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Why I don’t use cream, make up, manicure or pedicure —Oil baron, Princess Omolara Osipitan + Untold story of her Love life & Business

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Founder, First Royal Oil & Gas, Princess Roseline Omolara Osipitan with one of her daughters
Oil baron Princess Roseline Omolara Osipitan is a very pretty and intelligent woman. The  founder and Chief Executive officer of First Royal Oil and Gas, a leading petroleum marketing concern hardly grant interviews to the media. Princess Osipitan is the President of the Women Wing of Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN)
Sometimes ago,  your Africa’s Number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika had a chanced encounter with her inside her off Ologun Agbaje, Victoria Island—Lagos (South West Nigeria) home. We decided to get few tips from this rare gem of an entrepreneur.
Princess Rose Osipitan who  gave out one of her pretty  daughters to the family of a top People’s Democratic Party (PDP)  stalwart in Kwara State (North Central Nigeria) Senator Simon  Ajibola, was cooking for the family when Asabeafrika came visiting.  The very amiable Ondo state, South West Nigeria born lady who is married to an Ijebu Prince decided to honor  Asabeafrika with an interview. She told us the secret of her  business empire and how she built one of Nigeria’s leading oil marketing firms-First Royal Oil and Gas. Enjoy the excerpts.

Can you share your business principles with us?
Princess Rose Omolara Osipitan to Asabeafrika....'In business, trust and integrity is first law'

Well, in business you have to endure challenges. You have to be honest and don’t be greedy. That has always been my law and it is my first law. You have to be sincere. Let me tell you this, doing business in Nigeria is full of challenges but with a good measure of understanding, you can sail through. So, you have to posses a strong shock absorber and be ready to make sacrifice. You must be honest, people have to trust you to be able to do business with you. People have to see the zeal in you. Above all, quality is king in business; you must sell a good product. That is the only way to sustain your business credibility and protect your integrity. First Royal and every other of our business concern wouldn’t have stood the test of time if we didn’t have the culture of quality. If you give quality and you are hard working, the sky will never be your limit. The next thing is God’s grace. God’s grace is the icing on the cake, without it, success is hard to come by”
Can you tell us how you built the First Royal Brand?
Rose Osipitan to Asabeafrika....'God built First Royal. I pilot the company' 

I will say it is strictly by God’s grace. God built First Royal, I am just the pilot and I will liken the story to that of an aeroplane built by Boeing or any of the great aeroplane makers in the world. When the aeroplane is produced, a pilot is called to fly the it. I pilot First Royal but God built First Royal, it is not my doing at all. It is God’s doing. Talking about being a woman in that field, there are lots of women in petroleum business and I think we are doing well. You know whatever a woman is doing, she does it very well. She does it conscientiously and that has always been the trademark of our success at First Royal. I am the chairperson of the female league of the Independent Petroleum Marketer Association of Nigeria (IPMAN) and our body is a very patriotic organization with the love of country first before anything else. I also belong to few social organizations whose philosophies are tailored around human development.  I will do anything that will edify human development
What major factor can you say really helped you to become successful in life?
Princess Omolara Osipitan with ageless friends

Loyalty to customers come first but I think it is still the grace of God like I said earlier because there have been a lot of ups and downs in building the company to where it is now, we are almost two decade old and we are still waxing strong. Like with every other business,  we have equally faced our own trying moments but we were able to triumph because first of all, we put our trust in God and secondly, we follow credible business principles that never wane. We are in business for real. Our team is trained to respect customers and take customers opinion as superior to any other opinion. Lastly, we sell quality and we don’t bend quality control.
With your success in business, would you love to go into politics later in life?
The Princess (M) & Her friends

 I am not running away from politics, it all depends on what you believe in. It depends on your field. Some people believe politics is a field or a career but to me, politics is simply service. I was already established in business before the fourth republic, and if I could touch lives through my businesses, what am I looking for in politics? However, you never say never because politics is something one should never totally abstain from. It is all about us. I could remember when we were young, during the second republic, I was young at the time and a lot of terrible things happened in our state, Ondo. People played politics with venom and bitterness. Then it was politics of bitterness and that mentality stayed with me. People were being killed mercilessly and properties destroyed during the Omobori-Owo/Ajasin saga in Ondo state. It happened in our presence and that sad memory sticks to one’s consciousness and that really traumatizes us till date. Although we were not directly in politics but my parents participated and we saw people killing people and destroying properties and that particular experience really scared me off politics and it is one experience one must not pray to witness again in a life time. We were in our developmental years then and you could imagine what such an experience will do to your psyche as a child.
How did you develop your business acumen?
Princess Rose Omolara Osipitan CEO, First Royal Oil & Gas

