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How Oluwo of Iwo fell out with Chief Abiola Ogundokun + All the dirty scandals exposed …Why Ogundokun might sue Oluwo

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Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi thanking Chief Abiola Ogundokun for his kindness
The personality clash between the Oluwo of Iwo land, HRM, Oba Abdul Rasheed  Adewale Akanbi (Ilufemiloye TELU 1) and eminent Nigerian and former People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Chieftain, High Chief Abiola Ogundokun might have taken a new twist as more revelations were unveiled by Asabeafrika this morning.
Information at our disposal suggests that the lingering personality war between Ogundokun and the Iwo monarch began early in the year after the elder statesman allegedly cautioned the monarch over some acts which are alleged to be adverse to his position as a king.

The climax of their disagreement was a recent stripping of Ogundokun’s traditional and Islamic titles by the youthful monarch after a little misunderstanding at a Wedding party in Iwo town. A situation which led the former Publicity Secretary of the defunct National Party of Nigeria to report the Oluwo to some eminent Nigerians, daring his ability to strip him off his cherished titles.  The 80 years old Iwo born politician said the 41 years old monarch moved against him because he cautioned him against some despicable acts un-befitting of a king.
The two: Chief Ogundokun and Oluwo in the good old days?
Ogundokun who is higly respected across several Yoruba towns in the South Western part of Nigeria said the Oluwo was not competent enough to strip him of the chieftaincy titles bestowed upon him by his predecessors and the Islamic community of Iwo.
High Chief Abiola Ogundokun....'Oluwo has no power to strip me of my titles'
In one of his releases to the press, Chief Ogundokun noted clearly “The pronouncement of Oba Adewale was laughable. It is only the Imam of Iwo that has the requisite power to strip me of the title of Basorun Musulumi given to me over 18 years ago, while my title of Otun Balogun was conferred on me about 40 years ago for my good works and development of Iwo land which remains sacrosanct through a letter of conferment”. “Oluwo, you cannot remove me because you lack the competence to do so and soon, we will sack you. I remain myself, High Chief Abiola Ogundokun, the Basorun Musulumi of Iwo land, the Otun Balogun of Iwo land, the Aare-Ago of Iwo-Oke, the Seriki of Iba, the Apesin of Erin-Osun, and the Ajagunpote of The Source, Jagun of Ajagunlaase among many others (Traditional titles in Yoruba land)
How the crisis started…
The Oluwo praising Chief Abiola Ogundokun at Ogundokun's daughter's wedding
Many people who knew the relationship between the young Iwo monarch and Chief Abiola Ogundokun were very surprised when the news of their squabble  got into town early this week. Many analysts were of the opinion that if there should be anyone to be blamed in this stained scenario, it will definitely be the youthful Oluwo who has been a victim of several scandals and negative perceptions in the last one year of his reign. His name, position and character has always been tinted with one scandal or the other. It is either he is being alleged to be involved in Yahoo-yahoo scams before his ascendancy to his high stool or his name is associated with the snatching of microphone from Islamic clerics during Jumat service and forcefully conducting the service after declaring himself as ‘superior to any Imam’.
Oba Abdul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi (Oluwo of Iwo land)
Or the Kabiyesi is  rejecting some court summons and even threatening to arrest judges and legal officers with native laws among many other despicable action filled misdemeanors.  So, how did Oluwo and Chief Ogundokun fell apart? This question is a one million Naira question in Iwo town right now.
High Chief Abiola Ogundokun
However, Asabeafrika carried out a deep investigation early today and we found more shocking revelations that seem to have hidden in secrecy. Even though such facts still remain in the realm of ‘allegations’, our investigation stripped off brave surprises.
The Oluwo & Ogundokun fraternity…
Chief Abiola Ogundokun dancing with the Oluwo

Many people who have come in contact with the new Oluwo, Oba Abdul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi (Telu 1) in the last one year of his  reign must have met him in majority of the circumstances in company of Chief Abiola Ogundokun. The elder statesman is either seen hosting the monarch in his Lagos home on seen in high class events with him.  On two occasion, in 2016, when Chief Ogundokun was giving out his daughters in marriage, the Oluwo was not only present at the chief’s festac town, Lagos mansion but equally attended with his retinue of chiefs.
Ogundokun, Oluwo and his Jamaican wife with her crown
The first event was on Thursday August 27, 2016 when Chief Ogundokun gave out Uyioghosa, one of his pretty daughters born to him by a Benin Lady in marriage to one Osagie Elaiho, the son of a top Edo State cultural icon, Chief Jerome Elaiho. The event which had eminent Nigerians like Senator Anthony Adefuye, Chief Alani Bankole, Senator Kofoworola Bucknor and Senator Tunde Salvador among many other political gladiators in attendance, had over 15 royal fathers from across 15 kingdoms in the South Western part of Nigeria.
