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2 Yrs after; Things Adunni Bankole’s friends want for her that has not been done + Rare Pictures of her Lifetime

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Late Chief (Mrs.) Adetayo Adunni Bankole, A Great Woman in life and in death

Today January 3rd 2017 marks exactly two years lovable socialite and woman of good heart, Chief (Mrs.) Adunni Bankole passed on to immortality. In her lifetime, this Gbagura, Ogun State (South Western Nigeria) born woman of timber and caliber was loved by all in the Nigerian social circle. Her sense of gratitude and good manners endeared her to many. She had fans both in the Nigerian Media and Entertainment Industries. In fact, she was the Matron of the Nigerian Journalists, especially those of the entertainment and society genre. She was a grand matron to many artiste bodies especially in Nollywood. She was the fourth wife of Egba High Chief, Suarau Olayiwola Alani Bankole the Seriki Jagunmolu of Egba Land. He was her Alani and she, his Adunni. However, the tempest of life tried their thirty years union but the love never waned as Chief Bankole and family paid last respect to his wife on the day of her funeral in 2014. Chief Mrs. Adunni Bankole cherished culture and religion in her lifetime and that earned her couple of titles but the most influential one was that of Iyalode of Gbagura, her ancestral town. She was also the Yeye Mokun of Owu kingdom where her mum, Princess Adesida is the Iyalode. She was more of a diplomat in her life time, settling disputes among friends and preaching the essence of love and unity among her peers.
Chief (Mrs.) Adunni Bankole....Friends missing her
Iyalode Adunni Bankole a London trained Journalist was an encyclopedia of Public Relations as her life revolved around the media, entertainment and culture. Many Nigerian artistes including Alhaji Akande Obesere, Yinka Ayefele, Alhaji Osupa Saheed, Sir Shina Peters and King Sunny Ade among many others sang her praise. At a time, her step son, Rt. Honorable Dimeji Sabur Bankole became the Number 4th Citizen of Nigeria as he emerged as Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives. At this season of her life, Iyalode Adunni Bankole took it upon herself to protect the image of her darling step son as she ensured her constituency, the media never had anything silly to write on her ‘son’ (Dimeji Bankole) It was her greatest service in a long while but she offered it and it worked for her. She was many things to many people. But above all, she died as a Christian. However, she died even more as a celebrity as she passed away in the early hours of the day her beautiful banker daughter, Mopelola was having her wedding celebration in Lagos. It was a shocking death. It was an unbelievable death. It was a death that shook Lagos. Her death shook Abeokuta. Her death shook Gbagura. Her death shook Ibadan. Her death shook Obasanjo family of Ibogun. Her death shook the Adesida family of Akure. But she died!
The Late Woman of Style with her Friends inside her living room
On the day of her wake keep service/final funeral, these are some of the things friends and well-wishers asked government to do for her which has not been done. In this piece, exclusively obtained by your Africa’s number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika, we bring you more of the good memories of Chief (Mrs.) Adunni Bankole, the Yeye Meso of Oke-Odan, Iyalode of Gbagura and Yeye Mokun of Owu Kingdom. Enjoy.
 Adunni Bankole should be immortalized like Benazir Bhutto and MKO AbiolaTessy Yembra
Dance Queen and entertainment consultant Tessy Alero Yembra who created  Sir Shina Peter’s ACE album  Ijo Shina track’s dancing step and Late Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister’s  Fuji Gabbage dancing step told Asabeafrika what she feels is good for the memory of Chief (Mrs.) Adunni Bankole. Enjoy the excerpts.
Late Chief (Mrs.) Adunni Bankole with Star Female Talking Drummer, Aralola and Dance Queen Tessy Alero Yembra
Adunni Bankole with her last Birthday Cake
Adunni with daughter, Barrister (Mrs.) Toyin Bankole
“Her death came as a rude shock to me; I refused to believe the story until I got to the venue of her daughter’s wedding ceremony that Saturday (January 3rd) evening around 6pm. I was actually on my way to the venue of my brother’s daughter Debbie Yembra’s wedding, she is daughter of Loveth Yembra and Shaki Yembra, I got to the venue of the wedding at Lekki then calls started hitting my phone from various angles. Kunle Rasheed (A journalist) called me, Lanre Ijakoko called me, Princess Toyin Kolade  (Abusiness tycoon) called me, Honey Bee (A fabric merchant)from Abuja equally called me and so many of our mutual friends. Honey Bee asked me if I have heard and I said I am not aware and even if it is true, I refuse to believe. I remember I spoke with Iyalode couple of weeks back when she was with her daughter Mope in Abuja; she said she went to syndicate the Invitation cards, that was the very last time I spoke with Chief (Mrs.). I called Toyin her first daughter on Christmas day and what I was told is that Iyalode went to London for shopping. That was what I was told and I just took it in my stride. So, when I went to the house on the 2nd of January to collect my Aso Ebi, I saw Toyin again and I asked about her mum and she told me once again that she will be back from London that day and that they will go and pick her at the airport. So, when the next day came and they were now telling me that something happened I refused to belief.
