Sunday, 18 December 2016

Why I am teaching youths how to tie Gele — Seun Gele

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Liasu Oluwaseun Eniola, CEO, Seun Gele Ventures

Liasu Oluwaseun Eniola aka Seun Gele, a Lagos—South West Nigerian based Head Tie and style entrepreneur recently held a seminar where a number of young Nigerians were taught the art of Head tie and general style management.
Seun Gele who organized the 3-day seminar for young people between Tuesday December 13 and Thursday December 15, 2016  said the Nigerian fashion and style sector of the economy holds a big basket of opportunity for young people in the country to be gainfully employed without resorting to Government’s intervention.

 Speaking at the 3 days seminar which took place at No 48, Obafalabi Street, off Shonibare street in the Ojodu Berger area of Lagos State (South Western Nigeria) the very creative head tie expert of over 10 years experience said the seminar is his own way of multiplying his talent and giving back to society. “I think the biggest challenge in Nigeria today is the challenge of unemployment. It has led so many young people into stealing and other vices that could hinder their destiny. However, we have so many venture-able crafts that can solved this problem. One of them is head tying popularly know as ‘Gele’. We live in a part of Nigeria where people love to attend social events, looking trendy. Some of this women will love their gele to be tied well and other fashion accessories trimmed to shape. I have been in this business of tying gele for over ten years and I can tell you that, the opportunity for empowerment is huge. We have successfully demonstrated that with our various empowerment programs and one of such is the one we are presently carrying out. We give a comprehensive training to our new students on how to tie gele, give make-up services and make their client look beautiful for the event”.
Seun Gele's Contact

The Chief Executive Officer of Seun Gele Ventures (SGV) spoke further on his ambition to see many Nigerian youths gainfully employed from just tying head gears or scarf for women at parties “I think it is high time we start calling on the creative ones among the youth to look inward and find out what they can do for a living; I mean what is sustainable unto them and how they can create their own career. I have been tying gele for over ten years and I can tell you that the industry is huge. Every week, women attend parties and in trying to look treny, they dress to kill. You can make a fortune by just offering yourself at events to help knot a head tie for one or two persons properly and by making the bearer look trendy you earn something. That is why we are offering this young ones a fresh line of idea in the gele tying business and the turn out is quite okay”.
On how he intends getting the craft across to more Nigerian youths, Gele said “We give private tutoring. If you invite us, we will charge you and give you a week tutoring on how to tie gele. Within a week you can become a professional gele tying expert. It is not so difficult to tie gele, what is really difficult is your decision not to learn. Today’s youth will only survive the economic hardship if they can learn to do new things. So, we are giving them the privilege to learn, earn and live”.
Seun Gele in a teaching session
On why he is practicing a feminist perceived profession, the very creative and jovial entrepreneur answered “I don’t see tying gele as a female profession, we have boys who weave female hair, we have female barbers. It depends on how you see the job and see yourself. In success, there is nothing like segregation of sexes. I enjoy tying gele. Yes, I do other things besides tying gele. I do Master of Ceremony at public events but my best job, my passion and my craft is tying gele and that is why I am called Seun Gele” concluded Mr. Liasu

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