The Oluwo and his Olori at Chief Abiola Ogundokun's house for Uyi's wedding
The Oluwo was one of the leading royal fathers who was highly welcomed and treated to a cool hospitality at the chief’s Lagos residence. In fact, the Oluwo graced the occasion with his Jamaican wife, Olori Chanelle who was heavily pregnant at the time. The Oluwo equally attended the white wedding of the Chief’s daughter at Bishop Vinning Memorial (Anglican Church) GRA—Ikeja two days later (August 29th). He didn’t leave Lagos until Sunday August 30th.
Oluwo giving the letter of intention of love to Chief Ogundokun during Uyioghosa's wedding
On Thursday, October 20th, 2016, Chief Ogundokun again gave out another of his pretty daughters, Oluwafunmiloya Oyindamola  born to him by a pretty Ijebu-Ode born nurse/midwife, Lady Bola Akadiri Ogundokun. He gave her in a Holy Nikkai to one Barrister Olayinka Afeez Olokun-Ola an Ikorodu-Lagos born investment attorney.
At the October event which was attended by so many eminent Nigerians including former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo (GCFR), Chief Ogundokun invited over 20 Yoruba traditional rulers to his Festac—Lagos mansion and the Oluwo was prominent among them.
The Oluwo and his Obanla
In fact, he was given more privileges to conduct the weding Nikkai than other Obas like the Elerin of Erin Osun (a prominent town in Osun State) and 20 other Obas from various towns. During both Uyioghosa and Olufunmilayo’s nuptials, the Oluwo played prominent roles as Chief Ogundokun allegedly held him in very high esteem and equally made him the cynosure of all eyes among his counterparts. (Find all stories & pictures on .
The Oluwo thanking Chief Ogundokun for offerring him a fatherly advise
 Chief Ogundokun who loves culture and tradition, was the one responsible for all expenses paid on the arrival and departure of the Oluwo and his entourage as he made sure they were camped in the best Hotel facility in Lagos.
High Chief Abiola Ogundokun
On July 7, 2016, during his 80th birthday celebration at his Festac home, Lagos, Chief Abiola Ogundokun while speaking to Asabe Afrika TV, spoke  glowingly of the new Oluwo, praying for him and wishing him a good tenure in his reign. (Check Asabe Afrika TV on Youtube). Nobody could ever believe that the two will fall apart so soon.  
Ogundokun as Oluwo’s Image maker…
Chief Abiola Ogundokun introducing the Oluwo to former Justice of the Hague, Bola Ajibola
Chief Ogundokun a socialite of over 50 years is also reputed to have facilitated special appearances for the youthful monarch at some very propitious outings in Lagos and elsewhere, a situation which has given the youthful Oluwo a new leverage among the elites. For instance, on Saturday September 17, 2016, Chief Abiola Ogundokun led the Iwo Monarch to the 75th birthday ceremony of his old time ally in the defunct NPN party, Chief Alani Bankole in Abeokuta. The event was attended by eminent Nigerians including former Chief Jugde of the Federation, Justice Dahiru Musdapher,
Oluwo, Oba of Lagos with an Emir at one of the Ogundokun sponsored outings
Former Ogun State Governor, Chief Segun Osoba, former Jigawa State Governor, Dr. Sule Lamido, Governor Ibikunle Amosun, and former International Court of Justice judge, Justice Bola Ajibola, Speaker Yakubu Dogara, Oba of Lagos and many very important personalities from across Nigeria. Many of such events had Chief Ogundokun piloting his new kid-king, Oluwo in hand and introducing him to new friends. But the big question now is ‘What went wrong between Oluwo and Chief Abiola Ogundokun?’
Ogundokun’s goodies & foodies…
Chief Ogundokun and Oluwo at a public outing
Impeccable sources close to the two Iwo indigenes equally squealed to this blog that Chief Abiola Ogundokun whose first son, Mr. Lawale Ogundokun is 51 this year and took good 8 years off the Iwo monarch, sees Oba Akanbi from the prism of a ‘royal son’ and therefore the chief allegedly kept him spoilt with gifts and patronages. Apart from taking him out for cream of the crop events, Chief Ogundokun is said to also doles out largess to the Oluwo and even buys him clothing materials from overseas to make him feel very comfortable.  Chief Ogundokun is alleged to be the one who spend N5 million to furnish the palace of the Oluwo when he was sworn is.
