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Why Pastor J.T. Kalejaiye cannot survive RCCG’s Adeboye—Prophet Tibetan + Shocking Revelations about Adeboye in his book

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Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan

Copies of Prophet MKO Tibetan's 2017 Prediction on display at the Event

Last Saturday, January 7th, Renowned Prophet and Nostradamus of our time, Reverend Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan launched his New Year Prediction book. The event which took place inside his Nigerian Church premises had people from all walks of life including Chief (Mrs.)Jackie Kazeem, the Iyalode of Igbore kingdom, in Ogun State and Major General Sam Ovadje from Delta State among other guests from all spheres of the society.  The day which turned out to be the day Pastor E.A. Adeboye stepped down as the General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) and appointed Pastor John Obayemi as his successor and promoted himself as G.O. RCCG Worldwide gave this blog an opportunity to speak with the man of God on the trending issue. Prophet Tibetan who has given several prophecies on RCCG bore his mind on the entire issue and equally gave a prophetic insight of what is likely to follow up after this first episode of the change of guard.  Enjoy the excerpts

Today 7th of January, you launched your Year 2017 Prediction book and same day, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God stepped down as the General Overseer of the fold in an early morning meeting with ministers in Ogun State. How do you react to this?
Rev. Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan (L) an elder of the CCC with Prophet (Dr.) M.O. Oyegbami of Horeb Cathedral (CCC, Ikeja 2) at the Revelations 2017 book launch

When you look at all these people, you will see that they are people of other ranks. When you look at 2nd Timoteu 3 from verse 1 to 10, it says something about Godliness and leadership in within the ministry of Christ Jesus. Do you know how many ladies all these people have crossed? That means they have messed their fortunes and make them become useless ladies because they weren’t given the right direction in prayer. I told you sometimes ago that you should not bother anybody that disturbs you, time will surely tell. Time will tell.
Pastor E.A.Adeboye and his successor, John Obayemi
We all saw the end of Jesu Oyingbo, and we equally saw the end of Lion of Judah (Akinade). These are the people who claimed God sent them an errand. Jesus had only 12 disciples and the book of John 6 from verse 62 to 66, He said ‘If they want to go back, they can go. If they say my word is too tough, they can go’. They have just started their trouble and it will take them to another four years, and that will lead to the death of Adeboye.
Rev. Prophet MKO Tibetan with Dad, Pa Okenola Tibetan at the Revelations 2017 book launch
How do you mean, sir?
Because automatically, they were sitting on a keg of gun powder before. Virtually all the Pastors around the place are cultists. Even in that camp, somebody has killed his wife before when she opened the room she supposed not to open, which the Lord revealed. So, automatically, who are they fooling? And when you look at them, all their programs cover the entire day. How can a normal human being go to church on Monday? How can a normal person go to church on Wednesday? How is he or she going to feed the family? What are they trying to do or what are they trying to say? My brother, let’s allow God to finish His job.  We are not in a hurry.
But do you think Pastor Adeboye took the right decision by stepping down in Nigeria to become G.O. Worldwide?
Rev. Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan with a top CCC Leader from Cotonou at the Book Launch
You see, what the wife of late Pa Josiah Akindayomi did, that she already enveloped for the Redeemers, that is what the Lord want to expose now, so, you people must allow God to finish His job. Ecclesiastes 3 verse 1 to 5, talks about a time to build, a time to paint the house and make the house roomy and a time to pull the stone down, which the Lord equally promised in the book of John 13 and 14. So, I will enjoin you my brother, to wait and see.
Rev. Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan with the Iyalaje of Igbore Kingdom, Chief Mrs. Jackie Kasim at the Prediction 2017 book launch
What is bordering a lot of people is the fact that Pastor Adeboye was alleged to have said it sometimes ago that the person that will succeed him is still drinking in the beer parlor. But today, he announced a new G.O.?
No, they don’t have a word it is just a matter of settlement. The new man he just picked is the very man that can play the game for him. Please, don’t bother about their trouble. Just sit down and look. There was a man who had two wives in Delta State. The elderly one was barren while the younger one had children. So, the barren one decided to go and buy a dog and named the dog ‘Sit down look’. Which means ‘I will be here and be looking at what my husband and this new useless lady will do’. And after some 7 years, that lady was killed by Okada. And she said ‘well, you can walk around now, you don’t need to to sit-down-look’ again.
L-R; Rev Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan, General Sam Ovadje and the GDA at the Prediction 2017 book launch

There are people who even think Pastor J.T. Kalejaiye should have emerged as new General Overseer?
Who is Kalejaiye? Kalejaiye is just a member of the church and Kalejaiye is too arrogant. He is too pompous. So, automatically, let us wait and see. There are lots of people from C&S that joined Redeem, there are people from Celestial (Church of Christ) that joined Redeem, there are some people from Deeper life (Bible Church) that joined Redeemed (Church) but between now and 2018, water will find it level. So, don’t worry.
Pastor J.T. Kalejaiye

Prophet Marcus’ 2017 Prediction for Pastor Adeboye…
In his new prediction 2017 book, Prophet MKO Tibetan gave warnings to the former General Overseer now General Overseer (Worldwide) of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye on things to come his way this year. The message which started on page 140 of the book and dovetailed into page 141 urged the 74 years old clergy to pray hard in year 2017 as  ‘many tribulations awaits him’. “Pastor Adeboye needs lots of prayers” Prophet Marcus stated. He continued “You need to talk to your Pastors and separate the bad ones from the good ones. You need to pray against fire outbreaks. You should pray not to be attacked by armed robbers”.
First Page on Pastor E.A Adeboye
The renowned Prophet fondly called ‘The Nostradamus of our time’ by admirers across Europe and America added a new dimension to the message given Pastor Adeboye on page 141 of the book. Hear him “You should tell the world what happened between you and Akindayomi’s wife that led to your appointment as the General Overseer after the death of Akindayomi”.
Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye....More on his sleeve to accomplish according to Prophet MKO Tibetan
“All what you collected from Goodluck Jonathan should be given to the orphanage so that your efforts under heaven will not be in vain. Before you die, find lasting solution to the case of Erastus Akingbola” (Former Intercontinental Bank founder).
More Warnings for Daddy G.O…
Last Page on Pastor E.A Adeboye
The Prophet warned the Redeemed Church leader further “Pray for all members and be watchful in all your trips for people not to use woman to rock your boat as they did before. Be careful for people not to put cocaine into your luggage. Pray against plane crash. Put your wife and family in prayer. Shun nepotism in your cabinet and treat everyone equally. Between now and 2018, reduce your traveling abroad. Change all your domestic staff and watch what you eat”.
The Prophet rounded his warnings to Pastor Adeboye by giving him this one “Be ready to pay ransom; but for you not to pay this ransom, hold three big crusades in Ondo state in the name of Akindayomi. Between now and 2020, you will lose lots of members. There will be high rate of robbery in the Redemption Camp”.  The Prophet concluded.
The Book of Revelations by Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan
(All opinions celebrated in the above article are not the views of this blog but that of the Prophet of God as shown to him by the Almighty God. You can get copies  of the Revelation 2017 book through: +234-8097-861617, 080-5485-3828, 080-37171-730 and 080-57070-783. Dublin Address: 15, Station Street, Balbrigan Co. Dublin, Republic of Ireland. Phone: 009-35389960-9994, 009-3538-7669-6370, 009-3538-6103-3987. London; +447-96171-4893, +447-40542-6336)

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