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How Oluwo planned to kill me after I tried revealing his gay conduct—Ex-aide, Rondo-Rondo ….Rondo-Rondo stole my $100 dollars—Oluwo

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Mr. Abdul Mojeed Olawale Agbaje aka Dondo-Rondo, the ex-domestic aide to HRM, Oba Abdul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi the Oluwo of Iwo

In a new twist of event, the recent crisis ravaging the stool of the Oluwo of Iwo land, Oba Abdul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi (Telu 1) escalated to an all time steam last Sunday May 7, 2017 as the embattled Oba who has gotten himself entangled in several other crisis before now was alleged to have stormed the private home of an ex-aide, Abdul Mojeed Agbaje Olawale aka Rondo-Rondo to kidnap and torture him in the midnight before finally handing him over to the police when the day broke. The need to kidnap Rondo-Rondo was said to have been conceptualized by the Oluwo himself as Rondo-Rondo was about going to the press to spill the dirty sexual life of the royal father and how the Oluwo allegedly induce him on several occasion with gay acts, promising him fortunes and titles if he can be sleeping with him. Oluwo was said to have sacked Rondo-Rondo early this year after alleging he stole money in the palace.
The Rondo-Rondo crisis is the new dimension to series of other crisis that erupted against the controversial Oluwo since he announced his stripping of the traditional and Islamic titles of a veteran politician and eminent Nigerian, High Chief Abiola Ogundokun (Balogun Musulumi & Otun Balogun of Iwo land) on Sunday April 30. Last Sunday afternoon, Asabeafrika crew stormed Iwo to carry out some investigation on the raging crisis. We met Rondo-Rondo who was under medical care.
 Rondo-Rondo who was on drip and heavy medication as his health deteriorated after the beating, spoke with us, and told us his own story in full details. Who is Rondo-Rondo? What is the relationship between him and Oluwo? Who kidnapped and tortured Rondo-Rondo; the Police or the Oluwo?
Enjoy the excerpts.

Can you kindly tell us what actually happened between you and your former boss, the Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi?
The Oluwo of Iwo....How far can he go with these crisis?
Last year he wanted to start doing gay (homosexualism) with me and I told him that I cannot do gay, that those who engage in homosexualism often contact diseases. So in January, he started making trouble with me. Whenever I go out and return, he will say ‘where have you been?’ He will say I am going around reporting him to people; and I will say ‘Sir, I didn’t report you to anybody. I didn’t say anything’. Early January, he said his dollar note was missing and that he suspected two of us in the palace. He sacked the two of us only to re-employ the other person. He didn’t take me back. I think I was the target of the sack.  
How much was the dollar?
Dondo-Rondo to the media...'I never stole Oluwo's dollar'
A hundred dollar bill, He alleged I stole the money and I said ‘sir, I didn’t steal your money. I know it is what you wanted me to do (homosexualism) that I refused to do that is getting you angry to have lied against me’. That was how I left the palace and stopped working for him. But last night, around 12:30 am to 1 am, while asleep with my family, I heard knocks on my door and I said ‘who is that?’ and he said ‘he is the one o’
You mean Oluwo?
The embattled Oluwo with the embattled Oba of Lagos at an outing sponsored by Chief Abiola Ogundokun
Yes, and I asked ‘Do you have police men there?’ and he said ‘When you open the door, you will see’. But before I could even take the courage to open the door, they pounced on the door, broke it and broke all my louvers, that was not enough, they also broke the iron door at the back of the house in order to gain entrance into my house, in fact all my body itches with pain of tear gases as I speak with you. I can’t even describe the level of the pain I am going through. As if that was not enough, he gave me some beatings with his thugs and I was taken away. He was the one who later brought me to the police station when he discovered that his action drew attention from neighbors.
What did he say was your offense?
Rondo-Rondo to the Media...'Oluwo accused me stealing his $100 Dollars bill because i refused to sleep with him'
He said I lied against him that he wanted to do gay and I said ‘didn’t you say you wanted to do gay with me?’ ‘And you also accused me of stealing your hundred dollars and I even told you that ‘I didn’t steal your hundred dollars because I don’t even know the color of a dollar’. So as I was saying, he sprayed tear gas into my house with my kids and wife indoor. He even came with 8 thugs who joined him in beating me. As I was being taken away, he said where is your telephone number? (Means handset) and I said to him ‘I didn’t take my phone with me’. He said ‘your case is not too hard; we will go and throw you at Odo Oba’. So, they took me back to my house, he seized my phone and seized my wife’s phone and as we were going, we branched at the police station. He said maybe I have something I had recorded in that phone. He checked my phone (and that of my wife) and dropped the two phones with the police. And that was how the police now locked me up after he left. So, in the morning, kind hearted people and members of the ruling houses took my bail and brought me to the hospital when I fainted and couldn’t stand again. I went into coma and it was here I was revived.
