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How Oluwo of Iwo cheated on chieftaincy aspirants—Chief Abiola Ogundokun + Reveals dirty escapades of the Oluwo

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High Chief Abiola Ogundokun in a world Press Conference in Iwo last Sunday, May 7, 2017

Last Sunday afternoon, your Africa’s number 1 Celebrity Encounter Blog, Asabeafrika was in the ancient city of Iwo to access the level of the crisis of influence and power ravaging the town. Since Sunday April 30 when the youthful Oluwo of Iwo, His Royal Majesty Oba Abdul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi (Telu 1) announced his stripping of eminent Nigerian and elder statesman, High Chief Abiola Ogundoku’s traditional and Islamic titles, the town has been divided alongside different opinions. However, it appears that the King is on his own as the body of Imams and the Royal ruling Houses have soon taken sides with the former National Secretary of the NPN party and a former PDP chieftain, High Chief Abiola Ogundokun, chiding the Oluwo for daring to cause political unrest by stripping the title bestowed on Chief Ogundokun over 40 years ago by his ancestors and the Islamic community. The Oluwo who has been enmeshed in several other scandals in his one year reign seems not to be getting over the issues at hand. So, why did Chief Ogundokun fell out with the Oluwo of Iwo? What are the issues that led to the fraction? This and many more Chief Ogundokun told Asabeafrika during a world press conference with the four ruling houses in Iwo on Sunday May 7. Enjoy the excerpts.

Chief, we understand there is an altercation between you and the Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi. Can you kindly tell us what the situation look like right now?
High Chief Abiola Ogundokun, the Obanla of Iwo Land

