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Real Reason Celestial Church is in crisis—Prophet Jolaolu Ogunniran + My relationship with SBJ Oschoffa

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Shepherd-In-Charge, CCC, Elyon Cathedral, Special District Headquarters, Ijaiye-Lagos, Prophet Enoch Jolaolu Ogunniran

In this 2nd Part of our exclusive encounter with Prophet Enoch Jolaolu Ogunniran of Celestial Church of Christ, Elyon Cathedral, Special District Headquarters, on 8, Leratto Avenue, Ijaiye-Lagos, he told us many things about the Celestial Church of Christ and why the church is troubled on all fronts. The very gifted and dynamic clergy who just ended his annual 7 Prophetic Wednesdays program tagged 'GO IN AND POSSES THE LAND and held between January 4th and February 15th, 2017 told Asabeafrika the history of the genesis of the crisis rocking the church and why the Pastor founder, Reverend Pastor Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oschoffa’s memory can never be forgotten. It is a revealing encounter. Enjoy the excerpts.

I am sure you knew the late Pastor/Founder of Celestial Church of Christ, SBJ
Oschoffa in his life time, how would you describe him?
Founder, Celestial Church of Christ, Worldwide, Rev. S.B.J. Oschoffa of blessed memory

Oschoffa is an extra-ordinary human being. In fact, I have never seen him quarrel or angry with anybody in his life time. Even, if you do anything that is wrong, he will just pet you. And that is why we have problem (in the church) till today. He is not an educated man but spirit-filled. He just did things according to the dictates of the Holy Spirit. But people take him for granted.
Prophet Ogunniran of CCC, Elyon Cathedral speaks directly with the GDA
If you marry his life scenario to Redeemed Church’s Pastor Adeboye, everything on Pastor Adeboye is clever based. But Papa Oschoffa does not count on human cleverness, he do his things as it comes. Adeboye is very educated as a mathematician but Papa, no. In fact, Papa (Oschoffa) does not have a bank account. When he sees money today and you run into him and tell him ‘Sir, I need money’. He thrust the whole money to you ‘take it and go’. That is SBJ Oschoffa for you. Till date, I have never seen a man like him that has the spirit of God. A spirit that commands and it will immediately happen; a man who commands divine instant revelations, he is a unique seer.
Prophet Enoch Jolaolu Ogunniran recalls good memories of his relationship with late Pastor/Founder, SBJ Oschoffa
Did you have a relationship with him in his life time?
He is my father and he was a great father. We had instances where I did things with him about three or four occasions when he was alive.
Female Congregants of CCC, Elyon Parish praised God with their being during the 7 Prophetic Wednesdays
Could you recall one peculiar encounter you had with him that is unforgettable?
Male Congregants during the service of 7 Prophetic Wednesdays at CCC, Elyon Parish
There was a particular crisis at my parish at the time. Our shepherd at the time had two wives and I think the older one accused the younger one of witchcraft. So, everything scattered in the church and Papa (Oschoffa) sent for us. I was the head of delegation for the conflict resolution committee of the church. At the meeting, the senior wife stated her own case and the younger one equally gave her own side of the story.
The GDA with Prophet Lekan Johnson of CCC, Elyon Cathedral
The husband equally gave his own side of the crisis. So, Papa Oschoffa pointed to me and asked ‘Are you the representative of the church?’ and I said ‘Yes’. He said ‘what do you see to this crisis?’ and I said ‘Sir, he is our shepherd and whatever he tells us is law. But for this woman (younger wife), since she arrived our church, we have not witnessed any disaster and we have not lost any of our children. In fact, we even progressed the more as a church. So, if this woman is indeed a witch, we ought to be burying a child at least once in a month. And she gives me food and nothing happens to me’.
Assistant Shepherd, CCC, Elyon Cathedral, Superior Evangelist Akinkuotu Adewale leading a spiritual session
After giving my narration, Papa asked me to kneel down and he prayed for me, and he now revoked the letter of that shepherd that he should return to the head quarters to start all over again. That he lacks the training to be a shepherd in charge of a parish as he cannot manage a church. Papa was not too happy that he couldn’t control his home and that singular incidence nearly broke the parish. He was almost a bad example to the church.
