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Why many Educated People suffer from Witchcraft bondage—Dr. D.K. Olukoya

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Dr. D.K. Olukoya, Founder, MFM

Original meaning of the word ‘witch’ means to bend or to change.  The primary function of witchcraft is to bend what is straight, and make it crooked. They change and refashion things to conform to their wicked intentions.
Spiritual witchcraft is the power of Satan, similar in comparism with the Holy Spirit. It is perhaps, the major leader in Satan’s kingdom.
There is a major difference between the Holy Spirit and witchcraft. The Holy Spirit is a person while witchcraft is a spiritual force distributed among countless numbers of agents.
It is unfortunate therefore that many intellectuals, well disciplined people and morally upright men and women, are being carefully and intelligently controlled by witchcraft spirit.

Dr. D.K. Olukoya speak to the media on the need to be spiritually alert
Nigeria is under the forces of Witchcraft…
To be quite honest with you; this nation (Nigeria) as well as other nations are being controlled by witchcraft forces. The battle for this country and other African nations is not the battle to be fought with guns. It is a battle to be fought in the heavenlies.
Today, many people are battling with these forces without been able to discern what exactly is happening. Some people even know that their problem is rooted in witchcraft, but they are at a loss concerning how to break free from the tentacles of these wicked forces. Although they are averse to being victims of witchcraft attack, yet they are slaves of witchcraft.
However, we must admit the fact that things are a lot better in the nations of the world because of the power of the gospel. In those days, things were very bad. People were dying every day. A lot of things happened in those days. There were women who had twenty children, and lose eighteen of them.
It is amazing today that some university professors sit down in their ivory towers to declare that there is no God. I wonder what would have happened to such people if they had lived in the days of terrible manifestations of witchcraft. What saved such people is the fact that certain preachers of the gospel brought civilization into their dark community. Such self styled atheists would not have survived beyond their tenth birthday.
Witchcraft is much more complicated than we can ever imagine. It is deeply entrenched in the heavenlies. It has a lot to do with the sun, the moon and the stars. Witches and wizards are wicked. No matter how much love they claim to have for their children, they still go ahead to sacrifice them.
'Witchcraft is already in church' say Dr. D.K. Olukoya
Witchcraft in the Church…
The operations and manifestations of witchcraft have become very complex in our days. Sad enough witchcraft has infiltrated into the house of God. A lot of things are now happening. Most of these strange occurrences are pure manifestations of witchcraft, which have become part and parcel of the life of the church.
The other day, a man of God went to a video shop to buy some video cassettes. He went back to the video shop when he discovered that he was sold the wrong ones. Instead of asking them to correct their mistakes he began to rain abuses on them.
But to prove that he was under the anointing he would stop momentarily and speak in tongues. Then he would revert back to calling them all kinds of unprintable names.
Was he really anointed? How can you combine anointing with the use of abusive language and cursing? That is an expression of witchcraft manifestation. You cannot combine the anointing of God with cursing and bitterness. To combine the two means to be under the influence of witchcraft manipulation.
Other people had been manipulated through the power of witchcraft even in the house of God. Two people joined their hands together to pray. Then, someone came up with a prophecy. “The man whose hand you are holding is your husband you must accept it by force. There is nothing you can do about it”. Is that not an example of clever witchcraft manipulation?
Why is witchcraft manipulation in the church? It is simply because the word of God has lost its central place in the mind of many. Evil spirits have taken over. Manipulations have become the order of the day, and anything goes, in the name of religion.
Many have succeeded in substituting the word of God with tradition. Practices like infant baptism, giving sacrament to those who are about to die, the granting of indulgences and other ungodly practices have come up as a result of the manipulations of witchcraft.
Many people have found it very difficult to obey the word of God due to the influence of witchcraft forces. Witchcraft has been allowed to operate within the church.
There are lots of witchcraft operations within the church, although those operations remain shrouded in mystery. These evil powers take away the word of God from the heart of the people. They incite men and women into all kinds of ungodly behavior. They lead Christian leaders into all kinds of unimaginable behaviors.
They sometimes infiltrate into the working teams of the church. They also introduce certain things which are not part of the gospel, into the church.
Once a person is being controlled by any other spirit different from the Holy Spirit, it is witchcraft, Witches and wizards have mastered the art of the deception. The moment they are able to perceive the seed of royalty in someone’s life, they go ahead to use every wicked method to get rid of that person. Whenever a child appears promising right from infancy, they try everything in order to get rid of such a child.
'Many Educated People are influenced by Witchcraft' says Dr. Olukoya of MFM
The 14 Years Old demonic boy…
Recently we were praying with a 14 year old boy who needed deliverance. The boy was so wicked that he had siphoned the fortunes of his parents, and made them extremely poor. His father sat for a particular exam fourteen times and failed in each attempt.
The boy made a lot of startling confessions. He told us a particular story concerning a wicked assignment which they carried out in Austria. According to the boy, he belonged to a group of five wicked wizards. He told us that the number four wizard was assigned to kill a particular child in Australia. They had foreseen the future of the child and according to divine destiny; he was supposed to cause a lot of havoc in the kingdom of darkness. They therefore went for the kill and succeeded.        
Surprisingly, the parents of the little baby were born again Christians, but were careless. Instead of providing a spiritual cover for the innocent baby, they decided to become tools in the hand of the devil. They abandoned their new born baby and started fighting. They spent over one hour in their attempt to give vent to their carnal emotions. While the fight lasted, the wizard who was assigned to kill the child succeeded in finishing his job. That was how they were able to kill the child.
That was exactly how they attempted to kill Moses but they did not succeed.
1.     It is the universal religion of falling humanity. Immediately man fell and departed from the living God in rebellion, the religion they went into as well as the power which motivated them was witchcraft. You wonder how that happened. It is simple. The Bible says, “Rebellion is as the iniquity of witchcraft.”
2.     It is the exercise of supernatural power by possessed persons, who are in league with the devil.
3.     It is conference with the devil to carry out evil acts. Today, many people are having regular fellowship with the devil.
4.     It is the practice of magic and sorcery.
5.     It is the use of demonic influence to undo or subdue other people. Witchcraft agents generally use their powers to manipulate or subdue innocent men and women.
6.     It is an intercourse with evil spirits to fulfill a very wicked design.
7.     It is the use of satanic weapon to cause evil to others and to destroy their good prospects.
8.     It is the use of invisible powers to carry out evil assignments.

