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Cele Pastor, Genesis, lacks the clout to bring Mike Murdock to Nigeria—Dr. Omololu Oladosu + Why Donald Trump won America’s election

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Dr. Omololu Oladosu with Rev. Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan

Dr. Omololu Oladosu is an internationally acclaimed  Bible Teacher, a renowned educationist, a chattered theologian, a professional counselor, a world crusader and one of the distinguished leaders of the Celestial Church of Christ worldwide. He is the first man to earn a doctorate of theology in the entire Celestial Church fold and till date he remains one of the formidable bridges between the Celestial Church of Christ and other denominations around the world.  Omololu a Professor of eschatology has conducted several researches on the birth and meaning of Celestial Church around the world. His Maranatha Institute with over ten campuses in Nigeria churn out about 2000 Bible & Leadership students every year and Omololu being one of the rare leaders of the charismatic arm of the Celestial Church is highly revered in both the Pentecostal and celestial family in Nigeria.
Recently, Dr. Omololu who is the visioner of Maranatha Pavilion Ministries International was given a global award for “Trans-formative Leadership” by Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).

Last year, November 20th during the 21 year adult harvest/celebration of Celestial Church of Christ, Elisha Parish (Nigeria Cathedral) and indoctrination of Prophet Dr. Marcus Korede Oluwatosin Tibetan  (The Nostradamus)as a Reverend, Dr. Omololu was the Special Guest of Honor and his present illuminated the event. The very dynamic Bible teacher and faith bearer later opened up to your Africa’s Number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika at the venue as he spoke on some recent happenings in the Celestial Church of Christ, the emergence of Donald Trump as the President of the United States of America among other very interesting issues. It is a rare encounter. Enjoy.
Sir, as one of the credible voices in the Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide, what are the things that makes you sad about the church today?
Dr. Omololu Oladosu with Mother-Celestial Christina Tibetan
Well, the only problem I think we have is structure. Celestial Church of Christ is blessed with gifts and talents. With professionals, name them; they are here in this church. But when you have all the beautiful necessary ingredients that can cook you a very sweet pot of stew and you don’t know how to mix them, that is the problem we are having (In the Celestial church). We are yet to harness the resources we have, and I think that has to do with structure. If the structure is there, I think the church will move faster and better if we can departmentalize the church and allow every structure to operate and be transparent, if we run with probity, accountability, why not? We will be great. It is a beautiful church. Though, it may sadden us but God has his own time. There was a time the nation of Israel was moribund and yet, God was with them. Even at this time that the church is like this; even outsiders could still feel that the hand of God is still upon this church how much more if we get ourselves together. So, hope is not lost, we are getting there. I preach hope everywhere I have been to all over the world. And am still giving hope to celestians that it can start from you, you can make it better. You are doing your own, I am doing my own. You are contributing your quota, I am contributing my quota and we are making the church great. So many people read the interview you granted me the last time. Even some read the interview on your blog and called me from United States, from UK, from India, from everywhere. It means somebody somewhere is doing his job. Because I did my job and you also did your job, and we both combined to promote the image of the church. That is the way it is. So, it is the Lord that can put us through.
Rev. Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan being decorated by Rev. Akinsoji
There was this great revelation you gave the last time you visited CCC, Calvary Parish in Lagos for a seminar. You talked about the birth of the Celestial Church of Christ in 1947 heralding the birth of the State of Israel in 1948. Can you shed more light on the correlation between the Celestial Church and the State of Israel?
Celestial is the last church, the last boat and the last church must be ushered in before the nation of Israel is restored. I might not be able to go into the eschatological illustration but as a professor of eschatology, I read deeply and the role of Celestial is key and after Celestial, there cannot be any church again. What you have next is the restoration of Israel. And what you have now is that they are fighting for the temples mount, the moment they get the temples mount, Jesus is coming.
Did you just say temples mount?
