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The 7 Deadly Agents of Heart Attack + How they now kill Nigerians

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A group of Heart Health Specialist led by Dr. Kamal Adeleke at the Tristate Heart & Vascular Center, Ilisan-Remo, Ogun State

Today we bring you all the story of the seven deadly agents of Heart Attack. Meet them and be familiar with their antecedents in your life or that of your loved ones. Enjoy!

A first civilian Governor of Bayelsa State in Southern Nigeria Chief DSP Alamieyeseigha died of cardiac arrest in 2015
The issue of stress as a contributory factor to hypertension has already been discussed in our last posts.  However, studies have found that stress also plays an important part in precipitating heart attack in people with existing narrowing of heart arteries.  Stress in this case is not just a situation in which the individual experiences continuous worry, but also when the person is subjected to an acute and intense emotional condition, whether painful (distress) or enjoyable (eustress).
I am sure that the reader can easily recall one or more cases where someone in intense anguish from the loss of a dear one, a highly valued object or loss of a very important course like a court case, died suddenly following the incident. Many people have also been known to have died suddenly on hearing very happy news or during a very pleasant experience, such as intense sexual encounter.  Chances are very good that such deaths must have been as a result of a heart attack in people who were previously disposed.  Sometimes, the stress precipitating a heart attack is of extended physical nature, such as working long hours without adequate sleep or rest.

Mr. Kunle Onigbanjo, a Lagos business man died of Heart related disease (He is the late husband of MAUFECHI Couture boss)
Studies have shown that someone with hypertension has about three times the chances of heart arteries (coronary arteries) becoming narrow and possibly suffering heart attack compared to someone that does not suffer hypertension.  The connection between hypertension and heart attack via deposition of fat inside blood vessels has already been discussed. However, if the person’s hypertension is properly controlled with medication, healthy eating habit and routine exercise, his/her extra danger of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) and subsequent heart attack is substantially reduced.

Mr. Hakeem Shodeinde, a veteran club owner died of kidney failure as a result of advanced  diabetes
Diabetes is a disease that is marked by the body’s inability to utilize glucose or body sugar properly.  You may recall that glucose is a form of sugar in which carbohydrates are used for generating energy in the body.  Almost every process in the body involves the use of energy from glucose. Those who suffer from diabetes loose a lot of glucose in urine; they feel weak and are highly predisposed to very many diseases, especially when the condition is not properly managed.
A diabetic Check

Under the same conditions, someone with diabetes is as much as four times likely to develop CAD and possible heart attack as a non-diabetic.  The main cause of the commonest type of diabetes (type II diabetes) is obesity.  Diabetes increases the deposition of fat in the interior of arteries, especially coronary arteries.  Diabetes also increases the amount of bad cholesterol and the chances of blood clotting as a result of the deposited fatty material in coronary arteries.

A Smoker is a habitual killer of his own good life
People who smoke have a much higher chance of suffering a heart attack than those who do not.  In fact, one out of five deaths from heart attack and other circulatory diseases are associated with tobacco use.  Cigarette smoking poses most problem but other methods of tobacco use, such as cigars, tobacco snuffing or chewing are also dangerous. In fact, second hand smoking or non-smokers breathing in smoke from those who smoke has been shown by studies to be almost as dangerous as being a smoker.  The magnitude of risk of tobacco use depends on the amount used, irrespective of the method.  Once a smoker stops smoking, the risk of associated diseases, including heart attack, reduces drastically.

Family History of Heart Attack…
Mr. Bunmi Adedayo a Nigerian Entrepreneur & only son of owner of Tasty Fried Chicken died of hear related matters
Although heart attack is not a condition that is passed from parent to children, people with close relatives who have suffered heart attack have a much higher chance of suffering a heart attack themselves.  This means that anyone whose parent, grandparent, sibling or other close relatives have had a heart attack is at a high risk for heart attack himself and should therefore make particular efforts to avoid the condition.

An obese lady
Men are generally at greater risk of a heart attack than women.  However, with increasing equal socio-economic opportunities and attendant side effects for women, their chances for heart attack tend to increase as well.  A particular risk of heart attack for women is that there is a tendency for their susceptibility to the condition to be undermined.  Even when a woman has a pending condition of heart attack, it is often undermined because it is not usually expected.  It should be noted that any woman who has any of the conditions associated with development of heart attack is as susceptible to the condition as any man.

Lack of Routine Medical Check-Up…
A Heart Patient on Medical Check Up session
While it is not implied here that failure to undergo routine medical check-up causes heart attack, it creates a situation in which the existence of conditions that lead to heart attack are not spotted earlier to enable preventive actions to be taken.   Incidentally, most conditions that lead to heart attack or impending heart  attack can easily be picked up in routine medical check-up.  Once any of these is detected, there are very simple measures that can be taken to avoid heart attack and other possible complications.
For example, how could anyone succeed in convincing the youthful D.I.G. of Police, referred to earlier in an earlier post on this blog, that he needed to see a doctor when he felt so invincible that he proudly referred to himself as built to last because of his athletic physic?
Even when diagnosed to be hypertensive, many Nigerians would not really comply with medical appointments and medication regimen, probably because they do not consider themselves as at risk when they feel no pain and can perform their normal functions. It must be a lot more difficult to convince Nigerians who have made it, with or without the so-called evidence of good living, to go for routine medical check-up because they are at high risk for heart attack.  The painful truth is that for many of them, the danger is real!
A former Nigerian Head of State died of Heart Attack inside Aso Rock in 1998

(From the Book; “Early and Sudden Death; the Price of Affluence among Nigerians”. Read “How Nigerian elites buy Premature Death with status symbol” tomorrow on Asabeafrika)

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