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4 things that will work for Mimiko outside Power—Legal Expert + Why Akeredolu cannot Probe him

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Ex-Ondo State Governor, Dr. Olusegun Abdulrahman Mimiko

During an exclusive encounter with him inside his Castle of Law, Abuja-Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory chamber, late last year, legal icon, Barrister (Dr.) Olukayode Ajulo (Ph-D) shared intelligence with Asabeafrika on how ex-Ondo State Governor, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko aka Iroko will face the reality of life after power. Ajulo, a former National Secretary of the Labor Party which fielded Mimiko in his first tenure as Governor before he dumped the party in 2012 while vying for second term in office told us four things that will make Mimiko very relevant after power.
 Mimiko handed over power to opposition candidate Rotimi Akeredolu last Friday, February 24th after his candidate, Barrister Eyitayo Jegede of PDP lost the November 26th gubernatorial election in Ondo State to the opposition.
Dr. Olukayode Ajulo (Ph-D) Former National Secretary of Labor Party and founder, Castle of Law Chambers, Abuja
 Ajulo, a citizen of Ondo State gives an insightful impression of Mimiko’s life-after-power and what new Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu aka Aketi will do with the Mimiko legacy. You will find his insights interesting. Enjoy the excerpts

Mimiko & Akeredolu exchanged Power Peacefully. But can Aketi treat Iroko's legacy peacefully?
How would you describe outgoing Governor Olusegun Mimiko, since he was initially a Governor of your party, Labor Party before he joined PDP?
Dr. Kayode Ajulo to Asabeafrika....'Governor Segun Mimiko is one of the Best Governors that ever ruled Ondo State'
I have to be sincere, the governor of the state (Ex-Governor Olusegun Mimiko) you need to meet him personally. I am in Labor Party. He is a member of my party and I still believe in his labor principles despite the fact that he crossed over to PDP (People’s Democratic Party). But one thing is that you need to know his personality. His personality fits that. He is like a mascot, a totem. Let be frank with you; I must say this and I have no apology for saying it. Our leaders, particularly our governors, even for them to just pay lip service to go with the masses; they find it difficult to do that. To identify with the masses is a very big deal for them. Apart from their rhetoric during the election, and after the election, they forget the masses. But Governor Mimiko is quite different. Look at most of his projects, they are from the below-to-the-top; they are all grass root initiatives, projects that seek to fill the necessities of the masses. Of course, after election, there must be pay-back. You have to be grateful to those that helped you there but remember the people. Your projects must be people oriented and he (Mimiko) has been able to do that. I must say this that by the time he will be leaving (Ondo State) I am proud to say ‘I stand by him’.
Oh, you are still standing by him?
Dr. Kayode Ajulo to Asabeafrika...'I stand with Iroko'
Of course, I still stand by him. I am proud to stand by him, and I must say this. I know he may not like me saying this. But I am so proud to beat my chest that throughout his tenure as a governor, as a labor party governor, he never had any issue with workers. There was a time in Nigeria that Ondo state workers happened to be the highest earning workers and throughout as a Labor party governor, we never owed a dime to workers in Ondo State. Although, I know the economic situation in recent time went from bad to worse in this country but we still have the memory of the very beautiful times of the past. He is a great politician and a manager of human resources.
Dr. Kayode Ajulo to Asabeafrika...'Ondo State workers earned the highest pay under Mimiko as a Labor Party Governor'
If he is a good manager of human resources  why did he told workers he was owing 7 months’ salary to vote his candidate, Barrister Eyitayo Jegede on Saturday November 26 and get their 7 months’ salary paid on Monday November 28?. Is this not an act of wickedness?
The Old & The New: The Iroko & The Aketi of Ondo State politics
No, no, let me tell you something, no responsible human being would say that. Even if he is an idiot, he would not do that. That story was twisted to benefit the imagination of the promoters.
Are you sure?
Dr. Kayode Ajulo to Asabeafrika....'Only a fool can make such a statement and the Iroko that i know is not a fool'
He will never do that. Even a fool as a governor would not make that kind of statement not to talk of somebody like Iroko. You know in the heat of last minutes politics, many allegations will be imputed on you. Recently I saw a YouTube video that a Senator from Zamfara was kissing a girl inside his National Assembly office. I know all the 3 Senators in Zamfara, I know all of them. I know them personally and I was surprised that those that should know didn’t know the truth. I was on phone with a commissioner of police and he called my attention to the same video and I said ‘sir, but, you should know better’. You know this social media is so full of crazy stuffs that you cannot comprehend at times. And majority of our people are gullible to an extent, once you tell them what they want to hear, they will laugh and latch on it. Mimiko will never say that kind of a thing. The Mimiko I know will never utter such a statement, even his last daughter, the youngest of them as young as she is, will never think of saying such a thing. It is quite funny. Many things have just been imputed on the gentle man. It is just one of the malaises of the social media.