Chief Ogundokun with his wife in a pose with Oluwo at their daughter's wedding
We initially disbelieved this version of the story until this blog got a copy of a petition from the elder statesman, detailing some of the alleged misdemeanors of the king. The petition was smuggled to us by one of the chief’s aides who pleaded anonymity.
 Chief Ogundokun is also said to have done so many things to make the new Oluwo comfortable and even pays him a monthly allowance to run his palace. Being a veteran of the kingdom and one of the eminent sons of the soil, Chief Ogundokun who has seen the reign and death of many Oluwos in his 80 years on earth is said to be so protective of the new Oba and as a result gave him anything he desires.
Chief Abiola Ogundokun, fed both the Oluwo and his Olori with Love
For instance, when his wife put to bed early in the year, and the Oluwo allegedly complained of lack of money, Chief Ogundokun was said to have given $2000 (Two thousand Dollars) to the Oba to facilitate the naming ceremony of his new child and other festivities.
How Oluwo appreciated Ogundokun’s gesture by making him OBANLA
The Oluwo spraying Chief Abiola Ogundokun wads of Naira notes
In trying to appreciate the good gestures of Chief Abiola Ogundokun for him and his family both in public and privately, the Oluwo, Oba Abdul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi was said to have decided to give Chief Abiola Ogundokun a very rare title which is a bit alien to the Iwo monarchy but befitting of a great son of the soil. The title of ‘Obanla of Iwo land’ was bestowed upon Chief Abiola Ogundokun on Sunday, January 8, 2017. In a letter affirming Chief Abiola Ogundokun as the ‘Obanla of Iwo’, the Oluwo wrote;
 “I, Oba (Dr.) ABDUL RASHEED ADEWALE AKANBI, ILUFEMILOYE TELU 1, the Oluwo of Iwo, wish to confer OBANLA of Iwo on (Alhaji) High Chief Abiola Adeniyi Oladepo Ogundokun due to your immense and invaluable contribution to the growth of Iwo”
The letter of confirmation of the OBANLA title on Chief Abiola Ogundokun by the Oluwo
“Your fatherly role to the Oluwo throne and skill of conflict resolution on knotty issue in Iwo, Osun state and Nigeria have not been unnoticed. Your efforts on Iwo particularly the furnishing of the Oluwo’s palace is also on record. Chief Ogundokun, your donation of an office complex for the smooth take of Iwo East Local Council Development Area of Olomowewe is laudable”
Chief Ogundokun, Oluwo and Chief Alani Bankole
“You have been our pride with a track record of selfless service and uncommon generosity  to the progress of humanity as a member of the constituent assembly 1977 and other political appointment where you have served”.
“With this appointment of OBANLA, your previous title of Otun Balogun is hereby withdrawn and you are automatically a member of the conflict resolution committee of Iwo land, offers congratulations”
The Oluwo sharing a joke with Chief Abiola Ogundokun
The letter signed by the monarch would now appear as a ‘strategic trap’ as the young Oluwo tactically withdrew the old title of ‘Otun Balogun of Iwo’ which Chief Abiola Ogundokun was given by Oba Akanbi’s predecessors about 40 years ago and given a totally new title which suggests that the High Chief is now the next in line to the Oluwo.
The Historic Value of Oba Nla
High Chief Abiola Ogundokun....Can Oluwo really mess him up?
Although, the youthful  Oluwo is alleged to be in the habit of creating new chieftaincy titles for a fee from interested indigenes of Iwo, but it appears that he genuinely gave out the title of OBANLA to Chief Abiola Ogundokun due to the fatherly gesture of the Chief to him and his regime and family. However, the OBANLA title is said to be alien to Iwo land. A very close source to the Iwo palace who spoke to Asabeafrika on condition of anonymity said
Oluwo and his extranged mentor in a jolly mood
 “It is true that Oluwo gave Chief Ogundokun the OBANLA title. You can call Chief and ask him, he won’t deny it. But I can tell you that the OBANLA title was derived from Ilesa. It is the Ijesha monarchy that awards OBANLA to her Chiefs not Iwo. And the title of OBANLA is a very revered title. It is only given to someone who has done so much favor to the king and his emirate. Someone who has favored the king so greatly and I think that was why Chief Abiola Ogundokun merited it”
On why the Oluwo had to borrow the title from Ilesha; “You know Kabiyesi loves to carry out researches and once he finds out that such research commensurate history, he will abide with it. I think he researched the history of Ilesa and how the Owa of Ijesha land first conferred the title on Ogedengbe the warrior. According to history, Ogedengbe had helped the Owa to crush a grueling battle and killed a generation of enemy. So, the king (Owa) was overwhelmed with gratitude. He elected to give Ogedengbe his royal beads and make him the king which Ogedengbe stoutly rejected. In his determination to be profoundly grateful, he decided to create the OBANLA title and made it customary that the OBANLA is like the Oba and next to the Oba and can even be equated to the Oba; So Chief Ogundokun as the OBANLA of Iwo kingdom is almost like an Oba and if not even an Oba”.    
