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Funny things I watch out for whenever I attend a funeral—Veteran Actor, Jimoh Aliu aka Aworo + What I will do if given N.5 billion

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High Chief Jimoh Aliu (MFR) aka Aworo

Chief Jimoh Aliu (MFR) aka Aworo is a movie legend in Nigeria. He is one of the last soldiers of the olden day’s theatre industry in Nigeria. He started acting in 1956 when Nigeria was yet to discover what is today described as Nollywood. The Oke-Imesis, Ekiti State (South West Nigeria) born actor is today a Cultural Ambassador in Yoruba Land after 60 years on stage as writer, director, producer and actor. An old soldier in the Nigerian Army, Chief Aliu is an encyclopedia of arts. Aworo who is famous for his several TV series of the 80s and 90s e.g. Arelu, Yanponyanrin and Fopomoyo is one celebrity that is a reporter’s delight any day any time.; always full of wits, drama, oriki, native intelligence, wisdom and strength that cannot be compared with anything.
In  this third episode of his historic encounter with your Africa’s Number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika inside a Lagos 3 Star Hotel suite, Chief Jimoh Aliu, 82 who was on his way to America for a special movie project spoke about the indecent act of corruption among the Nigerian political elites and why death as a valuable instrument of natural evolution inspires him. Chief Jimoh Aliu told Asabeafrika things that baffles him anytime he honors a funeral event.  Enjoy the excerpts.
As a senior citizen and veteran of the society, how do you feel with the rate of corruption among the political class?
The GDA meets High Chief Jimoh Aliu aka Aworo

I don’t understand some people stealing and hiding  about 50 billion Naira, trillions, dig a hole and hide the money there. God Himself is already angry for the masses who are living in hunger and penury, that cannot afford a single daily meal, that some are even sick and couldn’t afford to pay their own bills in the various hospitals and some are even pregnant and had to die in their pregnancy state because of lack.  And you, as a human being, underhandedly stole and accumulated wealth belonging to several thousands of people and you bury the money for you and your family alone. You even hide some inside suck away and you continue to curse yourself that you are broke. And God is looking at you, you are a useless man, you a nonsense. You are nonsense with your fucking money. You are nonsense. The Governor is a nonsense,  the President is a nonsense, Oba is a nonsense, I, myself, I am a nonsense. And I will tell you the meaning of that nonsense.
What is the meaning sir?
Chief Jimoh Aliu to Asabeafrika....'You are nonsense with your fucking (stolen) money'
Thank you very much, I will let you know. You marry a woman, you and your wife are in the room, you want to have fun with her. As you are playing love, a drop of sperm now spit on your wife’s lap as you were trying to disengage. And your wife says “Oh, you have dropped this nonsense on my body, what is the meaning of all these now?” that same nonsense is what God deposited inside the pot that is inside the woman’s womb. He kept that ‘nonsense’ there and it stretches it’s legs without breaking, it ate pepper without feeling bad; it got an eye, a nose, an ear, mouth, it got bones, fingers and everything.
Chief Jimoh Aliu to Asabeafrika....'It is God who turns a nonsense kept inside the woman's womb to something edible'
That nonsense was in the water and the same water didn’t destroy it and it was playing in the water and the water didn’t kill it because it (fetus) was playing in the water. On the day of delivery, God said the water should first come and the same water cleared the path way. After that, God allowed blood to spill over and the blood also came and the birth chord came with the nonsense and you that same ‘nonsense’, God turned you to a human being, you put gold on your neck, on your ear, you dress fine and the world are now worshiping you because you stood tall, you are nonsense. Some Christians and some Muslims don’t fear God. If I am given five hundred million Naira today, I will not build a house.
What would you be doing with five hundred million Naira?
The High Chief tells the GDA what he is gonna do with Five hundred million Naira in his pocket
Thank you very much. The only car that will be bought for me in this world is the coffin. The only house they want to build for me in this world is the grave yard. Why should you be hiding billions and trillions and you already have twenty to thirty houses scattered everywhere that your children can not even control; the moment you die and the announcement is made public, some of your belongings will be looted because the owner is dead. The owner of a property will die and he that stole the property will equally die. You can imagine our people, chasing worldly materials all around. This same worldly word we chased and met and on meeting it, we became bored. Is it the child that is crying that his father is dead and gone to rest, if such a child says he want to hit his head on the ground, leave him, they will try to hold and prevent him but no, leave him alone. He will not break his head on the floor.
Chief Jimoh Aliu to Asabeafrika...'I see a lot of funny things at funeral ceremonies'
When I go to funerals, these are the kind of things I watch out for. You will see people, crying, battling with relatives and relations as if they want to follow the corpse into the grave. I keep watching when the same people follow the corpse to the burial ground, cry and pretend as if they will likely jump into the ground with their dead beloved ones. But watch out, few hours later, you will see same person, after the loved one has been lowered to the grave and covered. He or she will be aggressive, asking if the musician who want to entertain the guests is around. His or her emotion will change from the one being inconsolable at the grave side to the one trying to ignite a celebration. Then, when the merriment starts, you see this same person dance and even compete the dance floor with those who are not in the state of mourning. Just few minutes after burying a person he or she claims is too important to die o. Then, you now see the way people will be struggling for food, drinks and gifts and many other attention seeking activities. Some will even take two, three to four plates of food, domiciling it in their nylon bags under the table and ready for a flight home.
Chief Jimoh Aliu to Asabeafrika...'People are even greedy up to packing lots of food for themselves at funeral ceremonies'
And when you see the  way the same person that was being restless and promising to jump into the grave with his or her beloved dead now  going to change from one dress to the other for the party, you now begin to wonder what is the meaning of life and death. The most intriguing part is the next day after the funeral, the way the same set of people will lock themselves in a room and start bursting envelopes of monies given by well-wishers and goodwill merchants. Then, you hear her ask ‘how much did so-so and so person put in his envelope?’ That means they have equally turned the moment of celebrating the memories of a loved one into a fund raising scheme. It starts with the Aso-Ebi sales and all the other bazaars accompanied with the funeral.
The GDA & the High Chief after an encounter
And you ask yourself, ‘is this the same world that we struggle so hard to accumulate and hide a lot? Is this the same world where you steal and steal everything that belongs to majority and keep in the burial ground, your wardrobe and septic tank? Is this the same world where you accumulate all sorts of real estate in almost every corner of the world?’ A world that does not care for you at your exit? So, these are the kind of things I watch out for when I attend funerals. So, you are nonsense in the short form of it. You and your entire wealth, you amount to nothing before death. I want Nigerian leaders and our politicians to be sober. Let the wealth go round and let there be compassion in your act of leadership
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