Thursday, 29 December 2016

Rule 98: Don’t damn the opposition with faint praise

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Industrialist and younger brother to Billionaire Aliko  Dangote, Alhaji Sani Dantata 

The last rule may have seemed as if we were approaching something underhand or devious or ruthless.  It isn’t.  Everything has to be meant, genuine and honest.  Don’t praise them.  Not unless you really mean it.  It is so easy to undermine someone by using praise when you are actually being rather horrid and stitching them up. 
You may think this a clever approach.  It isn’t.  You will be seen through immediately and come across as shallow, vindictive and really rather ruthless.  Remember Rule 30: If you can’t say anything nice – then shut up?  Well, you may think that you can get away with saying nasty things disguised as nice things but you can’t.  This is the sort of thing that is forbidden:

·                    ‘Oh, I know Bill is brilliantly wacky, he is such an independent thinker, he really does operate outside of the box, and he’s so original and off the wall’.

What you’re really saying: he’s a lone wolf is slightly mad and shouldn’t be trusted supervising a chimps’ tea party let alone an entire department:

·                    ‘Bill is such a determined worker.  He doesn’t care how much it costs; he goes for the last detail of a job.  Superb resolution, He likes to see things through to the very end. No matter what.  I admire his ability to just not see the pound signs on a project and instead focus on the application’.

What you’re really saying: he should never be trusted with his own money, let alone someone else’s:

·                    ‘Bill really is one of the lads.  He really knows how to let his hair down and have fun.  I admire his ability to hold a pint.  If there’s a wacky stunt going on Bill is always in the thick of it, he is such a free spirit and so youth orientated’.

 “Don’t get into this trap.  Your seniors will see through it and if they are decent people they aren’t going to like it”.

What you’re really saying: he’s a drunk, a bit wild, not to be trusted looking after staff and he has the mental age of a teenage:

·                    ‘We can’t keep Bill in the office.  He’s such a live wire.  I don’t think our little cage is big enough for someone with that much energy.  I envy him.  I sit here doing the paperwork while he’s off, out there talking to customers and liaising and being brilliant at sales’.

What you’re really saying: Bill is crap at paperwork.  Don’t get into this trap.  Your seniors will see through it and if they are decent people they aren’t going to like it.

(Excerpts from THE RULES OF WORK by Richard Templer Read “Capitalize on Career Enhancing Moments” from The Rules tomorrow on Asabeafrika)

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