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How Benin Couple, Sunday & Veronica Igiebor died with love vow intact + Secret of their 16th & 2nd death dates

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Pa Sunday and Mrs. Veronica Igiebor of Blessed Memory

The book of Songs of Solomon Chapter 8 verse 7 says “Many Waters cannot quench love, nor can the floods drown it. If a man would give for love all the wealth of his house, it would be utterly despised” and the book of Proverbs Chapter 23 verse 18 states that “For surely there is a hereafter, and your hope will not be cut off”.
The aforementioned Biblical verses will vividly illustrate the divine love that exist between an Edo State born couple who died sixteen days apart in  year 2016. It was the woman, Madam Veronica Igiebor who first passed away on Wednesday November 16, 2016. She was aged 57. Her husband, Mr. Sunday Igiebor joined sixteen days later on Friday, December 2nd, 2016. He was aged 66.

Sunday & Vero...The Love beyond earthly platform?
According to investigation conducted by Asabeafrika, the two showed their deep love in this life and in the hereafter by choosing to pass away same hour even though on different dates and month; while Veronica died at exactly 10:46pm on November 16th, at a private hospital in Benin, after a brief illness. Her love Sunday passed away at 10:46 am in the early hours of Friday, December 2nd. Till now, children and relatives are still pondering on the mystery of love that exists between the two in their life time.  
More Shocking Mysteries…
Pa Sunday Igiebor.....Died 16 days after wife's death
However, the cycle of mystery concerning the passing unto glory of the Benin based couple continues as more revelation came up in our findings. To show how deep Veronica and Sunday loved each other in their life time, the affinity between the 16th and 2nd dates (Month apart) the couple chose to exit this world is quite interesting. You will find out in our brief report on the life and times of the Igiebors. Read on.
The Story of the Couple at a glance…
Pa Sunday Igiebor.....'Couldn't live it all alone again in this boring world'
Mr. Sunday Igiebor was born into the family of Pa and Lady Igiebor in year 1950. The young Sunday had his early years at a town called Udo in Edo State, Southern Nigeria; he later moved to Benin City where he enrolled at a Fashion School and acquired skills in fashion designing. He later grew to become an established fashion and style entrepreneur who practiced for 4 decades. His outfit, Sabato Super Cut was the place to be for fashion conscious citizens of his town in Edo state as he made influence and glory in his calling. He was well known in Tiv road, Second West circular road, Textile Mill road, Siluko Road and many other parts of Benin City. Sunday Igiebor was not just an easy going citizen in his community but a hospital and caring father to his children. However, despite his fame and fortune from tailoring, he chose to stick with his Veronica who gave him three lovely children. His love for her was second to none, and once she passed away on Wednesday November 16 at age 57, he slipped into an illness that equally took his life away sixteen days later.
The Woman, Veronica Igiebor…
Veronica Igiebor....'Mother, Lover & Sister to many'
Who is Veronica Igiebor? Veronica, Sunday’s wife was born into the family of Pa and Lady Aibangbee in 1959.  She grew up in Benin City under the tutelage of her parents who gave her the best training life could offer. The only snag was the fact that she lost her dad at a very tender age. After her secondary school education, she learnt the skill of marketing and later established her own fabric business at the famous Uwa Market in Benin City. She grew to be loved by friends, family and well-wishers. Veronica was not just hard working in her life time, but was equally a caring, loving and very hospitable wife, mother and sister. She could do anything to make her children and her husband achieve their goals and objectives. According to a family source who grant this blog audience yesterday “Mama can go to any length to sell her last wrapper to ensure that your need is met” “She will do that ten times for you if you are her child, husband or sibling. She was an epitome of kindness”.
How Vero and Sunday took Love to Heaven…
Veronica Igiebor....'Took her hubby with her to heaven?'
There was no doubt that both Vero and Sunday had a glorious living experience on earth while they lived as husband and wife. What is however surprising to many is the way the two used their death to tell the world that ‘What God has joined together, let no death put asunder’. As husband and wife, their life was said to have influenced other people’s lives. But Veronica suffered a brief illness in the later part of 2016 which she couldn’t pull through from and at exactly 10:46 pm on Wednesday November 16th, she went to be with the Lord.
 On learning of his heartthrob’s demise, Sunday fell sick. He was love stricken. He couldn’t imagine a world without his loving Vero. He took ill and joined Vero 16 days later. The super tailor went to be with his beloved wife on Friday, December 2nd, 2016, sixteen clear days from the date of her demise.
What 16th and 2nd meant on Love and theory of Inseparability…
Pa Sunday Igiebor

Looking critically into the secret of the dates and time of exit of the two, analysts are now of the opinion that both Sunday and Veronica had a date with destiny in both their living life and in the hereafter. Their death on same hour is not only symbolic but the dates are remarkable. While one died 10:46pm in the evening, the other one chose same time—10:46 in the morning, to leave the earth.  
Looking at the antecedent of the 2nd and 16th dates of their demises, it is pertinent to say that destiny deliberately chose for them a rare schedule of immortality. 2nd and 16th as dates, have consistently fell on same day of the week from close observation on the calendar. For instance, if the 2nd   of any month falls on a Monday, 16th   of same month will do. If 2nd falls on a Wednesday, 16th will equally chose Wednesday to manifest and if 2nd falls on Friday, you will see 16th equally falling in line (Check your calendar and find out now).
 Children, family and relatives who spoke to Asabeafrika are now deeply reflecting on this great mystery as they believed that both Sunday and Veronica Igiebor’s death on November 16th and December 2nd is highly symbolic. Even though the month is different, the dates of departure (16th and 2nd) are dates that are married to same day in practical manifestation. So, therefore, Vero’s departure on 16th and Sunday’s departure on 2nd says much about their shared love, orientation, philosophy and common destiny. They will be greatly missed by their children, family members and friends.
How they will be buried…
Madam Veronica Igiebor
According to information released by the family and obtained by Asabeafrika, facts showed that the two would be buried on different days between the months of February and March 2017. Even though he is the second to die after his loving wife but according to Benin tradition, the man will be buried first. Pa Sunday Igiebor, 66 will go home between February 24th and 26th. His funeral activities starts with a Christian Wake Keep at No 11, Oni Benson Street, off Awolo Quarters, Agida, Benin City in Edo State—Southern Nigeria on Friday February 24th.
 Other activities will take place between Friday February 24 and Saturday 25 ending with a thanksgiving service on Sunday, February 26th.  
For Madam Veronica Igiebor, her funeral rites will begin on Friday March 3rd ending with a Special thanksgiving service on Sunday, March 5th. All events will take place at 12, Anabule Street, off Uwelu Road, Benin City, Edo State—Southern Nigeria.
This blog wishes the Igiebor family of Edo State successful final rites for their lovely parent.   

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