Because I have seen illegality, criminality, drug addiction and irresponsible persecution of innocent community people including members of the royal families. As the financier who has been supporting Oluwo with my money and everything, I decided to caution him and advise that he should stop it. Among his sins are; if he wants to install somebody as a chief in Iwo and ten people are contesting (for the title), take money from the man you are sure you want to put there. Don’t take money from all the ten. We do accept that whatever he gets from there is part of the contribution to the throne. I think it is wrong (to take money from multiple of individuals) because people go about borrowing money because they want to become chiefs or anything. I give him enough money, minimum, at least half a million every month which I give in cash and sometimes by bank transfer.
The Oluwo of Iwo almost prostrating to thank High Chief Abiola Ogundokun for a favor done him
He found an offense in my confronting him on that. Like one of his lawyers who defended him in the criminal acts filed by the Oluwo of Iwo Oke. He promised (the lawyer) and invited him to come and take over the title of Aipate. The title of Aipate, this man didn’t seek for him to give him that title but he is the one who offered him. I am a living witness to that. Now, you have collected N1.2 million from this man. If the man denies today, I have tape recording where the man told me the total money Oluwo collected from him without making him the Aipate of Iwo land. And he now brought somebody from his friend in that same family, and installed him. I even I advised his lawyer (the victim) to attend the ceremony, which he attended. Oluwo was still having the effrontery to bring him out and disgrace him there in the public. Those are some of the terrible things Oluwo did which I advised him against.
Sir, now, the Oluwo has announced that you are being relieved of your chieftaincy titles. How would you react to that?
The embattled Oluwo of Iwo with High Chief Abiola Ogundokun last year at Ogundokun's daughter's wedding in Lagos
Oluwo is wasting time he has no power. He has even promoted me by making me an Oba in Iwo land. I am now the Oba Nla of Iwo land. I have the letter he wrote me. How can he make me an Oba just two months ago and he will come out to say I am not good again. I will give you copies of that letter which tells the story.
Why did you called this august meeting with the ruling houses?
High Chief Abiola Ogundokun giving his speech before scions of the 4 ruling Houses in Iwo
You mean this one?
Yes, Sir
I didn’t call them o (Change to vernacular; Bawo mo se de bi yi o? To which all members of the royal houses chorused and said, “Awa la pe yin”—We invited you). They called me while we were in the hospital with the boy Oluwo brought a gun to kill this morning. We were there and some members of the press were there. He was there (Pointing to a top New man from Osogbo),
An elderly woman in Iwo lamenting the situation of things to High Chief Abiola Ogundokun before the commencement of the World Press Conference
when I got the call that they wanted to see me. This is the president of all the royal families in Iwo land. They called me and it would be disservice if I fail to honor because I am under their control, they are the four royal families in Iwo land. These are all their representatives sitting down here. They said they have an emergency meeting because of the latest development in Iwo that Oluwo went and brought a gun and wanted to kill somebody and they said they want me to come.
As the say goes, when two elephants fight, the grass is bound to suffer. As an elder statesman and eminent Nigerian of many means, how do you think this crisis can be resolved to enable peace reign in Iwo land?
High Chief Abiola Ogundokun....'Said both ex-President Obasanjo and Governor Rauf Aregbesola tried to settle his scores with Oluwo but the monarch refused to yield'
I want to tell you I have done everything humanely possible. My dear brother and friend, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo invited us for peaceful resolution and settlement, he told Obasanjo ‘No, I will handle the matter by myself’. Obasanjo offered to come to Iwo, pleaded with him that ‘Let me come and settle it. This man is the one who brought you to us that we should help rescue you from your court case’. The governor (Ogbeni Rauf Aragbesola) called us, he listened to the facts, the governor didn’t even want us to make any statement but he (Oluwo) insisted on telling his story, he told his story but when I started my story, he rose up to box me in the presence of the governor; that is how he has been very oppressive and negative to peaceful settlement.
He equally made allegation that you marched his leg during an event in Iwo town on Saturday April 29. Why did you march the Oluwo’s leg?
The Oluwo of Iwo sitting majestically on his King Seat
I have evidence to show that where he sat and how he sat, nobody can even go near his seat. He has a high rise chair which he has to climb steps before he gets to the seat. I will show you in my camera. You cannot get near to him. Then, there is a big cushion. If you want to match his leg, you have to climb that cushion and then climb the staircase to the chair. It is a specially made royal chair. And I was the chairman of that occasion.
High Chief Abiola Ogundokun sitting at a far distance between the SSS Director, Oyo State and an Islamic cleric at the event where Oluwo allegedly fell out with him on April 29
He was even called to address the occasion after two traditional rulers had spoken, rather than addressing the issue of praying for the couple, he started calling me names and called himself god because he claims to be god, and the ancestral Telu of Iwo land. That he is god. And the state Director of the SSS, Oyo state sat by my right hand side. Magaji Abdul Baki sat on my left. He came there to provoke me, did everything, I didn’t talk. You can ask from the Imams.
Oluwo sitting majestically on the chair where he allegedly claimed Chief Ogundokun marched his foot
All the Imams in South West were present. They were disturbed, when they even tried to stop him, he refused. He had to wrestle, he was fighting them before they could get the microphone from him; and the second day he announced that he has removed me, he cannot remove me. I have been Otun Balogun for over 40 years and Basorun Musulumi for about 19 years.
Sir, you mean Oluwo is fighting you simply because you advised him against taking money from different traditional title contenders and giving the title to just one person?
The High Chief tells the media about his fall out with Oluwo
Absolutely, don’t engage in bad behavior, don’t smoke, and don’t get drunk again. Give respect to the royal princes as it is accustomed to Yoruba culture and tradition. The second one is that he should stop cheating the indigenes, if you have a title and ten people are contesting for that title, don’t take money or monies from all the ten people, take money from just the person you are going to give the title to because anybody that gives you his money and you deny such a person the title, it is a bad thing. You would have heard the story of how he collected money from some people and they brought a dead body to the palace to haunt him.
Chief Abiola Ogundokun to the Press 'An Oba whose palace hosts a dead body will never reign well'