I came from a home where discipline is the hallmark of everything, my parents were modest in their things but they were equally into business and that was what fired my gut to go into business at a very early stage in life. They did very well in business and they were equally religious. They were part of the political movement of that era. But I think they did well in business and that fired my zeal to start business early in life. I started business at a very young age of  24. That was when I went into business full hug, that happened to me because my parents were business people and they instilled the courage in us very early in life. To them, anything worth doing at all is worth doing well. My mother was into trade and when I was very young I used to help her, anytime I return from school I was the one that runs her trading business on her behalf and I equally manage her finances. So, the love started from there and that was what really prompted me into business very early in life.
Can you tell us your Parent’s name?
Princess Rose Osipitan hosts friends and Olu of Itori, Oba Fatai Akamo inside her house in Lagos

My mother’s name is Mrs. Victoria Akinwande while dad’s name is Chief Taiwo Akinwande, he was a very, very prominent personality in Ondo state of his time. They are both late now but I am grateful for their parental guide.
Did you just started as an oil marketer or you were into other businesses before First Royal?
The Princess and her colleagues at IPMAN

 Before I started First Royal, I was doing other businesses. Initially I was into haulage business; I was doing haulage business for blue chip firms. I was a sub-contractor for Multi-national companies and I was doing haulage for them. From there, I went into big time poultry business. I was into poultry for twenty solid years. I was a very big Poultry farmer in Lagos state. By then when you are to talk about farming, I would be counted among the first three. By the grace of God, anything I do turn out well.
What is your staying power?
A Stylish Princess Rose Omolara Osipitan

Hard work, honesty and God’s grace. I don’t see those businesses as men’s field. I see them as endeavors that anyone could venture into and that is my winning formula. I go into it, I win and I make my mark. I have done business successfully in the last forty years.
As a grandmother, do you have any succession plan?
Prince Rose Osipitan with her Senior Daughter

Of course, my first daughter is already in office. She is the MD/CEO of First Royal Group and my first son is the Operations Manager. I feel happy seeing them doing the business at this point in time. When they were younger, I did all the running around to ensure that we build a good family business empire but today 80% of the work is done by them, I give God the glory because he alone builds families. My family is a testimony of God’s benevolence to me.
You are such a pretty woman. Can you share the story of the man who controls your heart with us?
Princess and her charming prince....The Ijebu Prince who stole her heart

 My husband is a very great man, a kind and loving husband. A dotting father and wonderful counselor of sort. It is widely agreed that behind every successful man, there is a woman but in my case, behind a successful woman there is a great husband (laughs). He is my father, my husband, my adviser, my counselor rolled into one. He has stood by me in both good and trying times and I am very proud of him. His name is Prince Bola Osipitan, he is a prince from Ijebu Mushin. My husband is a royalty and I am very proud of his heritage. Like I said, he is a very wonderful man that has been a stabilizing factor in my life and the life of my children
How did you met & fall in love with him?
Prince Bola Osipitan....The Heartbeat of The Oil Princess

Let me just tell you that providence brought us together many, many years ago and since then the love has continue to wax stronger and stronger. He is my soul mate. My husband has his own company, we are both busy but no matter how busy we are, we still find time to bond together. We go out for picnic when the time calls for it and we do things that lovers do no matter the level of work and pressure. My husband is a very dotting husband. He is also into my line of business but runs his own company separately
Do you share same bed room with your husband?
Princess Rose Osipitan with hubby & Daughter during a church service in Lekki

 What do you mean by sharing the same room? (Laughs Heartily). Of course what God has joined together, let no situation put asunder (More laughter). We sleep in the same bed room, yes I have my own room and he has his. But in most cases we share his room because my own room is used as a dressing room for my clothes and fashion accessories. It is only the toilet that demarcates us. Yes, at times he comes to my room to watch the television and chat with me but majorly his room is where we both live. And that is one of the strategies of marriage, if couple say they are married, why stay apart in different rooms? It doesn’t make sense to me. For the marriage to work, you must share intimacy, you must share comfort, you must share secrecy, you must share affection and you must share love. So for me, I tie my marriage to the kind of intimacy I enjoy with my husband. To answer your question properly, we have been sharing the same room since the beginning of our relationship.
What kind of a person is your husband?
Princess Rose Osipitan with her Senior Daughter

