Monday, 17 April 2017

Ten Strategies to become a Multi-Millionaire Whistle-Blower in Nigeria

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The GDA wants you to know the truth and be set free
The business of whistle-blowing is something that is now picking up in Nigeria as a result of the various manners the new anti-corruption policy of President Muhammad Buhari is helping Nigeria to become a better country. It is on record that during his campaign in 2015, President Buhari and his Vice, Professor Yemi Osinbajo drove on the mantra of killing corruption as one of their three agendas which include security and poverty alleviation. However, knowing his antecedent as an anti-corruption czar, President Buhari brought the WHISTLE BLOWING policy as his number one anti-corruption policy.

List names of appropriate places to visit
 On his Facebook Page this afternoon, Nigerian Citizen,  BOLUJO GREGORY gave TEN WAYS Nigerians can become successful as a Whistle Blow Professional. Find time and read the new ways to making millions as Federal Government promised to give 5% to any whistle blower who can give evidence that will lead the Economic & Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) to arresting and recovering of stolen loots. Find out more....
Take note of the Undersigned Opportunities

1. Locate anywhere Ghana-Must-Go Bags are being sold
2. Try to identify anyone buying two or more Ghana-Must-Go Bags
3. Follow the person without the noticing that you are following
4. If the person goes to a high class neighborhood, you are on your way to being a millionaire.
5. Hang around the neighborhood until you see the movement of the Ghana-Must-Go bags and the rest is left for you (To take action)
6. Hang around cemeteries to look out for what is being buried in the grave. It could be excess $$$$$ or £££££
7.  Apply to be either a cook or a driver or a house help or P.A. to  a big Oga or a Minister or a Legislator or a Custom officer or a top military officer. If you get a job with a Governor, you are already a millionaire.
Be a Whistle Blower and become rich
8. When you see Ghana-Must-Go bags off loaded in such vicinity be sensitive (La ju e, Shine Your eyes)
9.  Slip into anywhere a Soak-Away is being dug and find out what is going into the  the soak-away. Apply same knowledge for Over Head tanks. Always climb up to find out what is kept inside
 10. Go into an uncompleted building and for signs of an unusual activities there.

You might even find cool $$$$ or ££££ in a nice looking room like this one


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