Did you suspect that the Oluwo hit you with charm?
Rondo-Rondo under drip as he spoke to us
I can’t even explain what he used in hitting me because he equally came with a gun and hit me with the gun as well.
You mean the Kabiyesi came with a gun to your house?
Yes, he has a gun; he used the butt of the gun to hit my chest. My chest is paining me right now.
The Oluwo hit you with a gun? Is it a shot gun or a long gun?
A barrel, he used the butt to hit me hard on my chest. It was terrible.
Are you aware if he has a license for the gun?
I am not aware. Not at all
Are you aware if he had the gun before he came to power or he got it after getting on the throne?
The embattled Oluwo with the embattled ex-Jigawa State Governor Sule Lamido at the behest of Chief Abiola Ogundokun
I think he got it after getting to the throne. I am sure of that. He has gun, tear gas and other charms he uses to curse people.  
How did he introduce you to gay, was it in the bed room or where?
We were inside the house and he said ‘how about me and you doing this together?’ and I said ‘I don’t do it o, it leads to sicknesses’ and he said you are even a novice (Iwo o da nkan mo).
You mean he want to sex you from the anus?
Dondo-Rondo to the Media....'Oluwo want to befriend me but i declined'
Yes. But I told him I was not game for it and he said ‘heen, I will give you a chieftaincy title and you will have money, there is plenty of money for you’. I said ‘sir, I don’t want to be given any chieftaincy title’. So, he felt slighted that I didn’t agree to sleep with him. Even last night when he took me away after beating me and handing me over to the police, he mentioned it again that ‘heen, he was a fine man before o, it was when he left me that he now became ugly’. So, I said to myself, ‘this man is still angry with me for denying sexual request’.
But did you actually relate the experience to anyone at all?
Dondo-Rondo on his hospital bed while talking to the media
I was shocked and at the same time confused. When the gay thing happened I think I only told my brother who asked me to keep the secret to myself and just manage the job until I get another job. In fact, the Chief who introduce me to the palace, I couldn’t tell him. But I think Oluwo taught I told the man because the man is quite advanced in age. One day the man came around and he started abusing me before him, saying that I did not sweep the palace and I said ‘sir, sweeping is not part of my duty’. I was not employed here to sweep, yes, I am your domestic staff but I am not in charge of sweeping. We met seven Palace aides here when we came in, 4 girls and 3 boys but you slept with all of them and the girls all ran away. So, why are you accusing me for wrong things? I think he was just angry that I refused to honor his desire to be my male lover.
What other things did he tell you?
The Oluwo with his Pretty Olori Channel
He once told me that he has never been lucky to sleep with a virgin and that he will be happy if I can get him one. I think that was around September last year and I also said ‘sir, I don’t know about how to get virgins’. He is a fiery person, so anytime he shares a secret with you, he will take you to the burial ground of late Oluwos, his predecessors, at the back of the palace and make you take oaths that you won’t reveal his secret.
How does he do that?
Dondo-Rondo to the Media...'Oluwo often take aides to the tomb of late Oluwos to exact oaths from them'
He will take you to the burial ground of his predecessors, make you to say things he will dictate to you and he will lay his horse whip on your head indicating that you are now bound by what you say and if you dare try to reveal the secret, you will die. That is how he tries to instill fear and trepidation in us. But somehow, he still suspects we were leaking out his secrets. He particularly felt that towards me and that led him to start making frivolous allegations against me. It was terrible.
What is the address of your place that he destroyed and do you have evidence of the destruction?
Dondo-Rondo to the Press...'Oluwo broke into my house and tear-gassed everywhere'
It is called Ile Ago Adumade, and he broke the doors and the louvers. We have taken evidence of the destruction because his arrival put the entire neighborhood in total disarray. They taught it was a robbery incident.
Did he come with any police man?
Oluwo of Iwo...The embattled Telu
That was what I first asked him when he was knocking my door but he insisted I should open and before I could open, he broke into my house and destroyed the louvers, doors and other things. He later told me that it was the Osun State Commissioner of Police that asked him to come and arrest me. And funny enough the DPO also corroborated his statement.
You mean the DPO of Iwo Police Station?
Rondo-Rondo to the Media....'Oluwo said the CP asked him to arrest me'
Yes, he said the CP supported the Oluwo to arrest me. I was shocked.
We learnt your children and your wife were caught in the cross fire?
In fact, he was even cursing my children and everybody. He kept raining curses on them as I was being beaten up.