Mrs. Adunni Bankole was a Matron of PMAN, she posses with a former President of PMAN
I mean somebody they said was in London, and normally Iyalode doesn’t hide her feelings for me. All the times she was initially ill I was always with her; when she had the first attack I was with her for three months; that was at her former abode at Oregun and when she moved to her house on August 4th 2011,
L-R; Mrs. Adunni Bankole's godson, Mr. Oluwafemi James Adejuwon (Scooba) with Ara, Tessy, Adunni and ex-PMAN President
I equally stayed with her, she invited me over to Ikorodu and I stayed in her house for three months. We were together and she always purchases my medications for me and her own as well. We cook and eat whatever we like, we enjoyed ourselves. We had fun, we are so close. We go to parties together, we wear same clothe. Whenever she celebrates her birthday, I am the Master of Ceremony. In fact most friends of ours call me and say “Tessy is deputy celebrant”; even when she was doing Toyin’s wedding I was with her with Chief (Mrs.) Ojugbele and Mrs. Ladoja, we were together at Oregun and we package the event together.  We are always together and even during her last birthday (55th) I was the Master of Ceremony, you were there there as well. There is nothing Iyalode will do and I won’t be there because I handle her events for her. Even when her father was sick, I was with her throughout until the funeral. Iyalode is more than a big sister and as I am talking to you now, it is like half of me is gone because it is a shocking reality.
The Late Iyalode of Gbagura Land
I can’t believe Iyalode is gone, no, she is not dead. Iyalode leaves on. When I went to visit the mother I couldn’t cry, I had to hold my emotions because Bayo Adesida and Wale Adesida and Tokunbo had to uphold me that “Tessy, don’t cry because we don’t want mummy to start were crying. So, I had to hold myself. Even when Aisha Guobadia called me, because she was at the wedding that day and she accused me on not being there and I said I was there late in the evening, I met Dimeji Bankole who acted as the father of the bride.  In fact when I got to the wedding place, Mopelola was even laughing because nobody gave her the hint; they have just finished praying for her. Everywhere was calm, a bit of calmness and dullness. I am still in shock.
Friends cried for Adunni Bankole
What was your last outing with her like and what did you notice?
I think there was an event we attended together in Ikorodu when Tope Ten-Ten
Friends & Well-wishers poses with Chief Mrs on her last birthday on earth
launched her album, it was at Prestige Hall at Ikorodu, she looked so tired at the venue but because she was the mother of the day, she brazed up and coordinated the event very well and after the event we returned home and she was dancing, she suddenly became happy. When you see Iyalode outside, you will never know she is ill because by the time she dressed up and put up her makeup, even people that are hundred percent healthy don’t look as beautiful as her. It was on getting home that day she said ‘O ya rob my leg o’ and I was making jest of her, I said ‘when you were dancing, you didn’t know it was going to be like this?’. She is a very strong woman; Akanda Eda ni (She is a peculiar being); because with all the things she went through, other people would have died long time ago.
Friends sharing good moments with Chief (Mrs.) Adunni Bankole
But because God loves her, God held her; it is only God that knows the reason for taking her away. I know God giveth, God taketh. She lived a fulfilled life, well accomplished. She has three houses of her own and her last property is at Ikorodu, she has achieved what people who lived up to seventy couldn’t even achieve. She is an accomplished celebrity, a public figure well known all over the world. Some people in their 80s, 100s can’t even achieve what Iyalode achieved in 55 years; the entire society, entertainment sector and everyone in Nigeria, London, America and other parts of the world will celebrate Iyalode Adunni Bankole
Guest cut cake with Chief (Mrs.) Adunni Bankole at her Praise Court, Jajo, Ikorodu home
What could you say is her real ailment?
