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B’Day Exclusive: What I like & dislike about D-One—Wife, Bar. Caroline Adeneye

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Barrister Chief (Mrs.) Caroline Adeneye with Otunba Dayo Adeneye
Yesterday, March 23, 2017, Showbiz impresario turned politician and present Ogun State (South West Nigeria) Commissioner for Information & Strategy, Otunba Dayo Adeneye (D-One) added a year. A small get-together party was organized in his honor by close friends and associates in Abeokuta, the capital city of Ogun. It has always been the culture of his pretty and charming wife, Barrister (Mrs.) Caroline Adeneye (Nee Negbenebor) to organize such shindigs for him before he became a politician. However, yesterday, even though she pulled her strength to make something happen, his political friends took the shine off her as they hijacked the celebration from Mrs. Adeneye and gave a befitting get-to-together to the effervescent  D-One.
Your Africa’s Number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika brings you one of our  exclusive encounters with  D-One’s wife, Barrister Chief (Mrs.) Caroline Adeneye (Nee Negbenebor) sometimes ago. The Edo State born Investment Attorney and mother of 3 shared with us some of the secrets of her over two decades relationship with the Co-founder of  Primetime TV turned Ogun State Commissioner for Information & Strategy. It is a revealing story of the love between Carole & D-One. You wont read this love story anywhere except here on Asabeafrika. Enjoy!

The GDA meets Madam and Oga at Home
 Your husband often says he is proud to address you as his life partner. How do you feel about this?
D-One is a Chelsea Fan for life....Up Blues!
I feel very wonderful and I will say there is nothing more than your husband appreciating you and saying it at any given time. Saying what you mean to him and how he sees you, that goes a long way. We as women, don’t ask for much. We only ask for the commitment and the assurance from our husbands; that ‘look you mean a lot to me and I love you so much, thank you for tolerating me’ with that, what else can you ask or wish for?. So, I am very happy and I am very privileged to be alive by God’s grace to be celebrating with my husband.
Madam and her loving kids helps Oga to cut his birthday cake as guests looked on
I have discovered that your husband has this habit of describing you as his pillar which majority of men find difficult to say about their wives? Why do you think he does that?
Madam with Shipping Magnate, Dr. Taiwo Afolabi and other dignitaries celebrating D-One her Love
Thanks for noticing that aspect of my husband. But even though he says I am a strong force in his life I don’t think I am that force really. God is the force behind our union. He is the ultimate force for the career of my husband I am just the vessel He uses to achieve that grace in D-One’s life. Of course I support my husband 100%. I support him to achieve anything legitimate that will keep him going strong as the head of the family. I adore him as my head crown and the patriarch of our family. He is my husband and my role as his wife is to support him and give him all it takes for him to manage the pressure of running the home front. I think I am very fulfilled to have been described that way but ultimately, God is the founding father of our love life. I return all glory to Him.
Madam during one of her private birthday shindigs for Oga. With them is Chief Keke Ogungbe & ID Ogungbe
Your husband is now in politics.  Did you supported his dream of going into politics when he shared it with you and were you not afraid that politics is dirty?
Yeye Caroline Adeneye....Always Standing by her husband at all times....Even with the APC broom

Look, like I said earlier I will continue to support my husband in any decision he takes if it is not to rob or steal. If it is to serve his people and add value to his state and humanity, I am with him. If it is for him to work and serve his family as the head, I think I will do well supporting him. When he was going into politics I was the first person he shared the vision with. He didn’t just go into politics, he was called upon to come and serve by his people and he was convinced that his presence was needed and severally, during our campaign activity in Odogbolu, we saw how people treated us. They treated us like stars, it was like a great homecoming and I couldn’t believe for a second that a people will so much cherish their son like that. So, I feel honored being his better half. My husband is a lovable personality and that is one thing that has worked for him so far.
The Happy Family of the Adeneyes
He is a leader in all ramification; I am his number one fan and anything I can do to support him, I do. And talking about dirty terrain, politics is not dirty it is the attitude people bring into it that is dirty. My husband contested for a position in his constituency and because he respected constituted authority when he was asked to step down, he did but he was never dirty about it. He continued to support the party and because of his genuine intention for quality leadership he was appointed as a member of the Media and Publicity committee for His Excellency, Governor Amosun. That alone speaks loud of his philosophy. He has been able to define politics and changed the perception about how it is being played. And today, he is the State’s commissioner for Information & Strategy. Politics is not dirty it is the attitude people bring to it that gives it a negative or positive color.
