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6 Group of People under the manipulation of Household Enemy (Part 2) by Dr. D.K. Olukoya

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Dr. D.K. Olukoya, Founder, MFM

Group 3: Those who struggle throughout their life time without achieving anything
This group of people struggle from the cradle to the grave. They sweat before they can obtain what others get effortlessly. They struggle for survival, everything around them is difficult.

They spend all the days of their lives sweating, fighting and rushing.
When such people experience occasional success they also have problems which nullify their achievements thereby rendering them totally useless.
Of what use is an achievement if a greater problem follows in its trail?

Such people go from one struggle into some insignificant achievement only to waste the gain of the achievement on a problem, which had just emerged. Their lives are characterized by constant struggles. They struggle to go to school, they struggle to finish their studies, they struggle to get a job, they struggle to make ends meet and they struggle to live.
For this group of people, almost everything is impossible. They have to struggle and spend their last drop of blood to rise above subsistence level.
How many people out there are sweating it out, day in day out, in order to get little or nothing when they are supposed to achieve wonderful results with little effort. The reason, of course, can be traced to the activities of household enemies. These enemies will make a man go through needless struggles. They will subject a man to un-ending, gruesome suffering and struggles. They make their victims’ achieve in forty years what they ought to achieve in forty days. They make sure that those who are under their clutches live a life of constant struggles.
Such victims spend their entire life struggling so much that they have no breathing space for constructive and productive ventures. They are, as it were, under some hostile demonic task masters. Hence, they cannot live a life that is free from struggles and troubles.
Dr. D.K. Olukoya...."Fighting Witchcraft ministry is not a cheap battle"
Group 4: Those who have achieved a level of stability in life
Obviously, this looks like a desirable group. However, it is far from being the best position attainable. It is just an average position. Unknown to most people, there’s a level of interference by household enemies.
Those who are stable do not generally think that they have any problem at all. They are neither poor nor rich. They are neither dissatisfied nor satisfied. They are just stable.
People in this group often console themselves by saying that they belong to the middle class. To accept the minimum or what is barely average instead of going for the maximum confirms the activities of household enemies. Their duty is to allow you to achieve a level of stability without a complete breakthrough into stupendous wealth.
Most people are permanently glued to this position. They try to maintain the status – quo without thinking of breaking new grounds. They think that a fifty percent achievement is good enough.
Such people find out that they always stop at a particular point, even when they feel like making further progress. They go about recounting their successes when they are supposed to have gone far beyond their present level of achievement. This is an indication of the fact that they are under the remote control of wicked household enemies.
You have dwelt long enough at your present level. You need to make progress. But progress is impossible unless you break loose from the control of household wickedness.
Group 5: Those who are successful
People in this group know what it means to experience all round success. They are generally comfortable, self-sufficient and are fulfilling their divine destiny. They have come to a point when everything they touch turns right. Those people have been able to overcome household enemies. They are free from every form of demonic manipulation or hindrance. Success becomes easily achievable when household enemies are kept at bay.
This kind of people succeeds with ease. Whatever they attempt becomes successful. They go from one level of success to another by virtue of the fact that household enemies are no longer tampering with their destiny. They have achieved success because they are not limited by the powers of enemies from the extended family unit. Whether in business, academics, ministry, family or any other pursuits, they have and do enjoy total success.
But the price of success is not cheap. For you to get to a point when success crown your effort whichever direction you turn to; you must have known what it means to declare war against household enemies and win. In other words, you must have known what it means to pray your way to breakthrough. A man who has taken time to pray aggressively and deal with foundational enemies which have been fighting against him, from the time when he was born, will experience dominion over powers that once stood between him and his success.
This is what it takes to experience dominion. This kind of success lasts for a long-time. It doesn’t get aborted prematurely. In fact, you will go from one level of success to another when household enemies are paralysed.
Dr. D.K. Olukoya...."Witches put marks of stagnancy on their victims"
Group 6:  People who are not only successful but significant
These groups of people have been able to reach the highest level of attainment possible in human experience. They are able to climb to the mountain top. Having scaled the utmost heights they are also able to help those who are around them.
If you are self-sufficient, but are not able to help others you do not belong to the class of significant people.
A man who is not significant can be sacked in his place of work without anyone feeling that someone would be missed. But once a significant employee is sacked the entire place would be thrown into confusion.
Are you significant?
Do you exert any important influence on those around you?
Can your life be likened to the life of David the king of Israel, who was told that; “…For if we flee away, they will not care for us; neither if half of us die, will they care for us: but now thou art worth then thousand of us…” (2 Sam. 18:3) If you find yourself in a wrong group in spite of the fact that you are talented, hardworking and enterprising, then it is clear that household wickedness has taken a controlling position in your life. We should not deceive ourselves.
Members of your household can be responsible for lack of progress in your life. Outwardly, they may try to impress you while in secret, they perpetrate all forms of wickedness against your progress.
God did not make a mistake when He said, “For a man’s enemies shall be they of his own household.” And it is very easy for household enemies who are thoroughly familiar with you to carry out wicked plans against your life.
