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Why I will not be paying tithe from my N42 Million Jackpot—2nd winner of Imperial City Lotto + My family disowned me over marriage to him—wife

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Seun Odebunmi won a N42 Million Naira Plot of Land but would not be paying any tithe to any church

The Month of December, 2016 started on a good note for Ibadan, Oyo state based lotto agent, Seun Odebunmi as he won a jackpot of forty two million Naira worth of land in the ongoing Imperial City Promo 2016, an innitiative of Channel Drill Resources Ltd in conjunction with the Elegushi Royal family of Ikate land, Lagos.
Odebunmi, a sub-agent for Winners Golden Chance Limited (promoters of Golden Chance Lotto) is the second Nigerian to win a land in the ongoing promo which is daily gaining momentum across Nigeria. The Promo which started running from November 17, 2016  will end in the first week of January, 2017 with 7 Nigerians becoming land owners in the newly developing  Nigeria’s first Smart City (Imperial International Business City). Several consolations prizes of between N1million Naira, N100,000 and N50,000 are to equally be won by several Nigerians weekly.  
The first winner, Saheed Lawal, a house painter and his wife, Oluwafunmilayo, a teacher  were given their land papers in an elaborate event which had executives of Channel Drill Resources Ltd, Winners Golden Chance Ltd, Kedari Capital Ltd, Interswitch Ltd, Zenith Bank and Lagos Lottery Board among many others in attendance on Thursday November 24th at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Mr. Seun Odebunmi the second winner of a land in the Imperial City Promo 2016
Last Thursday, December 1st, it was the turn of Seun Odebunmi and his wife Toyin to cart away the big land prize. The new millionaire couple spoke with your Africa’s number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika few hours to the event with the husband speaking first before the wife. What they told this blog will interest you. Read on.     
'I never knew it could be this real' Seun Odebunmi reveals to the GDA
Congratulations, sir. You are the second winner of the Imperial Lotto N42 million worth of land. How did you play the lucky number that gave you this winning?
Actually, it was a miracle to me because the first time I played it, I taught it was like a normal lotto. When I printed it (number) out, I just saw zero. I said ‘ah, ah, what kind of lotto is this?’ I just saw zero. What is the meaning of this? I brought the ticket to my boss telling him that I don’t know the meaning of this; he said it is an imperial lotto and he educated me further about it. And I said ‘well, I am going to continue playing it’. Since then I started playing it until when he said I won. I said ‘won?’ he told me I won a land; I said ‘a land?’ I was so marveled. In fact, it was like a dream. Initially it was like a dream to me but I later realized that it was real. It was real, real and genuine. So, I am grateful to God.
The GDA engaging Seun Odebunmi as wife, Toyin looks on
You said you started playing Imperial lotto when you discovered the peculiarity, like how many times did you play before you hit the jackpot?
I played for about fifteen times.
That means you spent like Seven Thousand Five Hundred Naira to get your N42 million?
How did you develop the urge to keep playing?
I just believed and I had the fate that one day I am going to win. I kept on playing it until it happened. I believe before two weeks when I continue playing it, even if it is a hundred thousand Naira I win or a million naira so be it. But luckily for me, I won a land.
When they called to inform you about your winning, what came upon you?
I burst into tears, I wept and said ‘God, me?’ In fact, I praised the Lord for His mercy in my life.
How long have been staking?
It is up to 15 years o.
The Winner, Seun Odebunmi sharing a joke with the GDA about tithe & tortoise
You mean you are a graduate of lotto school of experience?
Yes. It is up to 15 years.

Can you tell us what differentiate Imperial lotto from other lotto?
The difference between Imperial and normal lotto is quite clear. I believe normal lotto is all about number, it is all about forecasting. If you have the ability to predict, it is a game of prediction, you predict and win but this one (Imperial) is a game of luck. Play and wish you are lucky; it is a game of luck. But lotto is a game of chance. Normal lotto is a game of chance while Imperial lotto is a game of luck.
So, you were actually lucky?
Yes, I was lucky.
The Winner & the GDA
You won on Golden Chance platform; do you have a word for Golden Chance?
Number one, Golden Chance breeds trust and integrity. I have worked with various lotto companies but I think Golden Chance is exceptional, the company is exceptional because of the way they regulate their games the way they play their games is clean and clear. Yes, they are about truth and objectivity. I have been winning Golden Chance several times, and they don’t owe me a kobo when I win. They pay instantly. So, I love Golden Chance personally. I like the brand because it thrives on integrity.
Seun Odebunmi meets the Press...
What do you do for a living?