Dr. D. K. Olukoya....A super deliverance Minister & Author extra-ordinary
The troubled Pastor & the White Lady…
A pastor told me how he faced stiff oppositions in his locality. Fellow ministers were against him because almost everyone was rushing to his church. When the persecution became too much he decided to set some time apart to seek the face of God. He had a strange dream. Someone decided to fight with him in the dream. Although he wanted to beat up the person but he was somehow reluctant. The opponent happened to be a fragile looking white lady. He felt that it was indecent to beat up a lady. However, he changed his mind when the lady pounced on him and beat him up mercilessly. It was then he realized that the whole thing was not a joke and decided to fight back like a wounded lion. He almost overpowered the white lady.
Then, something happened. Suddenly, the lady looked towards the heavenlies and summoned some demonic forces to assist her. It was then the pastor knew that the people were using witchcraft powers to fight against him. Is there any gang-up by witchcraft forces against your life? Are you being attacked in any way? Then you must take this prayer point.
“Every satanic reinforcement against my life, be scattered by fire in the name of Jesus”.
9.     It is spiritual defilement. That is why some people find themselves in the toilet in their dreams. Others find themselves in dirty environment with faeces rubbed all over their bodies and flies covering them. These are manifestations of witchcraft operations.
10.                        It is stealing of peace from a particular person or place. Once peace is withdrawn from a particular place you are left with chaos. Witchcraft powers tamper with peace in many homes.
11.                        It is the art of causing constant oppression to other people using satanic weapons.
The enemy does not mind employing a whole army to fight against a single individual. That is why some people are surrounded by multiple battles. They fight one battle only to face another one. They conclude that the battle is over when evil powers are only taking their time in order to garner more reinforcement.

(Excerpts from the Book “Overpowering Witchcraft” by Dr. D.K. Olukoya, Founder/General Overseer, Mountain of Fire & Miracles)

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