A lot of people have dug their own grave by confiding in relatives who are wolves in sheep’s clothing. I pity those who do not agree with the fact that their own family members can turn round to devour them like lions.
Such people are fond of exposing every detail of their live to those who will take such vital information to demonic meetings. What do you think will happen when all your advisers are household enemies?
They will take your case to their demonic meetings to deal with you thoroughly. One will sit on your progress; another one will destroy your finance while the rest will kindle strange fires in your family. Before you know what is happening, they would have finished you.  You will do yourself a world of good by declaring war against household wickedness, be they big or small.
Dr. D.K. Olukoya, "We are closer to witches than we ever imagined"
`Witchcraft within the household
I have discovered that there is ignorance among religious people concerning the subject of witchcraft. There are people who believe that witchcraft can operate in dark places. They think that a believer has nothing to worry about as far witchcraft is concerned.
What is witchcraft?
A lot of people think that witches are weird-looking, toothless old women who fly about in the night.
Witchcraft is closer to most people than they can imagine. People rub shoulders, eat, drink and share things in common with witches daily. Your attitude will change if only you knew what the Bible teaches concerning witchcraft. You will see things in clearer perspective and you will begin to call a spade a spade. Witchcraft will come under the bright light of divine revelation. Witchcraft forces will find it difficult to operate within your vicinity by virtue of the fact that you have become a specialist in destroying the works of the devil.
Evil forces have continue to cash in on the ignorance of countless numbers of people. They have, therefore, multiplied the number of their victims. The wars which are most easily won by the enemies, are wars which those who are being attacked are ignorant of.        
Understanding witchcraft
Witchcraft therefore is the exercise of supernatural power by possessed persons, who are in league with the devil or evil spirits. Witchcraft or wizardry is not written on people’s faces; a witch can be well dressed, good looking, and attractive.
A wizard on the other hand, can appear to be the most reasonable man around. Appearances can be very deceptive. Again, what is witchcraft?
Witchcraft also is the practice of magic, sorcery and occultism. It is cooperating with the devil and evil spirits to achieve some results.
In ancient times, the word witchcraft connoted moving something back and forth. In modern English the appropriate word is manipulation.
Manipulation is the stock in trade of witchcraft and wizards. They are specialists in shuffling the destiny of men and women back and forth. They do this unnoticed and without leaving traces of their activities for anyone to detect their evil deeds.
Dr. D.K. Olukoya, Author of the Book "Overpowering Witchcraft"
The London Woman & her strange child…
Something happened in England a few years ago.  A woman who attended one of our overseas branches had an experience which opened her eyes to the reality of the operation of witchcraft. The woman in question happened to be a new member at the time. Who knows? She would have dismissed the idea of witchcraft with a wave of the hand until what happened under her roof made her to know that witchcraft manifestations can come in any form, in any place and through anyone.
The woman had two young children. Being a busy mother she employed a nanny whom she paid for minding these two children whenever she went to work. The nanny did her job until she began to experience some strange things. The mother of the two children was oblivious of what was happening until one night she was woken up by strange cry which emanated from the children’s bedroom.
On that fateful night, she wondered whether or not she was dreaming. Half-asleep and half-awake she listened for the second time to the shrill cry of a beleaguered child. It began to dawn on her that something terrible was happening.
She sprang up in a jiffy and rushed towards the children’s bedroom. Her two children lived in separate rooms since she had a very big house. When she got to the room of the five year old boy, the sight she saw shocked her to the narrow.  She discovered that the boy wasn’t crying, the boy was seated on his bed, staring at the wall in a strange manner. She quickly rushed to the second room where a very clear but fearful cry was coming from.
It was indeed strange that the boy who was crying was shouting and telling his brother who was sitting on the bed in another room to leave him alone, when the mother got to the room of the boy who was crying he look like somebody who was being strangled to death. She sensed danger, and tried to calm the boy down by carrying him in her arms and telling him to stop crying.
When she couldn’t stop him from crying she realized that what was going on was beyond the physical realm. She then rush back to the room of the five year old boy that was staring at the wall, she raised up her voice and commanded: “I command you to stop your satanic activities in the name of Jesus” to her surprise, the eyes of the five year old boy became normal and the cry of his brother who was in an adjoining room stopped instantly. The bizarre experience left her speechless and dumbfounded.
She rushed to the house of the nanny early in the morning seeking an explanation for the strange event which occurred during the night. As she narrated what transpired during her night of ordeal, the nanny stopped her, and said, “Madam, wait a minute, let me narrate what I have been going through since I took up the job of a nanny with your family”. Then she stopped abruptly and pulled off her dress.
She pointed to multiple scratches which were all over her body and said: “Madam I have never enjoyed my sleep for one day since I started minding your two kids. I have never had that kind of experience all my life. Each time I close my eyes to sleep, I always woke up the next day with strange marks all over my body”. Pointing to the marks she said. “Madam how do you explain this? I didn’t fight anybody. How then did I receive physical marks over night? I suspect that one of your children might be possessed”. That happened in far away England and the woman discovered that witchcraft is real.
Witchcraft activities abound. Adults, youths and children have been endowed with witchcraft powers by the devil.
(Excerpts from the book “Overpowering Witchcraft” by Dr. D.K. Olukoya, Founder/General Overseer, Mountain of Fire & Miracles International Church)

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