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How Late Omololu Oladosu planned for his own death—Aide + How he re-organized Maranatha in January

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HOD, CCC, Maranatha-Goshen Land, Lisa, Brother John Adegoke with the GDA during the funeral service of Dr. Alexandra Omololu Oladosu

Brother John Adegoke is the Head of Department for Celestial Church of Christ, Maranatha Pavilion, Goshen Land, Lisa—Ogun State (South West Nigeria). He is one of the close desciples of the chattered theologian and founder of the CCC, Maranatha Ministries, Dr. Alexandra Omololu Oladosu who passed unto glory on Monday, February 27, 2017 at age 56 and buried on Friday, March 17. Dr. Oladosu who has shared the gospel of Christ in over 30 countries of the world during his life time is equally the founder of the Maranatha Bible University (MBU) with over 15 campuses across Nigeria. A very devoted Church Leader who raised over 2000 shepherds across denominations during his life time. At his funeral service last Friday in Lisa, the cream-DE-la-cream of the Celestial Church of Christ were in attendance as they all came from far and near to give him their very last honor as a credible soldier of Christ. Your Africa’s Number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika which is the official blog for the occasion spoke with one of his trusted disciples, Brother John Adegoke who told us more about the last minutes activities of the great man of God. Although Brother Adegoke, a father of two said his visioneer, Dr. Oladosu didn’t appear like someone living soon. But it was after his demise that many of them started to read meanings to some of his last moment actions. Read the full interview here.

Sir, you are the Head of Department of the Maranatha Ministry here in Lisa village, can you tell us your name and your views of the person of the late Dr. Alexandra Omololu Oladosu, founder of the CCC, Maranatha Pavilion?
Brother John Adegoke to Asabeafrika....'We caught the vision of Maranatha before Dr. Omololu flew away'

My name is John Adegoke, I am an HOD, Maranatha-Goshen Land, Lisa. Dr. Omololu mean so many things to everybody. He means different thing to different people, he is a teacher, he is a father, he is a friend, he is a mentor, he is a lecturer and he is a guardian.  Dr. Omololu preaches the word of God to us undiluted. He is a Bible practitioner, he teaches the word as written. Dr. Omololu is a man of an exemplary life. He will not tell you what he will not do, he will not teach you what he will not do. Before he says it out, he has done it ten times over. So I think he is a great man. Although, Dr. Omololu went at a time we most needed him but I must say that he has done everything we needed for us.
How do you mean?
The Late Dr. Alexandra Omololu Oladosu (Ph-D) with the GDA in our Last November Encounter before his demise in February
Dr. Omololu has laid a foundation, he has opened up the way and the path which we needed to toe. Dr. Omololu has taught us to do things without him. Dr. Omololu has impacted us so much that even when he is not there, we know what to do. We know what to say. We are not dumb founded, though he is our father, he is gone. But he is very much alive because he has distributed himself in every human agent around him. So  Dr. Omololu is very much around.
But some analysts are of the opinion that with his death, the Maranatha project is gone. Do you equally share this fear?
Maranatha's Brother John Adegoke to Asabeafrika....'A lot of People had a very wrong impression of Dr. Alexandria Omololu Oladosu'

No I don’t.
The reason I don’t nurse that kind of fear is because people that are seeing Dr. Omololu from afar might not be able to get a clearer picture of who he is. We are insiders, we know what we see. Dr. Omololu is not just a theologian, Dr. Omololu preaches with his life. And I would say the vision can not die with him. As earlier said, Dr. Omololu has taught us to live without him. He had already opened up what he needed us to do, he has sold the vision to us and I want to tell you that we caught the vision.
You mean you caught the vision?
Maranatha's John Adegoke to Asabeafrika....'Dr. Omololu gave us all he has before he took off'
Not I, I said we. All of us in Maranatha caught the vision.
Just like Elisha caught the vision of Elijah?
Correct.  Though it wasn’t so clear at some point but Dr. Omololu opened our eyes. He forcefully opened our eyes that ‘you people don’t understand’. ‘look at the bigger picture, this is where I am going’. What Dr. Omololu will do in the next ten years, he is already telling us now. So, he had already sold the vision to us and we are all ready to carry on the vision. Maranatha is not dying but rather, we are stronger.
Did you guys had any premonition that he was going? Did he showed any sign that he was leaving so soon?
The GDA & Brother John Adegoke after the Encounter
(Laughs), Well, he was giving us…i wouldn’t call it a premonition because we never taught of anything of this nature. We never taught of losing  Dr. Omololu in the next 8 years. But we just understood that Dr. Omololu restructured the foundation of Maranatha. The first meeting we had with him this year, January 2017, he re-structured every departments, he re-arranged even the way we seat in the meeting. He taught us and he began to hammer on re-discovering the Maranatha purpose for all leadership in Maranatha. So, I believed he prepared for this but he couldn’t sell the actual idea to us because we might want to help God and he knew his time was up. So, I believe from so many testimonies. So, Dr. Omololu has done his beat. He has affected lives across the globe, not only in Nigeria. So, I believe the grace of God upon Dr. Omololu has been shifted to so many people around the world and we would carry on the appointment.
On a last note, give a word of advise to every one that has caught the Maranatha vision in Nigeria and all around the world?
The GDA with Brother John Adegoke and his two lovely kids
Yes, the advise that I will give is that we shouldn’t judge people from afar. Because a lot of people mis-judged Dr. Omololu. They didn’t understand what he stood for. They didn’t understand the concept God has given to him. You didn’t call him, God called him and God gave him the template to run with. So people were just saying all sorts of things from afar. But thank God for the huge presence of Celestian members that came here today. Even the Celestians themselves said Omololu is not a Celestian. But today, look at what happened. Look at the radical change he has made in Celestial Church. If not for Dr. Omololu, so many of us would have gone out of Celestial Church. Actually, I have left Celestial Church. I came back because of the grace of God upon the life of Dr. Omololu.
Why did you leave Celestial Church?
The GDA's last Interview Encounter with the Maranatha Ministries founder, Dr. Alexandra Omololu Oladosu last November 20, 2016
I left because I was not getting what I wanted. The word of God was in tatters and I couldn’t survive without the word of God. So, I went to settle down in a Pentecostal church. God asked me to go back, I said ‘I can’t’. God dealt with me in His own way. When I discovered Maranatha, I had to secretly follow Maranatha for two years before I became a member. To be sure of where I am going, I tried to assure myself that ‘Yeah, this is the kind of environment I am sure I can survive’. And Dr.Omololu brushed us up. He brushed our lives. He molded us, he re-molded.  Dr. Omololu is the type of leader that will see the talent in you even before you discover yourself. And he would bring it out. So many people are making a living right now from what they never expected they could live on. Even on the word of God. So Dr. Omololu is all encompassing. He is a father to all. Dr. Omololu is not just a Celestial person. He is an interdenominational man. He brings every church together under the  same roof and that is to the glory of God.
The GDA with Brother John Adegoke

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