I think one of the things that catapulted her situation and made it so worse is her husband’s issue. You know it can happen to anybody, you are married to a man for 30 years and the man got married to another woman or you have an issue with him, definitely you will be touched because Eleran Ara ni wa (We have flesh and blood) I think she loved the husband so much and for that period that she moved away from the husband’s home, she was missing him and the children equally loved their father. I think that was part of the thing that broke her heart and it brought a lot of other things along. She equally had two operations at Reddington Hospital couple of years back and she survived it. So, I think her heart was affected because she loved her husband so much and she always talked about him and for someone who has been in marriage for 30 years even if it is 5 years and they separated, you will feel it. So, she was affected emotionally. And when we went for Mopelola’s introduction on September 27th, (2014) she was looking so radiant. In fact, she was so beautiful that you will think she went through a re-birth.
Neighbors celebrate with her on her last birthday party on earth
We drove in the same car and equally spent the night together at Adesba Hotel, Abeokuta. She was looking radiant and charming. There was lot to eat and drink and she equally danced very well, in fact she danced Davido’s Ema Damiduro, we danced it together with other well wishers.  She was so happy, everybody was happy and you know what? That was the last day I saw her, that is after Mopelola’s traditional engagement. But we spoke on phone from time to time. In fact her mum, Princess Adesida was there, even her two brothers Bayo and Wale Adesida were there as well. All our friends, Aisha, we both gathered to celebrate and when Iya Iyawo (Bride’s mother) was called we all went to the stage with our blue head gear to celebrate with her. She was so beautiful and gorgeous; in fact if you see that picture, she was just looking charm. She was like a new born baby that day. And that is why I said if they tell you that Iyalode is ill nobody will believe because she is a naturally charming person, she is lively, she dances and throws banters.
Staff and others cuts her last cake with her
I can tell you that majority of our people are sick; we only cover our sickness with clothes and nobody knows who is ill or healthy. Some people are suffering from High blood pressure, some from hypertension and when we move out you won’t know who is ill or healthy. 90% of Nigerians are BP patients; it is our clothes that cover us.
How do you think she should be immortalized?

Adunni Bankole....'Celebrate with me for this is my last cake'
Chief (Mrs.) Adunni Bankole cuts her 55th birthday cake
I think she was the mother of the Nigerian Entertainment industry; the only thing is for the Performing Musician Association of Nigeria (PMAN) to immortalize her. Not only PMAN, even Freelance and Independent Broadcasting Association of Nigeria (FIBAN) should immortalize her. I think both PMAN and FIBAN should have a very big banner in front of her house and at every venue they are going to carry out her funeral. They should immortalize her, the way they immortalize MKO, Nelson Mandella and other great women like Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan that is how they should immortalize Iyalode Adunni Bankole. Even the Nigerian media, all the media houses should give her a very big and last respect. They should have her pictures everywhere and equally create a yearly event in honor of her name.
As the Asoludero of Jajo land in Ikorodu, Chief (Mrs.) Adunni Bankole shares dance with her neighbors
Her community in Jajo Estate, Ikorodu where she is the Asoludero, they are presently crying because she touched the lives of so many people including the less privileged ones; she will give food to the poor, to neighbors. Iyalode will buy a carton of chicken and share it with fish to neighbors, she will share bags of rice and other food items both when there is an event and when there is no event. She will give them clothes and I can tell you categorically that those people are going to miss her big time especially the Baale of Jajo land who gave her the title of Asoludero, and all the churches and Mosques in Jajo and most especially Triumphant Christian Church (TCC) C&S, The Lord is Good Parish, that is Apostle Dave Salako’s church. She was there last year to present an award and she was so generous to a lot of churches. Journalists, entertainers and diplomats are going to miss her. It is like we lost a President. Even the Obasanjo family of Ibogun is going to miss her as well because she is one very kind, caring and loving woman and a great defender of truth. She was even telling me when my daughter was pregnant for this her new baby that she gave birth to on the 25h that I shouldn’t bother buying anything for the baby, that she will buy everything for the baby but we didn’t know she was only telling us ‘good bye’.
