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I made Patience escape death but Jonathan was ungrateful— Sat Guru Maharaj Ji + “Buhari will return strong like African Bull”

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Ex-First Lady Chief (Mrs.) Patience Ibifaka Jonathan with wife of former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, Titi

The Ibadan – Oyo State (South West Nigeria) based spiritual head of the One Love family popularly known as Sat Guru Maharaj ji has again spoken on the state of the Nigerian nation. In a recent interview with Nigeria’s City People Magazine, Guru Maharaji opened up on why he supported Buhari during the election and how he once healed the wife of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Patience and the duo refused to appreciate his kindness. He also relates the journey of his life so far since he received divine knowledge about three decades ago. He spoke on the major ethnical challenges of the country, why there must be re-orientation of the system, especially in the North, relationship between knowledge (Imo) and the Yoruba tradition and culture. All these and many other important issues formed the point of discussion with the self acclaimed perfect living master inside Maharaji village, Ibadan. Read on.

You are one of those who advocated for peaceful transition of power from the former administration to the present one. What do you think of President Muhammadu Buhari’s government? Is he still on course as far as governance, dividend of democracy and war against corruption are concerned?
The GDA in a group photograph with the Sat Guru & his men

Yes, he is on course. The signal being the whole crying and the whole wailing, the whole acrimony was really pointing at the coming of a new leader that we have confidence in; somebody who has the acumen, the integrity to show some sort of understanding in the democratic dispensation on ground. And so the coming of Buhari was no news to me; because I was fully involved in educating all the leaders, whoever became president and I am still doing it even up till this moment. But you find that Buhari’s regime came on board at a time that everybody was just trying to see that things are put in the right perspective when the democratic process was taking tribal head and religious head kind of pattern. And so I discovered if truly I have said that there will be no war in this country, what do I do? In fact, the moment Jonathan didn’t recognize the efforts I made, he came and lost. There are only two religions in Nigeria. Though I am not practicing any religion but I am the one who came out to say that ‘come what may, no matter what happens, there will be no war’ against the desires of the Europeans.
The GDA meets the Sat Guru & his men in Ibadan Ashram
In fact the America Ambassador, some of the ambassadors even said Nigeria will break before the election or after. I faced them, even Muammar Kaddafi came I gave it to him. Where are all of them now? So, at the last time, I had to go to LTV (Lagos Television) to register my love for the APC to win and I said what I have to say. So with the coming of Buhari now, all I have to do is not to look at whether they accept me as a father or not, my own is to do my very best. So if you say governance, they are on course because for the first time a President took about 6 months to choose those who constituted his cabinet. Even though people may think he is slow and all that but he was trying to make sure that something happens. Even though, in the end, ministerial appointments were made, I was feeling that he would give Guru Maharaji three slots (Laughing). Even though people doubt Mr. President, he has just spent about 18 months or so and that is not enough to hang him. And for the first time, you can see that the anti-corruption drive is really becoming a Buhari Gate for anybody who is fermenting trouble and for you to know that the integrity of this Mr. President is not something you can doubt, for him to now install whistle blowers.
Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo
Obasanjo did before he left, asking that anybody who knew any Nigerian who has stolen money should come out. But this one came out, even though I recommended 1%, saying that he is ready to give anybody who can give information leading to prosecution of any corrupt person and that is something one can’t believe will happen in a country like Nigeria. We need to give Mr. President more time to find his feet, especially in Nigeria where they don’t spend hundreds anymore. It is now trillion, trillion that we hear about.
Is Buhari the Messiah?
President Muhammadu Buhari
He is, at least, for now. If you go into history globally, you will find out that a situation will come up for somebody to come, who will change situations for good. I believe that with the steps he has taken, he means well. But the problem is that the monies have been misused, misapplied, was misappropriated and the steps he has taken on anti graft shows that he will do something better.
Though you predicted and you are still standing on it that with your presence as a spiritual leader, there won’t be war in Nigeria. But the events around the country are pointing otherwise: the Niger-Delta militants, Fulani Herdsmen, Shiite Group and so many other crises…
Perfect Living Master, Sat Guru Maharaj Ji
(Cuts in) I am a child of the soil, a bonafide prince from a very outstanding family in Ibadan, the most populous city in Black Africa. So I am very conversant with what is going on in the political landscape. I have come to observe that whatever you hear, there is nothing new. The Atlantis’ children in the South-South though they have been acculturated by the invasion of the Europeans to feel a kind of belonging in the democratic system, but each time, you find out that our brothers in the North abused it, because of their avarice for power. So in a situation like this where people believe that they are born to rule, without them, Nigeria is nothing. Whereas if you look at the entire project Nigeria and the constituents, Ibo man is industrious, Yoruba man is an intellectual, Hausa man too has been trained by us now. So they should appreciate the law that we have. A situation where some people called herdsmen enter into somebody’s farm, raze it, destroy everything and when you talk they shoot you, cannot be compared with militants, who are trying to tell the world that, ‘look father, we are hungry. There is nothing to eat. We have the oil but it is like nothing is happening’. They don’t carry arms against the people. So we can’t compare them, they are wiser than the Northerners because they are the children of the Atlantis. Whatever that is going on now, I believe we have to start from step to step, and one other step to combat with is the issue of state police. Though people have said they will take advantage of it for their own personal interest. No, the law is there. If you break the law you will be impeached. Again, the anti-corruption drive should not be limited to the ministers; it must go to the Permanent Secretaries, the T.V. Stations, Radio Stations, and the Universities. You find that universities are charging so high. It has to also go to churches. They must make sure they are involved in every industrial construction that will provide employment. Because everybody has known that Jesus died on the cross, Mohammed didn’t die on the cross and so, whatever it is, is still a theory. The Police should be heavily equipped. How can you pay a recruit hundred thousand naira for him to go and chase an armed robber?; at least minimum of Two Hundred thousand Naira, then, the army, four hundred thousand minimum for new entry. And it will go on pari-pasu; not only that, there must be a kind of deliberate policy of educating the ordinary Northerner. They believe the Southerners are all Christians; they are Yorubas, Ibos, Itsekiris, Ibiobos, Ijaws and there is nothing like they want to take over Nigeria. This is what is affecting most uneducated Northerners. They feel that if you don’t believe in Mohammed, you are an infidel, you are not human being. No, it is written even in the Quran that we should not judge.
Industrial Guru, Mr. Oba Otudeko of Honeywell Industries 'romances' Patience Jonathan at an event in Lagos during her tenure as First Lady
Judgment is for the creator and if you look back, all the wars in the middle-east is through religion. America, religion; South-East Asian, religion and why must religion come here to destabilize you and I? So, I believe that there must be an education in that direction, re-orientation for people to know that the religion of the creator is love and where there is love, you care for one another. You will guide, you will mobilize, and you will assist your fellow and not kill. In the book of Genesis 1:30, it is there that you shall not kill a goat, a rabbit for anything but love them. It goes on and on and it has to also touch Nigeria Films Censors Board; they have to check the kind of films we are watching in this country. Prevention they say is better than cure because if you don’t prevent it now…look at my age now…When we grow, who are the people to change things? I am a Yoruba man. There was a radio program where they asked the meaning of “Owo t’omode ba kokori akara lo fin je”. (The money a child first realizes would be lavishly spent). Someone said ‘if I have money, I will go to America, bring in some cars’. Another one said ‘I will buy house’. Is that the meaning? That is the new Nigeria that is springing up. Whereas this side here, we are more like peaceful, progressive, scientific and intellectually sound. The North, there must be massive education to let them know that religion has nothing to do with your life. Your life is your body, mind and soul that you have to work with. As a farmer, you don’t need Bible; Carpenter, you don’t need Quran. I believe that is the only thing that will kill that headed monster that is pushing people to commit crime from time to time.
L-R: Patience Jonathan, ex-Speaker Dimeji Bankole & Hajiya Bola Shagaya
President Muhmmadu Buhari’s health status is generating so many controversies. What is your take on this?

