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Lagos Pastor loses Multi Million Naira Choir Instruments to Robbers

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Pastor F.E. Bamiduro, Founder, Iye Ni Oro Naa (Lost Musical Equipment to Robbers in a funny manner)
It  must have been a sad moment for Pastor Folorunsho Emmanuel Bamiduro of Thy Word is Life Bible Church aka Iye Ni Oro Naa at CASSO area of Lagos when some men of the under-world stormed his church last Wednesday, April 12 in the night to steal some musical instruments in the church premises which includes guitars, Piano, Mixers and some microphones.  The manner of entry and stealing still baffles the man of God and his members till this moment as they claimed the robbers carried out the operation cleverly without drawing any attention.
 The church situated on Iwu Chukwu Street inside Area One Estate, CASSO was established some twenty years ago and one of the oldest land owner in the estate.
Sources who spoke to Asabeafrika said the man of God couldn’t believe his two eyes as the robbers were so mean in their disposition carting away a giant mixer, Keyboard, Microphones and other valuables. The Ikare Akoko—Ondo State born Pastor FE Bamiduro who is a former Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Chairman of CASSO branch in Lagos State and a well known social critic is said to have handed over the matter to God to deal with the culprits in His own way.
However, what is still giving residents of Iwu Chukwu Street great concern is the way and manner the robbers penetrated into the estate without anybody noticing thereby carting away the church’s properties. A Source who pleaded anonymity said the resident association of Area One Estate are not taking the matter lightly as it could portend greater danger for them in the nearest future.
Pastor Folorunsho Emmanuel Bamiduro with some CAN Chiefs
When this blog put a call to Pastor Bamiduro to feel his pulse on the matter, one of his aides who spoke to us said the Pastor who is equally a Prophet was busy attending to some spiritual issues and would call back.
When we called few hours later, the man of God was humble enough to speak to us. On weather he reported the matter to the police, Pastor Bamiduro reacted “We have a very strong resident association here and the church has reported the matter to them. I think they are looking into it and they will liaise with the Police and other security agencies for pro-active solution”.
On how he felt with the theft committed on his church, the veteran clergy said this “I have committed vengeance to God Almighty. It is not possible for you to rob God’s house and live a peaceful life. There will surely be repercussion. There is no two way solution to it. It is like impregnating a woman, if you do, you will get the repercussion in nine month’s time. So, it doesn’t bother me.Yes, those equipment are quite expensive but God will restore all. I believe God to restore our losses. But for those who perpetrated the act, I only wish they knew the repercussion before committing the act”.
Pastor Bamiduro went ahead to lament the crisis of unemployment in Nigeria. Hear him “Asabeafrika, do you know we are living in very interesting times. At times I just weep for this country. People are losing their jobs daily, people are dying of hypertension, people cannot afford to pay house rents and that is why the crime rate is high. People are just confused in this country and it seems government has no direct solution. Government seems not to know her people and the people seems not to know the government. The level of apathy is high. There is absolutely no connection between the government and the governed. Prices of commodities are damn too high and there is no policy to correct or moderate that from Government. I am afraid one day, if Government itself will not be a victim of it’s own droopiness” the Pastor lamented.
Pastor F.E. Bamiduro leading a Prayer Session
In another related situation, sources close to Meiran and Ahmadiyya areas of Lagos claimed that the same trend is presently happening in Meiran and Ahmadiyya  as robbers now visit churches at the dead of the night to steal equipment. A source who spoke to this blog in Moroga Area of Meiran told us how a church was recently burgled in the area with equipment worth millions of naira carted away “It is not about putting the church under lock and key these days” our source began “These robbers come highly prepared. They come in three and fives and always armed with terrible equipment that can dislodge any burglary no matter how strong. They will break in and cart away the valuables without any hassle from the Police. Churches are not the only victims, even homes. Recently, a man was visited around Harryson Kay Area around 3 am, they entered his compound and right before his eyes they started chiseling his burglary as he and his family panicked. They called the Meiran Police DPO’s number but he didn’t pick. The robbery lasted for two hours as they robbed his house and robbed his brother’s house next to him. They even shot him but he was lucky the bullet just hit his head slightly. Another neighbor who heard the gun shot also called Meiran Police Station but no help came from Meiran. They called RRS in Ikeja and could you believe that RRS responded and arrived before Meiran Police Men. I mean RRS from Ikeja came before Meiran Police men but the guys escaped. They escaped with one of the vehicles of their victim, a bus.”
Pastor F.E. Bamiduro....A Social Critic cum Man of God

Right now, this blog gathered that the people of Meiran up to Area One Estate down to Ahmadiyya Area along Lagos Abeokuta Express Road are now living in great fear as robbers seem to have made those area their new en-catchment area and the police seems to be helpless. Another sources who spoke to this blog suggested that many of the Police DPOs in those areas need to be transferred out of the areas and new ones brought for effective policing.  

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