Dr. Omololu Oladosu with the GDA during the 21st Harvest Ceremony of CCC, Elisha Parish, Nigerian cathedral
Yes, the temples mount in Israel. Right there now, we have the Dome of the Rock where the Muslims are doing their worship and the nation of Israel is clamoring to have a part of it. Once they are able to tie up the agreement and they restore the temple worship, the anti-Christ is going to emerge. It is right there in the book of Revelation; so, Celestial came to usher in the birth of Israel. We sing all these even in our hymns and that is why the church remains the last boat.
The GDA with Rev. Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan
I think you carried out an eschatological research on this topic; what other things did you find out in the course of visiting historical sites around the world?
Yes, I went everywhere around the world. I even went to the Vatican City. I did that because I am a researcher and with that, I had deeper knowledge and deeper understanding of Celestial Church. In Celestial, you see that we just worship, I can say that is the peripheral cele. Celestians themselves don’t know Celestial.
How do you mean sir, you said Celestians themselves don’t know their church?
They don’t because we are yet to even get to the teaching level. We are still at the work level where you have imole meta, ida meta de lona meta. So, we are yet to get to the teaching level. One of the songs in our hymn book says ‘at the last time, the prayer of Celestial Church of Christ will be the word of God’. And we haven’t got there yet, we haven’t developed a curriculum as a body to impact the knowledge. We don’t have centralized Bible Study system, we don’t have centralized teachings. So, you can see that we are still far from that. Maybe we are the ones delaying the second coming of Jesus but I know we are getting there because this year alone, Maranatha has graduated almost two thousand students. People are clamoring for knowledge now and by January (2017) by God’s grace, we are opening more 5 campuses bringing our campuses to 15 that we are operating in Nigeria alone, which shows that there is growth in terms of the word of God.  It is unlike before, so, I can assure anybody that celestial is getting there. It may be slow, it may be gradual but we are right on time.
What does it take to run a great ministry like Maranatha?
Dr. Omololu Oladosu with Mother Celestial Tibetan
Just structure. Yes, people have asked me that question several times. It is the biggest ministry in Celestial all over the world and they ask ‘how do you run it?’ It is structure. I may not be in Nigeria for six months, Maranatha runs without even knowing that I am not there. It is structure. That is what I am saying, once you are able to put the structure in place, I am not a sole signatory to the account. There is an account department, we have a treasurer for the ministry there is an accountant that the ministry is paying to work in the account office. Once this structure is there and you allow the structure to run without manipulating it, then you have no problem and that is what makes Maranatha thick. And I think some other ministries are trying to copy what we are doing, coming at our foot step. They come asking ‘Oh, Maranatha is this strong and thick, what is the secret?’ Even Pentecostal churches come to learn from us, they want to learn about our structures. So many of my friends are Bishops, Pastors, they can’t leave their church for a day and they see me travelling three months, four months and I come back. They say ‘ah, ah, tell us the secret’. It is the structure. So, Maranatha is big with 36 departments running pari-pasu without conflict, with about ten campuses of Maranatha Bible University Study centers running, the lecturers are there committed, the office is there to disburse. I don’t have to be there. That is structure. But if I want to manipulate them, I will put the entire money in my pocket. Then, you will begin to manipulate the structure. So, once you are transparent, you allow things to run through and that is what Maranatha is enjoying all over the world.

There is allegation that you are scarce to come by, it is either you are in the United States, London, Israel or even when you are in Africa, nobody can locate you. Why are you so scarce?
I am not scarce it is the work that makes me busy. If I am scarce I won’t be here today.
I think it is a great honor to have you here today?
