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How to kill high cholesterol & smoking habit + The 5 Ways formular & what not to do during exercise

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Today, we present you 5 strategies to stay out of high cholesterol  and how to equally get off the bondage of obesity. Read and check why some exercises are good for you. Enjoy!

 1.      Go to a medical doctor for you to be tested for blood cholesterol level.  Luckily, the test for cholesterol level is a simple one which an average medical laboratory can easily perform.  Test for cholesterol level should be done at least once a year.
The Heart System

2.      A blood cholesterol level of 200mg/dl and above is generally considered an alarm signal for action.  If the indication is that you have a high blood cholesterol level, dietary changes involving drastic reduction in the amount of animal fat sources, except fish, increased vegetables portion of meals and involvement in frequent vigorous routine exercises are usually enough to reduce high blood cholesterol level within a reasonable length of time.  Such actions should be planned with your doctor.
The Blood System

3.      For those whose cholesterol level is found to be dangerously high, the doctor may prescribe some of the new medications that lower blood cholesterol only as a quick and temporary measure.  Only dietary practices that discourage a build up of bad cholesterol level is the permanent solution.
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4.   For those whose cholesterol level is found to be low or moderate,the slogan in dietary habit should be, “More vegetables and less animal fat are good for you!”  You do not have to eliminate all animal protein sources from your diet.  If you have to eat generally fatty meat frequently, such as pork or goat meat, you can greatly minimize your cholesterol load by removing the obvious fatty portions of the meat then boil and/or dry the portions you want to eat.  If the broth from the boiled meat is put in the freezer or to cool off for a while, the congealed fat can be discarded while the broth provides a nice taste and flavor for various dishes.
Beware of the battle of the waistline

5.   Routine frequent exercise has been shown to prevent   accumulation of bad cholesterol in the blood.  It is therefore particularly important for individuals, especially those who may be disposed to high level blood cholesterol, to exercise frequently.  It has been shown that by exercising frequently, significant reduction of animal protein and increasing vegetable portion of diet, high blood cholesterol and even CAD can be stopped.  The issue of exercise is discussed more fully in the next section.
Check your health and tell a doctor before embarking on exercise

Tips on Exercise Regimens

Any amount of exercise is better than none. However, for an exercise regimen to actually strengthen the heart and improve the health of the heart and the circulatory system, it must be vigorous and long enough that the heart and lungs must work extra hard to be able to keep up.  The heart has to beat much stronger and faster and breathing much faster and deeper.  During vigorous exercise, the heart rate (pulse) and breathing rate can be as much as double in each case and you should perspire.  The average heart rate at rest is about  66 to 74 beats per minute and breathing is about 16 to 20 per minute.

Affluent Politician like Chief DSP Alamieyeseigha (M) need not to die if there was proper awareness
When engaged in full exercise regimen, the minimum time for exercise per week should be at least two times of about 30 minutes duration.  Any exercise section should start lowly and gradually increase in intensity as you warm up.  The attire for exercise should be safe, suitable for that particular exercise and conducive for free evaporation of sweat.  Generally, suitable size sneakers or canvas for shoes, short pants and minimum top wear are recommended for exercise. Many people often ask how much water to drink around exercise time?  This depends on the individual’s choice but it is generally not a good idea to drink too much fluid before and during exercise but you may wish to drink more after the exercise to quench your thirst.
Creative Entrepreneurs like Mr. Bunmi Adedayo of Tastee Fried Chicken shouldn't have died if there was enough awareness and preparation

There is a variety or a combination of exercises that you may chose to adopt.  While some exercises target certain parts of the body, those that involve most of the parts of the body, especially the large muscles, have the greatest impact on the heart, the circulatory system and lungs.  Such exercises are usually preferred for routine or general physical exaction.  Examples are distant jogging, jogging on the spot in loose disposition, sports and games like court tennis, table tennis, swimming, and fast walking/jogging and the use of treadmill.  Each of them has its advantages and drawbacks.

Affluent People like Billionaire Jimoh Ibrahim (M) need not jug around without seeking Doctor's advise
For example, while distant jogging may not cost much capital outlay apart from shoes and suitable dress, there has to be enough quiet pathways, found either in large parks or along suitably constructed roads in the town.  I am not aware of any town or city in Nigeria with such facilities.  In the absence of such facilities, distant jogging may constitute a real danger to the life and limbs of the individual.  On the other hand treadmill is not readily available in this country.  It requires a fairly expensive capital outlay and most of them use electric power, which is particularly unreliable where available.  The treadmill however can be used in the quiet and safety of one’s home, its speed can be regulated and it enables one to regulate and monitor such vital information as the speed, time spent, heart rate or pulse and the amount of calories spent.  Jogging on the spot in loose disposition involves no expense or need for a large space and can be done in the safety of the home or anywhere.  However, there is the tendency for those who decide for on-the-spot jogging to do so for inadequate length of time, probably because it is less exciting than most other forms of exercise, unless the individual is able to maintain a predetermined length of time, such as 10, 20 or 30 minutes per session.

Avoid the Use of Tobacco.
Smoking is dangerous to Health
Studies have shown that those who smoke cigarettes or use tobacco in some other form suffer more rapid damage to coronary or heart arteries than those who do not, given the same level of blood cholesterol.  In fact, those who smoke have about three time higher incident of heart attack than those who do not smoke.  As already pointed out, the negative impact of tobacco use is directly related to the amount that the person uses.

A former Nigerian Head of State died of Cardiac Arrest in 1998
It is therefore important that if you have any of the conditions that have been discussed as related to heart attack, you should not use tobacco in any form.  Otherwise your chances of suffering a heart attack may increase about three folds.  If you have been smoking, the good news is that the risk of a heart attack induced by smoking is significantly reduced once you stop smoking. The risk will still be substantially reduced if you cut down on the amount used in the event that you are unable to stop entirely.

(From the Book; “Early and Sudden Death; the Price of Affluence among Nigerians” Read “3 New ways to kill Stroke & Heart Attack in Nigeria” in our next post on Asabeafrika)

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