The ‘Ogundokun-must-go’ project…
Oluwo of Iwo....A day before he allegedly stripped Chief Ogundokun of his titles
Asabeafrika gathered that the crisis started when Chief Abiola Ogundokun a veteran journalist and media baron cum politician of over 4 decades started distancing himself from some of the alleged despicable acts of the Oluwo. As a member of the Conflict resolution committee of the Iwo emirate, Chief Ogundokun is said to seriously frown as some of the excesses of the youthful Oluwo and said to have made it known to him as an elder statesman. Ogundokun was alleged to have warned the Oluwo to behave like a king. One of such alleged despicable acts according to investigation at our disposal is the way and manner the king allegedly uses members of dreaded group, the Tawun Muslim sect led by one Dauda, who is said to be the Oluwo’s younger brother to tax villagers and collect arbitrary levies especially on Fridays, thereby heating up the polity of the Iwo community.
The Oluwo with Oba of Lagos at one of the Ogundokun sponsored outings
Chief Ogundokun’s stance according to sources didn’t go down well with the Oluwo, hence, the need to cut Ogundokun to size at all cost. The first attempt, according to sources in Iwo was his attempt to remove Chief Abiola Ogundokun as member of the board of trustee of the Iwo Central Mosque which he has held for 18 years by trying to instigate one Alhaji Imran Adio a top Islamic cleric in Iwo and the chief Imam of Iwo central Mosque, Sheikh Abdufatai Olododo to carry out the action but failed as the two advised the Oluwo against such acts.
The Oluwo on his high stool...yet he allegedly claimed Chief Ogundokun marched his foot
He was said to have later seek the legal services of the present Nigerian Minister of Communication, Chief Adebayo Shittu who is also an Islamic faithful but failed. And that allegedly led him to rubbishing Alhaji Adio in public at several forums and a prominent one was when he rubbished Adio inside his palace on February 27 and later at the Iwo Central Mosque during a Jumat Service among many other alleged attempts to get the cleric implicated (Check Chief Ogundokun’s petition published below).
Humiliation of High Chief Abiola Ogundokun (Part 1)
Chief Abiola Ogundokun at the Wedding where Oluwo tried to deflate his ego...
We gathered that the major attempt to publicly ridicule Chief Ogundokun took place at a Wedding Ceremony in Iwo Central Mosque on Saturday April 29 where the elder statesman was made the Chairman of the Occasion. The Event which had the presence of eminent Islamic scholars like the President General of Imams in the South West of Nigeria and the  Chief Imams of Kwara, Ekiti, Oyo, Osun, Iwo and Oshogbo in attendance saw Chief Ogundokun being honored by the clerics due to his generosity to them. However, the Oluwo was alleged to have greened with anger, claiming that Chief Ogundokun martched his foot during the event. The allegation looked too cheap and comical as Chief Ogundokun was never seated near him;
Chief Abiola Ogundokun at the Iwo Wedding where Oluwo allegedly abused him
Ogundokun was sitting near the Director of State Security Services (Oyo State) who was equally a guests at the event. Secondly, the royal chair the Oluwo brought to the event was a very high one with over three steps (stairs) and nobody could have marched the foot of the Iwo monarch except maybe a mosquito or an aimless fly. But the Oluwo was alleged to have claimed that Chief Ogundokun matched his foot. He was alleged to be in that foul mood when the microphone got to him for his royal blessing for the couple. He was to pray for the couple after two other Obas, Olufon & Aragberi have offered their prayers. But the king allegedly gave a different drama; instead for him to offer prayers, he allegedly began to throw jibes at Chief Ogundokun and cursing his family, a situation that made the Imams  at the event to quickly caution him. He was said to have been cautioned and that got him more infuriated.
Oluwo on the High Chair where he allegedly claimed that Chief Abiola Ogundokun marched his foot
More drama later took place as some Imams  allegedly tried to snatch the microphone off the Oluwo’s hand in order to subsume his anger and save the event from shame. But the youthful Oba allegedly refused to drop the microphone and nearly engaged the Imams in a fisticuff. He later left the event in annoyance and the next day, he was said to have announced the stripping of Chief Abiola Ogundokun of all his titles. But Chief Ogundokun sincerely believed that the Oluwo was only envious of the grace and attention given to him by the eminent Imams from all over the South West. That was the beginning of the big drama.
