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How to kill Stroke & High Blood Pressure before they kill you

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Some Eminent Nigerians with Dr. Mike Adenuga, Nigeria's Richest Man in the Middle

We have already noted that hypertension or high blood pressure is the primary road to stroke and the surest way to avoid stroke is to prevent hypertension in the first place.  However, it may be unrealistic to talk of preventing hypertension in everyone since some factors like age and familial tendency, which no one has control over, sometimes play an important role in the occurrence of hypertension.  As already explained, people who are not predisposed to hypertension often develop the condition by indulging in certain lifestyle or neglecting certain simple actions that they ought to undertake.  Such practices or negligence hasten and worsen the development of hypertension in those who are naturally predisposed to the condition.  Avoiding the offending lifestyle and taking relevant actions can prevent, delay or minimize the occurrence of hypertension even in those who are predisposed to the condition.

The 6 ways of killing High Blood Pressure
The Blood System

The most important personal actions to take and lifestyle practices to avoid include the following six:

1.      Avoid overweight by eating only moderate amount of food.  At least 33% cent of your meals should consist of vegetables so that they provide blood while limiting the amount of calories consumed.
2.      Avoid eating excessive amount of animal protein foods or animal fat.  Not only do they easily build up your weight, they cause rapid deposition of fat in arteries which leads to increased blood pressure.
Billionaire Nigerian Entrepreneur Jimoh Ibrahim (M) is on the Big Side

3.      Reduce weight if you are overweight.  Excess weight is usually associated with high blood pressure.  If your abdomen is bulging or you are full all over, even if moderately so, you are probably overweight.  If you are not sure whether you are overweight or not, see a doctor who will be able to tell you and by how much kilograms or pounds you are overweight.

4.      Engage in vigorous routine exercise (Example of common exercises is presented under the section: “Tips on exercise”).  Exercise strengthens heart muscles to be able to function more effectively, enhances loss of excess salt and water from the body and improves elasticity of arteries to reduce high blood pressure or chances of developing high blood pressure.
Billionaire African Business Mogul, Otunba Mike Adenuga Jnr. is on the Big Side

5.      Do not smoke or use tobacco in any form.  If you have already acquired that habit, stop it.  If you cannot immediately stop entirely, reduce your daily use considerably.  Remember that the number and severity of health problems associated with tobacco use are proportionate to the amount used.
Smoking is dangerous to health

6.      Avoid excessive consumption of salt.  Salt retains water in the body, thereby increasing the volume of blood and blood pressure.

The 11 Strategies of Killing High Blood Pressure vis-à-vis Stroke
Always take your drugs to kill the effect of High Blood Pressure

As earlier explained, stroke usually occurs as a result of excessively high blood pressure.  You are therefore at very high risk of suffering a stroke if you allow your blood pressure to go very high either because you do not know that you are hypertensive or you neglect routine management of your high blood pressure.  To avoid stroke and consequent death or disability, you have to take the following actions to avoid excessively high blood pressure in the first place:

1.      If you have never had your blood pressure taken, or you have not done so for over one year or you cannot remember what your last blood pressure reading was, you must immediately go for your blood pressure right away.  You could be going about with dangerously high blood pressure without knowing.  Remember that many people with high blood pressure or very high blood pressure never know before they suffer stroke since there may be no tell-tale symptoms.
Chief DSP Alamieyeseigha, a former Governor of Nigeria's Bayelsa State died of Heart Attack as a result of High Blood Pressure

2.      If you are hypertensive, you must ensure that you comply with the prescribed medication regimen, diet, and routine medical check-up, even if your hypertension is under control; that is, even if your blood pressure remains normal with proper management.  Remember that hypertension cannot be cured and you must take the appropriate medicines to control the disease throughout your life.  With proper management of hypertension, anyone can live as long as nature will allow without death or disability from the disease. You should be able to know what your blood pressure is, at least once a month.

3.      Routine physical exercise is a must for anyone, particularly if you are hypertensive. Before starting any exercise regimen, remember to see a medical doctor first so as to check you out, especially the state of your heart in case it has already been involved.  The doctor will advise you on the intensity and length of exercise that will be suitable for you.

4.      You have to adopt healthy eating habit, which means eating moderate amount of food with plenty of vegetables and only a modest amount of animal protein foods and fat.
Mr. Onigbanjo another Lagos business man died of hear attack sometimes ago

5.      Cut down on the amount of salt you consume since salt increases retention of fluids in the body, the blood volume and blood pressure.

6.      If overweight, you must lose weight by a combination of eating less and routine vigorous exercising.
When your trouser is angry with your waist

7.      If you smoke, you must stop smoking or the use of tobacco in whatever form.  It is a question of life and death and you cannot afford the luxury of not being able to stop; unless you would rather choose tobacco over your life.
Smoking is bad

8.      If you are diabetic, it is very important to ensure that the condition is appropriately managed and controlled as well.  With uncontrolled diabetes, complications of hypertension are more frequent and more severe.

9.      Do everything you can to minimize stress.  Continuous psychological stress as a way of life or an episode of intense stressful experience shoots blood pressure up and often precedes stroke or other complications of hypertension.
General Sani Abacha a fomer Nigerian Head of State, died of Heart Attack as a result of High blood Pressure

10.    Provide for adequate rest and recreation as an essential part of life and health.  Prolong physical strain and/or inadequate sleep worsens the condition of high blood pressure and commonly precedes occurrence of stroke. The common saying that “all work and no play make jack a dull boy” is equally true for health generally and for prevention and management of high blood pressure.  Physical as well as emotional stress drains the body of strength and vitality.  It also puts extra pressure on the heart and the circulatory system, which easily predisposes stroke in hypertensive individuals.  Sleep and relaxation provide opportunity for the body to recuperate and replenish itself.  It is therefore particularly important for those who are hypertensive to have adequate rest and relaxation as one of the ways to avoid stroke.
Mr. Hakeem Shodeinde a Lagos Entrepreneur died of kidney related disease as a result of bad drinking habit

11.    Make sure you are familiar with symptoms of very high blood pressure so that you can seek immediate help before you become a helpless victim of stroke or other complications of hypertension.
A Group of Heart Specialist Doctors at Tristate Heart Facility, Ilisan Remo, Ogun State

From the Book; “Early and Sudden Death; the Price of Affluence among Nigerians”. Read “The 4-WayText to Kill Obesity & Heart Attack” in our next post on this blog)


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