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How Obesity now kills faster than any other heart problem

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Mr. Oluwabunmi Adedayo, a versatile Nigerian Entrepreneur and son of Tasty Fried Chicken boss died of Obesity

Heart attack is a condition in which the heart is suddenly unable to adequately carry out its function of pumping blood round the body.  It is often as a result of major reduction in or lack of blood supply to parts of the heart muscles due to partial or total blockage of the artery that normally supplies blood to those parts.  If the vessel affected is fairly large, the area of the heart muscle involved will be more extensive and the condition will be more serious. Heart attack is one of the most serious medical emergencies because unless appropriate medical intervention is immediately given, most of the victims usually die shortly after.  Heart attack is therefore often responsible for sudden death, which has become a common feature among middle class Nigerians.  Since most victims of heart attack may not be previously known to be seriously ill, even by close relatives and friends, death from heart attack is usually a surprise to almost everyone.  Hence the condition commonly creates a feeling of insecurity and helplessness all around.

 Obesity is the Commander-in-Chief of Heart Attack
A heart patient under treatment
 Although heart attack usually occurs suddenly, the development of the conditions that lead to heart attack is a gradual process.  They are directly related to our eating habit and some genetic factors.  It can be said that of all possible causes of heart attack, malnutrition or unhealthy eating habit tops them.  Malnutrition in this case is over eating or obesity, not under-nutrition with which we are most familiar as malnutrition, usually among the poor, and especially children.  Poor eating habit in the form of over eating and eating a lot of the wrong type of food is the major contributory factor to heart attack.  The wrong types of food in this case are the most sumptuous, cherished and expensive animal protein foods, which are nevertheless unhealthy when we eat too much of tem.  We will further discuss this particular aspect of malnutrition later but first, we have to learn some basic things about nutrition.
Gen. Sani Abacha....A former Nigerian Leader died of Heart Attack

From the Book; “Early and Sudden Death; the Price of Affluence among Nigerians”. Read “Food habits that will save you from Heart Attack” tomorrow on Asabeafrika)

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