Humiliation of Chief Abiola Ogundokun (Part 2)
Chief Abiola Ogundokun....Very angry with the Oluwo
During an alleged meeting in the private residence of the State’s Governor, Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola, the Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi was said to have displayed total disrespect for the elderly Chief Abiola Ogundokun to the extent of allegedly threatening to beat him up, an act that was said to have surprised the Governor. The drama allegedly began when Chief Ogundokun was about to defend himself after allowing the Oba to speak first. But the Chief according to unconfirmed gist had hardly finished his first sentence when the Oluwo furiously stood up to him, threatening to slap him if he dare speak further. The Governor was said to have calmed frayed nerves and advised the Oluwo to respect Chief Ogundokun and let peace reign. On that note they left but the matter was far from ending as the Oluwo allegedly continued to rattle Chief Ogundokun back in Iwo.
The Obasanjo intervention…
Chief Abiola Ogundokun...Welcoming Oluwo and other traditional rulers to his Lagos home during the wedding of his daughter
 Another attempt by former Nigerian President and elder statesman, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo  to settle the raging feud between Oba Adewale Akanbi and Chief Abiola Ogundokun was said to have equally met a brickwall. The king was said to have told Chief Obasanjo not to worry, that he knows how to deal with Chief Ogundokun, even when the former Nigerian President promised to travel down to Iwo to settle the crisis. But the Oluwo allegedly turned down his plea, promising to deal with Chief Ogundokun his own way. It was Chief Ogundokun that initially called the attention of Chief Obasanjo to the several court cases hanging on the neck of the Oluwo arising from a petition from the Oluwo of Iwo Oke, Oba Kadiri Adeoye which acused Oba Abdul Rasheed Akanbi of being a fraudstar. Ogundokun used OBJ to find a lasting solution to help bring peace between Oba Akanbi and  Oba Adeoye.
Chief Abiola Ogundokun piloting the Oluwo to comfort inside his house...
Oba Adeoye the Oluwo Oke had equally charged Oba Akanbi  to court for his alleged yahoo-yahoo activities in Canada, social misconduct, destruction of properties (belonging to Oba Adeoye) among other allegations. But Oba Akanbi had allegedly refused to honor court summons and threatened to arrest the judge, a situation that led to a  bench warrant issued for his immediate arrest. Sources claimed it was Ogundokun who seek Baba Obasanjo’s help to get the youthful Oluwo out of the legal logjam which nearly sent him to jail.
The humiliation of Chief Abiola Ogundokun (Part 3)
Chief Abiola Ogundokun...Used and dumped by the Oluwo?
Another instance was said to have presented itself in far away Ikire (Osun State) during the funeral of the in-law of Dr. Abimbola, first son of a late Oluwo (The first educated Oluwo). The new Oluwo was said to have attended the event out of his volition. On sighting him, a business magnate,
Iyalode of Iwo kingdom, Chief (Mrs.) Funmi Jabaru
Alhaji Ibrahim Inaolaji and the Iyalode of Iwo, Chief (Mrs.) Funmi Jabaru were said to have urged Chief Ogundokun to go and greet the Oluwo. But Ogundokun was said to have expressed reservation as he suspected that the monarch might embarrass him. He however, agreed to go greet the Oluwo as a wise elder. But on sighting them, the Oluwo was alleged to have ignored the greetings from the senior citizens and kept a straight face. He allegedly left them standing as he made his leave. The Iwo drama was said to have reinforced his determination to ridicule Chief Ogundokun the more.
A king hate at home by his people?….
The Telu 1, ...Hated by his People?
From our investigation, it appears that other issues in the home front have pitched the youthful monarch against his people and princes of the Iwo ruling houses. In a letter written early in the year by Princes of Prominent ruling houses in Iwo land and titled “MISUSE OF OFFICE AND LACK OF RESPECT FOR PRINCES, ROYAL FAMILIES AND RULING HOUSES: A CALL FOR IMMEDIATE CHANGE” the princes of the Adegunodo, Alausa, Ogunmakinde-Ande and Gbaase ruling houses warned the Oluwo to be very careful with his conduct in public as that could ridicule the throne and image of their fore fathers.
A warning letter on misconduct to the Oluwo by Royal families
The Princes raised four issues in the letter which has become a big challenge to the Iwo monarchy since Oba Abdul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi took over. One was the issues of the total neglect of the princes by the king and how the king sometimes disgraces them and deny them the opportunity to express their views. The Princes said this attitude of the Oluwo has made them to be ridiculed by the Oba’s guests and visitors. The height of the insult, according to the letter is the destruction of the Ogun deity in front of the palace by agents loyal to the Oba early in the year.