Otunba Dayo Adeneye with his Lagos State Counterpart, Mr. Steve Ayorinde at a shindig
What do you like about your husband?
So many things but I will mention three. My husband is focused, calm and very forthright. If you give a project to my husband you can be rest assured that he will do it within the shortest time. He is very, very, very focused. I have never seen a man like that. And because he is calm, he equally gets on board before everyone else and signs off earlier than every other person. Then, his forthrightness marvels me so much. He is sincere to a fault. These are the qualities I find in him and I think that is the hallmark of his personality. He is a great man.
The Couple love kids and share fun moments with them
What do you dislike about D-One?
(Thought for a while) He is too strict. My husband is too strict; you can’t be lazy and find favour with him. His NO is NO and his YES is YES. People don’t know this, because he keeps his celebrity outlook, people might mistaken him for an anyhow person but far from it, D-One is strict and he could just take you to the extreme. He is almost a perfectionist in everything he does. Most times I am tempted to think that it has to do with his teaching background. He was a teacher in the US for 7 years and today some of his students run corporations. I think he has knack for excellence and mediocrity does not sell with him on board. Maybe because I and and the children are the closest to him, he expects nothing but excellence from us. He is too strict.
What other things thrill you about being his wife?
Chief Mrs & her Otunba....
I won’t say anything thrills me or whatever but the only thing with our relationship is that D-One has taught me how to be positive and how to manage people. I am a lawyer by profession and most at times, even though I relate with people more than him but I can easily get put off if the person does not match my temperament. But my husband was the one who taught me how to see the positive side of people and maximize it. D-One believes that for every man, no matter how faulty he is, there is always a better side that one can explore. He is the one who told me that I should always look out for the 30% goodness in any human being and should try to use that 30% to nullify the 70% negative. You know I told you my husband is very calm, he could tolerate you even for a decade no matter how bad you turn out to be. He has this excellent spirit of long term correction. If my husband gets off with you, that means you are terribly bad as a person but even at that, he can tolerate you for a while.
Oga & Madam in a jolly ride laughing spree
He is the main assessor when it comes to human relations in our businesses and normal day life transaction with people. Secondly, my husband is a happy person by attitude. He is the one who taught me how to make a day positive. He usually tells me that ‘if you wake up in the morning and shout or get angry then the entire day may be messy for you’. But if you wake up with a booming attitude or a happy attitude, the entire day will turn up happy for you. He strongly believes that everyday is amazing and on that note, you can make the week amazing, you can make the month amazing, you can make the year amazing and even you can just make an entire decade amazing.  That is him for you.
Are any of the children taking after him?
Maybe my first daughter Nicole, she is getting into the university
(Cuts in) You mean you have a daughter in the university already, you don’t look it?
The GDA & Madam
(Laughs heartily) Thanks. She is science inclined but she is the social prefect in her school and she is always the one organizing any entertainment event for her school. She is talented when it comes to entertainment but she is likely to study medicine. She is also a good photographer but hey, we are in a world where your hobby can become your passion while  your discipline is saved for another day. My son Bryan is equally interesting, there was a day he recorded some raps and when his dad returned home, he gave it to him and the man was just laughing. He laughed and laughed his jaw off because he was quite surprised. But knowing the kind of father they have, they are all serious with their studies and even if you want to be in entertainment, you must study first. Study makes perfect and talent without education could be lead to violence. My last child Ashley is a lovely dancer but she asks a lot of question and you will be very surprised to hear her ask you one or two question. She is very young but hey, she has it going for her. So, I think all of them took a trait off their father’s profession. I am proud of them. And at times I come home and they will just say ‘mummy, listen to this new song and I will say where did you get this?’  And they will say “Ah, Mum you are not in town” and I will say “I am in town but I and daddy are looking for money to pay your school fees and take care of you” and we will laugh it off. So, there is prospect that these kids have a lot in common with their father but they are still young to take their own decisions.
Despite the fact that your husband is a very popular face, you are hardly known to be his wife, why?
