another person will bring out the best in her and another person is bringing out the best in me”.
9ice to Asabeafrika....'I had to take a second marriage because i don't want to grow and someone will be showing my picture to my children'
Benefit of my new marriage…
 On what 9ice found with Sunkanmi Ajala the mother of his child, Michelle, he reacted with a broad smile “I have my peace of mind. Ti n ba mu gari ni sin yi, gaari yen moju mi dan, ti  mi o ba so fun yin pe garri ni mo mu, mo wa ok, afi tin ba bi or tin ba po ni everybody ma mo pe garri nii bobo yii mu. But kin je salad constantly, tin baru ke gun, ee ti mope aah, bobo yi o gbadun life e, e woo bo se ru. Beeni, te ba ti rimi, ee ti mope aah, bobo yii o wa ok; pelu gbogbo owo to ni. Se, kole jeun to da ni?”
 (With Sunkanmi Ajala, if I drink Garri, the Garri makes my face shine and my body healthy. Unless I tell you or I vomit, you won’t know I drank Garri. But if I am eating Chicken and Salad constantly and I have no rest of mind, people will see it in my gaunt body and they will complain) “ So, emi gigun, Alafia ati ifokan bale ni eyan le fi lo ile aiye, kii se oye owo ta’a kojo”.  (It is peace of mind and long life that one need to travel through the journey of life not money or wealth) “Eeri bawon politician was en ko owo joo to, won o ni Alafia, won oni fokanbale. Owo ta’a ma ni, tao ni ni ifokanbale, Olorun maje ka’a ni”. (See how our politicians keep amassing wealth, yet they don’t have peace of mind. My prayer is that the kind of money that will steal my peace of mind, may God never give us)
The Nice One and The GDA

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