2nd page of the warning letter to the Oluwo
Another issue raised in the letter is that of a 5th ruling house “Olayilumi” which has been claiming the right of existence whereas the 1988 Professor Awe commission that restored peace to Iwo land recognizes only four ruling houses. The Princes are not happy that the new Oluwo remained adamant to the raging crisis and didn’t provide solution as a leader. The third issue is the issue of Oluwo attending events that bellitles his standard without recourse to royal prestige. The Princes want the king to always use members of the ‘Oluwo-in-Council’ often and send his staff to events except the event is an extra ordinary one that warrants his presence.
A Protest letter over Sooko Chieftaincy by the Royal families against the Oluwo
The fourth one is the wanton appointment of lesser Obas (Baales) The Princes want the Oluwo to exercise caution in giving every tom, dick and harry a title as that might become a threat to the royal home in the future.
The last and the most controversial is the one relating to the Olori, the Princes alleged that the Oluwo crowned his wife, they educated him that, it is a great abomination for a king to crown his wife in Yoruba land and they want him to revert his wife back to wearing only scarf and not a crown as she is never a king. The Princess gave the Oluwo 14 days to answer their query and react on the issues raised. But the Oluwo was alleged to have affected the arrest of the Princes who dared to write him such ‘obnoxious’ memo. They were later released by eminent citizens.
A Protest letter against Sooko chieftaincy title from the royal families
 Another controversial issue between the Oluwo and Princes of the royal family is what is now termed ‘Sooko crises. The Sooko title which is said to be alien to Iwo like every other thing equally received a blank rejection from the four ruling houses in Iwo, namely; Adegunodo, Alausa, Ogunmakinde-Ande and Gbaase. In a letter dated March 21, 2017, and titled ‘A Call for suspension of Installation of Sooko Chieftaincy”, the four ruling houses (Including Gbaase, the house that produced him) kicked against the arbitrary introduction of such an alien title to Iwo land and asked the monarch to
Copy of a Protest letter from the Adegun-Odo Royal Family against the Oluwo
quickly remove the title from the nomenclature of titles in the kingdom (Find letter here) The ruling Houses copied the DSS, Police and other security agencies in Iwo and Osun State in order to save themselves from the earlier vilification from the first letter. The letter which was jointly signed by all the representatives of the 4 ruling houses warned the Oba to behave.  
Oluwo cannot dethrone Ogundokun Imams
The Oluwo in a tete-a-tete with his extranged mentor, Chief Abiola Ogundokun
Yesterday, May 3rd, 2017 a group of Muslim leaders in the three senatorial zones of Aiyedire, Olaoluwa and Iwo in conjunction with princes from the 4 ruling houses converged at the Iwo Central Mosque to reject the April 30th title stripping of Chief Ogundokun by Oba Abdul Rasheed Akanbi. The meeting which held under the leadership of Sheikh Abdul Fatai Olododo and a sizeable number of the royal families (Princes) in Iwo land rejected Oluwo’s position, insisting that High Chief Abiola Ogundokun remains a bonafide Chief of Iwo kingdom with all his titles intact. The meeting which allegedly had representatives of the Oluwo in attendance led by one Aremo Delani Adekola was tensed as the Islamic leaders issued statements that the Oba had no right to revoke the Islamic title of Balogun Musulumi of Iwo since the title did not originate from the palace.
Another letter of protest letter from Royal Princes

Speaking with Asabeafrika this morning, one of the Princes and a secretary of one of the ruling homes who attended the meeting, Prince Femi Omofoye, regretted that Iwo as a historic Yoruba town is going through such a tough time like this in history “Yes, yesterday, we the Princes from the three local governments of Aiyedire, Iwo and Olaoluwa met with the Muslim community and Chief Imams of Iwo land. They actually invited us and we met them at Iwo Central Mosque. They prayed for us and told us point blank that they have heard about the crisis between Chief Abiola Ogundokun and the Oluwo on both the radio stations and in the newspapers, that he the Oluwo said he has dethrone the Bashorun Musulumi, that they are not in support of such idle decision because the Bashorun Musulumi has been ordained long ago. The title is an Islamic title and not a traditional or palace title. So the King has no legal right to remove the Basorun Musulumi. That they are officially telling us the princes that, Chief Abiola Ogundokun remains Basorun Musulumi of Iwo and the title remains”.