Thank you, the truth is that Celestians like to insult you, they have a program next week, and they want you to come. They bring the invitation this week. I am cancelling up to 5 programs of some big churches in Lagos because they gave me just a week or two weeks. It is not done, I am a busy person. My itinerary is filled up. I am scheduled to be in Dubai next week, the following week I have to be in Nigeria for my convention and graduation and I am scheduled within that week to be out again to Nairobi. Then, I have to be back at Imeko for the annual crusade that I normally hold. So, my itinerary is filled from January to December and you just want to come and crash into it. So, they say ‘oh, he is scarce; we can’t see him, oh! He is difficult to see’. Even the last program I had with (CCC) Calvary last month, Baba didn’t tell me (Venerable Superior Evangelist Ebenezer Bodunrin Osofa). Baba just went and printed the poster and put my name. In fairness to him, because he is my father and when I said ‘Baba’, he said ‘Emi ni mo to be’ (I am the one capable of breaking your schedule without a cost implication). So, I had to respect him and cancelled two programs. And those people won’t take it lightly; they will say ‘oh, maybe because he is Oschoffa’ you know what that means? So, it is not that I am scarce but I am busy. I work with Pentecostals, I work with Cele, and I work with all denominations. I had three days crusade with one of the biggest Pentecostal churches in Warri (Delta State) and that same day I came back, I flew to Abuja, ministered in Abuja back to Lagos and I flew to Oman. So, it is busy, it is clumsy. But they need to respect our schedule as well. If you want to bring us to a program, let’s know in time. 
Prophet Oladele Israel Ogundipe.....Dr. Omololu says he lacks the clout to pull Mike Murdock to Nigeria
Sir, with a sense of honor we seek your indulgence as a leader in this fold to add your voice to a recent controversy involving one Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe of CCC, Genesis Model Parish who went public promising to bring American Pastor Mike Murdock to Nigeria but it later turned out to be a hoax as Mike Murdock failed to appear for the much touted crusade. Don’t you think this is a stain on Celestial Church?
Well, in fairness to him, he didn’t do his homework well.
You mean Israel Ogundipe?
Yes, Mike Murdock happens to be my very good friend. I as a person cannot say ‘Mike Murdock, come to Nigeria’ even though we are friends. If I want to bring Mike Murdock to Nigeria, I have to speak to (Pastor Mathew) Ashimolowo and some of my big time minister friends and pastors that respect the anointing of God upon me; ministers who have been to Maranatha because Maranatha is the only place you will see Bishops, all the notable Bishops in Pentecostal have been to my place. Even the program I am having in December, Reverend Seun Gora all the way from the United States is coming. I don’t need to bother about that because I am known for the vibrancy, for the word exposition and all that. So, you need to do your home work very well. When I wanted to bring Bankole Jefferson to Marantha, Bankole Jefferson had to investigate me.
Mike Murdock....Shuns Dele Ogundipe's Lagos crusade over Mathew Ashimolowo's warnings

It is called Personality Auditing?
Yes, you are right. He investigated me among the Pentecostals and he said they told him that the only place you can go in Cele and you won’t be rubbished is Maranatha. He spent three days with me and that is the problem we have, we don’t do our homework very well. I just don’t bring ministers to Nigeria.
But Dele Ogundipe promised to bring Mike Murdock to Nigeria and people taught he had the reputation to bring such an esteemed global minister of God to Nigeria?
In fairness to Dele, he doesn’t have the clout yet to bring such a minister of pedigree to Nigeria. Probably he felt ‘no, I can bring him’ but the Pentecostal block in Nigeria will rebuff that. No matter what, I travel and I meet Mike Murdock at conferences abroad but I have not even said I am bringing him because before bringing him down to Nigeria, I would make sure (Pastor) Ashimolowo comes to Maranatha first to minister. I will bring John Osa Oni to minister, I will bring some of the key allies to see what I am doing then when I say ‘I want to bring Mike Murdock’ they will say ‘Oh, it is a place to be’. That is the way to go about it not that you just jump at a top minister like that and you just want to bring him, it is unfortunate.
Quite unfortunate sir, because it almost looked like a scam from Prophet Dele Ogundipe and it really robbed on the image of the Celestial Church of Christ and we deem it fit that people like you could correct the bad record?