He is my President. And as a perfect living master, I am the custodian of all the souls on earth. With the position that he is in, I am begging for people to support him. If you go back in time when Madam Patience Jonathan was sick, I did put in writing to the husband that ‘look, irrespective of what they are saying, this Mama will come back hale and hearty’. And when she came back, in her interview she said she died about nine times but she didn’t know who is behind it.  Some people were saying all kind of things because of what they will eat and drink and some reasons attached. Otherwise, I should have been the first person they will come to, to say ‘thank you,’ take this or that’. He didn’t come and so, that was why they were disgraced. They didn’t show appreciation.
Ex-First Lady,  Patience Faka  and her husband Goodluck allegedly shunned Guru Maharaj Ji after the later made 'Prophetic Pronouncements' in their lives
Now, in the case of Mr. President, the position is chanced, he is not only serving over 170 million Nigerians, all Europeans are holding him, all Americans, all Chinese, the religious bodies. Most especially at this hour that Nigeria is leading the Black/Africa to find its feet. That’s because today, we have somebody, the perfect living master, you find that the team is now complete. We must do everything possible to make sure that he gets well. So whatever anybody is saying here, they should not say because there is suffering in the land, Buhari must die, Buhari didn’t give them a job. We are human beings; we must expect that, especially in a position like that. There are people who without knowing you they start to oppose you. And don’t forget that it is a human being that human beings will talk about. Whether you are good, you are bad, they will say their own. My plea is that Buhari must come back safe, healthy, and strong as an African bull to continue his service. Only we have to beg him, when you are leading such a group of course Nigerians are by far the most powerful people on the planet. You must not be found wanting, you must be equal to the task, you must be fair, you must be free and flexible; the potential, the powers that people have harnessed to the point of bringing about a new kind of egalitarianism. We wish Buhari well and he must come back well, hale and hearty.
Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan....Maharaj Ji's main man...

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