You don’t bring dead body to the palace but this people brought dead body to him in the palace just because of his greediness. And anybody that is a king and a dead body is taken to the palace during his reign; he will keep finding himself in one trouble or the other. And since a year he has been on that throne, it is one day, one crisis. The ruling house wrote him, they didn’t write to anybody, they said ‘Kabiyesis, the way you are running this government, let us always have access to you for deliberations just like it is accustomed to us in Iwo, that, one tree cannot make the bush’. You ought to seek a democracy with the royal houses. Please, let us always meet with you and deliberate on issues.
A cream of Press Executives talks to High Chief Abiola Ogundokun while Princes of the Ruling Houses watch on
And all these titles you are giving out, always let us have knowledge of your intention so that we can be advising and giving you direction because you didn’t grow in Iwo (He grew in Canada) and you are short of the knowledge of history like we that grew here. And what was his response to that simple question from the royal princes? He arrested them with police both the young and the old, even Baba,
The January 8th 2017 letter written to High Chief Abiola Ogundokun by HRM Oba Abdul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi making Ogundokun the Obanla of Iwo
(Asiwaju Babatunde Kamilu-Arowolo) before God saved them and he even began to create unfounded titles and giving them out. And they said any traditional title that is not synonymous with Iwo, stop giving unto people.  He even gave me a title without informing them. I have the letter with me. So, he is not democratic.
In a nutshell, what do you think is the best option to this crisis?
High Chief Abiola Ogundokun & Oba Abdul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi at Ogundokun's daughter's wedding September last year
It is for God to help us send him away because this town can never be settled with someone like that on the royal throne. If someone can become King and the royal princes cannot access the palace again, is that a good omen? These are the royal princes, are they allowed going into the palace? Ask them. Even Oluwo Oke that we begged to drop his court case against him, the royal princes arranged a meeting between him (Oba Abdul Rasheed Akanbi) and Oluwo Oke (Oba Kadiri Adeoye) and he agreed that they should call for a meeting. (He turned to the royal princes and asked) ‘How many times have you called both of them for meeting now?’ (And they chorused ‘Eemeta’ meaning ‘three times’). But he ridiculed the meeting, calling Oluwo Oke a common baale, that if he cannot be brought to his palace, no settlement. At a time, he even went on radio in Ibadan while they were waiting for him here in Iwo to cast aspersion on the person of Oba Kadiri Adeoye the Oluwo of Iwo Oke. So, how do you think we can have peace with such a person on the royal throne of Iwo?
Can you tell us what happened this morning with one Rondo-Rondo?
The High Chief in the midst of telephones calls and visitations
Yes, there is a boy who once worked with him and he wanted to rape that boy. That boy is his right hand man, if I give him cash, it is the boy I give the money to and he will take it to his bed room. In fact they both drink and get drunk together. The two of them are so close but we never knew what was going on between them. So, one day, he (Oluwo) said he will have sex with this boy and the boy told him that he cannot practice gay.
What is his name?
The High Chief Abiola Ogundokun on phone with a former IG of Police who called him
Agbaje. His popular name is Rondo-Rondo; he is right now in the hospital. You will all see him today. The boy covered his secret for long but the last one he did when he wanted to rape the boy by force, the boy called a chief and informed him. In fact, it was my presence that the boy re-called the chief recently and I recorded it because the chief said it was true that the boy told him exactly that. That they should help him beg Oluwo to leave him alone; so, when he got to know that the boy reported him to someone, he now said he is looking for his hundred dollars and that he is sacking the three of them working in the palace.
The High Chief Speaking to AIT crew
So, after the boy left, he then called back the other two. He didn’t pay the boy’s salary and he even went further to malign the boy’s name on the internet, saying that he sacked him because he stole his money and that was where the boy now shouted out that ‘I never stole your money o’. ‘It is sleep with me; I am not sleeping with you that brought this crisis’. So, he started threatening the boy that since he has revealed his secret to a third party, there is no more sanity for him again. So, he started threatening the boy. When I was with the press last week in Osogbo, the boy came to us and the boy told us the story of how he intended sleeping with him and he refused. Since that day, Oluwo started looking for a way to arrest the boy; we were waiting for him to arrest the boy with police. But suddenly, yesterday, to be honest I heard the CP (Commissioner of Police, Osun Command) came down to Iwo yesterday and the CP warned him (Oluwo) that ‘look, don’t take laws into your hand’. I just finished speaking with the CP, now.
The High Chief with the GDA as he receives delegation of Media Executives who joined him for a summon from the Ruling Houses
He warned the Oluwo not to take laws into his hands, that it is the police that can arrest anybody. So, don’t take laws into your hands. If someone makes an allegation against you, you can sue the person to court but you cannot arrest him. But last night, 1am, he took his riffle and I have even reported that gun to the SSS, since last Friday. So, he grabbed the riffle and took some thugs from his house led by his Chief thug, they call him ‘Iron Body’ and he went and broke the house of the boy. You people will go and take the picture of the boy’s house now and you will see the kind of damage. He beat the boy to coma, all his face was battered and he even used the butt of his gun to hit the boy’s chest.
The High Chief with the GDA before the World Press Conference in Iwo town
According to what residents said, he equally used tear gas on the boy and left his family in total disarray. He eventually kidnapped the boy, seized his phone, and seized the wife’s phone. He started checking on the logs and said ‘Oh, you have called Ogundokun’. And he said ‘yes, I know you would have called Ogundokun’. I think it was because of the awareness of his sordid action that night, he became afraid, that they have seen that he is the one that took the boy away, so after torturing the boy, he now returned him to the police station this early morning.
Which police station?
The High Chief Abiola Ogundokun speaking with journalists
Iwo Police Station and the police locked up the young man. I, as an anti-corruption crusader, anti-injustice person; people called my attention to what happened and I made myself available. There was a heavy crowd at the police station; in fact, the royal princes were already there. I said ‘DPO, what has this boy done to deserve this?’ he said it was Oluwo who arrested him and brought him down. And that they warned Oluwo not to try it, he too was surprised to see the way the boy was tortured. So, people applied for the boy’s bail and the boy was bailed. Take this guy to the hospital, and the hospital they took him to, they said they admitted the patient. But they came and told the DPO, in my presence that the boy should be taken to a government hospital and the boy said ‘with Oluwo’s influence, if they take him to government hospital, they might get him down there’. Because the civil service circle could be weakened, so, we agreed to relocate the boy to a private hospital. So, we have record that the boy was taken to a private hospital after Oluwo kidnapped and tortured him. (Watch the video edition on Asabe Afrika TV via Youtube)

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