Friday, 21 April 2017

General Electric on the spot By Louis Odion, FNGE

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Nigeria's Minister of Labor, Dr. Chris Ngige

About a decade ago, it was Halliburton, an American oil service company, which got indicted for nefarious activities in Nigeria. Whereas it was made to pay huge fine at home for the infractions in Nigeria, not only did it escape any charge here, all Nigerian Big Men implicated in the documents through which it was penalized in the United States are still walking the streets freely in Nigeria today.

Lately, another oil major, Shell, was exposed in the United Kingdom for shelling out hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes to senior Nigerian officials for contracts. Whereas its top executives are currently running from pillar to post back home to evade the long arms of the law, mum has been the word back in Nigeria.
Nigeria's Minister of Power, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola
Even while the dust stirred by Shell's corporate misdemeanor in Nigeria is yet to settle, General Electric entered the radar few days ago following allegation that it has chosen to flout an agreement brokered by Nigeria's Labour Ministry last year to resolve a dispute with a Nigerian oil service company, Arco.
The scandal blew open last week when irate workers under the umbrella of PENGASSAN picketed the Lagos office of GE. Their grouse: they are experiencing untold hardship since they were laid off by Arco last year without their entitlements being paid. Arco, on the other hand, says it is unable to meet the workers' demand because of GE's refusal to pay up $5m debt owed it.
The Author Louis Odion FNGE...Critically surprised at the large moral fraud of GE
Arco was earlier engaged by GE to maintain its oil installation in the Niger Delta. Along the line, GE unilaterally terminated the contract. All the terms listed were said to have been fulfilled by Arco to qualify for the pay off.
Thereafter, GE reportedly chose to stall. It was at this point that the Labour Minister, Dr. Chris Ngige, stepped in to protect not necessarily Arco but the hundreds of workers laid-off without compensation.
Will Justice play her role in this GE fraud in Nigeria?
Given GE's international stature, it is really shameful that it can be involved in this sort of dispute with a local vendor over a little amount.
Even more condemnable is that it remains intransigent after the intervention of the Labour minister. Well, the joke is actually on Nigeria. This is consistent with the growing culture of impunity - whether in the public or the private sector.
But GE will never try this sort of nonsense back home because it knows there will be serious consequences.
Nigeria's Minister of Justice, Mr. Malami

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