What did he use to curse them, is it Juju or what?
I don’t even know what he was holding in his hand to curse my children. I was being beaten on all fronts and I was dazed.
How would you describe the Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi, is he a gentle man or a rough tempered person?
The Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi....Rondo-Rondo says he loves him and wanted a romance
Ha, he is a very ill tempered person o, his mind is so hard. Whenever he is drunk, there is nobody he cannot abuse. He talks down on anybody.
What do you want Nigerians to do for you now?
I want Nigerians to kindly help me, the police, the security agencies and the government at all levels. If anything should happen to me, it is from him. They should hold him responsible for anything that happens to me.
Who should they hold responsible?
They should hold Oluwo of Iwo responsible. His name is Oba Adewale Abdul Rasheed. If anything should happen to me, my children or any member of my family, people should hold him responsible.
Do you have a word for those who paid your medical bills here?
Rondo-Rondo speaking with pres men on his hospital bed
It is the Princes of the ruling houses in Iwo (Omo Oba) that brought me here and I am very, very grateful to them. I was between life and death and it was only God that saved my life. I could have died due to the beating I got from Oluwo and his thugs. It is princes of the ruling houses who brought me here because they said a thing of this nature should not happen to an Iwo born because my Mecca and Medina remains Iwo. His own Mecca and Medina is one side Iwo, the other side Iba but I am a complete Iwo man. My father and mother are all Iwo born.
(Watch the complete video of the Interview with Rondo-Rondo on Asabe Afrika TV via Youtube)

Rondo-Rondo was arrested by the Police not OluwoOluwo’s aide
The Oluwo of Iwo, HRM Abdul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi
However, in our tradition of getting all sides to the story, Asabeafrika put a call to the Palace of the Oluwo of Iwo land, Oba Abul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi (Telu 1) to get his own side of the story. His Media Secretary, Mr. Aliu Ibrahim spoke with Asabeafrika. Mr. Ibrahim who expressed his anger with our earlier report on the crisis of influence between his boss, Chief Abiola Ogundokun and the Imams, describing the report as one sided however gave us his views by not only defending his principal but totally exonerating him from the Rondo-Rondo crisis. Enjoy the excerpts.
Q: Hello, Hello, Hello good morning…
A: Hello…
Q: Yeah, good morning
A: Good morning
Q: How was your night?
A: We thank God
Q: Yes sir, thanks for the other day
A: For what sir?
Q: for talking to me the other day, thank you…
A: (cuts in) that is my duty…
Q: Yes, I appreciate it so much. There are new issues that cropped up again and I feel that you should react…
A: But, but, I saw your message, there is something I will have to say before going ahead…
Q: Yes, kindly do sir…
A: In journalism, objectivity should be our watchword, and we shouldn’t be biased toward issues. I saw your last publication about Ogundokun and Oluwo, I saw it. But a well bread journalist will know that it is a sponsored story…
Q: How do you mean?
A: I know what I am saying, what you reported was a sponsored story and I expect you to have given equal attention to the story…but I see that….there is no problem…
Q: But we spoke to both parties… we spoke with you, we asked you questions, we gave you the benefit to defend your principal, I don’t know what you meant by sponsored story…
A: I am with you…
Q: I said we asked you questions before we went public. We gave you the fair chance to defend your principal…
A: But you asked me question and I gave you response…
Q: And the responses were presented…
A: Go and look at the way you arranged the story and judge it yourself…
Q: Ah, ah! I am so surprised…
A: But regarding your recent question…
Q: Yes, sir…
Oluwo with his estranged financier and godfather, High Chief Abiola Ogundokun
A: You said one head of princes, how do you know that Arowolo is the head of the princes because I have to confirm it to you, there are many ruling houses and he happens to be a member of one of the ruling houses. Just a member, he is not even the head. Let me clarify that. For more clarification, you can come to the palace. The princes are here, the head of each of the ruling houses are here. The person you are addressing as the head of the ruling houses is just a member of one of the ruling houses. For reliability and credibility of your medium, you have to correct that. If you want to talk to the princes, they are in the palace, their heads, the Mogajis who happen to be the heads of each of the ruling houses are in the palace. You can come and talk to them and the person in question was one of those people that contested for the stool against Oluwo, what do you expect the person to be saying against the palace?
Q: You mean Asiwaju Idile Gbogbo, Omo-Oba Alhaji Babatunde Kamilu-Arowolo?
The Asiwaju Idile Gbogbo, Omo-Oba Alhaji Babatunde Kamilu-Arowolo with Prince Alhaji Prince Ismail Ecomog
A: Yes, yes. He was one of the people that contested for the stool of Oluwo and he is just a member of one of the ruling house. Not even the head of any of the ruling houses. I am just saying this for the credibility of your medium.
