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Badoo Cult: Why Gov. Ambode is helpless—Egbeji Oloogun + Why Aregbesola would be disgraced in Osun by-election

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His Royal Highness, Oba Augustine Bola Adegunloye, The Egbeji Oloogun of Nigeria
A famous seer and traditional healer, His Royal Highness, Oba Augustine Bola Adegunloye the Egbeji Oloogun of Nigeria has warned Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode to either heed his spiritual warnings to appreciate the efforts of the traditional community or continue to face the calamity that has befallen the state in terms of security since the governor took over in 2015.
The  veteran seer and healer who has given several prophecies on the nation and individuals, that came to pass in the last four decades said until Mr. Ambode carry out a spiritual sacrifice which he long advised, the state might continue to face several challenges like kidnapping, cult killing and robbery which he said is not good for the reputation of the governor.
The BADOO spirit harasses Governor AMBODE inside his office? (Cartoonist illustration)

Oba Adegunloye equally warned President Muhammadu Buhari last year, to carry out a spiritual cleansing on his soul and Aso Rock the seat of power in Abuja in order to be able to finish his four years tenure successfully and as well,  record success in his anti-corruption project but his advise were shunned by the president’s handlers as the president is now terribly ill and might give credence to what the spiritualist said.
President Muhammadu Buhari....'The Egbeji warned him last year'
The 70 Years old spiritualist had advised Mr. Buhari to carry out a ‘spiritual cleansing’ on his soul in order to be able to enforce his anti-corruption war which has seen many prominent Nigerians including top military brasses and politicians put behind bars since he came to power in May, 29, 2015. But his warnings went without actions.
Warnings to Governor Ambode
H.E. Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos State....'Under him, Badoo and Kidnappers seems to be having a field day'
Speaking with Asabeafrika early in the week Dr. Bola Adegunloye said “Mr. Ambode is facing several battles right now and the voice of wisdom demands that he carry out emergency spiritual cleansing of the state and stop listening to Amen, Amen circle alone.  The Egbeji Oloogun urged Governor Ambode not to forget the old path of his predecessors who carried everyone along in the running of Lagos affairs “Lagos is a peculiar state and anyone that must rule the state must be dynamic in his handling of the affairs of the state” the Egbeji noted.
Is the BADOO Cult more Powerful than the state under AMBODE?
He continued “Ambode has done well in certain areas but he seems to be carried away with his Christian faith and has suddenly neglected the role of the traditionalists which is quite unfortunate for him”
The Egbeji Oogun speaks with the GDA
The veteran spiritualist who has won awards locally and internationally for his gift of medicine and prophecy accused Governor Ambode of being imperious towards his personal advice to him “I wrote him through Prince Olushi, I warned him about imminent spiritual situations that could arise if he fails to heed the call for spiritual cleansing/sacrifice for the state. I think he thinks his Redeemed Church is the only place he can seek spiritual benevolence; far from it. Even the Holy book advised leaders to give what is of Caesar to Caesar. If you fail to give what is of Caesar to Caesar, then, you will be in the mess Governor Ambode finds himself right now. In Governance, you don’t claim to know all, you must learn to see from the third eye”.
Baba Egbeji as fondly called by fans reeled out some of the areas where Governor Ambode failed and how it is causing him sleepless nights at the moment
Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu....He gave Caesar what belongs to Caesar and carried all along in his time as Governor
“In the regimes of Tinubu and Fashola, during every festival, be it Christian or Muslim festivals, the governor will send gifts to all traditional chiefs and spiritualists in the state; Fashola will give Rice and Ram and other things that will make the festivals worth the celebration, and that worked because these are the set of people who pray for the state”.
Ex-Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola, like his predecessor, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, gave Caesar what belongs to Caesar
“There are things we see and we pray against. I am not saying we don’t or we can’t do that any longer. But since this man came on board, he stopped all that. He seems to believe that he can run both the physical and spiritual aspect of governance together. Maybe he thinks we are hungry; Now, since he came, kidnapping has increased in some parts of Lagos. In fact, the most bizarre one is the kidnapping of kids at various schools in the state”.
Story of Kidnapped Lagos School Pupils in PUNCH Newspaper
“Till this moment, some students of a school in Ikorodu are still entangled in the kidnapper’s den and the Governor is now at the mercy of the kidnappers. Does that shows good governance? Secondly, cult killings is on the rise. I remember during the time of Fashola, we had the awawa boys in Agege but immediately we agreed and we carried out a sacrifice, the whole thing went down.
Story of kidnapped Lagos School kids in PUNCH Newspaper
But now, Badoo is killing couples in Ikorodu, wiping out entire families and the Police is overwhelmed. The Governor is now at the mercy of Badoo boys. So, why should we continue to go the same route?. Even the evil of suicide is equally on the rise in Lagos State; you hear people jumping into the lagoon and all sorts of terrible things. All these are signs of bad omen which can only be stopped with spiritual sacrifice. But our Governor so much believe in Redeemed Church and he will rather give all his monies to his church for prayers, no problem”.
What Ambode should do…
HRH Bola Adegunloye wants Governor Ambode to give a listening ear before things get worse
Oba Adegunloye spoke further on what the Governor need to do “I am not sure Ambode is ready to listen. He seems not to care. But I think he should care if not because of anything but because of the peace of Lagos State. Like I said earlier, Lagos is a peculiar state and only a spiritually inclined Governor can run the state not a deaf and dumb person”.