Successor to late Pastor Founder Rev. SBJ Oschoffa's throne in Celestial Church of Christ, Rev. Alexander Abiodun Bada
How CCC lost it….
The Shepherd-In-Charge, Prophet Enoch Jolaolu Ogunniran takes the altar call during the 7 Prophetic Wednesdays Service of CCC, Elyon Cathedral
Since Oschoffa’s demise, what do you think Celestial Church of Christ has missed without him?
Leader Kunle Adeniyi opening the Service
My God! We missed a lot. I can marry Celestial Church issue with Nigeria’s issue. We are derailed; everyone is looking for money, money, money, money. When we were observing the service today, a colleague came to me that I should collect money for certain spiritual activities but I said ‘no’. I was not asked to do so. The church is now all about money. ‘If you want to grow higher, bring money, if you don’t want to die, pay money, if you want to eat, pay money, if you want to do bad thing, pay money’. And God is not like that. That is what is worrying our church, today.
Leader Adekoya leading a segment of the service during the 7 Prophetic Wednesdays of CCC, Elyon Parish
You will notice that we have problem when you visit prophets and prophetesses. When you go and say ‘Sir, I have so-so-so problem’. They will tell you to go and bring two hundred and fifty thousand Naira’ Imagine, somebody that has a tenement problem, he is indebted to his Landlord and you are telling him to go and bring two hundred and fifty thousand Naira for spiritual work or prayer? How can such an organization succeed? And this problem starts from the head down to the least member of the church. In the segment of the senior hierarchy, they are fighting for money for anointment, money from harvest returns, parish monthly returns. We give them returns every month, two-third, every parish.
Prophet E.J. Ogunniran sadly expressed his discomfort to Asabeafrika about the leadership and followner-ship crisis in rocking Celestial Church of Christ 
They are fighting for that. In fact, it is terrible. Money problem, money problem, and that is why so many prophets and prophetesses and even shepherds have been married to several secret societies. They want to make it at all cost; they want to ride big cars, they want to travel to America, they want to be fashionable. That is just the problem. It is a huge problem that is presently facing our church, monetization of God’s grace.
So, what is the panacea to all these problems?
Prophet Enoch Jolaolu Ogunniran offering prophetic prayers to his congregation during the 7 Prophetic Wednesdays Service of CCC, Elyon Parish
It is God o; it is God that can help us. We must revert to him, everything lies with Him.
(Cuts in) I think the Pastor-Founder, SBJ Oschoffa said God was the one to choose his successor. Do you think he has been justified?
Of course, that statement is the problem we have in Celestial Church till date.
How do you mean, sir?
Male Worshipers & the GDA under the ministration of Prophet E.J. Ogunniran
You see when Moses (Biblical Moses) was bringing the Israelite to the Promised Land, he worked with Aaron. Aaron later died and God told him to choose Joshua. And this same Joshua was working with him along and not after his death. When Moses died there was no competition about who was going to succeed him. Nobody asked ‘Who is going to be our Leader?’ They already knew that Joshua was their leader.
Choir of the CCC, Elyon Cathedral in Action
How can you have somebody that works with you, your second-in-command and you tell people that ‘oh, I am not seeing my second in command, in hierarchy succeeding me’, and you now said ‘spirit of God is going to chose’ who is going to deliver that message? That is the genesis of the problem we have today; and the coming generation will meet that problem.
Worshipers taking their time at the 7 Prophetic Wednesdays Service of CCC, Elyon Parish
You mean the coming generation of the Celestial Church members?
I am telling you. They will meet that problem unless God intervenes.
So, you think that statement was political?
Prophet Enoch Jolaolu Ogunniran...Very sad with the state of the Celestial Church
It is political, highly political. I cannot just say you and I, working together…yes, you may offend me and I may offend you as well. But if I want to wound you and wound every aspect of the business, I will make a deductive statement that will affect generations unborn. Oschoffa let us know that this church believes in hierarchy, that is the foundation of this church (Celestial Church), we believe in hierarchy. How can you tell us now that the person that will succeed you is not even in Celestial now?