“Yes, of course, there was little drama as his people (Oluwo’s Reps) tried to stand and speak against the position of the Imams. But the head of the Princes in Iwo (Olori Omo Oba) Prince Arowolo stood and lambasted Aremo Delani Adekola. Delani was shouted down as the Princes asked him to tell Oluwo that nobody supports his decision and that Chief Abiola Ogundokun can never be disgraced as his titles were given by his (Oluwo’s) forefathers”
A protest letter by Princes from the Royal family
Prince Omofoye spoke further “Chief Abiola Ogundokun is not at fault in anyway, it is the Oluwo that has continued to disgrace himself by ridiculing the princes and royal houses. You are the one that is recalcitrant and a recalcitrant Oba will always disgrace the society. It is a pity that we have a King that keeps disgracing us in so many ways. He is so excited that he refuses to moderate his conduct, can you imagine a whole first class king going to welcome a hip-hop star?”
“Olamide Badoo was coming to Iwo and a whole Oluwo left his palace to go and welcome him at a distance four kilometers to Iwo. These are the kind of things this Oluwo does that brings ridicule to the throne. He is a disgrace to this throne and all we keep telling him, he will never listen. We are tired of his conduct and we only hope that Government will intervene because this is not the kind of king we bargained for. We are tired of him”
Oluwo & Kola Abiola during one of his Ogundokun sponsored outings
“He did not only go to welcome Olamide, he equally escorted the musician out of town and that is how he behaves. If a minister is coming into town, or a commissioner comes visiting, he will run to go meet them mid-way and equally escort them out which is not befitting of his position as a 1st class Oba. Iwo is a first class throne not a third class, you cannot continue to disparage the throne. This is the kind of shameful things he does that we don’t want in Iwo. We cannot say we offended God for giving us this kind of a king because if a king is not forthright, it is like God is punishing the people. For us in Iwo, we only pray that God and government will intervene because we are as good as having no king because this one misbehaves. We don’t want him again, all the princes are tired of him and we want a change”
Stripping Ogundokun of his titles, my best decisionOluwo
Chief Abiola Ogundokun ushering Oluwo into his Lagos abode
Says; ‘I learnt the art of making my wife wear a crown from Odudua’.
Some of Oluwo's Aides
This blog made a call to the palace of the Oluwo this morning to sound the opinion of His Royal Majesty, Oba Abdul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi (Ilufemiloye Telu 1) and one Mr. Aliu Ibrahim, his Press Secretary spoke to Asabeafrika reacting to some of the allegations raised against his principal. Mr. Ibrahim assured this blog that he was speaking the mind of his principal and nothing different. Enjoy the dialogue!
 Q: My name is Gbenga, I am calling from
A: Ok
Q: We want to get the opinion of His Royal Majesty Oba Abdul Rasheed Akanbi Adewale, Telu 1 in respect of some of the allegations in the papers….
A: Please hold on, hold on, hold on….Haji Ibrahim (Calls another aide to answer us)
Q: Ok.
A: (Another voice comes up) Hello, Hello…
Q: Hello, good morning sir
A: Good morning….
Q: My name is Gbenga, I am calling from
A: from eh?
Q: Asabeafrika…it is an online publication
A: Ok, ok,
Q: Please, may I know who I am speaking with
A: You are speaking with Mr. Aliu Ibrahim
Q: We want to get some responses from you on some allegations against His Royal Majesty, the Oluwo of Iwo made by High Chief Abiola Ogundokun in the papers yesterday and in some other medium?
A: What are those allegations, sir?
Q: The first allegation is about some despicable acts by His majesty and that he stripped the Chief of his titles (Traditional & Islamic) and I think there is a petition about to be sent to the governor about some actions of the king like snatching of microphone from Imam in the mosque and the one of His Royal Majesty going to welcome an Hip-Hop artiste Olamide Badoo at Odo Oba and many other allegations. So, what do you have to say about Chief Ogundokun’s titles?
A: Yes, the issue is by-gone because what we are saying here is that the royal fathers, the traditional rulers are the custodians of religion and tradition. And they are the custodians of commandments, it is the monarch that installed any chief either religious or traditional title. In fact, if you are talking of religious title, who installed the Imam? It is the royal father that installed the Imam and there can never be any installation of religious title in the mosque without the knowledge of the what?, of the monarch, of the traditional ruler. Are you with me?
Q: Yes, sir, I am with you… I am with you.
A: So it is the traditional institution that makes or install anybody as it is, and when the traditional institution finds the action of such a person inimical to the economic and religious activities of the town, the same traditional institution has the power to remove such a person. I won’t comment much on the issue that is what I have to say.
Q: Are you reacting on behalf of the king or it is your private opinion as his aide? I mean, is this the opinion of His Royal Majesty?
A: Yes, yes….
Q: The full opinion of his Royal Majesty?