Adunni Bankole was a lover of kids
A monument should be named after herPrincess Bunmi Jegede
Adunni Bankole showing her appreciation to God with a dance
Another very important friend of the late socialite who spoke to Asabeafrika after Chief (Mrs.) Adunni Bankole passed on in 2014 is the President of the upscale Abuja based Honey Bee Textile Ltd, Princess Bunmi Jegede. The very intelligent woman and a holder of B.sc in Sociology told us how she wants Iyalode to be immortalized. Read what she said about late Iyalode Adunni Bankole and how she wants her to be immortalized.
Adunni Bankole the Net worker
“When I heard about her death I nearly fell down inside my bathroom because I was not expecting it. In fact, I was to equally board a flight down to Lagos for her daughter’s wedding because we have come a very long way. I never knew she was that ill, recently a mutual friend of ours offended me and somebody brought the issue to the knowledge of Iyalode Adunni Bankole and she called me, begging me to forgive and forgo the matter. She said “A tin dagba, ko ye ka tun ma’a barawa ja mo” (We are now getting old, we should try to be more friendly with each other). “Let me tell you my candid opinion about Iyalode right away, Iyalode is a lover of peace. She hates to see two people fighting; if you are fighting with someone and you don’t want to end the fight, try not to let Iyalode know o, because if she gets to know, she will strategically organize a reconciliatory parley between both of you and before you know it, she will settle the matter. Iyaolde is a peace giver, a settler of fights “Olulaja” and the Bible says ‘blessed are such people’.
Adunni, a stylish woman
 Giving Asabeafrika an insight to how long they have come in friendship, Princess Bunmi Jegede said “We have come a long way right from our days at Alade market (Lagos) that is friendship of over twenty years now. In those days, Chief Mrs. Adunni Bankole was an epitome of friendship. She is the only woman that will tell us to meet her at home in the evening after our daily sales and she will cook several kinds of delicacies for us and we will eat, eat and eat until we leave for our various abode. She was so good with the several meals and she was never tired of cooking and serving people. She was just one awesome personality”
Adunni Bankole with friend, Lady Tai Elemosho aka Montai and others
“I could remember when she had a clash with one of our top friends and the issue was so controversial then, one lady (Name withheld) decided to take advantage of the brouhaha and she will come and be telling Iyalode all sorts of things about her other friend, Iyalode had to send her away, telling her not to come and fan the ember of war among them again and she later made peace with her friend.  She was a very conscientious person, very humane, hates lies, and hates fights, hate acrimony. In fact Nigeria has lost a rare gem. I am quite surprised Nigeria didn’t notice her and use her in her lifetime because she was a great asset that could have been used for the development of women at all level; Iyalode is indeed a thorough bred Omoluwabi and it pained my heart that I won’t see her again”
Adunni Bankole loves to host friends
 On what should be done to immortalize Chief (Mrs.) Adunni Bankole’s name, Honey Bee reacted “I think a monument in either Abeokuta or Lagos should be named after her. People like her have really touched lives, they touch the society and I think society should equally touch them”
Chief (Mrs.) Adunni Bankole with cream of Nigeria's soft sell Publishers

People should immortalize her in their heartsAisha Guobadia
Adunni Bankole and friends

Aisha Guobadia is one of late Iyalode Adunni Bankole’s confidant and friend of over twenty years relationship. Aisha was one of the guests at Iyalode Adunni Bankole’s 54th birthday at Ikeja Chopstick Chinese restaurant a year before the last birthday.
Although she couldn’t make Iyalode’s 55th birthday because of a business trip abroad. She equally opened up to Asabeafrika and what she said about the late Chief (Mrs.) Adunni Bankole only goes a long way to confirm the greatness of her person.  Hear what she wants for her…
Mr. KB (Encomium Magazine)Femi Davies of Metro News and Dr. Seun Oloketuyi of Best of Nollywood  Awards  all love Adunni Bankole in her life time
“Let me start by saying Iyalode Adunni Bankole is a wonderful and God fearing woman; one of the most cheering people I have ever met in my life and I will forever cherish her memory. She was a very big sister to me. I knew her over twenty years ago. From the time I met her, I took to her immediately but she accepted me like a family member”.
Adunni...Loves to host people to sumptuous dinners
On how she got the sad news of Iyalode Adunni Bankole’s death Aisha said “It was so hard to get over the shock after the news was broken to me and up till now I am yet to get over the shock. Even though I got the call that day I did attended that wedding because it was the wish of Iyalode Adunni Bankole that the wedding should go on. It was proposed to her few weeks ago when the sickness was strong on her that the wedding should be postponed but she told them to let it go on no matter her state of health. So, that was her wish and we had to respect her wish”.