I am a lotto agent, I am a sub-agent.
Now that you have won this jackpot, how is life going to be for you?
Life is going to be better.
Better or best?
Best, because we can only grow from here
Channel Drill Resources CEO, Femi Akioye examining the Odebunmis' land papers before it was signed to law
Would you like to develop your land in the Imperial International business city or you would like to sell and invest?
I want to sell the land and invest the money
 So, what is going to change about your life once you make your fortune, do you have any special asset you will like to purchase?
You see, it is not about material possession. What I love most in my life is to employ people. I love employing people, to employ more hands to work with me because when I employ people they will continue to pray for me just the way I am praying for my boss. That is what I love most in my life. I will re-invest the money by using it to generate more employment for people.
You live in Ibadan?
Where were you when the call came that you won a land?
I was at my duty post when my boss (Principal Agent) called me that I should leave my kiosk now and start coming. He did not tell me that I have won; he only said that I should leave my kiosk immediately and board an Okada motor cycle to his place which I obliged. But on getting to him, he asked where the ticket is and I handed over the ticket to him and he congratulated me and he told me I won a land worth forty two million Naira.
Are you a Christian or a Muslim?
I am a Christian.
Seun Odebunmi signs his Lands document before Barrister Ebele Ikpeoyi as wife, Toyin looks on
It means you will be paying tithe to your church?
You see, I won’t be paying any tithe. I don’t do anything tithe; to me personally, it does not come that way because I am a Jehovah’s witness, so, we don’t normally pay tithe.
Oho!, that is quite interesting. Why don’t you pay tithe?
Biblically, if you studied your Bible very well, you will discover that Jesus Christ has completely condemned such a thing, it is no longer relevant to Christianity.
The Odebunmis arrive for their documentation Event at Radisson Blu Hotel, Lagos
But how will the Church grow if tithes are not paid?
That is why in our kingdom hall, we don’t believe in contributing for anybody called Pastor because every one of us is a Pastor by calling and service. We don’t believe that somebody doesn’t have a work and you call yourself a Pastor and you begin to take from people. Ok, let me do one arithmetical work for you; we are 20 in a church and all of are working but the 20th person now calls himself a Pastor and he now asked all of us to give 10, 10 percent of all our income to him. I mean your income, my own income, her own income are being contributed and given to Pastor, so, how much does Pastor earn?
That means the Pastor has a fortune to himself?
Yes, you get my logic. His own is double; ‘o dabii Ijapa, Ijapa lomo marun, o de ni buredi marun o de ha le won lowo, o wa ni kan ma wa da half-half fun oun, pe se won rip e oun o ni nkan-nkan. Igba ton ma wa da half-half fun, melo loun gba yen? O mean pe o ti gba two and a half lowo won’ (It is like the story of the tortoise who had 5 children and he gave them 5 loaf of bread and asked that they give him half, half of their loaf, now they all submitted half-half to him that means he is richer than all of them as he has more to eat than all of them) so, it is a crafty way of amassing wealth. To me personally, I think it is a crafty way to acquire wealth.
Some people even share the belief that lottery money is not to be brought to the church of God? 
(Cuts in) But they will take it if you bring it; that is the lot of today’s church. But for us in Jehovah’s Witness, the norm is different. There is nothing like paying of tithe. That does not say you cannot be charitable to the church or evangelism but we don’t believe in paying of tithe because Jesus has cancelled it.
You are from which state?
Oyo State
Which part of Oyo?
How old are you sir?
Congratulations. Asabeafrika wishes you more success in your millionaire endeavor?
Thank you for coming around.
Mrs. Toyin Odebunmi....The woman who suffered with her husband for 17 years but now to be honored
My family disowned me for marrying a lotto agent—Wife.
Wife of the second winner of a land in the Imperial City Promo 2016 opened up to Asabeafrika as she shared a moving story of how her 17 years relationship with her husband was characterized with hate and rejection from family members who frowned at her marrying a lotto agent and how God used this new jackpot to bury her shame. Hear Mrs. Toyin Odebunmi
'Family rejected me because i married my husband' Toyin Odebunmi tells the GDA
Madam, can give us your full name?
I am Mrs. Odebunmi Toyin.
How did you receive the news that your husband won N42 million worth of land in the Imperial City Promo?
Let us say it is a miracle to me, it is a big miracle. I couldn’t believe my ears but now I can see that it is indeed a reality.  
Seun & Toyin Odebunmi take a pose with an Imperial Lotto banner
Have you ever been praying for this kind of thing before?
Ha, it is a thing I have long expected because people were making jest of me that I married him, they said why did I marry a lotto agent out of all the men in the world? But today the story has changed. God has changed my story.
