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Why today’s girls do pornography and break marital vows—Rev. Mrs. Roseline Oduyemi + 8 foods she does not eat…

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Reverend Mrs. Roseline Oduyemi with Gbenga Dan Asabe of Asabeafrika

The widow of one of Nigeria’s and Africa’s richest men of God, the late Pastor Gabriel Oduyemi of Bethel Wonder City Church, Lagos, Reverend (Mrs.) Roselyn Oduyemi  has reacted to some of the vices presently challenging the Nigerian society in modern times. Reverend Roseline Oduyemi is one of the leading female ministers making waves in the Christiandom. For the past eleven years since the demise of her stylish husband who is the first Nigerian minister of God to arquire a private jet in his life time, this amiable woman of God has silently pilot the affairs of the Ajah, Lekki—Lagos (South West Nigeria) based Bethel Wonder City and acted as a fulcrum of great spiritual strenght to many worshippers of the ministry.
Your Africa’s number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika was privileged to meet  Reverend Mrs. Oduyemi sometimes ago courtesy  her Associate Pastor and ICT guru,  Dr. Ope Banwo, in company of two of her church administrators, Pastor Peter Onasi and Pastor Ayomikun Olaoluwa while the minister of God was on a media awareness program across Lagos (South West Nigeria).  
Reverend (Mrs.) Roseline Oduyemi shared some knowledgeable insights with Asabeafrika on why Nigeria’s social fabric is fastly breaking with several of our young people, especially ladies going into pornography and breaking of marital vows. The very beautiful woman of God also shared her diet regime with us among many other issues. It is an interesting encounter.   Enjoy the excerpts only on Asabeafrika
Reverend (Mrs.) Roseline Oduyemi
Ma, as a mother and minister of God when you read in today’s news papers how people are doing all sorts of abominations like selling their own kids to raise money for survival, breaking marital vows in the name of sex and money, kidnapping friends or friend’s children for monetary gains and killing of employers for wealth accumulation, how does it make you feel?
I think we need to talk about these things, we need to repent, and we need to educate people. Education is very important, people need to know, there have to be awareness. We need to shout, we don’t accept it. They are unacceptable things; we need to preach it from our pulpits and we need to preach it in our mosques. We need to constantly talk about those vices.