Late Chief (Mrs.) Adunni Bankole, her mum, Princess Adesida, her friend Chief (Mrs.) Basirat Ojugbekle with Honorable Idowu Obasa
Describing Iyalode Adunni Bankole further, Aisha said Iyalode lived a fulfilled life to the fullest and she did accomplished most of the things she desired in life; she was a great woman who touched the lives of so many people in a positive way. At the tail end of her life, she went to a Theology school and got acquainted with God’s kingdom. She will praise God passionately and you will wonder if the earth will shift ground. She praises God passionately and served God whole hardheartedly and I am not going to be surprised if on the last day we see her at the right hand side of God sitting with the saints”
Late Adunni Bankole with CITY PEOPLE Magazine Publisher, Dr. Seye Kehinde
speaking on Iyalode Bankole’s  achievement Aisha Guobadia said Iyalode’s success can never be measured with anything else “She earned everything in half a century, things other people spend an entire lifetime working for, Iyalode Adunni Bankole got  them in just 55 years, even what a hundred years aged person couldn’t achieve, she achieved. She is a successful woman”.
Chief (Mrs.) Adunni Bankole with Chief Femi Davies of Metro News
On how her demise will impact on Lagos social scene, Guobadia exclaimed “Ha!” and spoke further “That is a very big vacuum for anybody to fill. She is going to be missed in the social circle; no party was complete without Iyalode Adunni Bankole, anywhere she enters glows.
Chief (Mrs.) Adunni Bankole with her Mum, Princess Gbemisola Adesida
 Iyalode Adunni Bankole was a special woman; one in a kind; a wonderful angel. She has flew away to eternal peace” on immortalization, the business woman believes the best way to immortalize a kind woman like Chief (Mrs.) Adunni Bankole is to keep her in mind every year “People should immortalize her in their hearts. Every year, think about her, pray for her children and the repose of her soul because she is a kind person”
Chief (Mrs.) Basirat Olayinka Ojugbele with late Chief (Mrs.) Adunni Bankole
Adunni Bankole should be celebrated every Mother’s DayChief Mrs. Ojugbele
Another prominent woman who had something to say about the late Iyalode Adunni Bankole is All Progressive Party (APC) Woman leader in Ojokoro land Chief (Mrs.) Basirat Olayinka Ojugbele who described Adunni Bankole as a woman without blemish, drawing her words with a low tone, Ojugbeble told Asabeafrika that it will be very hard to replace such a very reliable friend like Adunni Bankole
Adunni Bankole lauds Basirat Ojugbele during Ojugbele's 60th birthday
In fact I have been totally confused since Saturday when I heard about her death. I actually heard it at the venue of the wedding and I nearly lost my sanity because she was the least person I ever thought could go like that. I have been turning round my room and at times in a perpetual state of confusion. In fact, I just summoned courage to come and greet Mama (Princess Adesida) today (Friday) and that is where I just left that you are calling me. Adunni is a very rare friend and human being; we might not see her type again in the next hundred years.
Adunni Bankole with Chief (Mrs.) Mary Akiode (R) and another friend (L)
Yesterday I took one of her pictures in my album and I was just crying for almost an hour because I know what that woman stands for. She is one woman that cannot withstand seeing anyone suffering, the moment you visit her and tell her you have a problem or a challenge, she hijacks that challenge and turn it into her own. She will turn people’s problems into her own problem and I am not surprised that such a good soul like her left this sinful world so soon because I can tell you that Adunni is one of the most honest human beings I have ever encountered in my life”
Late Adunni Bankole with Alhaja Bisi Adegbesan, Richard Mofe Damijo's mother-in-law
“I want to pray that God will forgive her in any area she has erred while alive because Adunni was just too kind a human being. You can’t visit her house without eating, and you won’t eat miserable meal o, she will enter the kitchen and cook several delicacies for you. She was kind, she used her life well, she was not wicked, she was not greedy, and she was almost a saint. I want to pray that all the good things she is yet to accomplish, her children will accomplish and overtake her in achievement.