Q: Because a lot of them sat on Sunday and a whole lot of the princes from the royal houses attended the meeting and took decision against your principal…
A: Sir, sir, sir, sir, if you want to meet the Head of all the ruling houses, come to the palace, they are here seated…
Q: Then the other issue of the guy that alleged that Kabiyesi wanted to rape him…
A: At where?
Q: Yeah, the guy that Kabiyesi allegedly went to kidnap on Sunday morning in his house…
A: Kidnap? We are not aware of the case…
Q: That is the Rondo-Rondo guy…
A: We are not aware of the case…
Q: But did Rondo-Rondo ever worked with Oluwo?
A: With whom?
Q: Did Rondo-Rondo ever worked with Oluwo before?
A: He has worked with Oluwo and he was sent packing because he stole money from the palace…
Q: How much?
Oluwo sprays cash at a gig...
A: He is in the best position to tell you that, when they interviewed him he said he stole hundred dollars that was what he said in the interview they conducted for him personally. Rondo-Rondo confessed that he stole hundred dollars...
Q: But he said he didn’t steal the hundred dollars and that he has not even seen a hundred dollar bill in his life?
Oluwo & Aide enjoying themselves at the wedding gig of Chief Ogundokun's daughter last year
A: He must have been a perpetual liar. I won’t say more than that.
Q: So, can you confirm to us the allegation that Kabiyesi (Oluwo) wanted to have sex with him?
A: (Laughs) He should show the video, the evidence and everything that he has….although…the the, the… I wouldn’t want to say much on that. But he was planted (in the palace) by some people and because he was sent packing for stealing money and that made him angry…
Q: So, who beat him on Sunday morning, who went to his house to kidnap him at 1am, we learnt that he was arrested, tortured by Oluwo and his thugs and when we even got to the police it was confirmed that Oluwo brought him to the police station?
A: You can ask the police if they have ever beaten him…I don’t know…
Q: He looked beaten, he looked roughened up, and his face was red and his body weak…
Dondo-Rondo....Beaten and battered by the Police?
A: Your duty is to ask the police that who beat him?
Q: According to information at our disposal, they said Oluwo led 8 thugs to his apartment at that ungodly hour of the night to pick him up?
A: You mean he showed the video of Oluwo?
Q: But his family members were there and they were highly traumatized and everyone said it was Oluwo that led the thugs there to kidnap Rondo-Rondo because of Rondo-Rondo’s intention to reveal his homosexual story?
A: Ehn, they should show the video as evidence.
Q: That is quite interesting…because we are at a cross road now. You mean your principal was not the one who stormed Rondo-Rondo’s house to kidnap him?
Oluwo of Iwo....Denies ever going personally to arrest Dondo-Rondo
A: You can ask the security operatives that who brought him and who went there to arrest him?. The security operatives are in the best position to answer that question. Maybe they meant another Oluwo, not this Oluwo.
Q: So, you mean on Sunday morning at that particular hour of 1 am, Oluwo didn’t go out?
A: Yes, yes.
Q: He was sleeping in his palace?
A: Yes.
Q: So, who arrested Rondo-Rondo?
A: That is the work of the security operatives. Who has right to arrest?
Q: Well, they are saying they are not the one, that Oluwo brought him to the station by himself. Right now, members of the ruling houses are the ones caring for his health. They are the ones footing his medical bills?
A: The palace is not aware of that…
Q: You mean the palace is not aware that they are taking care of Rondo-Rondo in the hospital?
A: Yes. The police officers are the ones in charge of security and he has been arrested by the police, I don’t know of any other thing.
Q: You mean he was arrested on that Sunday morning by the police?
A: Yes. Yes.
Q: It was the Police that arrested him?
A: Yes.
Q: Not the Oluwo?
A: Yes. He said he was tear gassed, who has the right to tear gas? Who has the right to arrest? I am asking you?
Q: That is quite interesting, that is quite interesting.
A: So, you are welcomed sir
Q: Ok, we will take it from there. Thank you Mr. Ibrahim for speaking with Asabeafrika
The Oluwo & his pretty Olori, Olori Chanel Akanbi
A: We are still waiting for your new episode but he-he-he (laughing sarcastically) I would advise you to be objective.
Q: But we are objective that is why we are talking to you
A: Honestly speaking, you are not. You know we are both in the field. We are both in the field. Some of the allegations in your previous stories, even all of them are false and cooked stories.
Q: But we asked you, we put them to you for confirmation or denial.
A: They are cooked up stories supplied to you by…well, no problem; no problem (Cuts the line angrily)

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