A: Yes…
Q: Are you aware of the meeting of the Imams from the 3 LGAs and Princes from all the Royal families yesterday at the Iwo Central Mosque where they debunked the Oba’s decision to relieve Chief Ogundokun of his title of Balogun Musulumi, saying that the Oluwo has no right whatsoever to strip Chief Ogundokun of his Balogun Musulumi title?
A: The palace is unaware of that; it is just a cook story
Q: But they said one of your guys was there…that is the Aremo Delani Adekola, that he was at the Sheikh Olododo meeting yesterday to represent the Oluwo?
A: Maybe….i….. won’t comment on that…but I am speaking authoritatively that the palace was not aware of that…
Q: You mean the (palace is not aware of the) meeting yesterday?
A: Yes…
Q: There are series of other allegations, but what can you say to the one on Hip-Hop music star Olamide Badoo that the Oluwo went to welcome him mid-way when he was coming into town? Is that also part of tradition?
A: Well, when you are talking of traditional rulers, there are different classes of traditional rulers. Even if someone is coming from the far north, as a responsible traditional ruler, you have to accommodate…
Q: No, what they are saying here is that Baba (Oluwo) went out of his palace to like 4 kilometers to go and welcome a hip-hop artiste and he even stood on a vehicle with Olamide and the Kabiyesi was shouting Badoo! Badoo! Badoo! With Olamide?
A: Do you have the video or the audio, sir?
Q: Well, that is the allegation we have here…
A: It is just a rumor, I have never witnessed that. Even you as a journalist, if you come to the palace to ask, the Oluwo will attend to you. So it was just a rumor, they were unfounded and Kabiyesi has the right to attend to anybody. Oluwo is feeding the less privileged three times every week and those less privileged, the orphans will come to the palace, Oluwo will dance with them, he will shake hand with them, he will speak to them and restore their hope that they can be anything in life. Yes, the palace of Oluwo is opened.
Q: There is also another allegation that the Oluwo used revered Islamic traditional regalia, Alikinba to dance a secular song? Why did he do that?
A: When was that?
Q: Recently
A: Maybe they meant another monarch not Oluwo
Q: There is also the allegation on the Sooko title that is being frowned upon by the four ruling houses? Why is the king not listening to them?
A: He wanted to give it out, to whom?
Q: That he wanted to give it to indigenes….
A: They are cook up stories to deform the image of the palace
Q: It was also alleged that he gave a title Aipate Oluwo-Ode to one Barrister Bashir Adewale Quadri only to later defraud the Barrister and gave the title to another person?
A: They should show the proof of the money he collected from the Barrister.
Q: So, why did Kabiyesi give his wife a title and crowned her?
A: They should go and confirm, Oduduwa was one of the prominent Yoruba traditional rulers and his wife wore a crown. So, they should go and confirm.
Q: You mean Oduduwa’s wife wore a crown?
A: Yes, he gave a crown to his wife and his wife wore the crown. They should go and confirm. In addition to that, one of the Professors of history from OAU and he happens to be a prince of Ife, he came with an archeological cast to show that Oduduwa  (actually) gave his wife a crown to wear. He had to design the something (archeological cast) and brought it as a gift for Oluwo to attest to the fact that the wife of a monarch has the right to wear a crown. Those are people who know the history and story behind the tradition…
Q: You mean the Prof?
A: Yes…
Q: What is his name?
A: I will find the name and get back to you on that, sir.
Q: But Chief Ogundokun is an institution in Iwo and Nigeria, why would the king just wake up and strip him of his titles?
A: Oluwo is not in contest with anybody. Everybody in Iwo is his sons and daughters. He is not fighting anybody. How can a father be fighting his son?
Q: You mean Chief Abiola Ogundokun is the Oluwo’s son?
A: Hello?
Q: I mean, are you saying Chief Ogundokun is Oluwo’s son?
A: I ask you, who is the number one citizen of any town?
Q: Of course, that must be the king
A: That is what I am referring to, or you are you saying we should not follow the tradition?
Q: Definitely no…
A: I won’t say more than that…
Q: Is he returning his titles to him as an elder statesman?
A: (Kept quiet for a while before speaking) you said what?
Q: I said is the Oluwo restoring Chief Ogundokun’s titles to him since he said he has disrobed him?
A: That is the best decision for the monarch for now. I don’t know of any other decision.

Gbenga Dan Asabe

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  1. Humm,alaye min gbengulo,you are truly and investigative journalist.

  2. This journalist should be courageous enough to tell us how much he has been paid by the Ogundokun to cook up such rubbish about Iwo, The Oluwo, and the religious leaders of the ancient kingdom. It's unfortunate to note that "I never Chop" dry-head journalists will do anything for money.

  3. Alaimore Oba drug addict.Iwo people next time you will look well before you make a king.