L-R; Dr. Seye Kehinde, Reverend (Mrs.) Roseline Oduyemi and the GDA
In a more complicated world where technology is now destroying moral values with some of our educated girls going into pornography and all sorts of sordid lifestyle, what do you think mothers should do to aid the education of their daughters?
L-R; Pastor Peter Onasi, Pastor Ayomikun Olaoluwa, Dr. Seye Kehinde, Reverend (Mrs.) Roseline Oduyemi and Dr. Ope Banwo
Fathers have more to do with Girls’ Education…
We are talking about parents not just mothers because the father has a major role to play. For example the first person a girl child will fall in love with is her dad. So, we are talking about families being together and raising values. Values that they adhere to, values that they put into the kids; you know the Bible says train a child in the way he or she should go and when they are old they won’t depart from it; even if you look at the society for example, without preaching the Bible, there are certain things that even as a culture, certain things are not acceptable. So, if we continue to educate and pray, there will be ultimate solution. We need to pray, we need to do a lot of prayer because we have to know something; the enemy is fighting our children. The enemy is fighting the next generation. It is a war, we need to know that there is a war going on, we need to know that there is a battle, a spiritual warfare and we should be ready to fight back. It is not easy even on parents, but we must just continue to tell them the truth and pray for them. A child who is prayed for can never be lost.
Reverend (Mrs.) Roseline Oduyemi talks on the Power of Prayer for one's self and one's country
Mummy G. O. Reverend (Mrs.) Roseline Oduyemi with Pastor Peter Onasi
Why lot of Marriages now break…
The high rate of marriage crash in our society is another cause for concern, the rate at which people break their marital vows these days over material things is quite alarming, what do you think Church leaders can do about this?
Again I don’t blame church leaders, you teach people and you pray that they obey. Counseling; most churches do counseling before marriage but I am also saying that I realize that counseling is even more important after the wedding. Because when they are preparing for their wedding they are busy thinking about Aso Ebi, thinking of color, thinking of this and that; having a boy friend is different from having a husband. So, counseling should continue after wedding. And people must understand that it is a covenant, you don’t just walk in and walk out of it.  It starts and end with counseling and for married people to go for counseling is another big challenge, you know a lot of married people hide. They don’t want people to know their problems. If the pastor doesn’t know what they are going through, how can he or she proffer solutions to their problem? And for the young ladies, you meet a man, he is handsome, he has a good job and drives a nice car but you don’t know that he carries a lot of garbage; the woman too carries garbage and the garbage has got to be brought down before they even come together because if that garbage is still there, the garbage will start coming out when they are together and that will cause problem. But then if there is garbage, there is counseling, there is prayer, there is assistance. People should look for help.
Reverend (Mrs.) Roseline Oduyemi with Publisher of City People, Dr. Oluseye Kehinde
Mummy G.O. Rev. Roseline Oduyemi with Staff of City People Media Group, Gbagada, Lagos
You seem to believe so much in prayer, why? 
Because my life is about the word of God, the spirit of God and prayer; without prayer there is no life and it is not just any kind of prayer, praying the word. Praying the word, being led by the Holy Spirit; without prayer you are wasting your time; prayer is the first, it is the power house, it is a foundation of life. For me as a believer I pray about everything, I pray about anything because nothing is too small to pray to God about and God is concerned about everything that has to do with our lives. He is concerned about our life.
Mummy G.O giving a team of Media Executives tips on how to pray and live a great life
As a mother in the Lord and a female church leader, I  will like you to kindly lend your opinion on one of the major marital crisis that is rocking the Christendom in recent times, that is the one between Pastor Christian Oyakhilome his wife Pastor (Mrs.) Anita Oyakhilome of the Christ Embassy Church, if you are to advise the two what will be your advise for them?
The Bible says God hates divorce, now I don’t know the facts I don’t know the details so I can’t really say this is what to say or not to say. God hates divorce but then again as human beings we are frail, we have failings, we have faults, so things happen. Just as God hates divorce, he is also a restorer. So, since I didn’t counsel them, I don’t know what happened, I can’t really talk about it.
The GDA in a rare shot with Rev. Mrs. Roseline Oduyemi of Bethel Wonder City Ministries
You look very unique and very beautiful, what is the secret of your staying beauty?
Jesus! You know it is a rare thing to stay in God’s presence. When you are with drunkards, it will rub off on you, when you are with people who smoke Indian hemp, it will rub off on you because the company you keep matters. I keep God’s company.
Mummy G.O. Rev. Mrs. Roseline Oduyemi's customized Hummer Jeep
Secret of my healthy living…
How do you start your normal day as a General Overseer of such a big church like Bethel Wonderland?
I usually do midnight prayers; so the day start at midnight. That is how I start my day. Then I sleep a bit, have my juice if I am not fasting. But living a fasted life is very good.
Dr. Ope Banwo and Mummy G.O. speaks with the GDA
Maybe fasting has equally helped in keeping you in shape?
I don’t know about that, it is God’s doing. If I am not fasting then I take fruit juice. I do a lot of juice thing, I eat a lot of vegetable; there are a lot of things I don’t eat. I watch what I eat.
'Madam, always talk to the GDA, in case of anything'. Dr. Ope Banwo seems to be saying
Are you a vegetarian?
No, but there are just so many things I keep away from. There was a time I went into a fast and I asked God to show me what is bad for my body and He showed me, so I don’t take those things.
The GDA and Dr. Ope Banwo bade the Great Woman of God farewell
Mummy, we will like you to share those things with this blog so that  our readers home and abroad can learn from your experience?
I don’t like red meat, I don’t eat pounded yam, I don’t eat ogbono, I don’t eat egusi soup. I don’t like Oil (Red Oil), I don’t like cow leg, I don’t like Shaki, I don’t like Ponmo and all the rest. I eat more of fish. I love tilapia, I eat a lot of it, I don’t eat Obokun fish, and I eat chicken without the skin. I don’t do frying; I hate fry, fry, fry, fry; my food is very simple.  Very, very simple, I am not good with Dairy products, so I stay away from Dairy. I take a lot of water and herbal tea really. My life is very, very simple. I love nature, I love to stay in my garden, I love plants; I love fresh air. I am not into air conditioning; my life is very simple, very down to earth, and very natural.
Reverend Mrs. Roseline Oduyemi's Hummer Jeep
Do you have a favorite quote in the Bible?
Too many, so let’s not go into that, the entire Bible; for God so loved the world that he gave his one and only begotten son, one and only son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but should have eternal life.
Looking at the kind of wealth some first ladies have accumulated for themselves in recent times and how many Governors’ wives uses their position to amass wealth without helping the masses they profess love for, what do you think can be done to change some of these women from their bad ways?
Prayer, going back to your foundation—God, going back to God, fearing God, you can’t serve God and serve other things. You can’t be doing Juju and be serving God, you choose one. The Word of God says ‘choose you this day whom you will serve’ are you going to serve yourself or you will serve God? Now, when you serve God you will serve people because that position that God has given to you is to serve people, you are serving God by serving people. It is as simple as that. If you love God you will love his creatures, if you serve Him, you will serve His people. Anybody that fall short of this position is not serving God.
Reverend Mrs. Roseline Oduyemi with Dr. Seye Kehinde of City People Magazine

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