Do you think history is going to favor him as a leader of your state with the way the opposition knocked him out?
Ex-Governor Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo State....'How will history judhe him now?'
It depends on who is narrating the story. But I believe, very soon, we shall see the light and we will appreciate him better. Today, Obafemi Awolowo who was persecuted in his time is glorified in death. He is not the one that is going to narrate his own story and I believe no single human being can do that as well. But I believe his projects will speak. His laudable projects will speak for him and put him in a better perspective of history. At least, one thing I am so sure that nobody in that state will ever castigate, even the opposition never castigated the Abiye initiative. This is the only health care initiative where you see pregnant women delivering without dropping a dime. I have severally visited those hospitals and you will see people and you ask some people ‘where are you from?’ and they will say ‘they are from Ebonyi, they are from Portharcourt, they are from Sokoto’, coming into Ondo State to deliver babies. And it is not just because service is free but the mortality rate is so low. People’s lives are being saved, it a project that touches the soul of humanity.
The GDA & Dr. Kayode Ajulo in a rare pose inside his Abuja Chamber
You just need to visit, I wouldn’t know if he did it because he is a trained doctor but I can say he has sown mercy to people of all tribes with that project. Governor Mimiko gave governance back to the people, there was a time he said ‘this government is not my government, it is our government’. And there are many other things he did that touched lives. Are we going to talk about the free bus shuttle? There was a time I even celebrated the project in my own way because I remember as a student, and young boy in Akure, from my house to the school, it is two hours if you trek. That is four hours to and fro everyday; and because of that, I have to (symbolically) take the bus from my house in Oke-Ijebu down to the school just to show the goodness of that project. And this lofty idea is apolitical; it is for everyone irrespective of party affiliation. It simply means that if you have a son or daughter of school age, Governor Mimiko has helped you to save nothing less than N30, 000:00  (Thirty Thousand Naira)per month. Everybody might not get a contract but everybody will be touched with the effect of good governance. Today, I made bold to say that there is nobody that lives in Ondo state or even in Abuja that can say he or she has not been touched by that administration; in one way or the other because one of his cardinal agenda is to do a project that is all inclusive and for the benefit of all.
Don’t you think the incoming government of Barrister Rotimi Akeredolu won’t probe Mimiko?
New Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State....'Abeg! I no fit Probe Iroko oo'...he seems to be saying here
Let me tell you one thing. Something I have realized from my little sojourn in politics is that up there, the culture is different. We are the ones deceiving ourselves. They are best of friends, Aketi told me that. Even we flew together most of the time. He would say, ‘You know Mimiko called me yesterday’, they call themselves. It is just the figment of the imagination of many that they fight each other. How many times have you heard that Nwike (Rivers State Governor) slaps Amaechi’s daughter or Amaechi’s wife (Amaechi is minister of transport and immediate Governor of Rivers State). No way.  It is the less privileged man on the street that doesn’t know anything that they turn to canon folder and that has been the tradition for a very long time.
Dr. Kayode Ajulo to Asabeafrika...'I have seen the two relate with each other and i can tell you how an enemy will greet you from a friend'
They are always best of friends. They call each other, Aketi cannot deny that. Even there was a time somebody asked me ‘Kayode, are you sure Iroko did not contribute to Aketi’s campaign?’ I said ‘Honestly, I don’t know but I know they are friends’. And they cannot deny that that they are not friends. Aketi cannot say he is not a friend to Mimiko; at least I have seen so many times the way they greet each other and I know how friends will greet and how enemies will greet. They will greet each other and even ask ‘Iyawo e nko’ (How is your wife?). So, what are we talking about? You know politics could be tricky and that is why I have been preaching peace, there should be no violence. Young people should stop killing themselves over politicians. You will see my friends who are members of APC, PDP attending parties together. I remember someone took our pictures one day and splashed them on social media and he said ‘Can you imagine, this are the people you are all killing yourself over, can you see them eating chicken here?’ So, why should we be deceiving each other? I am so pragmatic in my dealings and one thing that is so scarce in Nigeria today is truth.
Dr. Kayode Ajulo to Asabeafrika....'Ordinary People in the society are the ones who kill themselves over elite politicians. Politicians don't fight'
We need to tell ourselves the truth and stop deceiving ourselves. So, I don’t think the incoming government is bitter with the outgoing government in Ondo State. If they must do that (Probe Mimiko) I think there must be a deep political underlining to it not because they are fighting. Maybe they want to do that to make some people happy and they will say ‘Let’s just create some artificial fights’. If you see them fighting today, you can quote me that ‘Ajulo said it must be an artificial fight’.
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