Chief (Mrs.) Caroline Adeneye with the one who stole her heart (D-One is the One)
Yes, you are right but it is because I am more on the quite side, socially. You will never know this but I can tell you that attitudinally, D-One is more quite than me. I make friends more than Dayo; Dayo is shy and reserved but most people don’t know this, they often look at the showbiz side of my husband but unfortunately that is his job and not his personality. For the yearly birthday gigs I usually organize in his honor, I have to do that because he is my crown, the Bible says our husbands are the crown that adorn our heads. I celebrate my crown because he is the head of my family. It is not that he doesn’t celebrate me as well, but because he is more on the public side, if I send out ten IVs for a party in his honor, I see hundred people turning up. There was a year we had a peculiar experience. It rained heavily and the weather was not too friendly, we set up the event for 2pm and the rain fell and knocked everything down and we thought the event was over because of the kind of weather we had but by 4pm when the rain stopped I couldn’t believe the number of people who came in between 4pm and 6pm, the human traffic was heavy. It was on a Sunday, you wont believe that as at 1am, I had to turn off the music and I said ‘look, you are all going to work tomorrow’ and they said ‘no’ ‘we love D-One, we appreciate him and we are not in a hurry to stop the party’. For us, we see it as a way of life and we equally appreciate people who share success with us.
Your husband is a very busy personality and always away for one event or the other, how do you handle his absence in most cases?
Barrister Chief (Mrs.) Caroline Adeneye with hubby, Baba Oloye (D-One)
I think he is in a better position to answer that question. I think the good thing that happened to me was that I married Dayo Adeneye, I didn’t marry D-One. So, we are like a normal couple. D-One is the showbiz personality everyone sees and craves for while Dayo Adeneye is my husband and father of my children. We go through what normal couples go through and we get over things together. Yes, as a family, we have more of his absence than his presence, it is a bit better now. I remember when I was having kids, he was not always there. You will discover there is 8 years gap between Nicole and Bryan (Her 1st and 2nd child). Those days when I go and see my doctor, my doctor will say ‘I don’t know why you are coming here because your husband is never around’, the  man will say ‘the day you start traveling with your husband you can come back to see me. Stop coming to give me your money. I am not interested in your money’. That was what my doctor told me and truth to his word it was when I traveled with him (D-One) that I got pregnant for Bryan because he was never there. He was always traveling to cover one event or the other across the world. So, I went with him on that particular trip because the Doctor said if I don’t go, I should not come back to him; that I should not say I am not pregnant when my husband is not always there.  That is that; and I think in 18 years of knowing Dayo, I think it is only once we celebrated valentine together. So, maybe that is why when our birthday comes, he tries to celebrate it for me in a modest way. Then, I celebrate him (Yearly) because most times, he is not always around.
Your husband is a ladies man, how do you handle women around him? Do you feel bad when you hear tales about women dying to have him since he is a celebrity?
Hip-Hop Star, 9ice dazzles Madam & her Husband during a shindig
No! There is one thing I have to appreciate my husband for, I have to give kudos to him for one thing, he respects me and he would not go out of his way to do anything he knows a woman won’t like to see. But you can also understand that female fans are crazy, they go all around him and all that. But when we go for public events and they do their stuff to him, I don’t really care because he is going home with me. That is the most important thing.
Have you ever checked his phone and you were hit with some crazy text from some Afro-candy ladies saying “Hey, I love you, can we go out for Coke & Fanta?”
I don’t think there is none because my husband knows I don’t have the time, I don’t check his phone, why should I desire to give myself unnecessary headache? You check today, you see Bimbo, tomorrow you see Zainab and next tomorrow you see Gloria. It is unnecessary; a man who loves you will do everything necessary to protect his home and like I said, I give kudos to my husband; he tries to make me happy. He tries to avoid things that will make me unhappy. So, what else would I ask for? Snooping around? That means I am not busy.
Bar. Caroline Adeneye, the woman who married Otunba Dayo Adeneye
What are the benefits of being D-One’s wife? 
Yes, the goodwill my husband has from the public rubs off on me on many occasion. I really appreciate it because I feel very great, I feel wonderful and I feel blessed to be Mrs. Caroline Adeneye because anywhere I go people favor me, in as much as I try to hide my identity but perhaps by chance, someone who has seen my face on one magazine or the other is quick to ask, when I say ‘Caroline Adeneye’ they will say “Oh, are you D-One’s wife? So why didn’t you let us know earlier? ‘Don’t you know D-One is our Egbon’ and before I know it, they will pull me out of the queue and give me an express attention, what else can someone ask for? So, his good name open doors for me and I pray God will continue to prosper him and make him fulfill his dreams in life.