My husband is a very decent man, a man whose word is his bond, easy going and easy to be with. Apart from the fact that he is a royalty, my husband is also a man of God. He is of the Cherubim and Seraphim, Ayo Ni o faith. A devoted man of God with a heart of gold and that has been a huge benefit to our relationship. I thank God for his life and for the kind of life we share together.
What is your husband’s favorite meal and can you cook it?
Princess Rose Osipitan with one of her lovely daughters

His favorite meal is Eba and Efo Riro with Panla fish. You know Ijebu men eats lots  of eba with vegetable soup. My husband loves his normal fresh fish, snail and vegetable soup but give him Eba with vegetable soup and Panla and you are a great darling (laughter). I do that for him personally
What is the secret of your fresh look?
Princess Rose Osipitan with Close Friend, Lady Risikat Odumosu aka Iyalaje of Gutter Market & Founder, Rizzy Fashion & Accessories

I don’t know, it is God, honestly I don’t know.  I don’t use cosmetic, it is natural beauty. In fact, I don’t even do manicure and pedicure, I don’t do things like that.  This is my natural beauty given to me by God. At times, if I feel I am moving up and I have to come down, I have a scale in my bathroom. At least once in a week, I check my weight. If I am growing fatter, I try to trim down. If I am going down too much, I try to moderate my food as well. But I don’t even go to the saloon, even creaming my face, I don’t do all those things. It doesn’t add up to one’s beauty. I am a natural person and I believe in natural things.
Who is your role model?
Two of Princess Rose Osipitan's Best Friends, Alhaja Chief (Mrs.) Basirat Olayinka Ojugbele and Lady Alake Rotimi Adejonwo Oshun

I like Bill Clinton he is one global leader who has a mature sense of diplomacy and a high sense of giving. He gives in words and ideas. I like his personality as well. That is one leader that motivates me. I read his biography and I listen to him on CNN or any international channel he speaks.
Do you do golf or table tennis?
Elder Friends of Princess Rose Osipitan, Madam Bisi Edionseri (L) and Madam Bisi Abiola (R)

 I don’t do any of that. I like listening to good music in the corner of my room. I have a very big screen where I watch musical videos and musical shows, I enjoy those lives shows very much and that is one hobby I find healing. If you do good music, I am game for it. I like quality music be it Jazz, Highlife, Juju, Apala or Hip-Hop, let the music have a message, let it have a melody and above all, let it be philosophical I will buy. I also watch our local Yoruba movies. I love their work and I always support them. Yes, I like partying but not at all times, I select my outings. I am an introvert to be frank with you.
What is your best fashion accessory?
Princess Omolara Osipitan discussing with the Olu of Itori Kingdom, Oba Fatai Akamo inside her Lagos home

My outing determines my fashion apparel. But you see me in traditional dresses when I go for social parties like Owambes; Besides that, I can wear lady suits, I can do well with gown or any fashionable attire that suits my mood.  I like brighter colors. When it comes to colors, I like royal blue as a favorite color. I also like bright colors as you can see today I am wearing a bright color. Then my accessories must be moderate and not flamboyant.
What about your best meal?
“Rice and Efo riro
As I came in this evening I saw you in the kitchen cooking. I can’t believe my eyes?
Princess Rose Omolara Osipitan with one of her sweet daughters on her wedding day
I love cooking, there are some meals I don’t allow my house help to cook for me. She can only cook stew but when it comes to Efo Riro, I am in charge; that is what you met me doing (Laughter). And like I told you earlier, that is my husband’s favorite soup as well. I like it with rice, he likes it with Eba. It is also a lesson for our women folk, whatever that is meant for your husband must not be allowed to be handled by anyone else but you. That is one of the cardinal laws of marriage.
 Can you say a parting word to young married women?
Princess Omolara & Prince Bola Osipitan... Love made in heaven..
I think today’s young people lack patience. Both the men and the women want to climb the ladder of success quickly; they want to get to the top quickly. I will advise them to climb slowly. Slow and steady they say, wins the race.  They want to climb the step very, very fast but I can liken their ambition to cooking a pot of soup. If you cook a pot of soup, you don’t just start eating the soup immediately, you have to allow the soup to cool down before you start eating it or else you will not only burn your bowels but you will equally destroy your lungs.  Young people  nowadays want to cook now, eat the food, hot-hot, so they are on the fast lane which is a wrong lane. Our young girls these days don’t want to work, they only want to follow men old enough to be their father and earn free, cheap money. That is a very bad trend, women should stay on their job. Your work will make way for you eventually. Don’t be lazy. The young women of today must have a re-think. They must start to see hard work as the only remedy. Be focused, honest and God fearing and see if you wont make it in life.
Princess Rose Osipitan with friends at a Social engagement

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