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How Nigerian Elites buy Premature Death with their status symbol

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Nigeria's Richest Telecommunications Business Guru, Dr. Mike Adenuga Jnr. (A Very Affluent Elite in Nigeria & Africa)

The advantages and disadvantages of “making it” or becoming a big man/woman collectively predispose the unfortunate affluent Nigerian to a price to pay. That price is in the form of the likelihood of premature death from heart attack or suffering a massive stroke as a complication of high blood pressure.  These two problems can therefore be considered as a price for the pleasure and pain of affluence, which many Nigerians pay. Even if the victims of these two horrible conditions escape immediate death, the disabilities that usually follow are probably worse.  For example, nothing is more painful than seeing an erstwhile vigorous and outstandingly productive friend, relative or colleague being maimed by a stroke or turned into a vegetable as a result of mental deterioration from hypertension.  It also does not feel good to think that as a middle class Nigerian, you can be a victim any day.  It probably feels better to think: “It cannot happen to me!” And many take refuge under that illusion or the belief that it happens to others and not me.

Heart Treatment Experts at Tristate Heart & Cardiovascular Center, Ilisan Remo, Ogun State led by Dr. Kamal Adeleke
Currently, the fact is that the chances are high that any of these horrible conditions can happen to you or any middle class Nigerian in his or her middle age, spanning from mid-thirties to the sixties.  On the individual level, this is the period when one is either at the height of his/her productivity or savors the pleasure of own life-long labor and productivity.  It is when family members and loved ones look to the individual for support and guidance. More importantly for the nation, this is when individuals are at the height of their productivity in their respective careers; when the younger generation is supposed to draw on their invaluable knowledge and experience for leadership, guidance and support.
Chief DSP Alamieyeseigha, a former Governor & PDP Chieftain (M) lost his life to Heart Attack in 2015

The death and disabilities from stroke and heart attack that afflict this segment of the Nigerian population has created a near universal feeling of anxiety and insecurity among middle class Nigerians.  With so many relatively young blood relatives, friends and acquaintances often reportedly becoming victims of sudden death or disabilities, one is often reminded of own vulnerability.  If and when it does happen, the family is usually devastated.
A Night Club Entrepreneur, Mr. Hakeem Shodeinde lost his Kidney to Diabetes and died later

The reader should take a moment to reflect on what might happen to own family if he or she were to die right now!  Imagine the fate of the young children at different levels of schooling, the fledging young adults barely able to support themselves, not to talk of wife and elderly relatives who depend on you for sustenance. The family that has attained a notable level of prosperity and progress will suddenly become shattered, resulting in deem hope for the future.  Your life-long labor and vision for the family suddenly varnishes with your own life.  This is a disaster that can be avoided by your taking the information in this book seriously as well as taking the simple measures recommended.
Mr. Kunle Onigbanjo, a Lagos Socialite died of Heart related disease couple of years back

These relatively early and sudden deaths and disabilities, which happen more among middle class Nigerians certainly constitute a major drawback to the economic and political growth and development of the nation.  The frequent reports of the sudden death of notable political, socio-economic and local leaders in the country certainly constitute a major drain on the overall development and progress of the nation.  No one who really cares about the self, his or her family and loved ones, or the growth and development of the Nigerian nation can afford to take the prevailing problems of early and sudden death lightly.  They surely deserve both personal as well as governmental attention at local, state and national levels.
Nigeria's Billionaire Jimoh Ibrahim (M) An affluent man by all means

(From the Book; “Early and Sudden Death; the Price of Affluence among Nigerians”. Read “How Nigerian Elites eat themselves to death with spoon of ignorance” tomorrow on Asabeafrika)

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