Mrs. Toyin Odebunmi signs the papers to her new Lekki Land
You mean people mourned you that you married Oni tete (Lotto man)?
Yes, even in my family I was mocked. Both my family and his family mocked us but I kept praying that God should change our story and He changed it. God has banned my shame.
The Odebunmis being interviewed by the MC, Elegbete 1
So, it is from shame to fame?
Absolutely, yes, yes, in everything. I thank God.
Mrs. Toyin Odebunmi...moves from shame to fame
How many years have you been married?
We have been married since 1999, and that is 17 years ago.
And God just turned everything within 24 hours?
Yes, I thank God for everything. He has redeemed me from my old shame. I thank Him for granting success to my husband.  
Have you ever fought him before for playing lotto?
Not at all, I even encourage my friends to come join us and play lotto. I will ask them ‘do you want to play? come and play with my husband’, I will collect money from them and play and the little change (stipends) I make from it, I will use it to feed my children.
How many children?
We have three, two boys and a girl.
So, how did you receive the news of his winning?
I was really, really happy. I thank God for His mercy upon our lives. It is indeed a big story, a breakthrough that is unimaginable. I thank God for everything.
The GDA speaks with Madam Toyin Odebunmi
So, your shame has been turned to fame?
Honestly, in fact my family disowned me because of my marriage to him. They disowned me because of his profession; I am from a Christian home. Of course my husband is a Christian but my family does not support all these things (lotto) but I just told myself that God has something for me in it and I strongly believe that one day, He will change my story.
The wife of the first winner equally told me that she prayed for her husband and strongly believed that something miraculous will happen?
Yes, that was my position too, I kept praying. I believe that God will stand by you if you believe in Him, anything you do and you believe in that thing be it business or passion, just continue because one day, it will yield result. I am very happy with Golden Chance and Imperial Lotto. It is a big luck.
What do you think your husband should do with this huge amount of money?
In fact, according to Yoruba proverb, ‘you must not forget your source’. I urge my husband not to forget our source. Golden Chance lotto is our source and with this new breakthrough, we are still working for Golden Chance. For me, it is continue, continue, continue and that is it.
Which state are you from ma?
 Oyo State, I am from Ibadan.
Thanks for sharing your story with Asabeafrika
Thank you. God bless you, sir.    
Mrs. Adepeju Akinbiyi, Marketing Manager, Winners Golden Chance Lotto
They should invest their money wiselyGolden Chance
Giving her words to the couple, Mrs. Adepeju Akinbiyi, the Marketing Manager of Golden Chance Lotto who was at the event said  “I am happy for them, because the brain behind the entire promo, Channel Drill Resources Ltd, their representative Mr. Femi Akioye said something during the media lunch of this promo,he said even though the entire exercise is for Corporate Social Responsibility, he prayed to God that this (exercise) should touch lives. Golden Chance is a very, very fortunate organization. Our name really speaks for us. Because as the man prayed, God enabled Golden Chance to make that platform available and the real people that the promoters wanted won, the ordinary people won cash and landed properties. So, I thank God for using  Golden Chance to make this platform available for the winners, I am really, really happy for everyone who has won including our new land owner”.
On why Golden Chance took the pain to always locate real winners unlike other betting agencies, Mrs. Akinbiyi gave a response “Because that is the hallmark of Golden Chance Lotto. That is our hallmark, sincerity of purpose. Being transparent, that is all Golden Chance Lotto is all about. And our slogan says ‘Your surest way to be a millionaire’. So, if God has made you a millionaire through Golden Chance Lotto, so, be it. We would look for you and hand over your winnings to you”.
  Akinbiyi rounded up by giving a life time advise to the new couple millionaire “They should invest wisely because now, fair weather friends will surface. They should invest wisely, God has made this possible for them, let them use it wisely”.
The GDA in a rare pose with a promo banner
The GDA with Edafe Mathew Eseoghene aka Elegbete 1, the Master of Ceremony
A cross section of Guests at the Event
Guests at the beginning of Event enjoying the jokes by Elegbete 1
More Guests at the Presentation of Land Papers to the Odebunmis
L-R; Lagos Lottery Board Representative, Mrs. Simisola Muniru with an Interswitch Executive during the draws
Some Guests taking their seat for the event to start
An Interswitch Executive roll the numbers via an automated screen
The Event in session
The GDA arrives the Venue
The GDA before the event started
Dr. Edafe Mathew Eseoghene aka Elegbete 1, the MC
A cross Section of TV Camera Men at the event

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