They won’t involve people like us. A friend of mine, an Italian wanted to come to Nigeria this December for my program but when I looked into my itinerary, I said ‘it is not yet time for me to bring you’ because of what happened to him, they might think I wanted to bring a white Evangelist because of what happened to him (Ogundipe). So, I just called him in Italy, he is my very good friend, if I have my phone on I will show you. My very good friend, tight friend with good tie with his family, I am like their pastor. He is pure Italian, pure Italian, and the LORD showed me to him in the dream, telling him to follow me. Anytime I am in Europe, you see him all over me and I just said ‘Don’t worry, when the time is ripe, I will bring you to Nigeria’. So, you don’t just rush into things. You don’t use ministers to score cheap coins.
Can you tell us a brief about your dad?
My dad was fantastic. He was one of the greatest shepherds Celestial Church ever produced. Up till today, they still miss him at Ikeja district. He single handedly organized the place; put the place in order, the structure, administration and everything. He loved the word of God; there is no doubt about that. They call him Baba Onihinrere. So, he loved the word of God, he preaches the word of God and for a very long time, in his church, he doesn’t go to the stream. That was since the early 90s or late 80s. He believes that whatever God cannot do in the church or the mercy land, then, forget it. And you see God prospering his church. So, everybody who knew him knew he was a great man. Just mention my father’s name in the comity of the shepherds and they will tell you ‘oh, Dr. Omololu took after his father’.
So, he is late?
He died in the rank of Senior Evangelist when Senior Evangelist was Senior Evangelist. His name is Senior Evangelist Dolamu Oladosu.
What did you learn from him?
 I learnt a lot, I learnt credibility, I learnt integrity, dignity and I learnt probity and accountability; that is my father. And my father was also a strict celestian. So, he brought us in a strict celestial way.  He was a wonderful man.
He was close to late Pa SBJ Oschoffa, the Pastor/Founder of the Church?
Yes, Papa used to come to our parish at Ifako.
You are his first born?
Unfortunately, I am not. I am the 4th born.
But how come you are the most famous?
Out of the 7 of us, the Lord elevated me. I am number 4, I have three in the front and three at the back but to the glory of God and the glory of the family, God put it in my hand and that is just it.
Donald Trump....Set to change the World Order
America just had her elections and Donald Trump is the President-elect of the USA. As a well travelled Christian leader, do you have a message for blacks in America?
I told my friend here that Donald Trump is going to win but he said Hilary Clinton. Ask him. I said ‘this is what God said’, you see, I don’t want to go deeper into it because God gave me deeper revelation. There is going to be a new world order and God is using Donald Trump to effect the New World Order. Wait and see what is going to happen.
Hilary Clinton....Lost out to Donald Trump miraculously....
Is it going to be tough?
You wait and see, He gave me an abstract prophetic release and I told my friend Prophet Marcus in my house. We were together, we spent a whole weekend in my house and we were arguing and I said ‘Ok, you are a prophet, I am a prophet’. But when Donald Trump won, I said ‘Didn’t I tell you?’ you see, I don’t play to gallery, and I seek the mind of God. When all of them were shouting ‘Jonathan, Jonathan’ I said ‘it is Buhari’ I came out and I said it openly ‘it is Buhari’ and Buhari won. I am a prophet and my prophecy is hundred percent. I don’t play to gallery. I don’t care if you like the person or not. If God says ‘I am putting the person there’, it is for a purpose. And so, God is using Donald Trump to effect and usher in a New World Order. Wait and see what is going to happen.
Kindly give word of inspiration to Christians of the Celestial fold around the world?
They should just remain hopeful. Celestial is a great church, Celestial is a wonderful church, Celestial is a spiritual church, Celestial is a church to be and if you know your God that you serve in Celestial Church of Christ, you will be great therein. So, they should not lose hope. They shouldn’t be carried away with every wind of doctrine. No denomination is better than us. God made us better; we are not of earthly heritage. Celestial is from heaven. We are not a denomination, we are not a church. We are separate specie from heaven. We precede the church age, we precede religiosity. Celestial is different, it is unique, we should remain hopeful, God will strengthen us. 

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