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DSS: Are we back to Idi-Amin's Uganda? By Louis Odion, FNGE

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Late Life President, Dr. Idi Amin of Uganda, the man who used his State Research Bureau to chase and kill opponents unlawfully

Even when the dust raised over its recent attempted midnight arrest of the Omega Fire Ministry Pastor, Johnson Suleiman, is yet to settle, the Department of State Security plumbed into fresh infamy last week in Calabar, Cross Rivers State.
According to media reports, DSS operatives swooped on the Federal Government Girls College and unleashed a reign of terror in "retaliation" of alleged caning of some errant students.
 A Civic Education teacher named Mr. Owai Owai had thought it was within his powers to give two strokes of the cane on the palms of a group of SSS 3 students who had reportedly abused a junior student by forcing her to sweep their class during lecture hours against the school's regulation.
Front of the Administrative block of FGGC before the DSS drama

One of them would have none of that. She allegedly grabbed the old teacher by the collar there and then, protesting her flogging. Outraged, the teacher whipped her some more.
The DSS Parent messed up the school for a daughter that has brought her more shame than glory
With her ego now obviously wounded, she reportedly told off the teacher before her classmates that hell would soon be loosed on the school for the indignity she just suffered. Then, she stormed out.
Mr. Lawal Daura....the Big Boss at DSS, will he say something now or keep silence forever over this menace of Calabar?
She knew her power and privileges as the daughter of a DSS hierarchy in town.
True to her threat, truckloads of DSS operatives soon descended on the school and Mr. Owai was beaten to pulp. His colleagues tried to rally in solidarity while the beating lasted. So, the DSS goons decided to spread the terror all over the school. Everyone in sight was brutalized, amid firing of volleys of  bullet from their weapons of mass destruction.
Protest by Teachers and Students of FGGC Calabar over DSS's unruly behavior
So traumatized were the teachers and students, so extensive was the damage to school property that classes did not hold the following day. 
Strangely, according to Punch on Tuesday, officialdom has been doing every thing in its power to sweep the matter under the carpet. A public-spirited lawyer, Baba Isa, who offered to take up the matter pro bono, was said to be under pressure to "hands off".
A Peaceful Learning Session in the school
Further twisting a knife in the fresh wound, Isa was also allegedly brutalized by unidentified security agents for the temerity to accept a brief against, it would seem, the "untouchable".
Seeking justice, a group of teachers from the school later staged a protest to the State House of Assembly urging the lawmakers to lend their voices to their cry.
Curiously, at this writing, the DSS shamelessly continued to maintain a studied silence on this grave matter.
The Author, Louis Odion wonders what sort of shameful silence pervades the DSS hierarchy since the undemocratic accident took place in Calabar
If the Cross Rivers branch of DSS is ashamed to own up, the headquarters in Abuja should know that this atrocity cannot be wished away. Not even under the despotic days of Sani Abacha did we witness something this barbaric. The closest would be under lunatic Field Marshall Idi-Amin of Uganda in the 70s.
Life President Dr. Idi Amin....His Special Research Bureau did worst things in his time as Ugandan President

But we hardly see this service ruthlessness, this James Bond stunt, on display against killer gangs of herdsmen dragging a razor on the thread of national unity.
In summary, anything short of bringing all the bad eggs to book is unacceptable. 

The Day Guns played drama  inside  an Institution of learning by adults grown enough to know 

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