Egbeji spoke further “The role of the traditional institution can not be ignored. It is not everything that get solved with ‘Amen, Amen’. I have written to him, I told him what it entails for Lagos to witness peace. I think he should listen.
Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu....Ran Lagos with 'Common Sense'
He should ask Tinubu and Fashola how they were able to record low crime rates in their time because it is still the same Lagos. If you go to neighboring Benin Republic here, you will see how they respect the traditionalists and that is why despite their bad economy, you find peace there. No kidnapping or any vice that is beyond the capability of the government. I urge Mr. Ambode to have a second look and carry out the necessary spiritual sacrifices I advised him to do in my letter to him through Prince Olusi. He should stop patronizing those who do not understand the rules and doctrine of Ifa. He should do the right thing and you will see peace return to Lagos. What is Badoo? What is that nonsense? It is because government is treating headache with the medicine for malaria and if as a Doctor or pharmacist, you don’t understand your medication, you will end being labelled a quack. Mr. Lagos State Governor should humble himself and he will get the result”
Buhari’s Health and Aso Rock dilemma…
The Egbeji Oloogun of Nigeria, HRH Oba Augustine Bola Adegunloye says 'Aso Rock will claim 2 more Presidents'
When Asabeafrika asked Baba Egbeji how he felt with what is presently happening to President Muhammadu Buhari especially with his deteriorating health challenge at the moment, the seer cleared his throat and responded thus “I don’t like repeating myself on issue as sensitive as that. If you go and watch my video interview on Asabe Afrika TV  (YouTube) and see what I said about Mr. President’s health and spiritual challenge, you will see that everything said are now happening. I said we need to cleanse Aso Rock because our former President,
Late Sani Abacha....Did he really soiled Aso Rock like that?
Abacha buried 500 human heads in that place in his bid to become life president. Those demons are still there and only a spiritual cleansing can remove them. And I am telling you now that our leaders will not listen; they don’t take things like this serious in Nigeria. However, I will tell you this; Aso Rock will take two more presidents. Go and write it down, it is only then, they will take us serious. Yes, two more occupants are going to die mysteriously. That is what has been shown to me. If they care to know more, we will tell them”
Buhari’s last job & his illness…
Baba Egbeji explains the spiritual titty-gritty of unseating a man like Yahaya Jammeh
HRM Oba Augustine Bola Adegunloye dropped a bombshell when he told Asabeafrika that President Buhari’s last job in Gambia is part of what knocked him down “You will recall that even President Buhari himself said he had never fallen sick like this before” He continued “It is true Mr. President has been a strong man all his life but he is equally strong headed. How can you just storm Gambia and remove Yahaya Jammeh? Yahaya Jameh is a herbalist and he is very strong. Since he left power, have you seen any power arrest him for corruption (Baba laughs on the phone) he is an ogbologbo and Buhari did the greatest mistake of his life by visiting him physically to remove him. You go and check his (Buhari’s) routine between December 17 and December 24, that was around the time he fell sick and lost balance”.
Ex-President Yahaya Jammeh with West Coast Journalist Mrs. Isha Johansen
 “You don’t fight people like Yahaya Jammeh like that, you must do a lot of spiritual fortification to succeed such human adventure. I mean someone who has survived several coups? Someone who puts all his ministers under voodoo manifestation anytime he is out of town? You can only remove him if you have done your home work well. But Buhari only listened to the Americans and jumped at the job. He didn’t even carry the National Assembly along and the spiritual result is what you saw and still seeing now. I have said it before that Mr. Buhari will not finish his tenure because of bad health but I equally gave a solution in that interview. There is no bad situation without her own panacea. But right now, I think his situation has gone far, far bad. The grace time has eluded him and it is a pity”.
Aregbe and Osun’s July 8 by-election…
Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola.....'Would he allow due process prevail in the July 8 election or he will go Egbeji's Prediction?'
Oba Adegunloye (Egbeji Oloogun) when asked about the Osun State by-election of July 8, 2017 to fill in the space for late Senator Isiaka Adeleke, he came straight in his response “Aregbesola is on the verge of setting Osun State and Nigeria on crisis if he tampers with the result of that election. As it stands now, that election is going to be won by PDP because the Osun electorates are not happy with Aregbesola”.
“The people of Ede are suspicious of his candidate and they are deeply pained with the death of Senator Isiaka Adeleke. They want to compensate the family with their vote to his younger brother, Ademola Adeleke.
Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola with one of his daughters dancing after her wedding two years ago when he couldn't pay civil servants in the State
It is a known global trend, in India, the Ghandi family is prominent. In Pakistan, the Bhutto family is respected. In Ghana, the Nkrumah family is adored and people do give them their loyalty in times of crisis like this. It is the same thing that will happen in Osun State on July 8. The PDP is winning that election not because it is PDP but because it is Adeleke family. Aregbe is trying to force his candidate on the people and this will be his greatest undoing as the electorate will react. He might think that the election can be rigged through Iwo district, but I laugh for him”.
Baba Egbeji who once predicted that the Osun State Governor might not end well after power insisted that he sees a bleak future for Governor Aregbesola as his regime will be probed.
 (For further consultations; the Egbeji can be reached his web address or +234-80-33-52-11-07, 070-2688-2275, 081-7809-1557)


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