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7 signs that shows you are liable to Stroke & Heart Attack

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So, who is at Risk of Stroke and Heat Attack?
After all we have discussed about the two conditions of stroke and heart attack, which have been causing death and disability among affluent Nigerians in recent years, the seriousness of the problem is not in doubt.  Two questions that must be in the mind of virtually every reader are:
Hakeem Shodeinde....A Nigerian Entrepreneur who lost it to Kidney Failure

1.      Am I at risk from these two deadly monsters?
2.      Is there anything I can do to avoid them?

Unfortunately, the answer to the first question is yes!
Especially, if you fall into the group defined at the beginning of this book as affluent; that is, put simply, you are potentially or already at risk of being hypertensive with the probability of suffering a stroke or having a heart attack, if you:
DSP Alamieyesiegha... A Nigerian Politician who lost it to Heart Attack

1.      Are at least 30 years of age.

2.      Can afford to eat whatever and how much you choose to eat.

3.      Earn your living in some way that may be psycho-socially and/or physically stressful.
Nigerian elites loves big bodies to show 'Big Man' lifestyle

Your chances of having and dying from either stroke or heart attack increase dramatically if you have any or a combination of the following:

1.      Being overweight or obese

2.      Consume plenty of animal protein foods.

3.      Have already been diagnosed as being hypertensive or high blood pressure.
4.      Live sedentary lifestyle.
The trouser is now bigger than your waist

5.      Smoke cigarette or use tobacco in some other form.
Sell your pleasure to smoking

6.      Being diabetic.
Tested for Diabetes

7.      Have high blood cholesterol level.

Fortunately, the answer to the second question is yes; that is, there is a lot you can do to avoid stroke and heart attack.  There are a number of rather simple actions that you as an individual can take to reduce your risk level of suffering early and sudden death from a stroke or heart attack.  Those actions are presented in the following chapters. (Read our next post )
Taking your drugs could be a simple good action

(From the Book; “Early and Sudden Death; the Price of Affluence among Nigerians”. Read “How to kill Stroke & High Blood Pressure before they kill you” in our next post on Asabeafrika)

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