Chief (Mrs.) Adunni Bankole a woman who loves to pray
I pray that Almighty Allah will grant her the best part of Aljannah. People tell me that her anger is bad but in my 15 years relationship with her, I have never seen her get angry once. Even if you visit her with a raging anger, she will just cool you down and by the time you leave you will be a totally changed person” Ojugbele continued “Iyalode Adunni Bankole is a very accommodating person and no matter how challenged she is, you will never see it on her face.
Adunni Bankole with one of her senior wives
She will keep her own pain and prescribe solution for your own pain. Even if she hasn’t eaten for a week, you won’t see it on her face. I think she should have come as a man. She is the only woman I ever saw her elder wives (Orogun) speaking well of her, I have never seen such a situation where elder wives will give kudos to their younger rivals, Adunni is the first experience.  When she marked her 53rd birthday they (senior wives) all came and shower praises on her. I am not surprised, good people like Adunni don’t stay long but I strongly believe she will be in the best part of paradise at the moment”
The GDA with Adunni Bankole
Giving this blog an example of one of late Adunni Bankole’s generosity to her, Mrs. Ojugbele recalled “There was a time I supposed to visit my last son at school and I equally had a meeting with Adunni but because of the exigency of my son’s school meeting, I called her to cancel the appointment I had with her. But to my surprise she said she will meet me at my son’s school and she drove down to the school which was very far. She didn’t only drive down to meet me and my son, Demola, she also cooked very delicious Jollof rice with fried chicken and brought along with lots of drinks for us. I cannot forget that wonderful experience.
The GDA with Dr. Seun Oloketuyi of Best of Nollywood Awards in rare pose with Chief (Mrs.) Adunni Bankole
That is the kind of person Iyalode Adunni Bankole is, she will shock you, surprise you and make you feel very great. Nigeria has lost a genius”
On how to immortalize her name “Nigeria should honor her name with a holiday. She died the day her daughter wed, she loved her daughter but couldn’t make her physical presence but I am sure she was there spiritually. I think we should always celebrate her on Mother’s Day”
Her only son, Owolabi Bankole
How I met and fell in love with Adunni BankoleHusband
Her Ground son, Sultan
On page 12 of  Chief (Mrs.) Adunni Bankole’s 50th birthday brochure on Sunday 29th of March 2009, her husband, Chief Alani Bankole narrated how he met his most beautiful wife and fell in love with her;
Her daughter, Barrister Toyin Bankole and her grandson, Sultan
“I met Adetayo (The name he affectionately calls her) in 1980 and it was instant magnetic attraction for both of us. Since then, although we have had our difficult times, I would say Tayo has been a very resourceful and hardworking individual. She has a great mind of her own and nothing stops her to pursue anything she believes in no matter whose ox is gored.
The Nigerian Police Force joined Chief (Mrs.)Adunni Bankole to cut her last cake
As a wife, she can be very caring. As a friend, she is very supportive. As a mother, she is very caring and loving but a strict disciplinarian, a hard one, in fact. Among our family (Which is relatively big) she is well loved. You can never be tired of her. She is generous to a fault. I can only wish her more years of useful service to our family, Gbagura community where she is their Iyalode and also to this great country called Nigeria.
Adunni Bankole...The Lady who lived an extra-ordinary life style
May she live long in good health and happiness to enable her continues to do the good things she believes in. Many Happy returns of this special day MY DARLING WIFE” Sings (Eni lojo ibi re, eku aseye, emi asopo e”)
High Chief Alani Bankole is the Oluwo of Iporo Sodeke and Seriki Jagunmolu of Egba-Land
The Choir at her funeral service
Her children at the funeral
The Obasanjo family of Ibogun led by Chief (Mrs.) Bola Obasanjo and Senator Florence Ita Giwa at Adunni Bankole's funeral
Her lovely daughter, Mope Bankole
Her daughter, Mojisola Bankole
Nigerian Publisher, Mayor Akinpelu (Global Excellence) Dr. Seye Kehinde (City People) and Mr. Kunle Bakare (Encomium) all unhappy at Adunni Bankole's demise
Adunni Bankole...A woman of style in her lifetime
Royalties paid their last respect at her funeral
Senator Florence Ita Giwa with Chief (Mrs.) Adunni Bankole's children at the funeral
Children and grand children pose with Senator Florence Ita Giwa
Glo Ambassador Madam Kofo mourns Chief (Mrs.) Adunni Bankole
Veteran Journalist Biodun Kuponiyi mourns Adunni Bankole

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