Despite the fact that you are a lawyer,  you also run Sierra Global Concept an event management firm, does he feel threatened that you could become more successful?
Madam & Her man exchanging smiles at a birthday party for Oga
 Dayo allows me to grow; he allows me to expand. He allows me to do whatever makes me happy. If I say I want to do this, he will tell me the way to go about it and all that. So what else can I ask for in a man? A man who allows his wife to grow, like he tells me, ‘I don’t care if you are richer than me, all that matters is that you are still my wife, so why would I be bothered? Because whatever money you make belongs to the family and what is life about?’ Life is too short, our biggest priority is to live as one in truth and with sincerity of purpose. And his prayer is that God should give me good health to enjoy the benefit of my labor. That has always been my husband’s wish for me. He is a much secured man without fear of spouse’s success.
The Birthday Cakes for D-One says it all 'The On-Air-Personality on the Soap Box'
You have been married for 18 years now, so what is the secret of your marriage?
The secret of a successful marriage life is three things; they are Patience! Patience!! Patience!!! Those are the three things you need to secure your marriage. My mum told me this when I was getting married, you know my parent had reservations for showbiz people, they believe they don’t keep good wives. They don’t keep good homes and all that. But when I insisted that it was Dayo I want, because they refused to honor our proposal for like two years and I have had my baby before our marriage. My daughter was almost two years when we had our marriage because there was resistance from my parent. But when they finally succumbed and gave their blessings to the union, my mum said to me ‘daughter, you have to wear a garment of patience because we that are not even married to people in the public arena, we romance patience not to talk of people like you who are marrying stars’. So, patience and friendship matters. When you are friends, you build trust and trust becomes the tripod on which patience will stand and with patience you will be able to do anything. Secondly, you must be able to communicate; it is a very powerful weapon for a successful marriage. But I equally found out that in Africa, majority of the men are not too open for communication. They think you want to know too much. But I will tell you that whatever your husband feels you should know, just accept it. Later, he will start opening up to you, don’t force him because Africa is a man’s world. It is the west that harbors the opinion that women are strong. If you want to succeed in your marriage here, you must be very humble and understand how it works here. You must put upon yourself a permanent garment of patience so that your marriage can earn a silver jubilee, a golden jubilee and if possible a diamond jubilee. Patience is the key word and that is what I tell women of nowadays, don’t even believe what you see in the film or read in the novel.  The one in the film is film trick and the one in the novel is friction. Reality is different from film trick or friction. The man you leave your entire life with is not only your father but your teachers and chief instructor.
What does style mean to you?
Madam & Otunba with the GDA
My style is ageless. Style for me is timeless but I won’t kill myself to fit into the bandwagon. I can wear anything that sits well on me. Of course, the mood of the occasion comes into reference once in a while. But to me, style should be timeless not seasonal. I am not a rave of the moment kind of person. I wear what soothes my mood for the best reason known to me and to the appreciation of fans and enthusiasts.
What are your best fashion accessories?
My shoes (Laughs) I am not an Imelda Marcos but I like shoes (Heavy laughter) My shoes speaks well for me and I will only need to invite you to my shoe rack for you to judge better.
What kind of dress you wont be caught wearing in the public, maybe to an award ceremony?
Maybe Bum pants. I used to wear that when I was much, much younger but today you can’t find me putting on a bum pant either at home or elsewhere. As an African woman one must protect the sanctity of one’s womanhood. That is me.
You have a role model?
 What about books?
Otunba & Chief Mrs. Dayo & Caroline Adeneye
My husband encouraged me to read positive power books and I have several of such books that I cannot remember the name of my favorite author now but I think I like the book   “Everyday is a Friday” by Joel Austin. You know people are always ecstatic when it is Friday but the Joel Austin said ‘hey, why not make everyday your own Friday because in the real sense you never can tell which one will be your last day on earth’. You may never even see the next Friday. So, make every day your Friday. The book has changed so many things about me. It has given me more energy to be sincerely happy with myself even in the lowest of moments.
(This blog wishes D-One Long Live & Prosperity in his new age)

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