Like Adeboye like Oschoffa?
Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye....One told his congregation that his successor was still drinking in a beer parlor until recently when a FRCN edict forced him to notice his successor beside him...
Even RCCG Pastor Enoch Adeboye said few years ago that the person that will succeed him as G.O. is still drinking in the Beer Parlor. Do you see a correlation in Oschoffa & Adeboye’s statements?
But why didn’t he wait for the person before he appointed his treasurer Obayemi on January 7? Why can’t he just wait for the person at the beer parlor?
So, we can say it is all politics in the church?
Members of the Choir offering Songs ministration during the event at CCC, Elyon Cathedral
It is too much. Even in the olden days, we had just one Catholic Church. It was this same problem that split them into Anglican, Methodist, St. Paul, St. Igba etc, and it will continue to be like that until thy kingdom come. When Jesus comes, everything will settle.
Worshipers at the CCC, Elyon Parish's 7 Prophetic Wednesdays Service
So, what do you have for men of God?
Pastor Abiodun Awinle of Decross Ministries ministering at the 7 Prophetic Wednesdays Service of CCC, Elyon Parish
Just work for your eternity, me, I am working for my eternity now. I am not working for church. I am working according to God’s edicts and verdicts of God as stated in our Hymn, Hymn 429. So, work for God and at the end of it all, He will reward you. Don’t trust any shepherd, trust God, follow your instinct and be very faithful. Read your Bible very well, be grounded in the teachings and directions of the Holy Spirit and with that, you are made as a believer.
The GDA observes the prayer session with others
Do you have a favorite verse in the Bible?
Prophet Ogunniran welcomes the  GDA to the event 
My favorite verse in the Bible is Isaiah 60 verse 14 and 15.  Because it stated in that verse that “Also the sons of those who afflicted you shall come bowing to you. And all those who despised you shall fall prostrate at the soul of your feet. And they shall call you the City of the Lord. Zion of the Holy one of Israel. Whereas you have been forsaken and hated, so that no one went through you. I will make you an eternal excellence. A joy of many generations”. Those two verses are very prophetic and in most cases, very significant to my own story and to the story of my calling. It simply stated that the place where they have rejected you, you will go there and you will be celebrated.
Prophet Enoch Jolaolu Ogunniran to Asabeafrika....'My favorite Bible verse is Isaiah 60: 14&15'
Are any of your children taking after you?
No, no, many of them are studying abroad. Some of them are in America, some in London and some in Germany and those in Nigeria are still learning.
What is the secret of your young look?
Song Ministration by Evangelist Adele Olamilekan aka Beula
You know one thing, I can never be fat.
Why sir?
I hardly sleep. The last time I had a sound sleep regime is maybe about ten days ago. If I don’t have vigil in my church here, they will invite me over to another parish or I go to the beach or I go to the mountain for prayers because if you don’t have name, it is very good. But once you make a name for yourself, you must work hard to protect it, so that your name will not go down. You must always sharpen your anointing.
Some female congregants at the 7 Prophetic Wednesday Service
What do you have for Celestial Members reading this interview on Asabeafrika, worldwide?
Pastor Abiodun Awinle of Decross Ministries raining heavy prayers down at the Interdenominational 7 Prophetic Wednesday Service at CCC, Elyon Parish
My dear brethren, what I have for you all are, very soon, the Jesus will soon come. And anything that you are doing, do it perfectly. Let your mind judge you. Don’t let anybody judge you. When you are doing something and your mind judge you that you are doing the right thing, follow your mind. That is the only advice I can give anybody. Secondly, you must pray fervently, don’t believe in any human being. They can bring you down.
The GDA with Prophet Enoch Jolaolu Ogunniran of CCC, Elyon Cathedral, Lagos
(Prophet Enoch Ogunniran of CCC, Elyon Cathedral could be reached on 080-2316-1108, 080-3381-3052 or 081-3831-3675 for further comments & Spiritual Consultation; or write

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